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17 Year Old Missouri Youth Drowns in Lake Monticello

June 18th, 2011 by

Around 1:18, Friday afternoon, several 911 calls came into Monticello Dispatch, reporting the drowning of a 17 year old male, from Missouri, in Lake Monticello’s south end, near the boat ramp.

MASI, Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober and deputies, and the Fire and Rescue Team responded, in an attempt to save his life.

Sources said that  Seth Hall, age 17 of Missouri, jumped or dove off of the dock, before he disappeared underwater for several minutes. CPR was performed after he was removed from the water.

MPD blocked local intersections for MASI’s emergency run, transporting him to DMH.

An emergency airlift helicopter arrived at DMH  to transfer hall to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, but he passed away, due to his injuries, b.

25 Responses to “17 Year Old Missouri Youth Drowns in Lake Monticello”

  1. so sad says:

    This is such a tragic event. Too many doing people r dying for senseless reasons.
    May God be wth the parents, family, and friends of this family.

  2. Vickie says:

    A big thankyou to the Harmony Teen Youth Group for doing all they could do to help save this young mans life. For finding him in the water and preforming CPR until the paramedics arrived. God was in control and your efforts will be rewarded. You all and the young man’s family are in our prayers.

  3. drew co. parent says:

    i didnt know the young man but this is sad. i pray for the family and all of his friends for the lost of a young life. i see kids jumping off the docks all the time i have even told some that they arent supose to be jumping off of it but they do it anyways. this is like the 5th or 6th drowning in that lake in the past years. if we are gonna have rules and laws we have to police them. i never see a police car around the lake. ive seen teens drinking beer and other things going on in the lake that shouldnt be happening. if we cant protect our youg people then close the lake from swimming. i think thats why you see so many young people out there cause there isnt any police coming out there. please help protect our kids and keep us all safe.

  4. Stacy Cater says:

    That heading is confusing. I’m sorry this kid didn’t make it. I don’t understand why so many people drown out there.

  5. Saad says:

    That’s so sad. I pray for the family of this young man.

  6. NAN CARTER says:

    This is so terrible!! Personally, with all of the mercury content in the water, there should be no swimming in here. I hate that this young man died at such an early age!! But God is the only one who knows why things like this happen to those who are so young! We’ll be praying for the family of this young man!

  7. Edith says:

    this is very sad & considering there have been other drownings in the lake–why not close it to swimming–As far as I know Cane Creek lake at Star City prohibits swimming anywhere in that lake.
    If swimming is going to be allowed then it should only be in certain areas with markers to show only where it is allowed. I also thought drinking wasn’t allowed out there, but I guess some can get by with it & some can’t.

  8. brandy says:

    i think tha dock needs to be extended more out or takin down completely

  9. really says:

    What about the parents? We can’t expect the police to raise our kids, it has to begin with the parents. Police have other responsibilities that take precedence over monitoring unsupervised kids at the lake…they will be there when needed but just don’t have the time or manpower to constantly police it. Parents/family members/guardians need to step up and start paying attention to what their kids are doing. With that being said, the victim’s family will be kept in prayers.

  10. Thomasina Hall says:

    Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words! My nephew will be greatly missed!

  11. Lakeside resident says:

    First and foremost this article is about a young mans life that ended way to soon. My thoughts and prayers are with this young mans family and friends as well as everyone that was there when this accident occurred. There is no way to understand why this happen. My heart breaks for the parents, as I cannot imagine what they are going through after receiving a tragic call like this.

    RE: Drew County parent:
    The lake is in the county so therefore “Police” cannot patrol that area unless they are requested to help but I have personally seen deputies from the Drew County Sheriff’s office drive through on numerous occasions. Do they drive through there daily? Probably not, but as far as rules and laws do they respond to the lake if they are needed I would say yes since I have personally seen it! With that said they are protecting “young people” I know (not all) but many officers, troopers, deputies and the list could on that would rather help young people than write them a ticket or put them in jail. Unbelievable how and WHY whatever is going on fingers start pointing & it always come back on law enforcement? Their job is to uphold the “rules and laws” someone is going to fuss if they do their job and someone else is going to fuss if they don’t so it’s a no win situation. Teaching “young people” to abide by the rules & laws is OUR job as parents. I am aware not all officers do a great job in ANY county but not all restaurant employees flip burgers well either I am sure you don’t blame every restaurant employee instead you put blame on the one that messed up your burger.

    Before you start bashing me let me say this is not intended to be rude in any way just think if everyone would pull together we could all help each other. and yes, I am PROUD to be a part of a law enforcement family that is made up of troopers, police & deputies, fireman, rescue and medical personnel.

  12. amber says:

    he was my nephew and feel like im in a bad dream and cant wake up from. we all love you kiddo but we all know your safe with the lord now. XOXO

  13. anna says:

    How many people have drown out there? Seems like a NO SWIMMING sign should be posted. This lake is not safe to swim in.

  14. Tyler Eldef says:

    I knew Seth personally he was an amazing person he made me laugh every conversation I had with him. He will be missed for sure.. love you bro. :(

  15. djs says:

    i am so sorry my prayers are with the family

  16. 138 says:

    It is not the “police” that should be teaching people’s children right and wrong. They have to chase after the wild out of control kids when they get over 18, and are out smoking dope, stealing, and doing all the other things that these kids do.
    No respect, no responsibility, and that comes from parents not raising them.
    Anyone can have kids, it takes a good parent to raise them right.
    Prayers for this family and such a tragedy.
    There was a designated swim area at one time, and signs for no jumping or swimming off of dock.

  17. River Evans says:

    We miss you, Seth

  18. Samantha Cullers says:

    I’m so sorry for his family. I liked Seth A lot. Many great times at the lunch table and joking around in the halls. Definitely missed..

  19. Even know I only knew Seth for a short period of time he was the best friend anyone could could ever have. I miss him terribly.

  20. Bud says:

    Ill miss you man, had some fun times.

  21. John says:

    I and quite a few others were there at the lake friday and saw several boys and girls jumping in and “flipping” off the dock. It worried me, now haunts me, that I didn’t do something to stop it. It is not my personal responsibillity to say anything to others. There are signs stating not to swim, dive, fish or sunbathe on the dock. They were doing all but fishing. What is a standbyer to do? They “I’m sure they would have never listened and probably just made a bad situation out of it. Had I known it would have ended in death perhaps I would have. I hope others remember this and this young mans life may not be in vein. God bless the family and i extend my sorrow to them at thier time of loss. God bless you.

  22. Report It says:

    @Drew County Parent- If you’re at the lake & seeing all of this, why aren’t you reporting it to the Sheriff’s Dept? We have to work together as a community to let our youth know that we, as adults, as watching & reporting delinquent behavior. If our youth know they can go out to the lake & party without being interrupted, of course they are going to, they are kids. This is what kids do in the summer time. Let’s pull back the fingers from pointing at the other & realize there is more that we can all do to protect our youth & make our community a safe place for everyone. Just sayin….

  23. Wondering says:

    Why do we need a NO SWIMMING sign? The young man who lost his life on Friday was jumping and diving off the dock. Many of the others who have drowned out there were doing the same thing. If they were just swimming, then we wouldn’t probably even be talking about this. Just sayin….

    My condolences to the family of the young man-

  24. Miyoshi Smith says:


  25. Sydney B says:

    I miss you Seth. I went and visited you on your birthday. I love you.

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