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Detroit Lions’ Corey Williams Local DWI Charge “Taken Under Advisement”

July 22nd, 2012 by

Corey Williams, the starting defensive tackle for the NFL Detroit Lions , was in Monticello, Wednesday, facing a DWI charge in Monticello’s District Court.

On June 18, 2011, around 11:30 pm, the NFL star was pulled over in a traffic stop, west of Wilmar, by an Arkansas State Trooper, for crossing the center line.  Williams was very polite with the officer, as he failed the field sobriety test at the scene, and was then arrested.  William reportedly blew a .10 on the BAC test.  .08 is the legal limit.  He was charged, and soon released.

Williams attorney, Rickey Hicks (Little Rock) filed a motion to suppress the traffic stop and subsequent charges, in a motion to the court claiming that Williams was racially profiled, and did not cross the center line.  His motion stated that Williams and all passengers in the vehicle were African-American.

Hicks also claimed that Williams “was driving a Ford F650, which is an unusually large Ford pick-up truck, with unusually large wheels and tires.” 

District Judge Ken Harper took the case “under advisement” and is expected to rule within the next week.

Williams played college football for ASU and has relatives in Camden.

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36 Responses to “Detroit Lions’ Corey Williams Local DWI Charge “Taken Under Advisement””

  1. sad to say says:

    When are we going to get past people saying they are racially profiles? Enough already. He was drunk! Come on now! It was dark… could the officer see what race he was? Good job officer!

  2. concerned says:

    So, this man failed his field sobriety test and his BAC test and he gets to appear in front of a judge that has been guilty of the same thing! Then that judge is going to take it under advisement that Mr. Williams was racially profiled??? And what difference does it make what he was driving?
    He was drinking, he was driving–should not make any difference who he is or what he drives. He should have to pay what others have to pay when they get caught drinking and driving.

  3. nancy says:

    What a good role model for our children! I don’t care if he’s purple colored, stop with playing the race card. He’s guilty, make him responsible for his actions.

  4. Craig Beckerman says:

    He deserves Jail time not special treatment because hes an athlete.

  5. ward 2 says:

    i’m white – and it probably was racial profile – or maybe police just wanted to see pickup!

  6. finally says:

    Hmmm? Finally someone has come forth. It has been a long time coming

  7. jw says:

    Welcome to Drew County, Corey Williams! What is with the giant pickup?

  8. Tim says:

    when will these overpaid idiots stop making excuses and take some personal responsibility for their actions and choices that THEY make. Own it you screwed up! man up pay your fines and deal with it. Race as nothing to do with this.

  9. I know this place says:

    I use to live in Monticello. If he had not scored higher than the legal limit I would have agreed that it was racial profiling because Monticello is a White Man’s town. In this case, he is guilty as charged.

  10. finally says:

    Hopefully, other cases will come into question. Folks can scream or type in all caps all day long, but racial profiling has been going on here a long time. So, maybe he isn’t ” pullin the race card”.

  11. Weevil supporter says:

    Here we go with the race card. What a joke. He got pulled over because he crossed the center line close to midnight. This alone signals warrant for a police stop. He was drunk. Great stop officer. You could have saved lives that night. Race card. Does this mean a white man that gets pulled over because of a broken head light and the cop is black. Does that white man get to play the race card. Well, no. He was not following the law.

  12. wilmar LADY says:

    Well I agree w/ I know this place. If he had NOT failed the test yes 100% racial profiling. BUT……….. I say it was 95% racial profiling because he got stop after he left the june dinner celebration in wilmar. So I’m sure the officer was like what black person can afford to drive this. Uuuummmmm must be a drug dealer. LoL!!!!! Its funy that every year of our june teenth celebrations it be a million cops on 278 looking any reason to stop someone. But the 4th of july celebrations on 278 NO police. When thet have the monthly on the square celebration NO police. Rough & ready days NO police shall I go on!!!!!!!!! But corey has always came here to & for the juneteenth celebrations.

