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Armed Robbery Suspect Was Parolee from Texas for Murder & Multiple Robberies

July 20th, 2012 by

More background is being discovered about John Michael Carty, the Armed Robbery suspect from Oklahoma, that was arrested by law enforcement officers, Tuesday, north of Monticello.

Photos courtesy of

Cardy, who served 30 in the Texas Dept. of Correction, for Murder and Multiple Robberies on a sentence of Life with Possible Parole, robbed Frank’s Corner Store in Colbert, OK at gunpoint, steaing the cash register, as shown here, with his son (who was arrested in Denison, TX) According to Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober, the unrelated crime that led to Carty’s arrest was a minor narcotics investigation.  Leads developed that led to Oklahoma authorities being contacted.

Within hours, several US Marshalls from Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas arrived, along with a city officer and a county deputy from OK.Based on Carty’s violent past, including the murder charge, a double perimeter was set up around the Pine Haven trailer, where all four people inside, including Carty, surrendered to law enforcement, peacefully.

Armed Robbery Suspect from OK Arrested in DCSO & US Marshalls
July 18, 2012

The Drew County Sheriff’s Department and US Marshalls from three states arrested a local man, Wednesday, wanted out of Oklahoma for an armed robbery of a convenience store, that occurred on Thursday, July 12th in Colbert, Oklahoma.

 According to Sheriff Mark Gober, while investigating an unrelated incident, Tuesday, he received information that a man wanted by the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department for an armed robbery located in Colbert, Oklahoma, was staying at a residence located at Pine Haven Trailer Park in Monticello.


James Marvin Carty, 64 of Kemp, Oklahoma, and his son James Michael Carty, age 42, are accused of stealing a cash register at gun point from Frank’s Corner Store in Colbert. Video surveillance of the robbery found after performing an internet search helped Drew County investigators verify that the elder Carty was in fact a suspect in the Oklahoma case. Drew County authorities began surveillance of the home as they waited for authorities from Bryan County Sheriff Department and US Marshalls from Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas to arrive. James Marvin Carty was arrested without incident at approximately 8:00 PM last night. Carty waived extradition and was taken back to Oklahoma to await his trial.

The other suspect in the robbery, James Michael Carty, was arrested Monday, July 16th in Denison, Texas on an armed robbery warrant. He is also wanted in Tennessee for aggravated robbery.

16 Responses to “Armed Robbery Suspect Was Parolee from Texas for Murder & Multiple Robberies”

  1. Andrea Webb says:

    Before you judge this man….understand that yes he made a stupid mistake , but he had a family who loved him dearly. I love you James Marvin and you are still my daddy.


    What is the life sentence for?

  3. marty says:

    many people make mistakes , but u cant judge the book by it’s cover this man is a very sweet loving man as far as im concerened he never hurt anyone just a stupid mistake that he will pay a price for .1 by the law 2 by god 3 being away from his family…pawpaw we love u no matter what mistakes were made

  4. wilmar LADY says:

    Your dad made “A” stupid mistake. How about several very stupid mistakes. I kno I don’t change the love you have for your dad but at the end of the day he’s gonna always be ur dad. But…………. Your dad has a very long rap sheet. According to records he was locked up for 30yrs & still didn’t learn a lesson. I would be ashame of my dad.

  5. real guy says:

    Any man that goes around putting a gun to someone’s face is a sorry S.O.B….how about getting a job and earn ur money,that’s what real men do.

  6. Nana says:

    The family that preys together, stays together? Most daddies take their boys fishing or hunting….Maybe he was just bringing Junior into the family business….

  7. Jamie says:

    Gonna miss this man..

  8. Dee says:

    Marty, you really should think before you write. This guy didn’t hurt anyone with THIS crime (not mistake) but he just got out of jail for MURDER and that hurt a lot of people. I have no doubt that had the store clerk not complied, he would have murdered again. Murder is the one and only reason to put a gun in someone’s face.

  9. Andrea Webb says:

    For one….hes not my real daddy. But I claim as my dad cause the one I have isnt worth spitting on. He hasnt been in trouble for 17 yrs til that stupid son of his came in the picture a month ago. And for yalls info….it wasnt a gun. And James Carty didnt have it. The son did.Judge yourself……are you without sin ??????

  10. marty says:

    ok first peeps if u dont know pawpaw then u cant say negtive things he has made mistakes yes we all do but when u pay ur debt to the goverment that is it. u only know what u have heard u were not there by video it was as u call it jr doing most of it i never seen a gun or anything in any new feed i saw so until then i wont believe it..i dont aprove with what was dont but i have seen alot worse in this world than that …he will be judge by the lord not by people that think they r god….the court’s will bring justice to this but first all edivence has to be provied…and no matter what his rap sheet says he is a good man and a wonderful grandfather and dad

  11. Gary Simmons says:

    to the lady that said her real dad wasn’t worth spitting on !
    you said there wasn’t a gun, but afirmed later his son had it. it make no differance he knew before walking in there a was a gun at hand, and it might have to be used and he accepted the odds, do you think he would have not used it to get away if he had to. remember he has killed already. I’m so sorry you had two dads that that haven been a dad to you. hope someday you find you one that know how to be a father than this latest one was . you deserve better. I would advise to raise your goal before calling somebody dad that’s a killer and robber. again you deserve better

  12. michael says:

    James Marvin was my former brother-in-law and James Michael is my nephew. Both are career criminals. Neither should ever be allowed to be free in our society again. They have proven, by theor actions, that they are not amenable to societal norms and cannot be law abiding citizens. Why do they keep getting let out of prison just to commit more crimes. Please, stop this insanity now. This time, please don’t let them out!!!!!! I love my nephew and loved my ex brother in law at one point. Enough is enough!!!!!!

  13. I use to have a grandpal until I found out he wasnt mine. He was evil. You are not a good person either. You have spent your years in prison as well. We will no longer even be friends.

  14. Dragonheart says:

    Families that play together pay together.

  15. deann stevens says:

    I love this family. i personally know them and know deep down James is a good man, and things happen. It saddens me though this has happened. I will be praying for the family and James and God be their strength to get thru this. He comes from a godly loving kind caring family and they will be strong. Take care and know you are love and still special as always!

  16. Pinkie says:

    He is not a murderer, he was sentenced for “ATTEMPTED MURDER” in which he served his time and has been out doing well for the last 12 years so PLEASE know what you think before you go accusing someone and he did not have the gun his son had the gun & he was forced to take the registar from his son so give the guy a break. If you ever met this guy you would understand you are wrong what you think about him. He is not the guilty one.

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