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Drag Racing Wreck on Bowser Road=12 Tickets & Ambulance Ride

January 28th, 2009 by

Around 9 o’clock Monday night, people around UAM had their lights go out, soon the 9-1-1 phone at the police dept. received several reports about a overturned pick-up on Bowser road near HWY 425.

When the police dept. and a state trooper arrived, they heard about another truck that had left the scene…and a drag race.

According to people at the scene, Jarrod Garrison and Joshua Hummel, both of Monticello, were racing east toward the highway, when the two trucks bumped against each other, pushing Garrison’s ’98 Ford Ranger into the ditch, where it was launched airborne, and hit an electric power pole, cutting the pole in half.

There seems to have been some interaction between the drivers of the vehicles of the trucks, before Hummel’s ’84 GMC left the scene.

When the sheriff’s dept. began to investigate the wreck, at first, no one claimed the wrecked Ranger, but Garrison later stepped forward.  Garrison was later transported to DMH by MASI.

Hummel allegedly fled the scene, but when police officer went to his listed address, he called, and turned himself in at the police dept. about an hour later.  According to reports, Hummel told multiple stories to authorities, at the station, after marks on the GMC match those on the totally destroyed Ranger.

Both drivers received citations for drag racing, speeding, failing to maintain control, and reckless driving.

Hummel was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, filing a false police report, driving left of center, and obstruction of governmental operations.

The Ranger was towed from the scene by Tommy’s Wrecker, the GMC was impounded, being towed from MPD by C & L Wrecker.  Entergy replaced the power pole.

During the event, a family of 6 was forced to leave their home and stay in a motel, due to the cold and power outage, because of a small child.

42 Responses to “Drag Racing Wreck on Bowser Road=12 Tickets & Ambulance Ride”

  1. Joe Mailman says:

    They could have killed an innocent person. These people need to be prosecuted to the fullest. But, likely most of the charges will be dropped in the end.

    Thank God no one was coming the other way when these idiots were racing!

  2. Lucas says:

    Thank God no innocent people were killed because of these two guys dangerous behavior. They should face more serious charges.

  3. Bubba says:

    who races on bowser? lol…… especially in a ranger…..c;mon cuz get real

  4. msb says:


  5. ~jayme~ says:

    hahahaha Bubba. That was a funny one. So true. So true.

  6. ~jayme~ says:

    And what I forgot to say is that you’re an idiot if you’re racing on our streets. Haven’t you heard? People DIE that way. If you want to kill yourself, that’s your business, but find somewhere other than our county roads to do it on. How much of our emergency personnel’s and law enforcement’s time, energy and money was wasted babysitting these CHILDREN and cleaning up their mess? Hey, kids…there’s a dirt track in the county. Go race there. No, on second thought, don’t. We only want responsible people on that track.

  7. Tammy Lochala says:

    if everyone would tell the truth garrison lost control of his truck and hummels getting the blaim and hummel has several witness that saw the hole race hummel was past willow 40foot from were garrison was he lost control

  8. jeff merritt says:

    these boys don’t deserve to have a drivers license-they could have killed themselves and othersby their stupid actions. what i don’t understand is the inconsistency of this report. Someone needs to get their stories straight!!!

  9. danny lochala says:

    Both boys should be punished, but the truth is not being told. The boy was not run off the road at all he just lost control of the ranger, the chevy was wayu ahead of it when the wreck occur. Why write one boy 10 tickets and the other boy just got 4. I thought both of them was racing, but only one got lock up, what gives????????

  10. msb says:

    The truth will come out in court,I would of been mad if I crashed and my so call friend went on his way and left me to tell the cops what happened alone, that’s messed up

  11. WH says:

    The key word that a couple people have forgotten is RACE. Even if the correct story is that they didnt run into each other, they were still RACING on Bowser Road.

    Not only was it stupid, its illegal. Do these kids figure its been a while since someone died in a car wreck so they would see if they could change that?

