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Monticello Man Dies in Single Vehicle Accident

January 2nd, 2008 by


Raymond Glen Hale, age 59, of Drew County was killed in a single vehicle accident on HWY 35, approximately one mile east of the Drew County Fairgrounds, around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

According to unofficial reports from the scene, Hale’s vehicle, shown above, was heading towards Monticello, left the highway, hit a culvert, flipped at least once, and came to a stop, resting on it’s roof.

Mr. Hale was pronounced dead at the scene by authorities.

8 Responses to “Monticello Man Dies in Single Vehicle Accident”

  1. I know Mr. Glen and his family. He was a sweet man and this is such a tragedy to his loved ones. My thoughts are with them as they grieve.

  2. John Manes son in law says:

    the pics of the vichele need to come off of the internet some one will be sued. This was very hard for his family and they don’t want pics of this truck on here this is not an advetisement for his familys tragaty.

  3. Joe Burgess says:

    I sympathize with the family’s loss, and agree that Glen’s passing was a tragedy.

    Glen was a friend of mine, I sang at, and emceed the Southern Gospel music program that he helped organize at the Drew Central auditorium last year, to benefit the programs at the Presbyterian Children’s Home.

    However, the story, as reported, is just another reminder that there is no promise of tomorrow, and how fragile life is.

    As I was taking the photo, I admit, it was “an article”, but I was also looking at a vehicle that a friend of mine lost his life in, and was very saddened by his death.

    Respectfully offered,
    Joe Burgess,

  4. John Manes son in law says:

    this is his son in law and his daughter has not seen the truck she is on all kinds of meds right now and does not need to be seen. My lawyer has already been contacted about this matter. please take the pic off

  5. Karen says:

    I have one queston, if the story and picture come off of will that help Mr. Hale’s daughter cope with her loss? Does every newspaper with this article in it need to be destroyed? Once your wife gets off of the meds she might want to know what happened.

    Why are we as humans so quick to want to talk to “my lawyer”. Whatever happened to talking with the other party face to face?

  6. John Manes son in law says:

    the meds are no proplem she may not ever come off them, my lawyer has been contacted please take this off by monday or monticello live will be contacted

  7. TJ says:

    I cannot imagine what the family is going through in this incident. My heart goes out to them and my prayers are with them.

    Joe: Just a former Monticellonian’s two cents – I wondered when someone would be offended by showing close-up photos of fatal vehicle accidents. might be a better practice to take photos further away or to show a picture of a map of the location where the accident happened, or even take a photo of a memorial the family may have made at the accident site (like when someone erects a cross or places flowers) if there were a fatality, just out of courtesy to that family. I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated.

    To Mr Manes son in law: Although If I were in your shoes, I’d be just as offended to see pictures of the accident that took a family member, I would think your request would be better taken into consideration had you privately contacted Mr Burgess and asked him kindly to take the picture down. There would be much more human understanding when asked without threats of lawsuits against something that is constitutionally protected (freedom of press). Not to sound heartless, but pictures of fatal accidents are included in newspapers and video news every day, a wise attorney will only do what you should do in the first place – politely ask without threats, and maybe Joe can be more sympathetic.

  8. Joe Burgess says:

    John, once again my sympathies to the family.

    As T.J. said, this situation is just like every other printed paper or tv newscast, except that this time it’s not “the other guy’s” family, who is involved.

    I’m not going to say that I would have removed the photo if you had brought it to my attention privately, instead of advertising the situation to the more than 5000 page-viewers that have seen your name over the past 3 days, but I may have considered it.

    The best way not to bring the photo to your wife’s attention is to stop making comments about it. Your comments will soon work their way into the MonticelloLive archives, and not keep advertising (you chose that word) your name and relationship to the top of the daily list.

    The article went 20 days without being on the primary page, until you made your first comment.

    The photo will remain on the site, but she will only be able to find it by searching for his name, or by searching for “wrecks”.

    If she chooses to do so, that is entirely her choice. Just like going to the library, and looking up an old newspaper.

    People who want to draw attention to something make comments. People who don’t want to draw attention, don’t keep “spotlighting” themselves.

    Have your attorney contact me privately if needed.

    Respectly submitted,
    Joe Burgess,


    This note is being added Saturday eveing, January 26th.

    I spoke to another member of the family involved in this line of comments this morning.

    She was very polite and extremely co-operative.

    The fellow who has been posting the comments does not “speak on behalf of the family”, and will be asked to let the situation remain as it currently stands.

    I chose to “edit” this posting to avoid adding to the length of time that this correspondence would remain on the primay site page.

    The family and MonticelloLive have agreed that this issue is best handled, by letting it rest, peacefully.

    I just wanted all of the MonticelloLive readers know that this issue has been poliely resolved.

    Thanks for your concern,
    Joe Burgess

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