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ABC Approves Liquor License for Private Club on Winchester Road, with Earlier Denial Being Overturned

July 27th, 2010 by

Sammie Lindsey’s application for a liquor license for private club, located at 1566 Winchester Road, was denied by the Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control, on May 19, but that denial was overturned by the ABC board with a 3-1 vote, Wednesday.

Lindsey’s application, filed in April, received many letters of opposition, included letters from  Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober, Drew County Judge Damon Lampkin, and Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Deen.

At the appeal hearing, the list of witnesses, included Judge Damon Lampkin, Sheriff Mark Gober, Police Cheif Robert Rosegrant, Cpt. Eddie Deaton, Lt. Steven Stain, and a local state trooper.  A petition with 147 names was presented in favor of the “club”.  

A local pastor also testified, supporting Lindsey, and the need for the club.  Rev. Ronald Forte, in a telephone interview Tuesday morning said, “I’m not in favor of drinking, but I believe that this could bring a form of economic improvent to Monticello.”  He added, “Going to Mr. Lindsey’s restaurant and bar is no different than going to Chili’s in Pine Bluff.,  If we don’t do something different, we’re just going to stay the same.”

Lindsey told MonticelloLive that our ealier story was incorrect, and  that the business “it isn’t going to be a club, it will be a restaurant.”  But for clarification, the ABC can only approve liquor permits for “private clubs” as defined by the legislature, there is no separate definition for restaurants.

Alcohol dispensed at private clubs is for “on premises consumption only”.

77 Responses to “ABC Approves Liquor License for Private Club on Winchester Road, with Earlier Denial Being Overturned”

  1. lucky says:

    I am not a strong supporter of activities like this, but I do no that it would be more income for drew county residents. Those who engage in those activities go to other counties and give them their money. It would be nice to see it stay here. I am sure that the man is probably saying the same thing about all of our newly founded flee markets!!

  2. mom says:

    “lucky”, you say it would be “income” for Drew County residents, but the location of this “club” would be VERY close to homes with young children. It would also be located in an area where if trouble were to break out, local law officials could not make it to the scene until too late. Would you want YOUR children, if you have any, growing up close to a beer joint just so that money could be brought into Drew County? I think this county is resourceful enough that it can find other means of bringing in income.

  3. Just thinking says:

    My thinking of a source of income would be manufacturing jobs, not a “club”. Not to mention the lives at risk from people leaving this place. At what cost do we really put on making money.

  4. Really? says:

    I agree this county has the resources, but they will not! We live in a place that doesn’t even have a 4th of July celebration! Our “Rough & Ready Days” is sad! No industry to speak of and there will be no new industries because the people who write the paychecks are afraid if new industries come to our area they will have to pay their employees more or lose them! No zoning! I can build a pig pen in your backyard if I want. Have you noticed all the empty and dilapidated buildings in the area? If a person has lived in the area all their life it might not be a bother to them, but a person thinking about moving here or opening a new industry/business would probably think twice if they really took a good look! And besides, a restaurant/club is not likely to bring that much income to this area.

  5. monticello resident says:

    Are you freakin serious? After all the letters we sent in? Maybe I should get a place to put up a honky tonk. All I can say is guns are loaded and the doors are locked, what a mess this is going to cause. Thanks a lot, and Monticello is headed where Dermott and other towns are now.

  6. Andrew Goodwin Gibbs says:

    Just Thinking you nailed it! Actually MAKING THINGS THAT ARE IN NEED or natural resources are the only things that build true wealth not booze or lotteries.

    Isn’t it sad now that we get excited about prisons, gambling, alcohol for jobs and tax revenue? Just hang on, the next cure all will be legalized marijuana.

  7. point of view says:

    Yes it will create more income for our town funeral home. I think that there is already enough activity on 138 with 2 liquior stores. We don’t need this.

  8. Lucas says:

    Hopefully Mr. Lindsey will be able to control his members and their guest and weed out the trouble makers. But if the past is any indication, that will not happen.

    Look for increased roadblocks on Winchester road after this club is open.

  9. Mr. Man says:

    Think about this a minute. You have two places like this already the allstar and the river. The allstar is in city and the river is in county so city police don’t respond to calls at the river unless asked by the county. And yes you might have a fight or something every once and a while but nothing serious . My point is I haven’t heard anyone complain about those two places nor have I heard anyone get hurt either. I don’t drink but I do think that people need to just sit back and see how it goes before jumpin up and talking trash about this places and stope being a “what if” kind of person because if you worry about the “what ifs” then you won’t ever be able to do anything constructive. And I bet most of the people downing this resturant go to the allstar, the river, or even the casino in Greenville and drink so what’s the big deal let it be and just let the business have a shot and see how it works out.

  10. not-so-lucky says:

    It will likely be taxpayer money of working-class folks that will be eventually going into that joint anyway. Good post there, Sammie.

