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Football Fight Fallout -3 MJHS Players Get ISS; Hamburg Players Get Nothing

November 10th, 2011 by

Monticello School Superintendant Bobby Harper confirmed to that 3 un-naumed MJHS football players received 5 days in-school-suspension for the recent altercation after the Monticello-Hamburg Jr. High football game on October 27.   Harper explained that this situation was handled just like it would have been dealt with if it had been in high school.

According to, the Hamburg School Board voted to overturn an administrative decision to suspend an 8th grade student from school as a result of the fight.

At close of business, Tuesday, prosecuting attorney Thomas Deen had not made a decision on filing criminal charges in the fight that developed, following the football game, where players, coaches and parents entered the field, and a Monticello coach had his nose broken.

Hamburg Officials to Handle Football Fight “In-House”
Nov. 2, 2011

According to, Hamburg Superintendent of Schools Max Dyson said decisions had been made regarding punishments and that all disciplinary action will be handled “in-house”, within normal school procedures. He said that the district will not make any announcement of actions taken or of the names of those involved.

While the school is handling punishment for those involved in the dispute, Tenth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Deen confirmed Monday that he has requested some materials in connection with the fight. He said that if there are charges from the conflict, such charges would normally be handled through the juvenile court system because of the ages of those involved.

To read the full update on the story, go to

State Police / Prosecutor Investigating Jr. High Football Fight
Nov. 1, 2011

After the last game of the Jr. High Billie’s football season, during the traditional hand shake between teams, a large fight broke out amongst players. According to sources, the players had been cussing and “mouthing” each other while going to their field houses at half time.

Once the players began fighting with each other, parents and even coaches quickly joined in. A Monticello coach was said to have been injured by four Hamburg players and SEEMS Ambulance was called to respond when a child’s eye was split open after being hit with a helmet thrown by a Hamburg player (According to an eye witness). MASI was also on scene to help tend to all of the people injured. It was reported that a Hamburg coach got “choke slammed” by a Monticello parent.

Officers reported that approximately 40-50 people were on the field during the fight. No arrests were made and no reason as to why the fight began was determined. Responding agencies were UAM, MPD, AR State Police, and DCSO.

Friday, spoke with Monticello School Superintendent Bobby Harper, who issued this statement “The Monticello School District regrets the altercation between the Monticello Junior High and Hamburg Junior High football teams last night at Hyatt Field in Monticello. The administrative staffs and coaches of both school districts are working together to decide what action or actions need to be taken to ensure that the incident is resolved and further incidents like this do not happen again.”

It has now been confirmed that the Arkansas State Police are investigating the incident (including a video of the events that occurred that night), and that the prosecuting attorney is also considering legal action in the case.

164 Responses to “Football Fight Fallout -3 MJHS Players Get ISS; Hamburg Players Get Nothing”

  1. Totally uncalled for says:

    Unreal to think a Jr. High game is so important that someone could have really been injured badly. I find it awful that Hamburg coaches urged their team to handle themselves like by standing by as they repeatedly passed punches, stomped on Billie players face/heads also continue standing there watching 3-4 Hamburg players gang up on one of our coaches and beat on him while others are totally out of control fighting with other coaches and team members from Monticello. This is not the first game that ended this way due to actions of Hamburg football teams. If the coach will standby and watch how can they can create such an awful confrontation how can they still be a coach? My thoughts are this team/coach should be suspended for a period before being allowed to represent Hamburg Jr. High. This was uncalled for and totally ridiculous. Thankful no one was injured worse than they were even though it could have been worse if it were not for Monticello PD, Drew County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas State Police, UAM security, Southeast Ambulance and Masi Ambulance. Thanks to the local emergency responders for getting this under control before it got worse than it did.

  2. Parent says:

    It is really sad when things like this happens. Kids act so grown now days you have to treat them like they are grown. It is really upsetting to hear that parents were fighting when they should have been breaking the kids up from fighting along with the coaches. It is really sad that you cant go to a game and watch the sport being played. Instead tou have to watch kids of all ages walk the bleachers using profanity and doing everything under the sun. As parents and adults we need to stop upholding them in their wrong doings and take some type of corrective action. It is really sad that this had to happen.

  3. Speak the truth says:

    It was terrible hamburg had so many unsportsman like pentilaties against them. We held our composer the whole game. One player from hamburg was the key person for all the pentilaties, just wondering why he was still allowed to play. Hamburg was running their mouth to some of our people, saying it was gonna be a fight. I feel the billies did a great job playing the game and only reacted the way the did because there coach and football brothers were being jumped on. I don’t like violence but it’s human nature for u too take up for ur family!

  4. jerry says:

    Very disappointing…..under no circumstance should this have happened. Anyone involved in this should be ashamed of themselves for their behavior. The people involved in this stupid display of unsportsmanlike conduct are a disgrace to their respective schools and to the sport. This incident should never have happened…..Very Very STUPID!!!!!

  5. tonya says:

    So many adjectives come to mind, but I’ll just leave it at WOW!

  6. Kris says:

    Just a thought…Hamburg travels to Crossett and a bench clearing, stand clearing brawl erupts. Hamburg travels to Monticello and a bench clearing, stand clearing brawl erupts…Just a thought.

  7. whatever says:

    I think that both teams should have their first two or three games banned at the first of the year next season. If it was High School it would happen. I am going to personally contact the Triple A on this it is uncalled for not let alone the coaches can’t control their players. It takes two to tango and it is everyone’s fault for not walking away.

  8. ArTravlR says:

    Maybe we should not play games with Hamburg. I hope everyone involved is banned from playing football in Monticello for forever. Parents should be fined & coachs should be fired. There is no place for this in modern society.

  9. Candi says:

    My son plays for HJHS and was hit by a Monticello player with a helmet!! You can not blame one team because from where I was sitting there was mouthing between both teams the entire game and also there were students on the Monticello side mouthing that wasn’t even on the football team and was one of the first out on the field after the game. So before you go blaming one side you may want to sweep around your own sideline!!!!

  10. Jim Hollinrake says:

    Oh, grow a pair. In my day, the game wasn’t over until a good student/parent/coach fight had broken out. Think of this as just making up for all the years past when the appropriate behavior (i.e., throwing things and losing tempers) has been squelched by weak-stomached, overly PC helicopter parents. God knows this sport was a lot more interesting when a mother was allowed to choke slam a coach instead of just running up and down the sidelines, screaming and kicking the fence as we’re relegated to do now. I, for one, will actually start paying to see MJHS football (instead of sneaking through the back side of the field) if we can be assured of more of this kind of entertainment in the future.

  11. Eyewitness says:

    Tonight was a very sad day for football in SE AR. The way Hamburg players and coaches acted preceding the brawl was embarrassing. But I have never in my life seen 14-15 year old boys attach a coach. 3 of the tackled him held him while another “boy” beat him in the face with a helmet. Unbelievable. As a player we all talked trash in the trenches but this was unthinkable. I’m proud that the Monticello Jr Billies backed off at first and I am proud that when they saw their coach being attacked with a potentially deadly weapon they came to his defense. And to see the defiance and thuggish attitude of Hamburg’s coach was hard to imagine. It was like Miami or South Florida teams of the 90’s except it was 14-15 year old boys.

    I know and work with many people from Hamburg and they are some of the finest people i have ever known. I just cant believe that this would be ok with them. Great citizens, great families, and great parents. I only hate that he(the coach) will continue to lead and shape your young boys. Sad sad night. Great win Billies. I am proud of how of our coaches as well they handled the situation perfectly and have a lot of class and control.

  12. jsava says:

    this is sad that you can not go to a game with out some one running there mouth this is not the first time for hamburg to do this i thank this need to be look in to i have three grandsons that playing for montigello and i live in crossett and this is not right ithank God that my grandson did not get hurt my heart going out to monticello all i can say is go Billes

  13. Matt Birch says:

    The game was out of hand at the very begging and the refs didnt handle it properly. I am on the chain crew(have been doing it for monticello since 2006), and was plum embarrased by the actions of the JR Billies. After plays on the hamburg sideline the billies would taunt the hamburg bench. Not saying thats what caused the fight, because the hamburg coaches and players showed there butts as well. Just a embarresment to the game of football and to both schools!!!

