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Washington Delegation Announce $7.8M to Improve Broadband Connectivity in Arkansas

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

U.S. Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor and U.S. Representatives Marion Berry (AR-01), Vic Snyder (AR-02) and Mike Ross (AR-04) have announced that Connect Arkansas will receive a total of $7,796,866 in Recovery Act funding through the U.S. Department of Commerce to improve broadband connectivity in the state. Connect Arkansas is a private, non-profit organization that is implementing a community-based initiative to promote Internet access and education.


Will Duct Tape Really Fix Anything?

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

001After the collapse of the building on the east side of  the square’s south side, a temporary repair was noticed that had recently been applied to the building on the west end of that same row of building.

002The tape appears to be Duct Tape, a product that is usually made of aluminum, and used in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, and not the standard grade of “duck tape.”

But it is still a shining example of a potential problem.

Hospital Board Gives Go-Ahead on Modernization Plan at Historic meeting

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

011-2Two representatives with Murray and Company provided preliminary sketches of the phase modernization plan. The Board voted to begin work on Phase I, the allied health building, shown in red in the photo.

The Drew Memorial Hospital Board voted to move ahead with the first phase of the master site plan to modernize the hospital during its regular meeting Wednesday, July 22. Murray and Company will draw up the plans for the new allied health building.

The master site plan consists of six phases, which include new construction, renovations and remodeling to modernize the hospital’s facilities. The Board voted to approach the phase modernization project by starting with Phase I, construction of the allied health building. (more…)

City Council Moves Forward with Jordan Park Splash Pad

Friday, June 5th, 2009

The Monticello City Council’s regular meeting June 4 centered around a lively discussion of issues pertaining to plans for the new splash pad at Jordan Park. While all council members said they approved of installing a splash pad at the park, several members expressed concern about the presented resolutions and other issues. (more…)

City Council Hears Presentation on New Splash Pad, Fire Station–Photos & Videos

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

The Monticello City Council heard a presentation from ETC Engineering and Architects, Inc. in its regular meeting April 23. Two representatives of the company presented conceptual designs of a new splash pad at Jordan Park, a new fire station and a new city hall building.

PLANS FOR SPLASH PARK-CITY COUNCIL-2009-04-23 from MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

0073According to Perry Carr of ETC, they loosely based the design on a splash pad in Paragould, Ark., which totals 4,000 square feet. As the splash pad will be the only water feature at Jordan Park, the designers doubled the design of Monticello’s splash pad to 15,000 square feet. The design presented to the council Thursday evening totals approximately $600,000 with everything included.

0085The conceptual design places the splash pad near the existing pavilion at Jordan Park. The design features a concrete slab with several water features enclosed by an ornamental fence, as well as a new pavilion and benches inside and outside of the fence. Carr said they like to start big and cut back.

ETC may cut the design down by 10 percent to fit the budget. This will allow for a 10,000 square feet facility, which would cost $450,000. The smaller design may have less water features, but Carr said it will still be the most significant stand-alone splash pad in the state. (more…)

Quorum Court Discusses Alert System, Hospital Updates

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

The Drew County Quorum Court heard a presentation on the Arkansas Crime Information Center of Little Rock’s county-wide alert system during its regular session March 16. The court approved the initiation of the AlertXpress system; though other steps to implement the system will be taken in the future.

Stacy Nolan, coordinator of Victim Information and Notification Everyday and JusticeXchange of the ACIC, provided the presentation on AlertXpress along with Officer of Emergency Management Coordinator Bill Horn. The AlertXpress system is a high-speed notification system powered by the Appriss Communication Platform based in Louisville, Ky.