    This is going to be a disaster– do you know how many homes are within a couple of miles of this “restaurant”?. I’ll bet anything that a “restaurant” it won’t be…. The ABC Board and the so-called “preacher” will have a lot to answer for in the future….

  11. mom says:

    Hmmm..”A local pastor also testified, supporting Lindsey, and the need for the club.” What kind of “pastor” would support and claim a need for a club that sells alcohol?

  12. point of view says:

    Mr. Man you must not have a kid that lives by these places. You don’t have to worry about your kid being killed by some drunk driver coming from the one of the stores or now a night club. I think we need to have more things for our young people to do instead of providing drinks for the older people. Unless Mr. Lindsey wants to personally drive all the drinkers home I don’t think he really cares about the people or children of this area.

  13. km1 says:

    Sammy keep your head up and good luck.

  14. monticello resident says:

    Notsolucky x2
    This preacher must not be much of a preacher. I wonder how much he’s getting out of this deal.
    All I see is trouble coming, where are all the customers going to park? In the road? How many drunks will leave the place and go down the wrong drive? There are many houses close and several with small children.
    I’m sure it’s taxpayer money, and taxpayer money will be spent there. What a shame.
    The clubs in town have different clientel, I bet this will be some BBQ grill set out and drinking lots of beer. What a great eating establishment.

  15. hypocrisy says:

    I agree that 138 is a terrible road to navigate – even sober. I wish someone would finally take the step and make the Marion Township and Monticello wet. Less drinking and driving – and maybe we would then get some form of public transportation, if someone happened to need it. This prohibition mentality has never really worked here. That’s why Pine Hill came up with “Baptist Bags.”

  16. DUB says:

    I think everyone should have a place to go and enjoy themselves. That said, If it is run like the River and not turned into a “Joint” so to speak, the biggest problem will be the intoxicated drivers on the Highway just like the ones that come from the Allstar, the River and not to forget the Country Club.

    The really big problem is now that he has a alcohol permit, he can open a “resturant” anywhere in Drew Co.

  17. not-so-lucky says:

    To suggest that this establishment is going to be like Chili’s is ridiculous.

    This place is going to be located on a bumpy, shoulderless 2-lane highway. Now add even more drunks than what the 2 liquor stores contribute to that equation. We are already at a shortage for Sherriff’s deputies as it is, I hope they have a car out there every night now.

  18. monticello resident says:

    Maybe he will open it in East end, or one on the square, that would be mighty fittin’ for the town.
    Maybe it will be a “Baptist” only club/resturant with the preacher running the tabs at the door.
    If they would take all the aluminum cans from Pine Hill, sell them, maybe we could get this road paved. It’s terrible. And then you have tons of drunks driving down it doing 20mph looking at what they can steal. This won’t help any.
    I think there should be a limit on what you can drink at a eatery, like 2 beers and go home.
    We can all hope it either burns down or gets shut down.

  19. K love says:

    Congrats!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. You know people r going to say all sort of things but keep your head up and keep on going. Just let them know they cannot get you down. Because what god has for you is for you and forget the rest.

  20. country girl says:

    I realize that we are in the “Bible Belt” but yall need to chill! The two clubs in town rarely have problems. I know for a fact because I go there. I also have driven people home many times because THEY knew that they didn’t need to drive so they asked for a ride. Just because this club is around houses shouldn’t affect it. People keep complaining about the kids but lets be honest if your kids are out that late then maybe you have a problem. Give this man a chance before you start complaining and bad mouthing him.

  21. trottergirl says:

    I am if favor of the restaurant. There isn’t anything to do here. We need different options. Did the Sheriff and etc. go the ABC when the River and the Allstars were being established? Monticello is a dead town where there is not any revenue or entertainment. Did people send in letters of oppositon to the River and Allstar? The All star is in a bad location in my opinion. Now, do not get me wrong. I like the RIver and All-star and I am glad they are here. But if you are going to be on your “high Horse” ride it ALL THE WAY OUT!!! Yes, we know the the police will be in full force with roadblocks, and stoppping every car that goes that way. But Sammie, do not let them stop you. I commend you, you knew when you came up with the idea that they would try to stop you. But you did it!!!

  22. john says:

    I think this is going to be a good addition to Monticello. I also agree with hypocrisy. If this were a wet township you would have less people running to pine hill every night down that bad road.

  23. Syd says:

    I think everyone needs to calm down. If people want to drink- they will. If people choose to drink and drive- they will. Adding a restaurant/bar will not make that big of an impact. This is just someone trying to start a small business. It will be up to the individual/consumer to make responsible decisions for himself. I say go for it. This town could prosper from a little open-minded thinking.

  24. 4909 HWY 138 says:

    HWY 138 already has way too much DWI traffic… my yard and drainage ditches are constant targets of beer cans and bottles. one more place to purchase alcohol in drew county just makes me sick…

  25. monticello resident says:

    Oh God bless this junk, Boooo.
    God don’t want this, wait til some family gets killed in a headon with a drunk. Then oh no, all these in favor will be in opposition.
    I’m not against drinking, but do it at home and don’t cause problems. We have enough as it is. Donuts in the yard and beer cans in the mailbox. What joy now.
    I’m not for it, never will be.
    It don’t add to things to do in Drew Co., it’s dying. Move somewhere else. People need to get a job and get something to do.