  14. Zdad says:

    First UAPB, now Monticello. A sad commentary on our society. Not the way you want to make the headlines.

  15. #99 Jr. Billie Momma says:

    Hamburg players continous displayed poor attitudes and unsportmanlike actions. Yes, there were alot of trash talking going. And that’s where it should’ve stayed, at talking. My son was hit with a helmet and stomped mutliple times. It’s was chaotic and I was trying my best to find him. I would have been one of the parents fighting if I would’ve saw them and I am not ashamed to say so!!! 4 people on my son?! But, I digress. I find this very disappointing. Young kids jumping on the Coach, but Hamburg coaches were acting just like children. So, the students were just following their leaders. It’s just a football game. You lose some and you win some. Football is not that serious to me, academics are. My son is a straight A student who has a bright future ahead of him. This and nothing else will deterr him. We got this, we are alright!!!

  16. Jody says:

    Well hopefully Hamburg will lose a coach. And the big problem child on the field should be banned from playing sports. Just sayin…

  17. Elaine says:

    only the video will prove what happened but monticello, show boated all night, i do know what game you were watching but we have taught our son sportsmanship and when he got hit by monticello student he defended himself and then the coach hit him OMG, get real, sports should be more about the team effort and coach should be respected and act insuch a way that demonstrats the behavior he wants on the field……

  18. Diana H. says:

    I read the same thing that everyone else read on here and, nowhere did it say that Hamburg was the only team fighting. It was referring to all the players. A Hamburg coach was “choke slammed” as well. It was BOTH teams. I do not condone this kind of behavior but I don’t stand back and let one TEAM be blamed for the whole incident either. Hamburg was not the only team at fault here. It takes two to be in a fight and I am sure they were not out in that field fighting themselves. Yes, I am from Hamburg and extremely proud to call myself a LION!!!

  19. taxpayer says:

    Why in the heck didn’t some one go to jail?

    The community shouldn’t stand for this kind of behavior!

  20. Tony says:

    Where were the officials during this? Why didn’t they handle it during the game? Why didn’t the coaches just go shake hands and keep the players separated since there was already issues by half time?

    The AAA NEEDS to step in to do THEIR job since the officials didn’t. Plus the Hamburg School System SHOULD take immediate action starting with an public apology. This is a very ugly incident that will only continue to foster and grow. Until strict penalties, fines, etc. are issued this type of behavior will only be looked upon as “standard operating procedure” and approved by the school systems and AAA.

  21. Ching Chong Change says:

    Did anyone get video footage of this and can we get this on Tosh.0?

  22. Tyler says:

    This is so rediculous and makes me ashamed of our team as well as hamburgs team. It also makes me ashamed of the parents from our town who got involved. This was totally uncalled for and the kids involved should be expelled from their school and the parents should have been charged with assault. Nice to know people are still trying to bring the town down with their bad actions.

  23. Stacey says:

    Can’t believe this! Yes very stupid!!!!!! The adults should be ashamed of themselves. When kids see their parents & other adults act this way is not a good influence. No! This should not have happened.

  24. Fed up says:

    I think criminal charges should be filed . There has to be video of the whole thing . And hamburg should be banned from playing anywhere for about 5 years.

  25. greg says:

    It was a sad display of sportmanship on both halves of the field last night. As a parent of a Hamburg player, I will say I was ashamed of the outcome and the way our coaching staff handled the initial provacation. Our boys have played hard all season and, with the exception of one or two players, have been nothing but good sports to all of their opponents. Hamburg’s coaching staff had every opportunity to get this under control before it escalated to a brawl. That being said, now lets look at the other side. Monticello’s players were not innocent in this event. There were initial contacts, after the whistle, that resuled in a Hamburg player shoving back and drawing the flag. There was “smack talk” on both sides, but Hamburg was penalized the most. After the game, a young man in jeans, a letterman jacket and some kind of “hat” was allowed to lead the Billies onto the field for the handshake. This young man was dancing about in a hunching motion with his jacket held wide open taunting the Hamburg players as the rest of the Billies celebrated his actions. Unfortunately, Hamburg’s players did not find it amusing.

  26. DC Studen says:

    One word: FAIL!

  27. Jackie says:

    Well its nice to see on a monticello website that yal are so quick to lay blame on all the Hamburg people and i am sure not one of you that has commented was even at the game. It is a two-sided story so before you lay blame on someone be there first.

  28. hamburg fan says:

    Hamburg is not all that bad our boys are way better than that. Monticello started the fight and hamburg just ended it. So dont g around actinting like hamburg lions are the supects , when they were taking up for family.

  29. Sanya says:

    I don’t know what’s happening with the youth today. I am from Crossett and we had a field brawl at our Hamburg-Crossett game this year where helmets were used and it got ugly. Its disappointing how much we have allowed the thug mentally to enter the game. I am in my late thirties and if we had tried some mess like that in our school years, Mr. Early and the staff we had would have tore our butts up! We feared authority. I dont know if its because most of the kids nowadays have parents that are still trying to grow up with them because they had them young and the rules and limits have not been set in order right or what? Please don’t take that statement if offense because by all means, I am not saying that a young person cannot raise a decent and responsible kid these days because some do. But I notice how the children will allow grownups to hear them curse and be respectful and not try to hide it. I am old school and I have a 7 yr old daughter that I dont play with when it comes down to respecting her elders and not being a menace to society. We as parents have to take responsibility for some of the things I kids are doing. I was scared to do any and everything because I thought my Mama would kill me if I showed out. We have to see whats going on in out kids head.

  30. Hamburg parent says:

    My children are students of Hamburg public schools and I am proud to say that none of them were present at last nights fiasco!! There are 2 sides to every story but there is absolutely NO excuse for the behavior that was exhibited last night. Any parents, coaches or students that participated in that “brawl” should be ashamed of themselves and the players that instigated the problem should not be allowed to participate in the sports program again. Get a grip people…it’s FOOTBALL not life or death!! It’s supposed to be a good time not an excuse to be thugs…:(

  31. out of towner says:

    I am not condoning any actions that were taken on the field. I was not at the game. The other fight that was referred to above was the senior high team from Hamburg (so I guess all kids from Hamburg are juvenile deliquents), not the kids from last night. From reading these comments one would be led to think that Monticello players, coaches and fans had no part in what went down. Really? Last time I checked it took two sides to fight. If you are going to report on an event you shouldn’t slant it to one side like this: “It was reported that a Hamburg coach got “choke slammed” by a parent. It was unknown which city the parent was from.” EVERYONE should be ashamed for acting that way. People shouldn’t use the excuse that Hamburg threw the first punch to make themselves look better. Everyone involved should take responsibility for their actions.

  32. someone says:

    Reading all the comments on this is just plan sad if both teams were fighting then how in your good state of mind keep blaming one side. If your are willing to blame one side then you should blame the other if you say one should be banned for five years then so should the other. It’s a sad day when the parents of one teams players blame the other team look real hard your child was fighting also. So dont blame anyone till you all look in the mirror and say maybe it was everyone acting like fools not just some but all…….

  33. spell check says:

    DC Studen says:

    October 28, 2011 at 10:12 am

    One word: FAIL!

    student since you Failed at spelling!

    If you are going to argue your point on here. Spell correctly. So sad.

  34. A parent says:

    WOW….No, I was not there. However, it still makes me sick. You can point blame ALL day long and in the end, it’s parenting! Don’t get me wrong, I know kids will screw up, but if they know there will be consequences maybe they will stop before showing such poor sportsmanship. They should know to walk away! Respect for self and others should be taught at home! The very idea that parents were fighting, wow. How sick! It is never ok to take it to this level. It’s ridiculous and shameful. If coaches were fighting, they should be fired. Both sides should be ashamed. Very sad!