  12. jeff merritt says:

    i agree with all the comments left about they are both idiots and don’t even need to drive even on a race track-they are irresponsible kids. But asi am hummels’s step father to be-i had to bail him out of jail-he did receive 10 tickets-garrison only got 4. Garrison should also be charged with evading the police as he was in the crowd and didn’t claim the wreck. he finally claimed responsibility and was taken to hospital and released-HE NEVER GOT LOCKED UP_ONLY HUMMEL DID! Garrison lost control of the ranger-he was not hit-garrisonhit the power and telephone pole-yet hummel is being charged with it. We have an eye witness to the wreck that has written a statement to sheriff Mark Gober. There are no marks on hummels vehichle that weren’t already there. Hummel is being charged with everything because of who he is-he has always been in troublebut he has paid and done time for everything he did. Until this point garrison has been like family to us, yet he won’t tell the truth because he was driving his girlfriend’s vehicle and if he tells the truth she will probably kick him out. Jared, please come forward and tell the truth.

  13. sinister says:

    12 tickets at minumum fines would be 1700 dollars,break open that piggy bank

  14. jeff merritt says:

    hummel did not just leave his friend after the wreck-he checked on him and garrission asked for a flashlight wish hummel gave him at which time he came out of the vehicle running around saying “She’s gonna kill me”. we know this because he called his mother at that time and said garrison was ok and running around outside of vehicle. 12 tickets is fine-but why was hummel given 10 and garrison 4-something’s not right there. Yes, the key word is RACE which is illegal and on bowser road is just stupid and there is not enough punishment for what they done but it should be equal punishmenty!!!

  15. tammy lochala says:

    To anyone reading this article-I am the mother of Josh Hummel. As his mother I do publicy apologize for his stupidity for drag racing and endangering other people’s lives-like i told him-anyone could have pulled out of those apartments and they could have been killed-as his sister and stepfather live there-he could have even killed them. I can’t change what he did but I am sorry. I do want the truth to be known. Yes, he was drag racing with the ranger that Garrison was driving. They had been at my house all evening prior to this. Jarod has been a close family friend for many years. Josh did not hit Jarod-he was way ahead of him. Jarod lost control of the ranger and hit the utility poles. Josh called me when it happened scrweaming-“We were racing and Jarod flipped and hit light pole-yall please get down here” I called Josh back to ask if Jarod was OK-he stated “Yes he’s ok-he askedfor a flashlight and got out of the vehicle and got out running around yelling”She’s gonna kill me” Josh did wander off in the crowd but not until he made sure his friend was ok. Josh shouldn’t have left but he was just scared-he’s been in trouble all his life and been in prision and was almost killed in prision-he’s just scared of the law i guess. I was called by pd and asked to bring Josh and his truck in, at which time I called him. He willingly turned himself in. He was arrested and put in jail and got 10 tickets and it cost us $315 dollars to get him out of jail. It has been said they were both arrested-Jarod was not-he got taken to hospital and given 4 tickets and sent home. Something’s not right here. Why did Josh go to jail and get 10 tickets and Jarod only got 4 tickets? Josh didn;t hit the utility pole-Jarod did. Jarod also stood in the crowd and didn’t claim to be the driver of the vehicle for a period of time-so isn’t that evading the police and the scene of the accident? I just want the truth to be known.

  16. WH says:

    The headline of this article is 12 tickets. The comments keep saying Josh got 10 tickets, Jarod got 4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesnt 10 4=14?

  17. Joe Burgess says:

    When I confirmed the information from the accident report, there were 8 and 4 tickets listed.

    There may have been changes that I’m not aware of.

    Joe B.

  18. ROM says:

    I wish people would get the story striaght, Josh recieved 8 tickets not 10, not 12,not 99, he got 8. the reasons he got more than Garrison was,1- he left the scene of an accident with a P.I.,2- he filed a fasle police report stating someone else was involved but really wasn’t, 3- he obstructed a goverment operation by filing a false police report and lying. 4- he got a ticket for left of center for being in the wrong lane while he was ILLEGALY DRAG RACING.Those 4 reasons is why he recieved more tickets than Garrison. Garrison told the same story every time, and yes he did walk into the crowd, but within a few minutes he turned himself in. Hummell left and had to be tracked down and was told to turn himself in. bottom line is both were STUPID for doing this, and if you play you WILL pay.