  26. Andrew Bentz says:

    There is 3 neighborhoods full of kids right next to The River. Western Pines, Spring Branch and Indian Mounds. Your point about houses next to it are invalid. And why would you wish a business burning down? That sounds like terroristic threatening to me. If it does burn down, you should be the first under investigation.

  27. point of view says:

    now we can get the lady kathy wilson arrested again from leaving this club.

    the people that thinks this is a good ideal doesn’t live on the road. You don’t follow the drunks to and from town. You don’t see how they are all over the road.

    yes I understand that most people aren’t all over the road or even drinking at all comeing from the liquors stores, but it only takes one person to KILL my kid or someone elses kid.

    We need entertainment but not this kind.

  28. Randy says:

    I wonder if people around here realize there are places in the US you can buy booze at the grocery store, the corner store, the gas station, public restaurants and on Sundays even! Try to catch up with the rest of the world people. One more restaurant isn’t going to hurt anyone.

  29. not-so-lucky says:

    Two facts about the people who are in favor and in support of this:

    1) They have no idea what kind of place it really will be, and 2) They obviously do NOT live on Highway 138 and do not deal with the challenges we already deal with. People who are not directly involved should not even have an opinion– period. This is considerably more complex than “Monticello needs to grow”…. Good grief– get a Lowe’s, Best Buy, Staples, or something other than something like this.

    True, there is nothing to do in this town for certain types of people. But heck, so many other types of businesses can be added other than a run down juke-joint, which is what this will likely turn out to be. I say move somewhere else if you don’t like the lack of bars here. I will say that the only thing Monticello has going for it is (1) the people, (2) great sports town, and (3) it is supposed to be a great place to raise a family. We keep going on this “Monticello needs growth, so let’s put up more bars and liquor stores”, you can kiss kiss good-bye to that.

  30. not-so-lucky says:

    No disrespect intended Trottergirl, but I assume that you are going to be dining at this fine establishment? Perhaps become a regular? Just curious….

  31. Lucas says:

    Trottergirl! You ask “Did the Sheriff and etc. go the ABC when the River and the Allstars were being established”? When Timberland, which I believe was the original name of the Allstar, filed for their permit. They had the same opposition from law enforcement. Not sure about The River!

    Those clubs are run in a professional manner. You do not hear of shooting, stabbing, and fights associated with either of those clubs but there was always something going on when the Social Club was open.

  32. Winchester rd resident says:

    The article states “A petition with 147 names was presented in favor of the “club”. As a long time resident of Winchester Rd i have never been approached by anyone about this club, there for the 147 people must not live on this road. Do i think monticello needs more industry/business YES. Do i think this gentleman has the right to open a restaurant YES.If my memory serves me right there was a restaurant not too far from the airport road. But why does it have to be a bar as well? Like what others have said in comments here we already have 3 clubs and yes im adding the Country Club in this, why do we need another? Do i drink, on occasion but in my own home. I never understood how as a dry county these club could be open in the first place. Have i ever been in said clubs, a few times in the Allstar. To be honest i wasnt impressed with it or the thought of all the drunks walking out at the end of the night and driving away. Now with all this being said as a resident of Winchester Rd. i live in fear EVERY day of this road, because you see i live not too far from the church in the curve and have seen MANY MANY wrecks. I have seen the church run through by drunks as well as sober people, i have seen the light pole snapped in half by someone who lost control in that curve, was he drunk i have my thoughts but no proof. I have personally had to repair damage to my yard and my neighbors because people take that curve to fast. I have small children who love to play in the front yard and i think its a shame that i have to live in fear of them being ran over in OUR OWN YARD! Now you add someone who has had too many under their belts while eating at this restaurant and that is a recipe for disaster! But dont get me wrong i feel the same way about the 2 Pine Hills.
    I want know why the residents of Winchester Rd werent polled? Why hasnt there been an impact study done on this?

  33. Some other guy says:

    If you dint like the idea MOVE!

  34. Owens says:

    I do know one thing positive about all of this, GOD is in control of all things. I will be praying. I am a resident of Hwy 138. And I do not approve of this taking place,but I am not the judge…

  35. Hardworker says:

    To be correct.. This whole debate boils down to some citizens of monticello being so close minded. Someone mentioned that our town is headed to a downfall like Dermott and a couple other towns.. Please illiterate on how though? I believe Mr. Lindsey will be a man that handles business according to what our city and local citizens would like. What person would want to open a business with the thoughts of bringing problems to the town? Any negative that people can think of about this topic seems to be coming to light. I guess Mr. Lindsey’s new business venture will just have to prove ALOT of people wrong. I attend college here at UAM and feel the town needs more for people to do. So stop criticizing every move and step out to new things. I wish Mr. Lindsey much luck with this.

