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5 Area Residents in Jail on $50,000 Bond after Aggravated Robbery of Apartment

July 29th, 2010 by

Armonzo Watkins & Samantha Barnett at Bond Hearing

Brittany Garcia & Santonio Vaughn at 1st Appearance Hearing.

At 4:02, Saturday morning, a 911 call came into the Monticello Police Dept., reporting a robbery at one of the Park Hill apartments, on North Slemmons St.

Jeffery Thomas, after arrest.

Two of the victims were treated and released from Drew Memorial Hospital, later in the day, Saturday.

Armonzo Watkins, age 21 of Monticello, and Samantha Barnett, age 20 of Monticello, were arrest Saturday morning, with Watkins being arrested at the scene of the crime.  Their bond hearing was held Monday afternoon.

Jeffery Thomas, age 29 of Warren, was taken into custody by the Warren police dept. and was brought to Monticello for his bond hearing Tuesday.

Brittany Garcia, age 21 of Monticello, and Santonio Vaughn, of Warren, were then arrested,.  Their hearings were held Wednesday afternoon.

All 5 of the suspects were charged with aggravated robbery and theft of property, and given $50,000 bonds.

According to investigator Greg Johnson of the Monticello Police Dept., the suspects forced their way into the apartment, and a weapon was reportedly used during the crime.  The stolen items haven’t been recovered yet.

At this time, it is unclear if the suspects knew the victims before the robbery.

21 Responses to “5 Area Residents in Jail on $50,000 Bond after Aggravated Robbery of Apartment”

  1. john says:

    lock them up and throw away the key

  2. Grizzly says:

    Come force you way into my home and that is where the coroner will pick you up. God Bless American and the right to bear arms.

  3. K~Bird says:

    This is what this girl deserves. I’m talking about Brittany. I’m sure that was the case whenever this happened. There is no way that any of these people need to be back on the streets anytime soon because yes they got caught up this time but they will continue to do the same thing when they do get out. I’m sure they won’t be missed if they just get lost in the system. LOL!!!! Karma is a B*tch. What goes around ALWAYS comes around.

  4. robin(britts mom) says:

    in are great nation we are also supposed to be innocent until proven child is missed terribly and is LOVED by many.karma is a b*tch so watch what you say it can come back to haunt you.God knows and thats who will judge in the end.i love u britt brat

  5. to robin says:

    to robin(britts mom)

    if you lie down with dogs you’ll get up with fleas

    people are innocent until proven guilty, but people are also known for the company they keep. if she’s not guilty, she sure does seem like it.

  6. Silverback says:

    I’m with Grizzly and K-Bird on this one. What makes anyone think they can break in my home and try to harm me or my family. And if you attempt to use a weapon on me in my own home…………well, you will get what you have coming. Buckshot or a baseball bat. Your “child” is lucky she is not dead or paralyzed from too many broken bones.

  7. solo u know who says:

    Things are not what they seem to be at times… People can be mislead and guided by people that suppose to be your friends. I know one thing all the people arreseted are not bad people in general just get invovled with the wrong crowd. I hope by now the one I LOVE SO DEARLY can see you dont need friends all you need is yourself….We all make mistakes that we later regret but its all good I love mines and will support him right or wrong want we all…..

  8. sisterofarrested says:

    how does anybody think that 2 young girls single handedly strong armed robbed anybody. i don’t think it is right to put the blame on them. they are all responsible for this in their own way. no matter how it went down.

  9. anonymous says:

    i can think of one of them that will be greatly missed! so, to you, k bird: who would miss you if you got lost in the system?

  10. Garcia says:

    Well I’m sure everyone gets in some **** at point in their life or another so whomever it is directing that attitude towards Brittany prolly been in just as much trouble so I would take a good look in the mirror b4 posting something else bc we all get curve balls thrown at us it’s this funny thing we r living called life.

  11. Googler says:

    In this county, you are guilty till proven innocent… Yes, everyone makes mistakes,nobody is perfect,at least I having met anyone perfect yet… Guilty by association… And last but not least, didn’t no one twist anyones arm to commit this crime.. And I guess someone thinks that the males forced the females to help them.. Good grief,you got to be kidding me.. These ppl knew what they where going to do.

  12. Hk owner says:

    My home was broke into twice in one week. First time was this girl was involved. And look at her again already.

  13. jimmy says:


  14. leo says:

    you would think she would have learned from her parents mistakes.

  15. *BmW* says:

    I think this is dumb. Ive known all these people for a long time n they all had a part to do with it. Im glad theyre in jail. Yall already knew this would happen,as long as yall have known each other.

  16. Kendra Ridgell-Nolen says:

    I saw them when they left Ken Harpers office after the bond hearing and she was crying………what for?????? Do you not know right from wrong???? This monticello arkansas……u will not get away with nothing!!!!!!! Wait til you get to newport and on that hoe squad…….sweetheart your life hasn’t even began yet

  17. me myselt and I says:

    I have no sympathy for a thief.

  18. Dragonheart says:

    Well aren’t they a motley crew. I guess they should get used to orange, they all look awful in it. As the saying goes, “Don’t do the crime if you ain’t got the time.” That’s kinda catchy, don’t you think? As a victim of home robbery, I want you to know how it sucks not feeling comfortable in your own home. I hope there is not a next time but if it happens, “Thief beware. I have two teenagers who can fence and can use a long sword and dart gun with impeccable accuracy. So if you want to lose any body parts, come on over.”

  19. ANGELA C says:

    everybody who wants 2 talk about these girls and say they know them can’t be much better cause if u know them and there ways then that means u assiciate with the same crowd and is doing wrong to and not getting caught so figure out who u would feel if someone said something bad about u for everyone 2 read yall ain’t god so yall are sinning just as bad by judging

  20. t shorie says:

    this is to all that think you are perfect .. yall are sadly wrong.. yea maybe its good she went to jail.. i no it opened her eyes and i believe in her that she can change.. anyone that is free of sin cast the first stone.. love you britt

  21. RiDE oR Die says:

    i agree with t shortie britt is a great person…..and to all tou guys who believe any different dont know anything.. i love u BRiTT

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