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Man With 17 “Priors” Gets 60 Years for Drugs

January 29th, 2009 by

In Drew County Circuit Court Tuesday, Michael Anthony Green, age 41, was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to deliver. 

Authorities told MonticelloLive that Green had approximately 5.4 grams of crack cocaine in his possession, which is equivalent to 25-30 “rocks”, at the time of his arrest.  Based on an estimated street value, that totals over $1,000.  Some of the substance was in a candy dispenser, and the rest was in a bag in his shirt pocket.

In court, Green told the jury that he and a friend had paid $140 for the drugs, which is well below street value.  Green was on parole from the Arkansas Dept. of Corrections at the time of his arrest.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Frank Spain told MonticelloLive that he was “very happy with the jury’s verdict, and with the sentence to the multi-habitual felon.”

According to sources, Green has been in and out of the judicial system since the 1980’s, and has an estimated 17 prior convictions.

Spain added that the sentence of 60 years, along with the jury’s recommended fine of $25,000, “should send a message to crack dealers.”

28 Responses to “Man With 17 “Priors” Gets 60 Years for Drugs”

  1. Drew says:

    While I am happy with the verdict presented, I must say that it’s coming into play a bit late, wouldn’t you all agree? I mean, he’s been “in and out of the judicial system since the 1980’s” and accrued SEVENTEEN priors…Surely it can’t have taken this long for someone to decide that he doesn’t WANT to be rehabilitated…

  2. trottergirl says:

    Ok, I know he had priors, but he got 60 years for drugs, and Alicia got 10 for killing someone. I do not understand that. Instead of trying to send messages to crack dealers and there are more drugs on the street other than crack, send messages to murderers. Tell them that is not ok for take someone’s life.

  3. Lucas says:

    It is about time he got the book thrown at him

  4. rye viewer says:


  5. jarrett says:

    crack kills man

  6. foghorn leghorn says:

    man that was a fast trial. it said he was charged tuesday and a jury sent him to prison for sixty years the same day… that’s what i call a speedy trial.

  7. sinister says:

    for mr green,Don’t drop the SOAP, ROFL

  8. blessed says:

    I do not understand either, trottergirl!! It seems that this is all mpd has to focus on is crack dealers. Now honestly, how do u think the “Jones Family is feeling at this particular time………especially after reading that this man got 60yrs for drugs. And knowing Alicia will have to serve such lil time for manslaughter, MPD has their priorities all messed up!!! Its sad but it’s true!!!

  9. WH says:

    Its time for some people to understand how the system works. Law enforcement makes the arrest. They have nothing to do with how long an offender gets sentenced to. MPD as it was put, did their job by arresting both of the Ammons, but guess what, there was not a single MPD officer on the jury for that case or this one either. If your angry or upset, its at the wrong people.

  10. Shocked says:

    First of all, how can you say the MPD has their priorities all messed up????I do agree someone’s priorities are messed up but beings both Ammon’s were arrested by MPD and did a very good job along with ASP & DCSO getting the case together then turning it into the Prosecutor’s Office where they got ready for the trial then it was totally up to the JURY. NOW I agree something was messed up in the deciding of both Ammon’s fate. Then the MPD arrest drug dealers/users and the jury gives them 60 yrs well before you start trashing someone please think about what reason you are trashing them. The MPD, ASP & DCSO did their job by arresting people working many long hours getting all needed information to complete cases then turning over to the Prosecutor. The final step in every case is THE JURY IS WHO DECIDES the outcome because once its turned over to the PA office it is out of law enforcements hands. I personally am very proud of the job all of our law enforcement agencies and Prosecutor’s do THANK YOU! Now for the Drew County Jury’s lately… I cant really say that, because I just DONT understand what they are listening to before they are making their decision!!! I wish the Police officers, State Police, deputies and family could serve on jury’s I thinki there would be better outcomes.

  11. Lee says:

    Blessed, Although I agree that this is a sad situation. Good or bad, this is how our legal system works. Sometimes you have a good jury and sometimes you do not. Some people do not have a clue and should not sit on a jury. MPD did not give the sentence of 60 years for the drug crime, the Jury handed down the sentence. MPD and all the local law Enforecement are just trying to do their jobs and make this community a safer place. Blame the jury not the Police.

  12. ~jayme~ says:

    This is concerning the comment “It seems that this is all mpd has to focus on is crack dealers”.

    What actually happened was….

    Green was verfied by parole officials to be inside Pine Hill Liquor Store, a violation of his parole. They notified authorities to take him into custody because he made the decision to break his parole and enter an establishment selling alcohol and was subsequently spotted by the people charged with verifying that he is not entering places his parole prohibits.