  36. monticello resident says:

    Some other guy, Move?? How would you like a honky tonk right next to your house? Or are you like trottergirl, ya’ll would be frequents.
    I hope it closes in a month. Trouble. I wrote the ABC board, and i’ll take it farther. They didn’t send out petitions to residents, I think the 147 were bogus people, obviously not from out here. Ya’ll can all go back home to town, they need to make it wet, so ya’ll can just buy it at wal-mart. I don’t care where you get it, but these people will be getting drunk out here and then driving somewhere. And if the police arrest them it will be a big uproar over profiling or just waiting for them to leave.
    I can hope it burns, I didn’t say I will burn it. It will probably be some shotty craftsmanship, thrown up fast to get business booming anyway type of place.
    Property Values around here just took a nose dive!

  37. Andrew Bentz says:

    To the people who live on 138 I do understand your plight, it is a very dangerous road already. I think it unfair to compare this to the social club or to a “Juke Joint” you should give him the benefit of doubt until you see it ran in an unprofessional manner. For one, the social club was in walking distance for a lot of the traffic you are so afraid of. If it is a nuisance or promoting illegal activities then by all means protest the “hell” out of it. But last I checked this is America and owning your own property and business is the American dream.

  38. WOW says:

    A lot of people are saying they don’t want this on their road and want it to move somewhere else. Wouldn’t it be just as easy for these concerned residents to move? NO, I’m not saying that you should have to move, but wouldn’t it be just as easy for you to move as it would be for this establishment?

  39. Let us reason says:

    To be sure, there are actual academic studies that show increased liquor sales do NOT inherently mean increased safety hazards. One only has to do a quick “google” search and check the sources.

    Further, safety issues are a legitimate concern. Religious ones are not. Christ Himself drank liquor and served it to others. So to claim that drinking or selling alchohol is antithetical to scripture or the Christian faith is wrong.

    The phobia of drinking in this nation, and especially in the South, is a major contributor to the problems sometimes associated with drinking. In Europe, where the drinking age is much lower, there are small alcohol related incidents. When the stigma of drinking is elevated, so is the desire to do so.

    As long as the laws are strictly enforced both by the city, county, and business… there isn’t much to fear.

  40. Mr. Man says:

    Point of view yes I do have kids and I do care about them. And I do agree that we need more for kids to do that’s true! But we have needed it for yeArs but no one we open anything I don’t have the money to or I would. What about you can you open it? And as far as drunk drivers we have that even if we didn’t have a place that sold alcohol it’s not going to stop no matter what we do a drunk will drive 100 miles to get a drink. All I’m saying that some of the people that opposed this deal that are public figures just one of them for sure have been seen drinking and driving before. I’ll let you figure it out but anyway people have a right to there opinions and like I said I agree with needing a place for kids we need to all contact our big money makers around here who supposably run this county and see if they can help. And no it’s not the sheriff, judge or police they don’t make good enough money nor can they make everything happen. I don’t support this place nor drunk driving I hate a drunk but I’m not going to judge this business

  41. Mr. Man says:

    I won’t judge this place until we have problems, dang I havnt heard anyone complain about all the other places before and it’s sad to say I think it’s because of who owns them

  42. Response tto Lucas says:

    Lucas you had mentioned the old Social Club that use to be owned and operated by Mr. Lindsey’s uncle. I bet some of you folks didn’t know that. You are correct about the going on at this “CLUB” / restaurant. What a joke of a business. Guess who I saw at the so called site of this new fine establisment last week? Uncle Harold. This will be nothing more than a club and with response time being greater for law enforcement due to its current proposed location, I expect even more trouble than the Social Club had. Maybe Mr. Lindsey can control the people that come to his business. Maybe he won’t hire convicted felons for security gaurds. Maybe he won’t have a gambling house in the back room and maybe just maybe people won’t die due to gun fire. May God bless you and your patrons. Hey, here is a thought. Have pastor Forte say a prayer each Friday and Saturday night before the events kick off. Kinda like a football game. Wish all the players a safe night.

  43. tuesday says:

    It’s arrogant to open bars in a town where there’s no taxi cabs or public transportation imo.

  44. mom says:

    “Some other guy” are you serious or just trying to stir things up? Why should residents of an area have to move because they “dint like the idea”? If Mr. Lindsey can assure the residents of the area that his establishment will control its members if they get out of hand, then that is one thing. Actually, Mr. Lindsey needs to clarify what type of establishment he is building. Is it a bar or a restaurant? Is it a place, like The River, that you can take children to eat? Is it a private club, but membership open to anyone? If he wants support of those living on Winchester Rd., we would appreciate him letting us know his intentions.