  35. Billie Fan says:

    I want to know what started the fight. It doesn’t matter which team started the fight. The point it that neither teams should have been fighting, and it was very childish for the parents to get involved. This was very unacceptable at a junior high football game. Everyone that was involved (parents, players, coaches, and anybody else) should be ashamed of themselves. It also doesn’t matter if Monticello or Hamburg started the fight and it doesn’t matter who finished the fight. Its sad that it had to end this way….smh!!!!!

  36. Jenny says:

    This is what happens when you take GOD out of schools!

  37. #99 Jr. Billie Momma says:

    It seems to me that Hamburg need to teach their kids self control. From what I am hearing, this isn’t the first time. Yall can say”Oh, the parents should be ashamed” Like I said in my first comment had I gotten to my son when he had a pile of students on him. I woul’ve been swinging!!! Plain and simple. Hamburg students and the pp in the stands were very rowdy and taunting. I heard one of them say if we lose we are gonna start a fight. So, they already had the intentions to fight. Hamburg players were wrong for jumping the coach, an adult. There are no justifications for that. Save your excuses. The bottom line is Hamburg was mad because they got stomped by them Goats, baby!!!! Gooooooo Jr. Billies!!!! Conference champs!!!!!

  38. hello? says:

    Doesn’t Hamburg have a website?……..justsayin

  39. I was , I have seen the film says:

    I was there , I reviewed the film,lets just say we all agree that boys will be boys and football is an agressive sport.Now what would happen if a group of students attacked and beat a teacher at a school dance?
    would charges be filed? I think WE ALL know the answer is yes!
    I think if everyone who has something to say or a child who is on either team would review the film ( with sound) so you can hear the Hamburg coach yelling all night then all would agree not only were his actions wrong but they also played a big part in what happend after the game,then once his players attacked another coach and he did nothing about it only indicates his lack of ability to lead and teach a group of young men.
    1ST Hamburg coach should be terminated today!
    2nd any player from Monticello or hamburg who was involved in a fight not defending themselves should be banned from sports in Arkansas
    3rd any Hamburg player who attacked a coach should be banned from sports in Arkansas and be held criminaly responsable for their actions

  40. D.P says:

    look. stuff happens. but monticello were mouthing just as muchh as hamburg was. they needed some personal fouls too. it was just as much one as it was the other. quit tittin.

  41. LIONPRIDE says:

    To the comment, “I dont know if its because most of the kids nowadays have parents that are still trying to grow up with them because they had them young and the rules and limits have not been set in order right or what?”; this situation has nothing to do with young parents!! I am a young parent (I had my daughter when I was 17) and she is a very polite, well mannered young lady!! She knows how to act in public, she knows how to behave at school and school related events! With the exception of arguments with her siblings, I NEVER have to worry about her “brawling” with anyone! Now with that being said, GET REAL PEOPLE!!!! Hamburg students, coaches and parents are obviously not the only ones to blame! EVERY parent, coach and student involved should be held responsible! But I suppose, Hamburg’s coach “choke slammed” himself, along with the Hamburg players who apparantly busted open their own heads!!! There are 2 sides to every story and each side deserves to be told!!!

  42. Mbillie says:

    Monticello is ignorant for thinking that its all hamburgs fault! Monticello kids arenot pefect or golden children so before u go blameing everything on hbg yal might want to think about how yals players acted to. So all these monticello Parents need to stop complaining about their kids because they got whooped.

  43. annette says:

    I don’t know what is becoming of our children. This is very disturbing. IWe have a child in high school band and if this is how our kids “mentors act in public, representing our school district, regardless of who “started” it, we have a major problem. We have to fight for our kids lives against drugs and violence in our society and shouldn’t have to tolerate, and our household will not participate, in such actions. Thank God I wasn’t there with our 3 year old grandbaby that is just now being introduced to the “sport” of football. Not WWF. All participants, coaches and parents also, such be punished! I am sick to my stomach!!!

  44. dude says:

    I don’t care when or how or who. If you hit my kid with a helmet I’m coming after you with a vengeance. There is mouthing in every game. One thing I have come to realize in raising kids is that most things aren’t taught they are repeated. I watched Hamburgs Jr coach last year scream and yell and jerk kids around on the sideline. During the first half of that game there were several unsportsmanlike penalties, none of which were against us. As a matter of fact we had aboslutely 0 for the game despite hit after the whistle, tackled out of bounds, swung at and mouthed at. So all of you that say there are 2 sides to every story. You are right, but I tend to side with the Monticello side because of past experience. Nothing will change my mind about it either. If this is the csame coach as last year, my hope is that he was “choke slammed” and that’s not the worst of what should happen to him. For you Hamburg folks posting on here, why aren’t you at the school today demanding an explanation and corrective action. The they did it too attitude doesn’t bode well for your community’s image.

  45. Candi says:

    Well I am not proud of what happened and if the refs would have takin care of the problem from both sides it mite could have been prevented. I am from Hamburg and proud to be and my son is very involved in sports in Hamburg and I have seen many times Monticello show bad sportsmanship so some of you can stop talking. Of course Monticello is going to say Hamburg started but they won’t say it was Monticello Parent that hit one of our coaches or a monticello coach that hit one of our players and that is why our players attacked him. It’s football things like this will happen!! Both sides should be punished

  46. Jody says:

    Either way Hamburg still got whooped and poor sportsmanship caused the fight. You dont have to be there to know that. But just like any military or any team you are a direct representative of your leadership. How you are taught is how you follow. If I were there I would have been in it to win it! As for the kids attacking the coach they need to be strictly disciplined and coaches for both sides need fined or fired. And if this is a second strike for Hamburg football team they deffinately need to be fired and legal action taken! Someone needs to make this go far or nothing will happen. Put it on channel 7 news for publicity and it will cause a reaction. Otherwise it will be covered up.

  47. Bruce says:

    I was not at the game but blaming the officials for not breaking it up is not right. How are 4 officials going to stop something like this? If the game was over, they have left the field. Maybe they could have done more controlling the game – ejecting players if necessary.
    Losing control is NOT what sports- even football is about. After the final tick, the game is over. Sports should be teaching discipline, team work, sportsmanship, & how to perservere in adverse times.
    I am a high school official & never like to see things get out of hand. I won’t tolerate cursing, showboating or anything that belittles another.
    The actions of a few give the rest a black eye. Most kids will paly & do the right thing. It doesn’t matter where you are from. Let’s get back to playing sports the way they should be.

  48. Ms. Jones says:

    It doesn’t matter who started what! Point is, all that were involved should pay the ultimate consequences! I can understand you play to win, but you have to face the fact that you’re not ALWAYS gonna win. And everyone involved in that fight was old enough to know better and should be ashamed of themselves. It’s time for people to grow up and start acting their age!………NOT THEIR IQ!!!!

  49. MyAuntLulu says:

    It’s sad, humiliating, and a pure disgrace that today’s youth have no self-respect, much less respect for others. These kids today walk around like they own the world and that the world is OWED to them. Who made them this way?? YOU did, their parents, their teachers, their Aunts & Uncles, etc. We have “given them better than what we had” until they have absolutely no understanding of appreciation, working for something or even the value of a dollar. Keep giving to them, keep letting them talk back to you. This is what you get. Not to mention, the monkey see, monkey do factor. They hear all this slang language and drama at home, therefore they think it’s acceptable.
    Get off your computers, smartphones, etc people! Forget the drama you’ve created in your world and hating on this one & that one. Your kids are mimicking your behavior and it’s going to affect their future.
    Remember, it takes a village! Let’s get back to it!!!