    They were not crouched in bushes, ignoring murders, giggling and scheming on a poor ol crack dealer who’d been to the pen more than Oprah’s lost weight. They were dispatched to a location by an employee of the prison system because he was where he shouldn’t have been.

    As far as comparing the cases, that’s comparing apples to oranges. And why does everyone blame the police when they are angry about convictions/sentences?

    The police don’t go into deliberations and tell the juries what to sentence people. That’s YOUR fault, citizens. If you don’t like your justice system, register to vote, become decent members of your community, and make yourself available to serve jury duty. You see, people who must’ve slept through Civics, there are three branches of government: 1. Executive 2. Judicial and 3. Legislative. The legislative make the laws. The police execute/enforce the law (So THAT’S why the call ’em law enforcement, eh?), which means they just go and arrest ’em. The judicial system, which ulitmatiely is at the mercy of jurors, are the ones who decide whether a bread knife plunged into a 15-year-old’s neck, teacher-drug dealers and yes, even criminals with 17 prior convictions, what punishment, if any they shall receive.

    So apparently, the Monticello Police Department wasn’t ‘focused’ on Green. Green was focused on alcohol.

  13. Jason says:

    The Drug Task Force arrested Michael Green along with Probation and Parole. Not the Monticello Police Department.

    And it is wrong to say that the Monticello Police Department or any other agency is responsible for someone getting a ten year sentence on manslaughter. That is the responsibility of the JURY that heard the case.

    I do agree with you though, that manslaughter and ten years was not justice for the crime you alude to, but that is the fault of the JURY, not the police. Every police officer, prosecutor and law enforcement officer I know is heartbroken over the sentence in the case you referred to. To question the priorities of and, in essence, the character of we who care about our victims the way I know all of us in law enforcement do, is really pitiful.

    I have worked homicide cases. I can tell you that when you are associated with a case, you become attached to the victim and their families. If you dont get the sentence you want or hope for, you do take it personally. To hear someone speak as though the police have their priorities messed up because a jury handed out a certain sentence in once case and gave another sentence in a totally unrelated case is just plain wrong and shows a total lack of understanding of the criminal justice system.

    Believe me, it bothers us just as bad and probably worse- than it bothers you. And as far as the comments relating to what the police department or sheriff’s department focuses on, read more articles posted here on Monticellolive or try the front page of this weeks paper as a starting point. Or better yet, sit down with several police officers and better inform them on what they need to focus on. I am up for any constructive criticism and know many officers are as well provided the one dishing it out can take it as well.

    I am a police officer and I am proud of the Monticello Police Department and the city goverment officials that support it and the other public services. We risk our lives to SERVE all of our community, not just complain about it.

  14. kim rn says:

    i just want to say i am so proud of our police department!! we have an awesome group of people that go every day and put their lives on the line to protect people like you trottergirl!!!!!!!!! i know this for a fact because i am a daughter of a police officer, grand daughter of a previous deputy and very good friend to many of our wonderful police officers and families. while this page is for opinions and every one is entitled to their own…at least get your facts straight before you try to degrade our police officers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Trish says:

    Very well said Jason!!!!

  16. trottergirl says:

    I think Blessed was just expressing her opinion of the MPD. She just made a reference to the Jones case. I thinks everyone knows it was a jury trial. She entiled to her opinion.

    I didn’t say anything about the MPD it was Blessed.

    I am a registed voter whom has voted she I was 18. I stayed awake during Civic class, so I know the three braches of government and their functions.

    While there are really some good hearted officers some where in the world, there are also some bad ones too. .

    Instead of comparing how many times a crack dealer been in the pen to Oprah’s weight, compare it to her money, charitable contributions, etc…… get what I am saying.

  17. skw says:

    I thank our police officers for putting their lives on the line.

  18. ~jayme~ says:

    How about if I compare it to how many times I’VE lost weight, or how many charitable contributions I’VE made? Would THAT be less offensive? I certainly will, it’s just that I’m much poorer and less fluctuant than Oprah, and I’m not certain ya’ll know the size of my rearend or checking account, so I’m not sure that would be a good comparison. How about more times than Elmer Fudd has threatended Bugs; more times than country singers have died in plane crashes; more times than George Bush pissed off Democrats; more times than Tommy Lee Jones has starred in cop movies; more times than Britney Spears has flashed her, ummm, talents….

    People will sit and watch you bash law enforcement all day long, but woe on the one to use a lighthearted reference to Oprah. LOL However, the reason I used Oprah is because she PUT HERSELF on the cover of her OWN MAGAZINE discussing how many times she’s gained and lost weight. She appeared on every tv show that had a couch to talk about how she’s gained and lost over and over and over. If she’s comfortable with talking about it, I certainly am.