  45. BSA says:

    Sammy Lindsey.. i just want to say Congrats!! You are a very smart and intelligent young man. First of all, THIS IS NOT THE SOCIAL CLUB, thank u very much!! Second of all, hwy 138 isn’t the only rode that has drunk driving(driver), there’s Old florence Rd, Midway Rt., Barkada Rd., Hwy 425 yes i said hwy 425… why? cause wrecks can happen ANYWHERE, not just on hwy 138. You ppl can’t predict the future, only GOD can, so don’t none of you ppl know what’s going to happen with this “accomplishment”. It could turn out to be one of the best and welled established restuarant/club in Monticello…who knws. The place is not even builted or running yet and you guys are already talking negative about it… gosh!! Also as for the comment about your kids playing or just hanging out in the yards…they shouldn’t be out at “club” hours!! Again anything can happen ANYWHERE!!
    As for not -so-lucky…a “Run Down Juke-Joint” sounds like your doing some stereo-typing…huh? Why would you say something like that??? Ugh…. People talked about Jesus Christ, so Sammie they going to talk about you. Keep your head up and stay strong, all this negative talk should be “Motivation” for you!! Good Luck!!

  46. BSA says:

    and oh by the way, it said it in the article that Mr. Lindsey said that it’s not a club, it’s a restuarant!! You guys are making it a club and the owner said IT’S A RESTUARANT, but byit being Mr. Lindsey and who he is, you guys are just going to ASSUME IT’S GOING TO BE A CLUB!! SMH

  47. monticello resident says:

    Wasn’t there a place like that before with lots of problems called the chocolate factory. I think you had to bring your own drink there. I guess this can be the Chocolate Factory II.

  48. To crazy says:

    Why is everyone picking on Baptist I know people from just about every single religion that drinks. I would be willing to bet that all religions have ate at the River and Country Club. It is not a matter of drinking it should be a matter of who is drinking and driving. Why should it matter if the police sat in the parking lot and tested anyone who pulled out of these places. If you are not drinking and driving than it should not bother you on bit. Has anyone ever even stopped and checked to see where all the wrecks (reported) even happen that involve drinking. I would suspect Midway RT would rank high on that list and other roads that led to many deer camps a lot of these are used for more than deer camps (not all). Why not hit all the bootleggers in Monticello and Wilmar I am sure many know who they are I don’t use them but know who several are and they will gladly sell to your child anytime. One close to a bank on 278 and one on Godbold. O and what about the dope houses, you can drive by them and get high if ya windows are down and you are rolling slow enough.

  49. 138 says:

    What a great list of comments. Everyone loves this so much. Maybe ya’ll should make one next to your house.
    I’m w/ Not so lucky, Run down Juke Joint.
    Move, you people are some real square heads. I’m not from here, and I can tell, what a bunch of junk. We had fine eateries with steak and drinks where i lived, but no DWI’s, not problems, no drunks leaving etc. and so forth.
    Didn’t need any security guards, why need that if it’s just a private restaurant/club? Or will it be a tavern.
    I’ve drank, yes Jesus drank, but there’s a difference in that and getting plastered. I drink at home, never drove during or after the fact.
    This preacher, where does he preach? Sounds outrageous to me. A preacher in favor for a private club, condoning drinking. I don’t care who owns the place, who runs it and how it’s run will be in question. If they slip up, the ABC board will be called ASAP.
    So Yes Sammie, God is on your side patting your back, everyone make him feel good. It makes the bubble easier to bust.

  50. Jody says:

    good point Andrew. I think it doesnt matter if its a mile or ten miles there is always gonna be a drunk driver on the road. I think Mr. Lindsey deserves his chance at being a business man. But I also think we need more officers. Maybe this will open their eyes and bring in more law enforcement. its an oppertunity for more than just Mr. Lindsey. How about some taxis for the drunk drivers to be? Its all about business! If you are not one of the rich boys in town you are nothing here. And I think thats whats keeping Monticello from becoming something! Like I said its all business.

  51. PayAsYouGo says:

    It is America. It is free enterprise. Would the comments be the same if the “Club/Restaurant” was on US Hwy 425 or 278? Or is it just because it might threaten the Pine Hill establisments? If it succeeds fine. If it fails fine. What keeps happening in Monticello is the same thing that has happened for years. Certain people here don’t want to see anything new come into town because it might get into their cookie jar. That is the reason we can’t get anything new here. We have let the “select” few run this town with their close-minded ideas and now they are running it into the ground. Look at most of the other college towns in Arkansas. They have nice places to eat and places to do things without traveling out of town. Most of them are booming. Why is Monticello not? Maybe the leadership of this town needs a major overhaul with maybe some more openminded people to recruit new industies and businesses to the area.

  52. jessica says:

    why dont everybody just sit down and relaxs let people do wat they want its not you Monticello needs to be turned around!

