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City Council Votes to Buy 3,000 Residential Trash Dumpsters

July 20th, 2012 by

The Monticello City Council passed a resolution authorizing the acceptance of a bid by Toter, Inc for the purchase of 3,000 rollout trash carts. The bid by Toter was the low bid and came in at $134,700.00.

The City will purchase one can per residence, and a second can may be purchased by an individual for $55-$60.

Trash pickups will be moved to once a week, per ward, once the new cans are in place.

19 Responses to “City Council Votes to Buy 3,000 Residential Trash Dumpsters”

  1. Pessimist says:

    I hate to sound like a pessimist but these cans are really going to detract from the beauty of the city and neighborhoods when homeowners get lazy and don’t return them to their home after trash pick up. I’ve seen it before and I’m afraid we’ll see it again.

  2. Ward 2 registered voter says:

    I can only imagine the smells coming from our neighborhoods after a week in this heat. Another ignorant move by this mayor!!

  3. LaNell McKiever says:

    Surely you must be kidding to vote on this. Buy all of this for the city conveniences to cut your costs, when you are only spending solid waste money and then cut your services in half. We at our house will automatically have to buy an extra container because we have Doc. McKiever at our house and he is handicapped and we have extra trash to pick up. We can handle that, but cutting our services in half to only one pick up a week is unconscionable in 100 degree weather. I am sure he is not the only one it will affect, as I know this town has several. Do you want everyone in this town to be sick from garbage pile up. If we are going to have to start hauling our garbage off, where do you suggest we take it. How about churches, small restaurants, any place with gatherings. We know how bad it is with holidays and trash piles up
    and now you want to make it bad every day, not just over holidays. You are hurting our people and making this town smell bad every where if you go along with this. Not one of you have to deal with our everyday problems that you can’t 9imagine that we already cope with on a daily basis, and now our great city has added to it. I also worry when you put these big containers to drag out every day and wonder how our elderly citizens can even get them to the curb and we have a great many of them that never are put back into the garage and we will have garbage cans setting out all over town. This weather has been a big problem all ready and now you have added to it. I truly wish you would reconsider this because right now I don’t know how we can handle it and I bet there is a lot more of us in the same boat. I would appreciate a solution to this by the city.

  4. just sayin says:

    What was the reasoning for pickup only once a week? If the inmates from the jail treat the new trash containers like they treat mine they wont last long. Tossed in the ditch or left half way out in the road to be hit by passing cars. Just another half wit idea voted on by half wit people. Just sayin.

  5. Wondering says:

    So if our trash only gets picked up once a week instead of twice, does that mean that our sewer rate will be reduced to reflect that?

  6. don g says:

    just saying is correct. two times a week i have to pull my trash can out of the creek. talking to city hall does no good. inmates do a fine job. this mayor we have now is like the last,just wants to tax us for this. i just don’t understand this. i use $11.00 in water, and yet my bill is $52.00 a month. all these taxes for B.S. this city is so corrupt that i belive it’s time to stand up and voicie our oppinions. i myself,am tired of it. and so are others.

  7. Colt says:

    I don’t quite understand what everyone’s concern is. Every big city out there has trash cans and they all pick up once a week. Not twice. People WILL bring them back to their house cause the day they have to take trash out they are going to be to lazy to walk all the way down their driveway. TRUST ME. I have lived in MANY AREAS that have trash cans and services once a week. Having these cans will help eliminate the garbage that critters get into and keep just “bags of junk” sitting out by the street the day before and day of pick up. Additionaly since there will be pickup only once a week and not twice it slashes the cost per month for the city’s operating cost in half and will in the long run save a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT of money for the city. Not to mention with the proper truck only ONE person would be needed to operate the trash truck instead of two. Again eliminating cost…. Their decision was the right one in my mind and it in the long run saves half the budget each year.

  8. suzzie says:

    this is better than dogs tearing into your garbage also better than stacking every ons garbage in my driveway until i complained to the city if you are not able to pull your can to street they should come to your drive and do it for you we had this in lake village and it worked fine just notify the city that you need help this will move all these wire bins off the side of the streets just cut our fee in half

  9. Joe says:

    I bought my own trash container (like the ones the city just bought) from Lowes about 5 years ago. I only pull it out once a week and my carport does not stink. Elected officials can not win in this town. I applaud them for doing something that should have been done years ago. Life will go on people. Believe me. Find something worth complaining about.

  10. Ward 2 registered voter says:

    How many “bags of junk” will one of these cans hold. I doubt it will hold a week’s worth of my household trash……Just imagine the maggots and flies…..just saying.

  11. Ward 2 registered voter says:

    Don G – we just had an election where we could have wiped the council slate clean and started over with all new people. Wonder why people didn’t vote and kick these city council out. Do people just not care until something like this comes up or is there only a handful of country club, shoulder rubbing folks who vote that keeps this ingorance in office. If this is going to cut cost, I would certainly expect my cost to be cut as well…..but my guess it’s not going to be……my guess that extra money will go another one of this mayors pet projects.

  12. Lucy says:

    I am glad they are going to do this. The garbage cans are expensive that the inmates tear up and if anyone runs over it when its left in the road by them then I wont have to buy another. Now if we can get them not to miss the truck and spread garbage all over the yard and road and to get them to empty the ENTIRE contents.

  13. this is enough says:

    I’m glad to be getting trash cans, but only one pick up? No! They need to pick up three times a week. I am made to pay $90 a month for my water bill because I operate a home-based business. My trash pick up didn’t and doesn’t exceed anything that I normally do from my home. If we are going to one time pick, then I need my bill reduced!!!!! It’s as simple as that. And, it’s certainly ridiculous when if other Avon, MaryKay, and other home business owners arent’ charged, there’s some discrimination. But…I didn’t vote for this dude…YOU ALL DID!

  14. Trash Management says:

    I already have one like this and the city NEVER empty’s it all the way. And now that it is only going to be “emptied” once a week,there will be a mess. I guess the mayor is reducing trash pickup to one day a week because of the damage that has been done in the past few months by a trash truck driver. Way to go Maxwell. Another STUPID idea.

  15. Dez says:

    I live outside city limits near the lake and we get the trash picked up once a week. It’s not that big of a deal. We buy things, throw out bad food, and empty diapers into bags and the county trash can we have holds all of it with no problem. The smell stays in the trash can and we have plenty of room.

  16. karen says:

    This is a good idea. I have lived few places that had once a week pick up and it was not a problem like most of you think. Those griping are always the ones griping about everything done. With regards to the comments about inmates tearing up your trash cans, it is city and county workers as well who throw things around and tear up items. I realize it is easier to blame inmates but it is not just them. These workers have supervisors and they need to do their job when someone isn’t doing theirs.

  17. d says:

    Thank you so much. This is a great Idea. Now find a way to pick up all the wild cats in the town and kill all the crows.

  18. MyAuntLulu says:

    I’m in agreement with Karen; those of you that are griping are always griping.
    These trash cans are MUCH larger than the typical trash cans we use and will hold double the capacity. The lids close much easier. Maybe you guys need to get out & live somewhere else so you can appreciate what you have in such a small, lovely town.

  19. More Information says:

    Information to Colt. Where did you get the idea we were a big city??? As far as I can tell, we are a small town with a big city City Council and Mayor. Us small town folks don’t get to say much when it comes to us. Just the Big City Folks makes all the decisions and spends all the tax Money.

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