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Archive for the ‘WRECKS’ Category

2 Car Crash at Corner Store West

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

IMG_9613 IMG_9612Friday at 7:30 PM, there was a two car crash at Corner Store West, involving a Chevy pick up and a Honda Accord.

MPD, DCSO, ASP, and MASI responded.

Reggies and Rangel Wreckers cleared the highway.

Big Rig Rollover, Friday

Monday, May 13th, 2024

IMG_8644A few minutes before 11 AM, Friday morning, the driver of this loaded 18 wheeler box truck veered too far towards the shoulder on Wilson Mill Road, near its intersection with Highway 425 south.

DCSO, MPD, and big Wrecker responded to clear the roadway. The driver was taken to Baptist-Drew.

Lincoln Collides with ARDOT Truck on 83 N.

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

IMG_8440Around 10:30 AM, Monday morning, the driver of a Lincoln Town Car attempted to pass an ARDOT truck, working to repair potholes on Highway 83 N., between Garnett Road and Jose Chapel Road, and collided with the work truck’s front left wheel area, according to sources at the scene.

Both vehicles were headed towards Monticello.

One driver was transported to Baptist Drew by POV.

Reggie‘s Wrecker removed the Lincoln.

DCSO and OEM responded.

2 Car Crash Calls for Big Wrecker & 2 Ambulances

Thursday, May 2nd, 2024

IMG_8279 IMG_8278 IMG_8274Wednesday afternoon at 1:40 PM, there was a two car collision on Highway 425 south at the 278 bypass intersection.

Sources at the scene indicated that the driver of a red Chevy Silverado was attempting to turn from the bypass, south, onto Highway 425, when it was struck by a northbound Nissan Sentra.

After veering to the left to miss the pick up, as much as possible, the Sentra crossed into a deep ditch ravine, and was lodged above a running creek and fiber optic line.

SEEMS and MASI responded, each working with the separate vehicles involved.

Reggie’s Wrecker towed the Chevy.  Rangel Towing was called for the Nissan, but required Big Wrecker, to lift the car above the fiber optic line, to prevent doing any damage to the endangered cable.

The Drew County Sheriff and deputies responded, along with OEM and ASP.

Traffic was rerouted for approximately 30 minutes, during the cleanup.

2 Car Crash at 425/278, Sunday, 6:30 PM

Monday, April 22nd, 2024

IMG_8017 IMG_8020At approximately 6:30, Sunday afternoon, there was a two vehicle collision at the intersection of 425 and 278, that required MPD, DCSO, MASI and SEEMS.

Vehicles involved were a Lincoln aviator and a Toyota Prius.

Three ambulances were seen at the crash site, implying multiple victims were injured.

Reggie’s and Rangel removed the vehicles.

2 Truck Crash, 6 AM, 278 West

Friday, April 19th, 2024

IMG_7960 IMG_7961 IMG_7956Minutes after 6 AM, Monticello dispatch received a call, reporting a two truck collision, approximately 2 miles west of the Monticello city limits, on Highway 278 West.

Drew County deputies responded, along with Reggie’s Wrecker, who removed the Ford from the area.

Vehicles involved included an eastbound Ford F150 pick up, which collided with the side of the westbound work truck, before the Ford crossed the westbound lane and entered the tree line, completely.

No injuries were reported at the scene.

It was misting rain at the time.

Two Car Crash at North Hyatt & 35 West

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

IMG_7387 IMG_7386At 11:45, a.m., Tuesday morning, MPD, DCSO, and MASI responded to a two car collision at the intersection of N. Hyatt St. and Highway 35 W.

The two vehicles were a Hyundai Elantra and a Dodge Caliber.

The accident occurred when the southbound vehicle on old Highway 13, across from Hyatt Street, failed to yield and pull in front of the eastbound vehicle, on Highway 35.

Rangel and Rods Wrecker, removed the vehicles.