  53. 138 says:

    It’s kinda like throwing a rock in the water, this has a ripple effect. It will touch more people than the ones drinking in this place.
    College towns, most of them are in places with lots of industry, Searcy, they have Yarnell’s ice cream, the interstate, Several things going there. Fayetteville, they have Tyson, Wally world, etc. Lots of boom, but also with growth comes lots of other problems. Jonesboro, they have Nestle, Conagra, Alberto V05 shampoo to just name a few, lots of jobs, people go there.
    There are no jobs here, who wants to work at a boat plant for 8 bucks an hour? There aren’t many options or industries. Lumber mills is all this place has, it’s almost like being in the Hills where everyone drives 50 miles to work, there’s nothing there.
    Adding a club won’t make more here, more jobs, or help the economy, this place is headed for a Dermott, Dumas, McGehee, there is nothing there, period, old run down houses.
    Good Luck Monticello. It’s like trying to shove a mule uphill in this town.

  54. 138 says:

    Taxi’s for the drunks. I’ve heard it all, well probably not. Then taxi them home, they don’t want to get out there, have a fight with the taxi person. Too risky to drive that cab. Or a bus full of drunks fighting and carrying on.
    I’m sure all the insurance companies would be eager to jump on insuring a bus full of drunks or a taxi with drunks.
    This will probably be over before it starts.
    Why should they be allowed to sit in a restaurant and get drunk? They don’t do this in other places or states. If they do, the ABC pulls the permit.

  55. Owens says:

    Like I said I am a resident of Hwy 138. Yes you are right this is America, so I have my right to speak my views as well. Like I said earlier God is in control of all things. I am not the judge. And no I will not move. God Bless you!

  56. trottergirl says:

    No disrespect intended Trottergirl, but I assume that you are going to be dining at this fine establishment? Perhaps become a regular? Just curious….

    None taken, Not-so-lucky. As a matter of fact I will patronize it, just like I do The River and All-Star, when I want to. You want to know why? Because I am a grown women that works and pay taxes, just like everyone else. I can go and choose not to go where ever want, just saying.

  57. tuesday says:

    @138- I don’t think you know what you’re talkin about! I said no cabs, no bars. You sound like your vision is that of an old used home made school bus just to shuttle people around. ( Wouldn’t surprise me )
    I don’t think your town is very progressive- so far far away and secluded from standard enterprising lifestyles and things are ALOT different in this town and this part of the state than most places. Take a trip somewhere besides the deer woods- Most places have restaurants with bars. And taxi cabs and busses. And lunch at the VFW with a bar!! Sorry off topic

  58. you closed minded people says:

    if every gas station in town was allowed to sell beer the road to pine hill wouldnt already be full of drunks! i think its foolish to have people drive that far to get a beverage that is legal to drink!!!! illegal drugs are readily accesible on every corner why not make a drink that is legal on every corner too!!!! id way rather my kid drink a beer than smoke a joint…

    i come from a town where every gas station carrys beer, this reduces the distance drunks have to drive to get beer. or how bout this, if you could buy it on every other corner people could walk to get beer or get it when they go to walmart to buy groceries!!!! where its at they are forced to drive to get beer! you people are so scared that your children will be exposed to alchol and drinking, let me tell you the more you try and protect them the more it appeals to them to try! and once they go to college elsewhere (where they have beer everywhere) they will go crazy!

    college kids drink… this town has a college.. why not open more places for them to drink locally instead of them have to drive to little rock, pine bluff, or other states like LA or MS to go eat at a different place where they can get a drink with their meal or go to a true “night club”. no one wants to come to UAM because its not a fun town to live in… there are no activities to do whether your drinking or not!!!! there are hardly any bars and there arent other things to do that dont involve drinking! movie theater and a bowling alley…. there is two weekends worth of fun then what?? it gets old!

    some people are more apt to fight when drinking… thats a fact but ive also seen parents at little league games get in fist fights over their kids playing time or a bad call… according to your reasoning you shouldnt let your kids play organized sports because one parent got mad at another and hit him in the eye!!

    get off your stupid closed minded soap box!!! this town is slowly going down the drain and the school is going even faster! something has got to change or this town will go down the toilet! with the interstate coming through i think its a perfect time to do some changes and try to get this town back on track and attract some big business and maybe give the kids who come to this college a place to use their college degrees instead of taking them elsewhere and helping another towns economy out!

  59. The truth says:

    He ran the social club. What a great restaurant. Ask the people shot there or the police officer ran over by, drunk leaving after a shooting

  60. Andrew Goodwin Gibbs says:

    The bar is open to 1:30 am Thursday through Saturday. Therein lies the problem. I have no issue with someone having a beer or a glass of wine or a mint julip. I have an abusive personality so I abstain from libations. I do have an issue with being drunk. It is wrong any way you cut it. Nothing good will come from an establishment that serves alcohol until 1:30 a.m.

    Of course I may sound like the hypocrite here in view of my past and I have news for you. I am a hypocrite but so are you. In fact we all are. There is only one who is not a hypocrite.