    As far as you and Civics, that comment wasn’t addressed to you, ‘trottergirl’ …if it were addressed to you, I am smart enough to say ‘this comment is addressed to trottergirl’. It was addressed to the hundreds of comments Joe has been forced to sift through, blaming the police department for recent verdicts, not just on this particular post. Being an education, involved member of society, doesn’t it offend you when people blame the wrong people for verdicts?

    As a matter of fact, if I chose to tear anyone else apart with my words, you would know, and it wouldn’t involve oprah or civics lessons. I assure you, there is enough completely stupid posts daily on here that SHOULD be ripped apart, but I’m not interested enough to do it.

    Just as ‘blessed’ has a right to her opinion, so do I and the officers, dispatchers, and decent members of our town who have confirmed just what I said because they read the same comments I did and interpreted them the same way.

    As far as ‘some officers somewhere’….well, this isn’t somewhere. This is a MONTICELLO, ARKANSAS, forum. If you want to discuss the overall evilness of law enforcement, go somewhere else or create your own blog. If you want to discuss the evilness of local law enforcement, do it here…and use your names your mom ‘blessed’ you with, or are u afraid you may need them to save your life one day?

    I know there are crappy officers, just like there are stupid commenters, bad teachers, slow cashiers, gaphappy hairdressers, lazy waitresses and mentally challenged reporters, but I would hope that we as a society can recognize that whilst bad officers will come and go, the majority of them are decent people and are devoted to their jobs and communities….and again, that they have nothing to do with the verdicts. (That was addresssed to the people who weren’t as smart as trottergirl and DID in fact fall asleep in Civics. Again, trottergirl did NOT sleep through Civics, and we are very proud of that).

    Gotta go…Oprah’s coming on. :D

  19. ~jayme~ says:

    And just so YOU know, I shall always consider Ms. Jones a friend, I gained a great deal of respect for her during the time I spent with her at the trial…I sat through the entire trial, heard the same evidence the jury did, disagree with the verdict, but as Ms. Jones told me that she gave it to God and found peace, I have listened to her wise words and have done the same.

    God be with you, Ms. Jones. You’re one of the strongest mothers of victims I’d ever met at a trial, and I admire you.

  20. trottergirl says:

    I was well aware that you were talking in general, but I wanted to let You know that!!!!! Yes, it does offend me when people blame the wrong people for verdicts. SHe wasn’t blaming the police for the Jones verdict, she was telling her opinion of the MPD, just like you expressed you opinion of them, noone disputed that fact. You were offended by Blesses comment about MPD, I was offended about your comment(tacky) about Oprah. Yes, she openly talks about her bout with her weight, she does this to help people struggling with weight issues, she is trying to positive. If I need them to save my life, they better be there because I pay my taxes and that’s what they are paid to do, just like any other job. You can get mad all you want, but that what happens when people do not like or want to recognize the truth they get mad, talk alot and make up excuses.

  21. trottergirl says:

    I don’t need for you to proud of me, jayme. And if I want to tear someone words apart YOU will KNOW it also. NOw, i gonna go watch Oprah……for real :D

  22. Proud of MPD, DCSO, DTF & MFD says:

    I for one am very proud of Monticello Police Department for all they do. And yes trottergirl you are right if something happens I can promise law enforcement, medical personnel or Monticello Fire Department will be there to help anyone in anyway they can whenever they are needed. As far as the Jones verdict there are a lot of people that were not able to voice what sentence they thought the persons responsible for the tragedy should get only 12 people got the pleasure of that and I say that lightly I am sure it wasn’t easy to sit there and hear the awful things they had to listen to but once again they are tax payers and they were chosen to decide the verdict and that is something everyone will have to live with. BUT I can say for many law enforcement officers, medical staff, business owners, family members and people that just read the story on Monticello Live that they did not agree with the verdict but they all had to accept it and be upset because they couldn’t change it. As for MPD, DCSO, ASP and DTF arresting people for anything drugs, murder, shoplifting, rape I personally have to back the Jayme and Kim comment I am very proud of them for the job they have and still do everyday. They put their lives on the line every time they walk out the door for me you and everyone else in this world. I don’t have a problem with them arresting anyone for doing something wrong and even if its my friends or family that does something wrong and they get arrested or a ticket so be it they chose to do the crime so they have to deal with the outcome.

  23. WH says:

    Yes we get paid to risk our lives, even for people who trash us until they need us. They call us even if they dont like us. But guess what, we will be there and risk our lives even if we dont particuarly like who called. God bless you if and when you need us and God bless the officers who respond.

  24. Check this out says:

    Here is a little bit of something you should read and think about.

    Matthew chapter 5 verse 9

    Now, do you have anymore questions or comments????????????????

  25. WH says:

    You might want to add Matthew chapter 5 verses 10 through 12 to your reading.

  26. melissa says:


  27. WH says:

    What did she say?

  28. HOPE says:


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