  19. Think about it says:

    Regardless who got how many tickets BOTH are wrong for their actions and someone could have been badly hurt or killed just because 2 people wanted to play redneck fast & furious. I am very glad neither of the boys got hurt and or anyone else that was innocently driving down the road.

    As far as why one got more tickets than the other:
    Hummel’s tickets:
    Drag racing
    Failure to Maintain Control
    driving left of center (wrong side of road while DRAG racing)
    Reckless driving
    Leaving the scene of an accident with injury (Garrison didn’t leave the scene)
    Filing false police report (Garrison didn’t lie to police several times before telling the truth)
    obstruction of governmental operations (Garrison didn’t have to be found or called to come back to the accident scene or police department)

    Garrison’s Tickets
    Drag racing
    Failure to Maintain Control
    Reckless driving

    I don’t think any amount of tickets could replace a life and that is what could have been taken during this stupid act. BOTH are at fault and yes Mr. Hummel has already took care of anything he has been in trouble for in the past but the day he decided along with Mr. Garrison to DRAG RACE on a public road he chose to be in trouble again, dont blame the cops they didn’t ask him to! This
    has nothing to do with anything prior to the day of this accident so they both will have to face what tickets they have to pay for and damages they have to fix. Very thankful nobody’s life was taken since nobody could fix or replace that.

  20. tammy lochala says:

    I only wish to clarify what the tickets say on josh hummel that i’m looking at-i really don’t know what they all mean reckless driving, racing on public highway, failure to maintain control of vehicle, drove left of center, speeding over limit-100mph in 40mph done, then it is checked also over 20 mph? idon’t understand that one, leaving scene of accident, obstruction of governmental operations, filing false police report, then below these charges it is written in in ink W/RI. so who knows how many tickets that amounts to all i know is that it comes to $2,430 dollars. Josh left the scene but garrison evaded the truth-which both tied up our law enforcement officers and our emergency personnels time. At one point they probably both drove left of center-who knows what happened they were drag racing. As for Hummel being tracked down??? His address is listed as ______ _____ , with one agency, but no one came here looking for him. I was called and asked to bring him in. and yes, the bottom line is they were both stupid and they will pay. if it was in my power both of their licenses would have been taken that night. The interaction between the driver’s was Josh Hummel checking on his friend Jared Garrison to make sure he was ok.

  21. Hope this explains what is not understood says:

    Reckless Driving: exceeding posted speed limit by 30 mph and/or a wanting disregard for public safety

    Racing on public hwy: self explanatory

    drove left of center: when any part of a vehicle crosses the center marking line and not making a left turn

    Over 20 mph checked: exceeded posted speed limit by at least 20 mph

    Leaving scene of accident: when one party involved in accident leaves scene prior to law enforcement arriving

    Leaving scene of accident with injury: IS A FELONY

    obstruction of governmental operations: Is when someone gives a false name, statement or report of an incident being investigated

    filing false police report: self explanatory

    Josh left the scene and had to be told to turn himself in which he did. Garrison stood out in the crowd at that accident scene which is true before admitted he was driving but never left the scene of the accident until he left in an ambulance. Josh is no more at fault than Garrison as far as the accident caused from racing. But Josh is at fault for leaving the scene prior to emergency personnel arriving then making false statements to police once he turned himself in.

  22. Hope this explains what is not understood cont. says:

    Forgot one thing: As for the statement

    As for Hummel being tracked down??? His address is listed as ______ _____ , with one agency, but no one came here looking for him.

    That is something others dont understand???

    Nobody should have had to go ANYWHERE to try to find him. If he would have still been at the accident they would not have been looking for him.