    I agree with Randy, it is no big deal in most towns to get a six pack of beer at the grocery store or enjoy a glass of wine with your meal but even in our largest cities, many, many, many of the townships do not allow alcohol sales after midnight. Experience is overwhelming alcohol sales after midnight is disastrous.

    I see absolutely no logic or moderation in the ABC board’s decision. First they deny it and then they allow sales of firewater until 1:30 am?

    Fire away this is just one reformed drunk’s opinion.

  61. you closed minded people says:

    the places that are currently open for drinking and can allow people to drink till 130 or 200 what ever it is normally do not stay open much past 12 most nights! and there isnt any more than 15 people there till then… unles there is a homecoming or party or something like that.

  62. john says:

    i agree with ‘you closed minded people’ 110%

  63. Billiesfan says:

    I think this article is a joke. It is not meant to inform about significant information, it is meant as a notification that somebody besides the powers to be in Monticello have figured a way to make some money around here. A police’s job is to protect and serve, they don’t make the law, they inforce it. With the bars, clubs and restuarants around here, no one can tell me police have not had to respond to fights or other things. By mentioning all the law officials that were against this ruling only shows how much of a good ol boy system this town is run on. Everyone is in on it. The bigger question should be why are the biggest business around here a lumber yard or Wal-Mart. With all the possibilities and resources Monticello has to offer, it is almost a joke that people with college degrees have to leave a town they have grown up in and love to find a decent paying job. For all of the folks who are not financially savvy, as long as there are no big buisnesses around, the powers that be will always manage to keep the wages down because there’s no competition. You do the hard work for minimum wages and they make all the money. I congratulate Sammy Lindsey on fighting for what he wanted and achieving his goal. If this establishment is really a problem because of the alcohol, lets not be fooled. If someone wants alcohol at 130 am, they will get it one way or another. As all of us know, there are plenty of bootleggers around to get what you need. So Monticello’s finest law officials should be prepared to patrol the Lindsey establishment no more and no less than the other establishments around town that sell alcoholic beverages because it is there duty.

  64. Joe Burgess says:

    In reference to the last comment, this article is a revised version of the earlier article about Lindsey’s application being denied.

    Also, since this is comment #64 it must’ve contained “significant information.”

  65. Andrew Goodwin Gibbs says:

    Yes people will find a way to drink at or after 1:30 am and I can tell with absolute certainty if you drink regularly at 1:30 and you do not have a non-standard hour job, you have a problem and need help.

    How about some moderation? If you want to drink after midnight, find a hotel room, home, apartment or hunting camp and have someone take your keys.

    Funny how a dry county is so rigorous about precluding the availability of booze yet they allow the operation of a bar after Midnight or even after 1:20 am.

  66. Billiesfan says:

    In response to Andrew, I definitely respect your opinion but just because you drink doesn’t make you an alcoholic. I drink but in moderation. If I decide I want a beer at 3 am, I’ll drink a beer at 3 am, it’s my right as a responsible adult and an American citizen. Just because the local powers to be want to make an issue out of this doesn’t make it right. No one’s talking about the the reoccuring fights at The River or the fights that occur at the other establishments. They are talking about the “possibility” of bad things happening at this soon to be establishment. For this being a dry county, it funny how you can have access to so much alcohol “just outside” the county lines and bootlegged within city limits.

    In response to Joe, I realize you are a journalist which it is your job to report information unbiased and factual. I would like for the readers of this article to request information regarding this matter from the ABC board because there has to be a serious disconnect to be denied a liquor liscense then when the factual evidence has to be provided, it is almost a unanimous decision for Lindsey. Regarding the significant information of this article, I think this article more or less brings to the forefront the overarching problems in Monticello; continuous low wages, profitable buisness suppression and a definite good ole boy system of getting things done. The Lidnsey establishment won’t fix any of these problems, but it is causing people to look at what really caused the denial in the first place. I definitely don’t mean this to be a slam towards you but after traveling the US and other countries, serving my country for 14 years, and doing four tours in the Middle East, it bothers me to come back and see something like this that should have been a happy moment for someone be put in such a negative light. Monticello, a city I grew up in and still speak highly of outside the community, has to change or this will turn into a Dermott or Hamburg. We are already running our kids out of town because there are limited job opportunities in the community. When will it end?

  67. 138 says:

    I’m not from here, i’m from a bigger college town with industry, lots of jobs, a red lobster, chilis outback, you name it. And there aren’t drunks being shuttled from there.
    If ya’ll don’t like the deer woods move to a bigger town.
    I don’t see how a state trooper could voche for this type of establishment. He’s paid by the state, and don’t think that is a very good move on his part.
    If you want to drink, people will find a way. I think they need to open up the town and county, wet. Then Parker will put one at the 4 way and you can have beer cans in town.
    I can’t see this being a “Chilis” or “Outback”, maybe something far from that. What will be going on “outback”, and why does this restaurant have to stay open so late, who eats at midnight or later? Nobody wants to take a family to such an establishment with some drunks being loud in the bar area.
    I’m sure it will draw crowds from Winchester, Tillar, Dermott, Reed and other areas.
    I don’t see the money going for any school for kids to get tutored after regular school, maybe a daycare so the boozers to dump their childrens.

