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Severe Log Truck Crash Caused by Loose Utility Trailer from Passing Vehicle

June 1st, 2011 by

According to reports from the Arkansas State Police, the reason for the May 19 crash of a log truck, where the driver was air-lifted from the site near Enon Baptist Church, was that the log truck first collided with a utility trailer that came loose from a passing vehicle, causing the driver to lose control.

After hitting the utility trailer, the loaded big rig swerved right, then left (into a bridge railing), across a deep ditch, into a line of trees, where the tractor-trailer came to a stop. with the load of logs crushing the cab.

According to Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Deen, Jimmy Shrum stated that he initially did not realize that he had lost his trailer.  He did go to the sheriff’s office and ultimately did return to the scene of the accident to provide the needed information.   Based on that information, the state declines to pursue felony prosecution. The misdemeanor charge filed in district court remains

Log Truck Driver Med-flighted to L.R. after Roll-over near Enon
May 19, 2011

The driver this log truck reportedly sustained serious injuries, around 1:30, Thursday afternoon, when he lost control of his westbound rig, striking a bridge guardrail, before crossing a steep ditch, and overturning on HWY 35 east of Monticello.

Monticello Fire & Rescue responded, battling the steep ditch-bank and trees and brush, as the extricated him out of the crushed cab, where he was pinned.  Sources said he was aware and alert throughout the process.

Arkansas State Troopers worked the crash scene, assisted by Drew County Sheriff’s deputies, blocking traffic.

MASI stabilized the driver, and transferred him to the open highway in front of Enon Church, where Air-Evac landed, and loaded the victim for the helicopter flight to Little Rock.

Triple A Towing arrived on the scene to remove the wreckage from the trees, where it came to a stop.

HWY 35 was shut down off and on until around 7 pm.

17 Responses to “Severe Log Truck Crash Caused by Loose Utility Trailer from Passing Vehicle”

  1. Still Shut Down says:

    As of 345 the road is still blocked. I suggest that people traveling this way find another route.

  2. Wesley says:

    is the road going to be back open

  3. resident says:

    For those traveling 35 it is still shut down as of 5:25

  4. Monticello Resident says:

    Great Job, MFD and Rescue. As well as the ASP, and the county units.. Great Job MASI!! Air EVAC done a great Job as well coming on scene.. Thanks again for what y’all do.. Thanks Again!!!

  5. Country dweller says:

    In reality the truck was not removed until around 5:30 and traffic was still stopped until almost 7:00. I do pray for the driver and his family.

  6. ladonna says:

    this happened close to my home and it was a little aggervating for the traffic to be backed up but prayers go out to the driver and their families! god bless

  7. Family member says:

    Sorry that it took so long to remove the wreckage. Thanks for all the prayers, please keep praying for him.

  8. Bry Taylor says:

    No problem about the wreckage. Just thankful he is alive. Prayers going up. We hope he recovers quickly. May God Bless.

  9. cb says:

    they had to reroute traffic down S. 16th section and Bordeux Rd. where traffic could travel down the mcghee highway to bypass it.

  10. ROY CHILDS says:


  11. Stacy Cater says:

    I am very sorry this man was hurt, but even sorrier that people have made such a big deal about their inconvenience when someone was hurt and possibly dying. You guys made a big deal of wanting what you care about and not giving regard to this man or his family. His family should not be made to feel they should apologize for the road being shut down. They already have enough worries. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. How many of you call yourselves Christians who complained about this delay with the road? Maybe you should spend some time on getting your heart in the right place. Show some love and concern.

  12. Monticello Resident says:

    Roy and Stacy y’all are right.. The road was closed due too the wreck.. And had too turn traffic too different routes to get to Monticello so the Air Evac chopper could land.. People need too be praying for this family instead of complaining cause it may have ran you behind on what you intended to do that day. Show some love to this family and pray for them.. Because you never know you may be the one in this situation.. If you was in this situation you would want all the prayers and all the help you could get and even if you needed the chopper.. Just think before complaining about the roads being shut down..

  13. doc says:

    Could the family give an update on the driver of the truck? I was just hoping he was ok.

  14. eastend says:

    How in the world do you not realize you don’t have a utility trailer behind you? Seems to me he thought he probably just thought he had just caused a fatality should be charged with leaving the seen of a accident .

  15. Family Member says:

    Sorry for the late update. I don’t get on here often. But the driver of the truck is doing good. We as a family would like to say thanks for all the concerns & prayers. Thanks so much!!!

  16. Wondering says:

    A properly hooked up trailer will not just come loose. The driver either did not have the hitch latched correctly or he wasn’t using safety chains.. or both. Then again, I’ve seen plenty of trailers around here with no saftey chains, working lights, etc.

  17. Stacy Cater says:

    Family member,thank you so much for the update. I am so glad he will be ok. I worry about people like this.

    Eastend,I have wondered the same thing myself. I have driven a pickup with a utility trailer on the back. I just drove in town so I don’t know how it would be on the highway. I have assumed it would be the same. That you would know if it came off. I know if I had lost my load in town,I would have known.

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