  50. Patricia says:

    I wasnt at last night’s game so i dont know what happened, but I certainly dont approve of an all out brawl on the field. Fighting settles nothing..I was at the Crossett vs Hamburg game refered to in an above post an I can assure you “Kris” here’s a thought for you get your facts straight. The stands werent cleared, the parents stayed in the stands where they belonged. From what I gather there was a lot of poor unsportman like conduct from both sides and I thinks in poor judgement to blame it all on the Hamburg team…

  51. Concerned Citizen says:

    It is a shame that any of this happened.. most importantly, though, it is NOT ok for 3 kids to hold a coach down while another beats him with a football helmet. Legal action should be taken against those students.

  52. Dana says:

    You need to read all the messages your son was sending to the boys on our team. You’d be surprised at the threats he was sending….. And also during baseball…..

  53. this was uncalled for hamburg should have just took the lost an went home. there are people saying that crosset is going to fight monticello tonite. the only reason people fight us is because they mad that they arent as good as us.

  54. LMC says:

    I love Hamburg to death, but sorry we all know Monticello did not start the fight. And the first one that went on the field first was a football player, he was one of the captian. He was preveslousy injured in the game before with a Broken Colloer Bone!

  55. Disappointed says:

    I am not going to get into all the Hamburg did this and Monticello did that. I just want to say we need to get on our knees and pray. Get God back in our schools and homes. When I was raised this would not have happened because we knew there were consequences if we were disrepectful or unkind to anyone else. Child or Adult.

    May God bless everyone that was involved in this and make their heart heavy if they had anything to do with the cause.

  56. justlovinlife says:

    Naturally Hamburg fans will take up for their players just as Monticello would! However, I attended a football game at Hamburg with friends and was appalled by the behavior by both players and coaches! I even called the superintendent following the game and told him what an absolute disgrace this was to his school and town. Apparently nothing has changed AT ALL indicated by the behavior of the players and coaches at last night’s game. There are some coaches at Hamburg that should be held accountable, not just for this game, but others as well! A totally embarrassing situation!!!!!

  57. Mark Mason says:

    Kids reflecting society…normal behaviour…the kids will change when the parents change…same as it ever was…

  58. Bruce Brown says:

    Football is a game that should teach discipline, hard work, sportsmanship & how to buckle down when times get tough. After the final tick of the clock the game is over & the sportsmanship should come into play. I was not at this game & will point no fingers.Being a HS official for many years, I have seen that most that play the game are fine young men. I also have seen the few bad ones cause problems that reflect on the whole team.
    This was a very unfortunate incident. I hope & pray that all will be ok.
    As far as the comment about where were the officials – the game was over. We leave the field. It would be impossible for 4 officials to break up anything this size. I do NOT tolerate cursing, showboating or any activity that belittles another when I am officiating a game.
    Rivalries – yes. Enemies – NO!
    My question to you, Will you be part of the problem or part of the sollution?
    Let’s guide these young men & set the bar high for them that they may reach thier full potential.

  59. matt(tiny) says:

    i think its funny that it all reports back to hamburg…plus Monticello’s first ‘A’ game and ‘B’ game is against HAMBURG!!! i do think it was a good reaction for Monticello because there was no need for hamburg players to attack a Monticello coach!! hamburg did get the most and worst part of injuries, but monticello coach is reported with a broke nose and cracked ribs…many players went to the hospital thursday night but little or none was monticello players. one game to be at1… ready for next year, Monticello’s first game is with hamburg
    GO BILLIES!!!!

  60. It is a game says:

    Watch the tapes it takes two!!!Parents need to take responsibilty for
    Their children it starts at home!children repeat what they hear and see!!!all this hate over mouthy teenage children get them all in control!!!!it’s so much easier to think your child never at blame but they are!!!! Mother of three!!!

  61. Get your facts together! says:

    I think it is important for everyone to get the facts before they open their mouths. The coach that was attacked was never hit with helmet. He shoved a Hamburg player in the face and caused that to happen. As far as who started the fight, it was both teams. It is not fair to put blame solely on the Hamburg side. Monticello had several players hitting Hamburg players late and cheaply. They taunted the Hamburg coaching staff and players the whole time. The Hamburg staff called numerous timeouts to calm down their players and Monticello didn’t. Monticello fans need to wake up and take some of the blame. When is it OK for a player to flex at an opposing coaching staff after a play, or after a big play, stand over an opposing player and curse him. The last time I checked that was taunting. Lets get real! Monticello needs a reality check! It was very unfortunate and both teams are at fault.

  62. Stormy says:

    Let’s go billies!!!!! We beat the hamburg lions in the game and whooped them in a fight I bet they know not to mess with Us billies baby and it’s horrible that four players tackled one of our coaches and that one of our guys got hurt so bad

  63. give me a break says:

    Thank you, Mark Mason. Children do mimic their parents. I was appalled at Dana calling out Candi about her son. I’m sorry, but when you are a winning team member (injured or not) and you go dancing around, mouthing and gloating to the losing team; you ARE instigating and should be punished accordingly. These are not five year olds. They should have learned respect and sporsmanship long ago.

  64. I was in the game last night and all I want to say is we are not bad kids we do not have bad coaches, we just got caught up in the moment. Even though we shouldnt have took the game that far, the billies shouldnt have been using unsportsman like conduct. And as for the coach, he hit our player first, so we just took up for our teammates

  65. Fancy says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, everyone that has commented on this page aren’t we all adults here? Yall are on here acting just like they were last night! So this is no different! A brawl is a brawl whether physical or verbal! Yall are on here acting very unethical and guess what your children are reading this and they are acting just like you! So what kind of role model are you? Yes It is sad that both sides carried out like they did! No it wasn’t right for any of them! I just pray that we as parents help our children make the right choices! May god continue to bless all of us!

  66. Candi says:

    Before you go accusing my son of sending texts and threats you need to know who you are talking to. My son doesn’t even have a kid from Monticello phone number I can prove that. My son didn’t even play last nite he was standing on the sideline #82!!! My son got caught up in the middle and was hit by #5 with a helmet!!! You best know who you are accusing next time you go running your mouth!!!

  67. sue says:

    arrest should be made how else will the kids ever respect anyone the law was broken it might teach every one alesson take them off the team until they learn to respect other players and their coaches

  68. Scott says:

    3rd fight this year involving Hamburg. The senior team got into two fights, one with Monticello earlier this year and one with Crossett that was a bench clearing event as well. Bastrop High got into a similar event last Friday night and their LHSAA org, (our AAA) banned both teams from any post season play. This needs to be done here as well. Nothing is being done to these schools, students, or Coaches. It won’t stop until something is done, or someone gets seriously hurt.

  69. Recia says:

    All of up close saw the MJB kid in the letterman jacket taunt and be provoking all night. Then lead them out & he and hbg 71 started the riot. If you’re too hurt to play aren’t you too hurt to talk smack and walk out with your arms out like “come get u some??”

  70. Monticello Fan says:

    How does #77 have your sons and many others cell phone number to send text messages. Sounds to me it was your kid that started this mess. Sorry don’t know his number.

  71. coaches wife says:

    Its unfortunate the game ended as it did… I was not there & did not see it with my own eyes.. & feel that even though my husband was a coach… i’m not going to place blame, or pass judgement… because what does that prove??? who started the fight.. who ended the fight?? really….. ??? freedom of speech is legal… but seeing responses to this incident and the immature foolish comments left by people who are going on “hear-say” is completely ridiculous… were any of you on the sidelines or the field..have you seen the game film?? maybe a few…. but not many… even in the stands, you don’t see or hear all that is taking place on the field… am i condoning unsportsmanlike conduct… not under ANY circumstance… or unprofessional actions taken by either of the coaching staffs… again.. NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.. I feel everything happens for a reason.. not sure what this reason is yet, but I know God has a purpose for everything… is it easy to read these comments and others from Monticello Live and not get angry and post a response back to everyone that could have potentially been referring to my husband.. NO… but what would it really solve, or show of my self-character.. ?? Both school districts are working diligently to gain all information and details about this incident… slandering parents, kids, coaches, refs in an open forum does NOTHING people… but stir more hatred and evil talk.. just like what went on last night?? its so disappointing.. that pointing the finger gives so many satisfaction… could i point the finger at the parent who put my husband in a chokehold… sure…but there again??? where does that get me ?? I pray that God opens the eyes, ears, and mouths of all involved and Satan does not get his way…… lifting the families of both teams up who had loved ones injured… My final comment..