  13. Ya know says:

    It is time to own up to doing wrong. The only person to blame is youreself. Not the Officer, not the truck and not the color of your skin. Young man grow up and take responsibilty for your wrong doing like a “real man” learn from it and move on. And if the truck is to big to handle than it is time to trade.

  14. happened before says:

    I don’t agree to being intoxicated, everyone can see that is clear. But, this article isn’t detailed enough to share what and why Judge Harper is taking everything in consideration.

    Now, I’ve had two experiences where we drive a Tahoo with tented windows and the officer stopped us because they just wanted to see who was in the vehicle. He said, “We looked suspicious.” My husband and I both are ordained ministers. He questioned whether we had drugs and guns. Really?

    Keep in mind…not speeding, not crossing the line.

    On another occasion, we had a friend in the back seat of our car and got stopped because the officer saw his “do-rag” on his head. Asked my daughter out of the vehicle, and whispered, “is everything alright? do you know the guy in your back seat?” Guess what, this guy in the back seat was a preacher.

    Keep in mind…not speeding, not crossing the line.

    So before you all go to jumping to conclusion that stereotyping isn’t an issue due to vehicle choices or race, think again. That is real.

    And, in this case, and in some cases, they stop you and just happened to find you violating something that they can take you in on.

    Now, Judge Harper thinking about and giving a verdict…well sometimes that’s cowardous. I had that happen before to, by the same judge, and all he did was try and save face and ruled in the other guy’s favor in which he was lying in his face about the situation. So, I’m saying…him thinking about don’t mean nothing. More than likely, you all are going to get what you want! And, then, you’ll be happy.

  15. Not Understanding says:

    Not understanding what difference it makes as to why he was stopped. He was breaking the law and he was caught. Isn’t it a blessing that he was taken off of the road before something tragic happened? I mean it could have prevented someone in my family or yours from being seriously harmed or even killed.

  16. Hometowngirl says:

    I wonder if it had’ve been me, being white, drinking and driving, and it was a black State Trooper; then could I say it was racially motivated??? Who could I call??? Because he is black, it was ok for him to be drinking and driving??? Maybe he was pulled over because he WAS drunk!!!! You all say it’s racial but he is an overpaid NFL player I think he can afford to pay a fine that he rightfully should pay!!!!!!!

  17. get real says:

    .10 racial profiling… could the machine see color??

  18. me says:

    what is the test doing wrong?? can it tell if he purple r green r blue?? he was drinking and driveing, alot of people does it, i was one , a long time ago!!

  19. Mike says:

    He was drunk !! If he had killed someone, they would be just as dead as if one of the above preachers had killed them. I’m sick of the racecard being pulled when the law was broken. Judge Harper had better do his job. He can be voted out of office.

  20. Boo hoo says:

    Another sad story regarding the poor poor oppressed black man…

  21. Joe boo says:

    In Monticello after a certain time they will pull you over without reason. White or black. I got pulled over after midnight sitting at a red light when the cop passed by me. Said I went across the yellow line, which was impossible at the time. Monticello cops are the worst. Id say out of 10,000 people in the town and probably 4 thousand of them are cops. They’re everywhere.

  22. Yellowhammer says:

    Applauding the police officer for do his job; to take drunks off the street. He did his job as he was trained to do – to serve and protect. If this incident were reversed and the officer had let him go and he killed someone because ha was legally intoxicated what would you be saying???? Haha – we all know!!

  23. DeltaDave says:

    The Man was over the limit and the officer did have probable cause to stop the Man based upon this report. As in all such cases I want to pray that God influences all parties and that the immediate and ultimate outcome show His Glory, Grace and His wisdom for all to see how great the Father is.

    God’s blessings upon us all.