  23. Carisha says:

    I’m Jarred’s fiancee. yes he was driving my truck and he may have been worried about how i would react to my truck being totalled but he doesn’t lie. Since the wreck pretty much all he remembers is the wreck. He wakes up in the morning and i have to remind him who i am and who he is some days. Yes he hit the pole but what he keeps saying over and over is that he was in the right lane and Josh came up in the left lane beside him gassed up the engine he in return done the same thing then slowed down. When he slowed down he then remembers that Josh spead ahead of him and clipped the truck causing him to loose control. Where Jarred ran off the road there is a small curve and if Josh wasn’t paying attention to the curve could have easily caused him to slightly cross into the right lane. He remembers the truck being on the side after flipping the truck. After landing on the side he remembers Josh handing him a flash light but as for him sticking his head in to check on him Jarred DOESNT remember it that way…. he remembers getting the flash light and josh not looking in the truck at all just placing the flash light in his hand and leaving..after that he remembers being in the police care and then to the er by ambulance. Josh was like a brother to Jarred but he feels betrayed by him just because of the way things have went. I’m very glad and blessed that noone died that day. Since the wreck day to day i wake up wondering if Jarred is going to remember me, himself, or anything in his life because he has had memory loss. To the family that lost power im truely sorry. When it comes to the tickets …. exceeding 100mph….my truck had a governer on it cutting it off at 95 untill it was totalled in the wreck… and in the short amount of distance from where they turned onto bowser how could Jarred or Josh exceed 100mph they turned right onto bowser from burton rd, thats a short distance to get that much speed. For the false statement Josh reported that my cusion was the driver of my truck. That statement caused my cusion to be arrested taken to questioning and towing his truck. The police found out while they were starting to book my cusion that they had recieved a false statement. Everything will come out in the wash it always does. Again to the family that lost their electricity or anyone else that isn’t mentioned that was affected by this accident, I’m truely sorry.

  24. Tammy Peacock says:

    Both of these boys are lucky to have their lives today. I would just like to know why josh made a statement accuseing an innoent person? The young man that josh accused of driving the ranger did not know why the police were looking for him. I know since the accident jared has had memory lost he still to today he has to be reminded who people are. I wish the boys the best but they were wrong.

  25. tammy lochala says:

    Very selective memory loss. when karisha leaves the room jarod remembers a whole lot more

  26. tammy lochala says:

    garrison has full memory i personally talkd to him on the phone no one nos what happened was any of yall there??

  27. josh hummel says:

    jarod knows i didnt run him off the road if he has memory loss how could he have talkd to me on the phone for like ten minutes come on now sum one is trying to cover there butt

  28. tammy lochala says:

    The race did not start from where u come off burton to bowser-the race started somewhere further down burton road. As for Josh filing false report im not so sure about that one-why did cops call and keep aking if a certain guy had been at our house. i told them no, i didn’t even know this person, i was also asked about where josh’s truck had been-i stated that it was at his stepdads -i was told it wasn’t! at which i said i knew it was.

  29. Get over it and move on says:

    Someone else telling how everything happened is the same as your saying where the race stated…which is hear say because you were not there either were you? As far as Josh filing a false report the officers would not have a reason to lie and write him a ticket for that for no reason so yes he must have lied about something. This is all getting way far from what should be going on BOTH of them were RACING on a small 2 lane road so regardless who was in what line who caused the wreck where the race really started or who said what!!! Nobody other than the 2 boys know what happened before and after the accident etc etc the end result is still the same 2 boys were racing which is illegal and someone has a totalled out vehicle and one went to hospital in ambulance while the other turned himself in then both got tickets and thankfully nobody was injured. So why continue trying to point fingers it doesnt really matter its done and over so get a new vehicle pay the tickets and think next time before you decide to do something stupid that could have ended way worse than it did this time.

  30. lil' sis says:

    Yes yall should have an opion on this matter but most of yall have no clue about what happened, just hear say. Both of the “boys” should be punished for what they have done but they should be punished for what they really did. Not what a guy that suppostly has to be reminded who he is when he wakes up in the morning, says. How can you believe a guy that cant remember who he is when he wakes up anyways? Thats my question. The race was watched by someone and when they go to court all the people that think josh hummel ran jarred garrison off the road will finally hear the truth. If garrison is truthly hurt then i really do hope he will be okay but if he is just lying, i hope justice will be served. Justice needs to be served to both “boys” and a wake up call to them that they are lucky to still be here and that they didn’t kill themselves or an innocent person. You boys should think of what kind of pain yall would have brought onto your families and loved ones if yall had gotten killed that day. May god be with both of you and yall have learned from this stupid mistake.