  68. country girl says:

    If you go to most towns the bars and clubs are open till at least 5am! So i’m not sure what the problem is with the bars in Monticello. All Star can only stay open until 1am due to it being in the city limit. The only way it can stay open later is with special approval and then its only till 2am. The River can stay open till 2am since its in the county and not city.

  69. T says:

    Does Monticello not relize what it is doing to itself. Look at the direction this town is headed. There is nothing in this town to make people want to come and visit or move to. Ideas that people have fall thorugh because of a select number of people think they are doing what is best. Well, look at this mess we are in now. The signs that people have to look while driving through this empty town says, “Shop here”, what for? There is nothing here. I know without a doubt, the so called people that make decision about what can come and what can’t come to this town, shop and do everything outside of Monticello. Come on Monticello, let’s actually put something here that will make people want to shop here or for that fact live here. Congrats Sammie.
    Do what you do and make them all eat their own words.

  70. justSHHH says:

    being a resident of Monticello and an acquaintance of Sammie Lindsey… some fo these comments are crap! First and foremost with a town such as monticello we should be of open arms to anyone starting a business and to judge a pastor of his ability to convey theology accurately you must not know the meaning of being a christian. being a christian is not just being relgions. christianity is an attitude. a christian is open minded, supporting,loving and forgiving. i may not be a regular at chuch but i know what it means to be a good hearted person and by no means am i close to perfect but like the word says… only God can judge. in this small township there have been many establishments to open and fail because they did not supply the demands of the people in monticello. being a business owner is a harsh occupation. this is not a matter of safety for children. with you criticizing the being of drinking in a neighborhood… what kind of parents are you to have you children roaming about in the wee hours of the night? the finger can easily be turned as in my example. the population of monticello is diminishing because of the unavaliability of jobs and decent pay. the elite few business owners who own several establishments on highway 425,who are alumni and boosters of the high schools have taken control of everything monticello will eventually turn monticello into a township of several families forcing everyone else out. no one is interested in expanding because they are too cautious of change. this town has brilliant , talented people move out everyday beacuse they do not have the opportunity to use their education to make a living for themselves. this town is so small everybody knows everybody and everybody talks about everybody but nobody wants to talk about the positive. sammie is not the first businessman to face adversity but when is enough going to be enough. can you imagine how much of a difference there would be if we were able to get the car dealership here like petitioned in the past or a recreational center for the youth. we have many decrepit buildings here that are being used for nothing but storage and dust collectors. jobs with benefits could of been brought to monticello. then people would have more things to do than sit around and get drunk all day. an ample amount of these comments are directly based on these activities but no one is to say that a restaurant that sells alcoholic beverages will increse this. every business needs their time of trial and error to establish stability. no business is perfect from first day opening either they imporve and bloom or their place taken under by needed improvements or EXCESSIVE CRITICISM. it is not the people to blame for the criticism of others in monticello but the council members who allow us to sit around in our puddle of nothingness and laugh at us while patting their pockets beacuse everything is in their control. instead playing the blame game for the destruction, lets be supportive of one another to rebuild our community.

  71. john says:


    you do realize that people get drunk at the river(a family restaurant) every night right? monticello needs to drop the small town attitude and look for bigger things.

  72. KHendricks says:

    This is CRAZY!!!!! Some of these comments are ridiculous: your ditch is already littered with beer cans and bottles – What restaurant, bar, or club have u visit that allow u to leave with your drink? Neighborhood and houses surrounding the area – how many houses surround The River, Allstar, and Country Club? When Sammie do get his restaurant up and running, the police will start harrassing It’s 2010, keep up or get left behind.
    P.S. I never see this many comments about the people who cook Meth and can blow up the whole neighborhood with a drop a sweat. Just wondering….

  73. trottergirl says:

    I agree with KHendricks.

  74. Lil Lady says:


  75. Owens says:

    Like I said before God is in control. My family and I will be praying about all of this. God bless you!

  76. Dragonheart says:

    Oh No!! Someone wants to make a dime? Bad for them. Come on people, what is the big deal? I love a cocktail with my dinner or when I feel like listening to good music and dancing. As a
    ‘Free” country, it is my right. I am of legal age to drink if I like. With the economy in a total ruin, why would you be against any business whether they have alcohol or not. Some jobs have been created in the process. People get off your high-horse and get over your self-righteous indignation. The Parkers will not suffer from another bar, I think that is what bothers the lot of you. Jealous much? Perhaps you should have applied for a private club first. Best to you Sammie on your new endeavor.

  77. Concerned Citizen says:

    Will this really boost the economy? Yea right! Some people will spend money they don’t have on alcohol. I just don’t understand… I don’t a need a private club to make a living. I have the right to state my concerns.

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