    “Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge” James 4:11

  72. homeschooler says:

    And this is why we homeschool!!! The public schools are not the kinds of environments that I want my kid in. I hear all the time that my kid is going to miss ‘social skills’. Well, these ‘social skills’ are the only thing I’ve seen since Kindergarten – kids beating each other up, teachers clicking together ignoring the problems and just bullying altogether. This starts in Kindergarten in public schools. These bully kids learn early that they can get away with murder at school. These kids know the rules don’t apply to them.

  73. harley cash says:

    The actions of children are a direct result of the adults around them; parents, teachers, coaches, etc. From the majority of the comments posted, it’s obvious the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    There are three sides to every story. Yours. Mine. And the TRUTH.

  74. Candi says:

    I would just like to say I do not know why these people think my kid has been sending text messages or threats. He is in the 8th grade and rarely steps on to the field. I would realy like to know who Dana is and WHY she is accusing Drew Fleming of sending threats and text messages. Yes he plays baseball but does not have any players fro
    Monticello phone numbers. Looks like someone needs to get their facts straight before they start accusing an innocent child.

  75. Tired of it says:

    What does it help to get on this site and place blame, slander kids and coaches, when 99.9% of you really don’t know exactly what happened? I find it saddening that people are slandering coaches (which, by the way, most people don’t even know who they are, how long they’re been there, etc) and also the kids. Yes, it seems that everyone mosy likely acted inappropriately last night. No one should’ve gotten hit, hit another, etc. But it happened, and coming on here and bashing others you have no clue about does nothing to help. Maybe instead of demanding that coaches are fired, people are arrested, etc. Take a look at yourself and realize that most of you are no better than those involved last night. This incident is being handled by administrators who are working to gather all the facts, interview those involved, watch film, etc. Why don’t we leave it to them and stop stiring the fire.

  76. LAX says:

    My understanding is that there was taunting by the Monticello players but that does not matter. There needs to be criminal charges filed against the players that assaulted the Monticello coach and aggrevated assault charges filed against the player that used his helmet as a weapon. If it is proven that any coach was involved in the fight than that coach should be fired. There is no excuse for that type of behavior in sport especially high school or junior high sports.

  77. monticello player says:

    ok well here is a monticello football players view of it after the game hamburg could of left and took a loss but no they want to stay and fight number 77 ran his mouth two much and when they touched our coach thats were they crossed the line and plus when the coaches puled our player back we were going to leave but agin hamburg wouldent and they were surrounding us so we had to deafended our self and our team i am not saying that it is wright to fight like we did but there is a line and they crossed it

  78. SportsGuy says:

    I wasn’t at the game but have talked to several eye witnesses and saw the video. The fans of Monticello need to take a chill pill, get their facts strait and obtain some common sense. There’s no way that Hamburg is completely at fault. It is part Monticello’s fault. If you think differently then youre no different than the people involved because it takes two to tango.

  79. Concerned says:

    The same rules at school should be enforced at school functions. When I was in school, fighting was not tolerated. If these kids have zero consequences for what took place, then whats stopping them from doing the same thing next time, or even worse? Any adults involved should have legal charges brought against them, end of story. The whole thing is just ridiculous and embarassing for both teams.

  80. TheTruthOfTheMatter says:

    The film will tell the tale in court. Hopefully, MDS will file charges.

  81. Another coach's wife says:

    Well said Coaches Wife!

  82. elaine says:

    you all must be crazy, so of you make good sense though, it takes two to dance and one must defend himself I have never in my life particpated in such a chat session, but this one takes the cake and the icing, ask your child who hit who, and ask the coach who did he hit, the monticello coach grabbed my son by the facemask and hit him in the gut, now I want something done and as for the news report that came across the air waves 1028-2011, it sould not be basis as it was Monticello is very much to blame and yes Hamburg has blame to carry also , so get over it, take care of it at home do not blame coaches for something your child choose to do. the buck stops here parents, read the travelers gift and teach those gifts to our children and just maybe with pray and patience our children wiilll grouw up to make us proud and we will forget thursday night. people look in the mirror, how do you speak how do you dress how well do you really know your child…. this is all of our’s problem no matter who threw the first punch.,….God bless you and remember to pray with your and for your family…..

  83. Sinclair says:

    next time let them play “iron-man football” without pad,the game will get rough,then they will be to sore to fight each other

  84. Hamburg Fan says:

    Hamburg coaches did nothing wrong! They were yelling at our players telling them to stop talking back to the trashy Monticello players. They called several time-outs to try to calm down the players. Monticello fans need to get a grip! Ya’ll are way out of line. Both coaching staffs were trying to prevent the fight. They cant stop 60 kids! If anyone should be in question it should be the Monticello coaches for allowing their players to talk ugly to our players/ coaches. Why weren’t their players pulled out of the game? Give me a break! I guess Monticello people do no wrong! I support our coaches and players! Given the circumstances involved (like Monticello’s # 5 #23 #46 flipping the coaches off and cursing at them) I cant blame them for becoming angry. It is a shame it got to the point it did but I totally understand. The billies need a wake up call and they will be taken care of eventually.

  85. Billie Fan says:

    Judge not, that ye be not judged. Matt 7:1 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    Why don’t everyone just close their mouths & let the schools take care of the situation.
    Pray for one another.

  86. Insane says:

    Kid will be kids, taunting or smack talk is part of an aggressive sport.
    Stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me! Do we all need to remember what Our mothers started telling us in kindergarten? If my child Hit a coach I would be mortified and you that are defending it is why this situation escalated! I don’t care what adult pushed or shoved it’s called respect, walk away and get another adult. If it’s on film then that coach would be punished accordingly!

  87. Madea says:

    Was not there! One question for all involved. What if someone had been killed…died…dead… From this out of control fight? How would both teams, parents, coaches feel today? This is junior football. The age that kids should be learning to control emotions.
    Poor coaching was involved. These are the ADULTS that are teaching your kids how to handle confrontations. When coaches see and receive penalties for poor sportsmanship, pull that player and sit his butt on the bench! The life you save…..could be your own child’s!

  88. For Truth says:

    The Monticello player on the sideline in jeans and letterman jacket was injured and did instigate the brawl. Candi is correct, a parent needs to stop trying to put the blame on someone else’s child and sweep around their own back door.

  89. Dana says:

    I apologize!!! I was told your son was number 77. I should not have said anything without knowing for sure. This whole deal should not have comments on it since it’s talking about kids. I asked Joe to remove them but he said he needed to leave them up….idk why. Our kids did receive text messages but it definitely was NOT your son. I’m sorry… We do know exactly who it was because this has gone on with him for a couple years now. This kind of thing is exactly why I normally do not even read monticellolive….and why I won’t anymore. I’ll stick to the newspaper!!!

  90. ArTravlR says:

    What are the police going to do? School officials won’t do anything expect protect themselves & their personal interest.

  91. Homeschool also says:

    I also have pulled my daughter out of public schools due to the same reason the other homeschool parent has. When you go to school every day & are harrassed then go to principals iffice AND counselors office & told to “just deal with it” then when MY child finally “deals with it” gets in trouble (NONE of the other children did) what message just in my case send to the children?! Thats it OKAY?! So since GOD is more than welcome in MY home & not at school…she just stays home!! I will deal with whatever “social ” skills she misses!!

