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“Rumble Strips” Installed at Dead Man’s Curve, Folloiwng Letter to AHTD from Sunday School Class

September 26th, 2014 by

Dead Mans Curve Rumble Strips

Following the July 1 death of 21-year-old Carla Avery on HWY 278, in the area best known as “Dead Man’s Curve”, a local Sunday School class decided something should be done to correct the deadly portion of roadway.

That discussion, by First United Methodist Church’s adult Sunday School class, turned into a petition, signed by over 50 residents, that was sent to Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department Commissioner Robert Moore.

That letter and petition, along with the response from commissioner Robert Moore are posted here.

Also, shown are the new “Rumble Strips” installed Wednesday by the highway dept. to alert drivers of the approaching hazardoius area of highway.

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8 Responses to ““Rumble Strips” Installed at Dead Man’s Curve, Folloiwng Letter to AHTD from Sunday School Class”

  1. Dlawson says:

    This is a slap in the face from our highway dept..It is ashame someone’s life is not important enough to truly fix the problem with this curve in the highway. They can spend our taxes on roads and highways that go no where but not fix a true daily problem!!!!

  2. Chuck says:

    Carla was a wonderful, kind spirited young woman who had an untimely death. I knew her first hand as I talked with her many times. It is about time someone did something about that curve. Thank you First United Methodist Church’s adult Sunday School class for what you have done

  3. Truck driver says:

    “SIGNS” They are everywhere, Dont be mad at the highway department they put them there for you. Curveahead and speed recomindation is posted. A lot of you that are complainin are the ones that drive down to the big orange barrels and the arrows that tell you the right lanes closed when It was posted five miles back. Pay more attention to the signs and stay off you phones.

  4. Farmer says:

    Not enough.

  5. Edie says:

    the curve needs to be taken out & why they can’t do it is beyond me–I’ve asked for some rumble or wake up strips in the shoulder up in my area–I’ve had more mailboxes wiped out by these folks that can’t seem to stay in the road–even had an 18 wheeler come down the side of my yard in the middle of the nite a few yrs back —tore up stuff around in my yard–did the hwy dept do anything oh heck no they won’t even clean out a ditch so the water will stay in the ditch instead of coming down in my yard & flooding everything–they are just plain lazy!!! they got a gravy job & they know it!!!!

  6. K says:

    My uncle got killed there when he was 21.
    He had a beautiful 4 year old daughter
    when he died. Then when she was 21,
    she got killed about 100 yards from where
    her dad got killed,in a horrific wreck.
    It was a head on collision. She had 2 kids but thank God
    they weren’t with her. 2 people died in
    the other car. There was 4 people in the other car,
    a man, his wife and 2 kids. The
    kids lived but it killed their parents.
    No rumble strips would have prevented
    that accident.

  7. linda funderburg says:

    thanks to the ss class this is a good start to making the highway safer

  8. Karen lee says:

    We went that way to church Sunday toward McGehee. I don’t think there’s enough rumble strips. Maybe a flashing light would work?

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