  31. Randi Nicole says:

    i think that is is stupid to race anyways. and if you dont know what is going on dont put you input in it.

  32. Agree says:

    Very well said Randi Nicole!!!!

  33. amy, the wicked witch of the west says:

    first of all, yay for the chevy for winning. second of all, that is the worst memory loss i have heard of since ronald reagan. second of all, you were racing a ford ranger? haha.. i’d be ashamed too. that’s like riding a vespa to a harley rally.

  34. WH says:

    Its obvious due to the seriousness of this situation, some people really need to GROW up.

  35. Wade Newman says:

    Amy, you’d be suprised at how many small cc scooters I see that can walk off on any harley and some that can hang with sportbikes. In fact, I am building a 150cc scooter right now that will run an 8 second 1/8 mile (on all motor) which equates to around a high 12 second quarter mile and when sprayed will run in the 7’s. Compare that to a harley which has to have a 1200cc engine to do the same thing with an engine 10 times as big. Don’t go dissing scooters with me around, because I will put you in your place.

  36. the wicked witch says:

    put me in my place?. .you certainly don’t have any idea who you are talking to. this whole situation is seriously dangerous. however, both boys are alive.. as stupid as it is to be drag racing in such a dangerous place, and by inexperienced drivers, it is also tainted with a bit of boys will be boys. it NEEDS a bit of lightening up here… both boys have been punished for what they did… i think they both should have gotten the sme punishment too, but that is for the police and judges to decide i guess. however, be GLAD they both are ok. and when vespas have been around for more than a century and become the greatest legend of motorcycling in the world, i will deem them worthy of more discussion. lmao again at someone defending them. grow up and get a real bike. REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR!! BUY AMERICAN!

  37. WH says:

    It’s obvious that one of these kids will have to be seriously hurt or killed to make them stop racing. We watched several diferent kids racing their vehicles back and fourth in Mccloy park friday night and then followed a line of them in their cars going out to the 530 bypass to Barkada road and line up to race. I called the State Police and DCSO and they put a stop to it. Will they ever learn?

  38. amy, the wicked witch of the west says:

    nope… they been doin it since i was a kid in the early nineties, and i imagine a dang sight longer than that… probably for about as long as teenagers have been parking on those same back roads and making out and steaming up the windows in the backseats of cars. i made jokes about the ranger, but kids don’t realize how many vehicles built these days ARE apt to flip over, alot of the SUVs, small pickups, 4x4s…

    i imagine that alot of the parents don’t realize how stupid it is to turn them kids loose in challengers, chargers, mustangs, 500’s… those are BIG motors in those cars. but they have been racing the back roads of drew county and every other county in arkansas and everywhere else since the originals chargers and mustangs made their debut… drove my chevy to the levee and all that… small town saturday nights…

  39. WH says:

    Your right, they have been doing it since the wheel was invented. I did it with my friends, we had wrecks too. It was dangerous then and it is still dangerous now. Im just glad that none of my children were in to it. As a parent and now a grand parent, and being able to interact with the youth here in monticello on the week ends I do everything I can to discourage the racing.

    There has been drug and alcohol abuse since the begining of time, but as parents and as a nation, we do everything we can to stop it. I guess it will take a tragedy to wake people up……maybe they will play American Pie at the funeral.

  40. Wade Newman says:

    I guess Amy forgot that Harley Davidson used to build scooters as well. And in response to your “real bike” quote…It takes alot more guts to get out on the highway with a 50cc scooter than any big bike. But it’s okay, you can keep riding your “hog” with your tassled handlebars like a 5 year old on their huffy. Maybe you can get a baseball card and stick it in your spokes too!

  41. Wade Newman says:

    And to all the idiots on our streets, please take $15 and go to a race track to do your racing. It’s cheap fun and it’s alot safer than racing on small 2 laned roads with no shoulder. Plus there is no question about who jumped the line or who really won at the end of the race. Trust me, it’s alot more fun than street racing anyday.

  42. jim benton says:

    one thing is right there should not be racing on the street .at the drag strip a hundreth of a second can make a winner or loser

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