As the state pays for the operation of the alert system, the county will receive the service for free. This free alert system can provide instant alerts via telephone, fax and e-mail on a number of issues from basic business to emergency situations, including: jury duty reminders, delinquent fines and restitution notifications, prison or jail escape alerts, sex offender notifications, weather advisories, and other safety alerts. (more…)

Multiple Agencies Perform Local Drug Sweep Across Drew County

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

A recent combined effort between the Arkansas State Police, the National Guard Counter Drug Unit, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, and the Drew County Sheriff’s Dept. performed a coumy-wide drug sweep through the air in Drew County.

According to Sgt. Randy York of the Arkansas State Police, around 25 officers took part, and at least 4 plots were located. 

Lt. Rick Rausch, of the Drew County Sheriff’s Dept. confirmed marijuana arrests the day of the sweep, with other cases possibly under investigation.

One Monticello Life: Rick & Fran Haney

Monday, July 14th, 2008

While waiting in line for Sunday lunch with my pastor and his wife at a local restaurant, I visited for a few minutes with Rick & Fran Haney.  After we had been seated, I noticed how many other people had stopped by their table to visit for a moment with the couple.  Over and over, people would pause just to say “high”.

“Burlington folks” will know Rick, while most people recognize Fran from her desk assisting customers at Union Bank’s main branch.  She has helped me many times by notarizing documents, and another time when a relative’s checks were stolen.  Both Rick and Fran are friendly, helpful people, and good selections for One Monticello Life.


Monticello Police Dept. Taser Training

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008


Monticello Police Dept. Lt. Steven Stain led a class of law enforcement officers and visitors who work in related fields in proper procedures for the use of the police dept.’s new Taser units.


Class topics included safety, effects, dept. policies, documentation, and removal of darts. 


Under the topic of “effects” all MPD officers present lined up to have the taser used on them.  This was done so that each individual officer would be able to use proper discretion in decisions about when to use the new taser unit.


Greg Johnson, shown above, was one of the first to take his turn.


Carlos Garcia, who used the unit on Johnson, was next in line.


The taser shoots two small darts into the person being restrained, followed by sending 500,000 volts of electricity into them. 


The muscles between the two darts are the only muscles that are directly affected, but that effect is enough to bring anyone to the ground, and eliminate any physical confrontation.


A total of 25 men including Monticello Police, some Drew County Sheriff’s deputies, a DTF agent, a SouthEast Emergency Services employee, and myself, felt the “knock-down” of the taser.


Mark Grant, who carried the new unit later that night, is shown here, being assisted to the ground by nearby officers.  


When the taser’s darts hit it’s target, the shock immediatlely begins, and the person is unable to control their actions, so the mat was used as a safety factor, with other officers being stationed close to prevent the upcoming fall to the ground.


More photos and information are in the following article.

Taser Training II

Monday, June 16th, 2008


Monticello Police Chief Robert Rosegrant also took part in the class, including receiving the effects of the taser.


Like the rest of the officers, Chief Rosegrant also went down quickly.



The X-26 model, shown here, is issued by Taser International, and is the model that was chosen by Monticello police.


Monticello School’s resource office, George Strain is shown here, taking his turn.


The 500,000 volts are more than anyone there could take, and remain standing.

046.JPG’s Joe Burgess, who was recently elected to serve as constable of Marion Township, closed out the class.


Burgess describes the taser’s shock as, “the most pain I’ve ever felt in five seconds.  You can’t move or do anything, except fall down, right were you are.”


A total of 25 men in law enforcement and related fields left Friday’s class with a greater respect for the tool that will provide them with a safer working environment, by reducing the risk to officers and citizens when the threat of physical confrontations can be replaced by simply using this new tool that should virtually eliminate having to fight with suspects.


As of Friday night, the tasers were in use, on the streets of Monticello.

One Monticello Life: Pete Rowe

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

0051.JPGWith today being Father’s Day, Mr. Pete Rowe has been chosen the the One Monticello Life for this week.

Mr. Pete is the father of 3 adult children; Vernon who works in the environmental field and lives in Pittsburgh, TX; Norman, who lives in Cabot, Retired from the Air Force after 20 years, and is employed in the computer field; and Sue, who lives here in Monticello, and is a former factory and health-care worker. 