  92. Reasonable says:

    The two supers should be together and agree to the following:
    1. All games from this season are hereby forfeited by both teams.
    2. All players will perform 25 hours of community service.
    3. All players and coaches will participate in anger management and sportsmanship classes.
    4. Next season’s Jr. High football seasons are canceled.
    5. Any 9th graders who were members of this year’s teams will not be permitted to play Sr. High football next year.
    Football matters too much to these kids and their parents, apparently. But it also matters too much to the school administration, so you won’t see these types of sanctions imposed. It doesn’t matter who started the fight, who mouthed off, who even made the first swing. Both sides participated and both sides should have to suffer consequences.

  93. Ashamed says:

    Who cares whose fault the fight was… What matters is that coaches and parents allowed themselves to get involved in the incident. That’s setting a good example for thier children and my children for the that matter. What about those young children that looked up to those boys. Now what do they see.. Misbehaving boys, parents, coaches, and leaders that set a horrible example for those children.

    I am ashamed to even read this. I am not a former Billie but have grown to love the Billies and call them my team. I think some serious consequences need to be done to all of those who were involved in the fighting… Coaches, players, parents and anyone else involved need to be not allowed to come to future sporting events for a period of time something to show that they will think about their actions next time they want to fight in front of a stand full of fans there torpor them on and cheer for them… Then leave in shock because their favorite team they came to watch sets a good example by fighting…
    How EMBRASSING fo Monticello as a whole!

  94. other says:

    Well Hamburg needs to be looked at for all this fighting. They just recently started a fight at a crossett game and now with monticello!

  95. Get Real! says:

    I was not at the Hamburg/Monticello game but, I was at the Hamburg/Crossett game. To all the people from Monticello that are saying a bench clearing happened really needs to get their facts straight. First, that fight on the Crossett field, Crossett started not Hamburg. The Hamburg player was defending himself. Second, it might at been 10 players involved in that fight not 50. Third, the coaches from both teams & refs got that fight under control before it got worse, which it would should have happened Thursday night! So Monticello fans don’t speak of the Hamburg/Crossett game unless you were there & saw what happened.

  96. Mark Mason says:

    If you have an opinion, why not use your real name when you post it here? What are you afraid of? Violence? Public humiliation? Who are you afraid of? An atmosphere of fear, suspicion, and distrust covers Drew like the dew. It’s no big surprise that the kids picked up on it and responded accordingly. Drew needs a doctor.

  97. Former resident says:

    I was not there, but juding by the comments, both sides were at fault. You people need to get a life!

  98. Becka says:

    I wasn’t there and I didn’t see the fight but I can see how it would have got to that if people commenting on here are the parents! If u were trying to raise hate awareness, pit one town against another, and show are kids how “unsportsmanlike” YOU are…U managed to do it all! It never should have come to this! Yeah u might have some little fights, they are still boys with all the hormones that come with them, but kids do what they see the parents doing…and like someone else said this is a brawl too…verbal or physical, doesn’t change anything! God help us!

  99. justlovinlife says:

    Okay folks! Trash talk and taunting has been around for a long time and is at all levels of competition whether we like it or not! When players and coaches have no self control, then we have problems! I had the oppoutunity to talk to a very nice couple from Hamburg whose son plays on the junior high team! Both parents said that this is TYPICAL behavior for Hamburg Junior High as well as their coaches and parents and this type of behavior HAS happened before!!! You are quick to blame Monticello but this is NOT typical behavior (a violent brawl) for our athletes! You may choose to take up for your children and that is normal, however IF my child was attacking an adult, a coach, under these circumstances, I would expect him to be punished! If you condone this behavior, what values are you teaching him for life? As far as the texts that were sent, couldn’t those be traced or copies made? If a parent truly wants justice and sees in black and white what her son is guilty of, then possibly this can be prevented from happening in the future but IF the parent takes actions! Too many times, parents are quick to defend their child regardless of wgat they are guilty of! Wake up people, a person was assaulted by not just one, but 3 or 4 players while other adults looked on!

  100. krissy says:

    All I have to say, is that the past is the past. It happened 3 days ago. What’s done is done and there is no point in making it worse by putting the blame on each other no matter who’s fault it was. Today is a new day so stop living in the past.

  101. speakthetruth says:

    I was there at the game and was really shocked at the outcome. Both teams taunting each other, still shouldnt make it turn violent. As one stated Hamburg coaches was trying to break it up, well so was our Monticello coaches. Why wasnt #77 from hamburg put on the bench after all his penatalties. Both teams was amped up. Thats football. Their were some Hamburg teens over in the Billies stands.(WHY)?? As one Billie mother stated she would of been defending her son, well i got up from the stands and went to the field to find my son. If i would of seen kids on my son, i would of trying to get them off as well. Im not a voilent person, but when u mess with my children its OWN. I think the coaches and players should have an open apology. Its was hard for the coaches to stop a team that was very aggressive. Our Monticello coaches handled it well as they could. After everything was said and done why did the Hamburg coach come back on the field running his mouth. I just dont believe that our coach would of just come out and hit a player in the gut. What would u do as a parent when you have four teenagers on you. With that being said I dont believe that the staff of hamburg would just intentionally hit a player either. Im a proud billie fan and always will be. Ive always told my sons dont start a fight but, if they hit you then defend yourself. My son was about to be jumped from behind from hamburg players and his best friend saved him from being hit. He tried to walk away but was forced to defend himself. I say they need to be looking at the track records of the schools. How many times each school has been involved in such cases. I love my Billies, keep your head up.

  102. Hamburg Fan says:

    Can we please drop it. Both teams fought so BOTH teams are responsible. NOT JUST HAMBURG. Every one of the Hamburg coaches did what they could to stop our boys from fighting. Monticello coaches let their boys talk ugly, be WAY to aggressive, and let them send our boys threats. Even as a cheerleader from Hamburg i was out their trying to stop our boys from fighting. They were to their breaking point. They’d had enough. No one needs to be accusing ANYONE of sending threats, hitting people, or starting the fight. I was out there in the middle of it risking my life to try to get it stopped. But what boy is going to listen to a girl? there were helmets flying from both ways and unsportsmanlike conduct from both teams. BOTH towns should be ashamed. y’all need to quit making Hamburg look so bad and start taking some responsibility. It takes 2 to tango. Does that tell you anything? So everyone that is still bringing it up needs to keep there mouths shut because none of y’all have seen the tape. until we see it we don’t know what really happening so quit assuming.

    PS: Candi, i know drew really well and he wouldnt do that. Some parents just cant except the fact that there kids are no perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.

  103. tjar says:

    This is Just a Game! It is supposed to be fun and not so full of hate and animosity. Whatever happened to hitting your man as hard you could on every play and then helping him back up when the play is over. It’s called sportsmanship. Parents if you think it’s ok for your child to act like a hoodlum regardless of the circumstances, you are a sorry excuse and the reason our teachers have one of the most difficult jobs in America today . Coaches, if you think it’s ok for your players to act like thugs then you are a terrible mentor and need to be relieved of your duties.

  104. Appalled says:

    I don’t usually comment to any articles posted on this web site nor any others. But I have read most all these posts. I am appalled. Parents….you do realize your children are reading these posts too, right? And we wonder where their anger and loss of control comes from? Good grief! Both schools are involved. Both will be punished accordingly. Let the systems handle this matter and let’s stop all this. It’s totally embarrassing and a disgrace for southeast Arkansas. We wonder why SE Ark gets no respect….hmmmm, no mystery to me.

  105. Realizer! says:

    Most Hamburg Comments That Are True Are Being Deleted From This Page Because It Is A Monticello Website! Ya’ll Don’t Even Know Half Of The Truth. I Wouldnt Be Surprised If This Message Gets Deleted!

    NOTE: Several comments have been deleted from this user’s IP address, because they are claiming to be multiple users, represnting both sides of those involved, just to agitate other readers.

  106. DC student says:

    Wow guys. I wasn’t there, I don’t know who started it, but I do know one thing- LET THE SCHOOL WORK IT OUT! This is a major fail, in my opinion. Football is just a game, and even though many people take it seriously, it’s nothing to get worked up about. Sheesh guys!