Car Crashes into Cemetery

Thursday, February 29th, 2024



IMG_6217At approximately 1:10, Wednesday afternoon, there was a one vehicle accident that involved a portion of the front part of the old cemetery on the Green Hill New Hope Road side. Several monuments were either broken or destroyed.

According to someone at the scene, he counted approximately 17 monuments that were damaged.

If you or someone you know has a family member buried in this vicinity you will want to check to see if your family members were affected.

The young man driving apparently had medical issues.  Thankfully no one was hurt.

Dead Man’s Curve Crash, Sunday

Monday, February 5th, 2024

IMG_5254The McGehee driver of this eastbound Toyota Corolla lost control of her vehicle in dead man’s curve, around 2:45 PM on Sunday afternoon.

MASI responded along with Drew County Sheriffs deputies and Rangel Wrecker.

Chip Truck Rollover

Monday, February 5th, 2024

IMG_5132 IMG_5133Minutes before 9 AM, Wednesday morning, the driver of this southeast bound, loaded chip truck lost control of his vehicle in a curve on Highway 278, between Tillar turn and Dollar Hill.

Drew County Sheriff deputies, along with OEM and a local ambulance responded, along with Big Wrecker, who removed the vehicle.

Log Truck Rollover

Monday, February 5th, 2024

IMG_5134Tuesday morning, around 11 AM, this log truck was attempting to turn from Old Warren Road onto Scogin Drive, near the hospital, when it overturned while making the curve.

MPD, DCSO, OEM, along with a local ambulance responded.

Big Wrecker removed the vehicle.

2 Car MVA on 425 South

Monday, February 5th, 2024

IMG_5220 IMG_5222 IMG_5223At 9:01 AM, on Saturday morning, a Ford F150 traveling north on Highway 425 south, attempted to turn into the Ole South car wash.

In doing so, it collided with a Volkswagen Jetta, traveling south, in a two car crash.

MPD, MASI, Rods Wrecker, and Reggie‘s Towing responded.

Fatality Crash Tuesday in Drew County

Thursday, February 1st, 2024

IMG_5049Tuesday afternoon, minutes before 3 PM, a Texas lady lost her life as a result of a two vehicle collision at the intersection of Highway 293 and Winchester Road, near the old Pine Hill store.

A southbound BMW failed to yield at the intersection, and was struck in the side by an eastbound Ford pick up.

Gwendolyn, English, age 69, of Lancaster, Texas, lost lost her life during the accident.

Responders to the crash, included, Drew County sheriff deputies, OEM, and Arkansas State Police, as well as Dumas ambulance.

Photo courtesy of firefighters.

9:45am Update – Thursday Morning, Gabbert & Jefferson

Thursday, January 18th, 2024

IMG_47709:45am Update:  According to Monticello PD, North Gabbert Street is now clear from the wreckage earlier this morning.  Continue to drive with caution.


According to Monticello Police Department North Gabbert near Jefferson Street is temporarily closed due to a 18 wheeler jackknifed. Please take a different route to your destination.

Head-on Collision, Sunday, 425 North

Monday, January 15th, 2024

IMG_4620 IMG_4619At 3 PM, Sunday afternoon, Monticello, firefighters, MPD, OEM, DCSO, and Arkansas State Troopers along with MASI and SEEMS, responded to a head on collision between a Dodge pick up and a Ford pick up on Highway 425 north between the campground loop Intersections.

Firefighters extricated, one driver from their vehicle, and two victims were transported to area hospitals for medical care.

Reggies and Rangel removed the vehicles.

If you must drive, please drive slow and safely.

2 Car Crash on 278 West

Monday, January 15th, 2024

IMG_4621At 4 PM, Sunday afternoon, there was a two car crash at the city limits on Highway 278 W., in Monticello.

Drew County deputies, MPD, and MASI responded.

Vehicles involved included in F350, trailer, and side-by-side, and a Toyota.

Reggies and Rangel removed tthe vehicles.

If you must drive, please drive slow and safely.

9 Wrecks in 1 Hour

Sunday, January 14th, 2024

DCSO ASP Seems MASI WreckAs the weather quickly deteriorates, there are least nine wrecks currently being worked by law enforcement in Drew County.