  24. Not born in Arkansas says:

    My borther-in law who was a law enforcement officer in another state, was assulted and almost killed while trying to arrest a man for suspected drunk driving. I can tell you he had no time to racially profile the young man. He spent 6 weeks in the hospital and will never be able to work again because of the trauma to his brain when the suspect tackled him and cracked his head open on the pavement. Say what you will, black or white if you drink and drive you should be arrested. I commend the officer in this case and thank him for putting his life on the line for us everytime he puts on a uniform and gets in that vehicle.

  25. Just Saying says:

    Did he get stopped in 2011 or 2012? If it was 2011, why is he just now appearing before a judge? I do agree with Wilmar lady about seeing numerous amounts of law enforcement on the highway during the Juneteenth celebration and virtually none during other holidays, BUT, if in fact Mr. Williams was in violation, then he should own up to it and face the consequences.

  26. Spaulding says:

    Easy there Mike.

  27. Come on Monticello says:

    Come on Monticello I know you can’t see the race card but it is HERE IN DEAR OLD SMALL TOWN MONTICELLO. If you would wake up you will see it. Ilove my home town I left Monticello for about ten years and moved back home. I thought thing had changed but I was shocked, it’s true. I’m a black woman and I see it so Boo Hoo it’s nnot the so call as you wrote oppressed black man. It’s the educated black woman that say it so.

  28. Ya know says:

    In June you have thousands of extra people in Wilmar and add in drinking I would be glad to have extra. As far as the other activities there are extra police at those events. People need to stop blaming others for their stupidity. Saying someone should not be stoped due to being a preacher is crazy first there is no way of knowing second they can be just as crooked as the next.

  29. Mike says:

    Why isn’t MMADD all over this ?

  30. boo hoo x 2 says:

    Why wouldn’t they have extra cops in wilmar for June dinner. Gunshots usually are fired, the drinking, and how many times has someone had a motorcycle wreck during it? If no one was out there when someone was shot people would be crying that no one was out there to help.

    Ok Come on Monticello, ill add the angry black woman as well. If you’re educated please type comprehensive sentences.

    Thank you police for taking idiot drunks off the road. No matter the race.

  31. Finally says:

    Denail and cover ups. I knew this article would have people saying “blacks pulls the race cared” or “I’m white and i got stopped.” or try to make jokes or light of the situation. Well, it is a real situation. I see racially profilling almost on a daily level. And i agree with the person that brought of June Dinner. Road blocks on bothe nights?!?! road blocks and heve patroling at Jordan Park? It is very evident of how some Monticiallans feels about blacks. Look at all the angry comments about the location of the Splash Pad.

  32. concerned says:

    Did this happened in 2012 or 2011? If 2011, why is he just now appearing before the judge? I read some of the espn commentors and they were concerned also that it might be 2011?

  33. F.R. says:

    Speedy trial starts on the offense date not the year. If all of u critics would have been in the court room that day you would have heard and seen both sides especally since there was a video of the traffif stop shown in court. To all of you complaining about being stopped by the police I have yet to see anyone own up to your wrong doing just the police are allways wrong but yet who do you call when you need help. If you hate the police so bad try calling a CRACK HEAD and see what you get.

  34. really????? says:

    i got stopped after midnite and had only white people in my truck and obtained a dwi. is that racial profiling? he was drinking and driving where it be a big truck with spinners r a scooter. its illegal. issue the death penalty.

  35. Spaulding says:

    Mike, Do you need the phone number for Mothers Against Drunk Driving? Layoff,BRO.

  36. cathy says:

    This is crazy.. wait maybe its yall. go to your car windows and hold drivers license up to it. can you see them from the other side of the glass? If not then your tint is not legal. If you are driving at night and you cross the line especially in a small town, you are going to get stopped. I guess if he had crossed the line and killed the cop then you would have blamed it on the police.. Grow up and just say Yeah I was wrong…. If you can’t do that then dont drink and drive.. How many people get behind the wheel saying, i’m not drunk… not many but how many get behind the wheel and end up killing someones family and then are like oh my bad, maybe I was drunk..

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