  107. Billie Once; Lion Now says:

    I lived in Monticello for many years. I know that the people of Monticello are wonderful and caring. I now live in Hamburg, and the people are just as wonderful and caring here as those in Monticello! We are fellow Arkansans and fellow Americans. As a parent, I am appalled by some of the comments I read here. I realize that the name of the website if monticellolive, but it is truly sad that there are continued verbal attacks on specific players and coaches by ADULTS on this incident. We all need to realize that when any “fight” occurs the fault lies with BOTH sides. A one sided fight is called an “assault”!! So those who say, “We beat them in the game and we beat them in the fight,” or “We may have lost the game, but we whipped them in the fight” are truly saying that their team assaulted the other team in the fight. I was present at the game. I will tell you that the fight was starting long before the handshake at the end. I will not blame officials or coaches totally, but everyone involved was responsible for this. I heard fans from both sides yelling and heckling each other during the game. It was a rainy night, but the cold rain did nothing to cool tempers on either side of the field. Also, when any adult or student calls out one player by name OR number as a cause, they are not only being unfair, they are inciting continued conflict. I know the child well, and I also know many of the Monticello children. This incident did not reflect well on any of them. If we are to have any resolution, everyone involved must accept individual responsibility for their own actions and ask for forgiveness from the other side. We are not teaching our children proper conduct when we jump around pointing fingers and accusing others of improper conduct when we may or may not have even been there. My child tells the story as a fight where both sides were at fault and is horrified that friends from Monticello and Hamburg are still holding animosity against each other. We need to repair this by teaching those in the fight, in the stands and in each town to be kinder to one another and to treat others as they wish to be treated instead of blaming each other for problems that exist on BOTH sides!!

    Thanks for the opportunity and the privilege of being able to express my humble opinion. I pray that God will assist us in resolving the differences in a civil manner.

  108. football fan says:

    To respond to Insane: words DO hurt!!! The Bible calls them a “double edged sword.” They both wound those they are flung toward AND they wound the character of those who let them fly from their mouth or keyboard!! Respect for adults is not the only kind of respect there is! We should respect one another regardless of age, sex, religion, race, or residency. There was a lack of respect shown for both team’s players & coaches, the officials & the fans. Remember that words are almost always the START of any conflict whether on the football field or on the world stage….wars are begun with a “war of words”!! Everyone should think before they speak or post…..your words can be taken to start further conflict.

  109. MPS04 says:

    I have to say that after having seen video footage numerous times, there were players at fault in this situation. A coach never should have been hit, whether he pushed or mouthed at players or not. Having said that, the slandering going on of the coaching staff is saddening. If any of you people had actually seen footage, you would see that all of the coaches on BOTH sides were helping to break up the fight, pull kids off of the Monti. coach, etc. In the very beginning, you can see both sides’ coaches telling their sides to go off the field, move back, etc. And you can see the Hamburg coaches running to the pile of players from BOTH teams that were around the Monti. coach and helping pull players back and off. As far as the coaches yelling, I know that most coaches yell in the heat of a moment. I can see you same people who are complaining about that complaining if the coaches stayed quiet the whole time and didn’t get excited during the game. It’s obvious that both coaching staffs were trying to make the kids stop fighting and did nothing to “make” them fight. If you’re going to blame the Hamburg staff for the fight, blame should be placed on the Monticello staff, as well, since both teams had players hitting others. This whole incident was not one-sided, as I could see after watching the video. It’s just saddening that people who either saw one view or who most likely saw very little or NONE of of would come on a forum and slander others. Knowing how much effort, time and energy a coaching staff puts into their job, it saddens me to know that the support they end up receiving is so lacking. Once again, no one is perfect–players or coaches–and no player should ever have hit anyone else. But it’s administrators’ job is to take care of consequences for those players involved in the fighting.

  110. coaches wife says:

    “Without wood a fire goes out, without gossip a quarrel dies down”
    (Proverbs 26:20)

    3 days later.. & we are still letting the sinful nature of Satan get the best of us… please people… turn it over to God.. not to an open forum where you are expecting to get a negative response back and on goes the vicious cycle of gossip, slander, lies, and hatred… I pray still for the families of those with injured loved ones & for a resolution that brings peace to each town/team/coach/player/parent/spouse/etc… God Bless

  111. Teacher says:

    As a teacher, I come across students such as those involved that night. Our young people learn what we teach them through the time we invest in things. We in Monticello are no different than good people in communities all over America. We love football but fail to see how many parents and school districts put a disproportionate amount of their resources into it. When was the last time we had an assembly celebrating successes in debate, student congress, music students, or other sports like soccer, ladies softball, or tennis? The possibilities of variation are endless. Now, instead of Monticello being known for a solid education, growing arts departments, superior OEC offerings, East Lab excellence, National Board Teachers, strong after-school academic programs, what are we known for? The football fight. Friends I have in Springdale read about it in their newspaper….I tell you now we’re the laughing stock. This should be a red flag for us to make some changes.

  112. It takes two to tango we need to let the school systems deal with it(no cops involved) the players fighting shud be handled with the school but a monicello coach hitting a player shouldn’t be accepted without criminal charges tooken and I was in crossett and in monicello when both fights happened but Hamburg defiantly didnt start the fight in crossett but in monicello the billies started it and we just cleaned it up monicello started it from the git go as well as Hamburg it may seem that Hamburg was using unsportsmanlike conduct because of all the personal fouls called on them due to jank referees man

  113. Mr. Wofford says:

    Judging by all of the misspelled words and the horrible use of grammar by your football players, I think you all should stop playing football (you obviously don’t know how to do that correctly and with integrity) and all move up here to Northwest Arkansas where you can learn to play football AND learn to read and write correctly. Just sayin.

  114. Stupid Parents!!! says:

    HA HA HA HA!!!!! You parents are something else!!! You read a comment and then start attacking someone’s child you don’t even know, you should read the text messages your kid is sending our kids. HA HA HA HA!!!! The kids not even the kid your talking about!!!! STUPID PARENTS!!!! I hope they prosecute to the fullest and student’s and coaches involved should be suspended and arrested or fired! I personally will be keeping tabs on this issue because i don’t think it should be tolerated or looked over.

  115. RE: Hamburg Fan says:

    First and foremost before you say “none of y’all have seen the tape. until we see it we don’t know what really happening so quit assuming. I have seen several videotapes of the entire incident. So I am NOT assuming have you seen a tape?
    To your comment Monticello coaches let their boys talk ugly, be WAY to aggressive, and let them send our boys threats, what did the Hamburg coaches do when their boys were talking ugly & aggressive? But later you made the following comment “Take some responsibility” Is that double standard or what? You are a “cheerleader” how do you know what the players were saying to each other? Just because Hamburg or Monticello player told you doesn’t mean it happened. If you didn’t hear it for yourself then you don’t know what was said. You said “No one needs to be accusing ANYONE of sending threats, hitting people, or starting the fight. Did you not just do that yourself? It takes two to have a fight I agree, was Monticello supposed to stand there and not defend themselves? I am not putting all the blame on Hamburg at all but once you see the tapes I think you will see how the fight got started. Jr high football should NEVER escalate to this and yes I agree with you it is very shameful on both sides involved. All I ask is when you see a video would you post your feelings then if you are honest you will see who really started the fight.

    RE: Tjar
    Very well said very much agree

    I am not blaming either side and it doesnt matter but if Hamburg School district would try to work this out with Monticello School things could get resolved and could move on to better things for our students at BOTH schools. Monticello has tried but apparently HJHS doesnt want to work together thats sad.