Please stay home, if possible, and if you must get out, drive with extreme caution.

7 am Wreck at Old Warren Road

Friday, January 12th, 2024

IMG_4543Minutes after 7 AM, Friday morning, during the rain and power outage at Old Warren Road, there was a two vehicle accident which required ambulance and two tow trucks.

Please drive careful during these difficult driving times.

Responders included Rangel, Reggie, MASI, and MPD.

Pine Hill Crash Sends 1 yo DMH

Friday, November 17th, 2023

IMG_2235 IMG_2236At 8:02 AM, Thursday morning, sources at the scene report the driver of this southbound Kia Forte attempted to cross Highway 138, Winchester Road, on Highway 293, at the old Pine Hill.

An eastbound GMC Yukon collided with the rear of the Kia, spinning it around, taking down road signs.

The Yukon continued east, severing a power pole to a nearby store, then colliding with the dumpster, causing it to overturn.

Drew County Sheriffs deputies, and OEM responded, along with MASI who transported a victim from the Kia.

Rangel removed the Yukon. The Kia was self recovered by its owner.

Passing Turning Log Truck Causes Wreck

Friday, November 17th, 2023

IMG_2239 IMG_2240At 7:20 AM, MPD dispatch received a report of a car versus log truck collision at East Gaines aand Gabbert Street.

Sources at the scene report that a Honda van was attempting to pass a log truck, in a one lane road area of Gaines Street, at the intersection when the log truck, who was in the proper lane, attempted to turn left, colliding with the Honda.

The collision occurred during the intersection, and the vehicle came to a stop, in the two Lane section of Game Street, as shown in the photos.

Also, technically, there is a state statute against passing another vehicle, and an intersection.

MPD worked the crash.

The driver of the Honda was transported to DMH by MASI.

Reggie‘s wrecker removed the Honda.

OEM also responded to assist.

Car Hits Truck & Building, Narrowly Misses Pedestrian

Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

IMG_2139Thursday, minutes before 10 AM, the driver of this Hyundai, according to sources, was trying to cross Gaines Street at Bailey, and pulled in front of a Lexus.

The impact spun the Honda around, causing it to crash into a Chevy pick up, narrowly missing the pedestrian, who was trying to get into his truck, and then into the beauty shop, on the corner.

MPD worked the accident.

No injuries were reported

Loaded Grain Trailer Crashes in Tillar Turnoff

Friday, November 3rd, 2023

IMG_1721Just a few minutes before 6 AM, Thursday, the driver of this loaded green truck lost control of his vehicle at the intersection of 277/278, near Tillar.

No injuries were reported in the crash.

DCSO responded, during the day, as cleanup continued.

Church Van Crash Sends 8 to Hospitals, Other Driver’s Fault

Friday, October 27th, 2023

IMG_1475 IMG_1473Last Friday, at 6 PM, at the main Wilmar intersection, the driver of a Ford church van from Warren was traveling west on Highway 278, when a northbound Buick Lacrosse attempted to cross the highway, failing to yield at a stop sign.

The crash caused the Buick to cross a nearby field, westbound, and the Ford van to spin around, with its back hitting a light pole, facing eastbound.

The car’s driver was transported to the Monticello airport, where he was airlifted to Little Rock, by Pafford One.
The three car passengers were transported to Drew Memorial, by MASI and EASI.

Four of the five van occupants were also transported to Drew and Bradley hospitals for medical care. Several were also then transferred to Little Rock for further treatment.

Drew County Sheriffs Department worked the crash site.

Rods Wrecker and Reggie‘s Lock and Key removed the wrecked vehicles.

Car Crashes into La Terraza Sign

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

IMG_1314 IMG_1316At 6 PM, Sunday night, it appears that two occupants of this Toyota Camry were transported to area hospitals for injuries received with the car crashed into the La Terraza sign, by the Super 8 motel.

MPD was immediately on the scene. MASI and Reggie‘s Wrecker also responded.

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