 Pete Rowe was employed by Arkla gas, beginning as a serviceman, with meter reading responsibilities, and retiring 32 years later as district manager for the Dumas district.

He originally started with Arkla after working for the McGehee water dept for 3 years.

Mr. Pete was born and raised in McGehee, where he remained until 1976.

Mr. Rowe was in the 11th grade at McGehee, when he left school to join navy in 1944.  He completed his educaiton after returning from military service.

He served in the U.S. Navy with 2 years active duty, where he served aboard the U.S.S Seagull, stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. After his active duty, he served 18 more years in the Navy reserve. 


These Folks “Shop Monticello First

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008


This photo shows Monticello people eating a Monticello meal at Ray’s, who is having Monticello’s LA Graphics install a new lighted sign for them.

LA Graphics advertises with MonticelloLive, who took this picture on the way to Monticello Exxon.

That’s 5 levels of “Shopping Monticello First.”

Paragould Splash Park—8 Photos

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008


Saturday, eight Monticello residents went on a road trip to Paragould to tour their civic center and pool facility.


The photos shown in this series show a “splash park” that is located away from the primary civic center and pool area.


Spash equipment, water toys, and sprayers of all types were built into the play area.



Nearby benches, as well as a pavilion, were closely located, so that parent could keep a convenient watch over their children.paragould-pool-145.JPG

Paragould Outdoor Pool—7 Photos

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008


The primary pool area  included two water slides, umbrellas, and all types of spray and play equipment.


We couldn’t help but notice the long lines of swimmers waiting to enter the facility, which opened at 1 p.m.


Lifeguards are on duty, but children must be attended by adults.


Overhead views show the approximately 600 swimmers enjoying the pool area around 2-3 p.m.


The pool is open to the public during the day, and available to be rented for parties every night, except Sunday, when maintenance occurs.


Paragould Indoor Lap Pool and Theraputic Pool—4 Photos

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008


The indoor pool has a pleasant appearance from the outside, as well as from inside the pool area.


The theraputic pool has a “handicapped access” as well as steps.


Pat Austin, facility director, shown here in orange, led the tour, which included MEDC Director Truman Hamilton, Alderman Tim Chase, Keith Caldwell (Marlins parent), Julie Gentry (UAM intramurals director), Terry Hopper (Marlins parent), and Mayor Joe Rogers.  Also taking the trip were Patty Wooten for the Advance, and Joe Burgess, for (neither pictured).


The enclused area has the roof opened for air-flow, which closes automatically in the event of inclimate weather.

Paragould Conference Center—9 Photos

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008


The pool seemed to be the most popular part of the complex, but the “heart” of the facility was the civic center.


A large parking area is filled on Saturday with swimmers and people enjoying the nearby by parks and ball-fields.


There are two full-sized basketball courts, along with an overhead walking track included.


There were family reunions being held in dining areas, and meeting rooms of all types and sizes are available.


Two of these conference rooms include power point presentation equipment, and modern business meeting needs of all sorts.

The Paragould center is used by Tyson and Sonic Corporate offices for management training meetings.


Paragould Skate Park—7 Photos

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008


Located next to the pavilion at the splash park, is a skate park.


Ms. Pat said the this area draws heavy youth traffic, as well.  She pointed out the instead of saying “Here’s what you’re getting”, the skaters were able to take part in the planning, and helped design the ramps and fixtures.


Several skaters arrived while we were there, and put on a good “presentation” for us, using the different ramps other features that are built into the park. 


One Monticello Life: Dailyn Johnston

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

dailyn-johnston.jpgDailyn Johnston, is the daughter of David and Lyndie Johnston, and has a younger brother, Josh, who is three.

I’ve known Dailyn and her family for several years, and at the age of 9, Dailyn is involved in more activities than most adults. (more…)

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