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New Fines for Repeat-Offenders on Property Violations – Edited

July 21st, 2012 by

The City Council voted unanimously to amend Ordinance 756 of the City of Monticello to assess fines associated with repeat nuisance property owners.

Property Inspector Brian Rogers told the Council that there were 26 repeat offenders within the past year, and he believes an increase in fines will help detour them.

The new resolution will not change the procedures followed by the City to declare a property a “nuisance,” it will simply change the penalties associated with it.

Alderman Beverly Hudson moved to start with a $100 fine for the first repeat offense, and increase the fines $100 increments per offense. Also, the time period for a “clean slate” will be at least 3 years with no offenses. All voted to pass the motion.

5 Responses to “New Fines for Repeat-Offenders on Property Violations – Edited”

  1. leslie says:

    Again? Is all the city council meetings about asking the citizens of Monticello and Drew County to support more projects that is going to take more money out of our pockets. no matter what the reasons even though some are needed. There is a limit to what the people can afford. why does the council not remove some unnecessary programs and projects and committees and put a few dollars back in the pockets of its people?

    I truly believe that after every meeting the members go home to think up ideas or ways to hit the citizens with more costs, Get some new businesses here that pay a decent wage to attract people here.

    Wonder why we have so many on food stamps, cause the city has to have more and more, they get the first piece of the pie and the citizens get the crumbs, now you know why people are leaving here
    At my house if I can’t afford something I do not get it, Simple. I can not go to my neighbor and ask them to buy me what I want and this is what the city council does, they think they can have everything they want and let someone else pay for it.

  2. me says:

    it time!!

  3. me too says:

    It is time to clean this place up! My question is who are the people targeted to clean their property? Is it just the people who own old houses with trash in the yard or roofs falling in? What about the person who owns the old Burlington property on Jackson? Is that person excluded because they are ‘somebody’ in this town? Has anybody driven down Jackson and looked at that place? It is horrible and shameful!! It makes the entire neighborhood look bad. I believe I heard this only pertains to the city limits. If so, why not have it include the county as well? Take a moment to ride out on Hwy 425 North. There are houses with roofs falling in. Why are they not included in the ‘clean up’? If this city/county is going to change it is going to take everyone working together AND include everyone in the entire area!

  4. don g says:

    why do the realestate ownerfs not doing anything about their properties? one has signs on propeties that are overgrown with weeds, and half standing trailers that have been condemed. yet nothing has been done. why should we the tax payers have to be taxed to pay for the clean ups. i just don’t know how the concil works yet we all see te favoritism being don

  5. Concern Person says:

    I admit there is some people in this town unless made is not going to clean their own yard up. What the problem cant get off the couch to do it if not theres a lot of teenages that would be glad to make a few dollars that dont have everthing handed to them.I know Brian has been to one trailor on several trips and should charge more. maybe warning first time after that fine.Yes there is a problem with Real Estate places grow up and trashed.Time to clean them up also. East Jackson old burltgon is a sight for sure put up a fence to hide that trash.

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