  116. This is IGNORANCE says:

    As I continue to read the comments posted on this site, I realize both teams should be punished for their behavior. The calling for students to be suspended is not the answer. They would like the holiday and the parents wouldn’t punish them anyway. When I was being brought up by my parents, if I had ever acted in this manner to an adult, my father then my mother would have taught me a lesson behind the woodshed. We as parents have failed. I have two children and after they heard of these activities, my 12 year old daughter states “Dad you would whip me real good if I acted like that toward an adult?” I stated like a parent should “You are right, I would. You would never have the thought of acting in that manner toward an adult ever again.” Parents need take a good look and stop thinking my child is perfect and start looking at the possibility that my child used wrong judgment and should be punished. We keep looking to blame others for our children’s short falls and the failure is coming from the home.
    No student should ever handle their affairs by mouth or violence. This is the reason for coaches and administration on the field of play, to make these decisions. As a student you should play to the best of your ability and the other issues should be handled by the adults (Coaches.) As student athletes they should speak and be heard on the field by their performance in running, tackling, catching, defending, and scoring points. This will be how you should want to be remembered.
    Coaches can’t confuse winning with success. As a coach you can be successful by having well-mannered student athletes. These students are a direct reflection of their leadership. Parents as well should hold their children responsible. I have witness these middle school and high school students using so much profanity and disrespect. You want to set the blame on society, nut as a parent YOU are responsible.

  117. hamburg lost all the way around says:

    iv read the comments and spoke to people at the game, what it boils down to is HAMBURG STARTED IT…MONTICELLO FINISHED IT! THE GAME AND THE FIGHT Hamburg were sore loosers, and so were their coaches, one Hamburger stated both teams fought so its both theier fault…thats the MOST STUPID STATEMENT EVER….i just have to wonder if a group of kiddie thugs was to jump them and they fought back for survival, and on lookers came to that persons aid to stop the thugs from beating them for no reason would this person think they the victim should be punished for defending themself?….Hamburg should not be allowed to play against monticello ever again, or any where else for that matter….they are not good sportsman, or football players.

  118. kangaroo jack says:

    Its sad the parents are taking utralp for either side. those little jerks need disipline and scolded from me!!!! they definately think it ok now, when yall take up for them. the Parents that went on the field shouldve been arrested. their idiots for thinking they can handle the situation. If that happened at a drew central game everybody it wouldve been handled before it started. The same people wouldve been acting crazy about a drew central game if that wouldve happened. shame on you billie fans!!!!!!!!!

  119. MHS STUDENT says:

    It is very unfortunate that this “brawl” happened, but the best that we can do as parents and citizens is to Stop arguing about it. Whether monticello players or hamburg players started it, the fact is that, it happened! Now the guilty party and the consequences must be determined by the PROPER AUTHORITIES, not us. Whatever comes of this, our boys will have to take it and learn from it. Even a teenager (like me) can understand that. This event is already embarrassing enough. There are articles on fox16, magnolia reporter, arktimes, Arkansas news, seark today, ar15, and cw arkansas that are specifcally devoted to the “monticello football brawl.” But what is most embarrising is that us MONTICELLONIANS are arguing on our beloved, that can be seen World Wide (hence the phrase “world wide web”). Whoever be at fault, arguing is not the answer. The damage is done. Let the authorities handle it, or here’s a thought; be the Christian community that we are and put is God’s hands.

  120. Cameron says:

    I’m with Mark Mason. It’s funny how people can hide behind made up names and spout off crap but they won’t say it with their names or confront the person they are saying it to….ie “hamburg fan” COWARDS! lol
    I do know for a fact that #77, from Hamburg, was sending text messages

  121. Clay says:

    Each person involved that committed an act of crime should be charged. Any player involved should be banned the rest of this year and not be allowed to practice or play until he can write his own account of what happened without assistance. It must be grammatically correct, correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization. From what some of their posts look like they will benefit more from that than football.

  122. Mark Mason says:

    For those who are still afraid of posting under their real name, all I want is for you to tell me what you are afraid of. You don’t have to use your real name if that’s what’s keeping you silent, the important thing is that we identify this problem and solve it. All it takes is one person; a person who understands what’s going on and isn’t afraid to talk about it…is that person you? Dare to exercise your First Amendment rights.

  123. Lena (yes my real name) says:

    Arguments. Accusations. Blame. This is the new low that you people on here have reduced to. I understand your need for defending your son or your town’s team, but really, stand back and look at what this is doing. This accomplishes nothing. I was not at this game, nor will I comment at any hearsay that has been posted. It was a tense situation and has now been escalated to an EXTREMELY tense situation that will be held over both town’s teams always.

  124. Lila Loveless says:

    What a mature MHS student. Thank you for your insight.

  125. I was there,I have reviewed the film says:

    I posted on here Friday,and now I have (read)listened to all of the comments people keep leaving on here,the one overwhelming fact is this SEVERAL HAMBURG PLAYERS COMMITED A CRIMINAL ACT.
    We should deal with those on both teams on the matter of poor sportsmanship,and deal with those who violated civil law on that level.
    Hamburg school administration has to,has to ,has to decide if the standard of conduct they require of a coach was met ( I don’t see how they can say yes) BUT!!!
    Here’s the question
    if several students in a class room jumped on a teacher what should happen?
    if several students get in a fight what should happen?
    Answer these two and the problem is solved.
    one more question
    I am familiar with the bullying standard in the school system,If number 77 violated that standard then let the standard be met,man up and take a chance to make a positive out of a negative (teach these kids they are responsible for their actions) and its not always someone else’s fault,I say that because I think I read on here where someone said the Monticello coach provoked these kids, hey next time it just may be a homework assignment or a bad grade that sets them off or it may show up one day when their in the work force and their supervisor provokes them.
    we (adults) must hold the standard.
    What say you?

  126. Concerned. says:

    So my question stand…What happens to the coach from Monticello who hit the football player from Hamburg and ended up in the ER? Would other witness please come forward and contact your school administrator. No Adult should be putting their hands on a child no matter the circumstance. I feel this is a very serious offense and should be looked at. I am not condoning the behavior of either party in this altercation between these schools, but I dont believe a coach who picks out a kid left behind should still be allowed to be around children.

  127. coaches wife says:

    “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” Ephesians 4:29

    I never thought I would live among a community, that is so fast to place blame, cast judgement, thrive off of gossip, slander the reputations of professionals, in doing so, not only hurt them, but their family and loved ones, and yet, this vicious talk continues, I refuse to let this forum affect me or my family in any negative way from this day on.. i will pray diligently for all of you who think you are helping the situation by posting more judgement calls..and to those who are calling out people for something so petty and insignificant as not putting their “real names”… why… that’s all i ask… why?? i will pray that your hearts are convicted for the hurt and pain you are causing to all involved… children, wives, etc, I pray for both communities, that they reconcile this conflict, and realize that we all make mistakes… its only human.. its unfortunate that we as a community are making a name for ourselves…. and it’s not a good one… am i perfect?? absolutely not.. do i make mistakes.. all the time…. as do most of you , i assume…. why are you continuing to magnify this situation.. its out of your hands and will be handled…

  128. Disgusted says:

    All of you sound like a bunch of 2 yr. olds throwing a Temper Tantrum. Grow Up. No wonder your kids act like they do!!!

  129. Billie Alumni says:

    Everybody is crying and screaming about how violent it was. While I don’t agree or condone the fight, lets face it folks, football is a violent sport period. We all act like spectator’s at a Roman gladiator game. Sit in a huge crowd in a circle above the playing field and the harder the hit the louder we cheer. We congragulate our players for the “big” hits and slap em on the back when they have scratches on the helmet or blood on thier uniform. We teach them from pee wee on up to not be afraid of hurting the other player because he is trying to hurt you and that is part of the excitement of the game. Be mad because of the lack of control from the refs and coaches from “both” teams but stop sniveling about the violence or put your kids in the band. If you dont like it stop coming to the game and cheering for it. “

  130. #99 Jr. Billie Momma says:

    What exactly do yall mean when yall say thugs? I hope that is not in reference to my son, that is a proud MJB. My son is not a thug, but he will defend himself. Since ppl are name calling, I think the four players that jumped on my son are cowards!!!! Fight him one on one and see how it goes. The players could have been seriously hurt if they didn’t fight back and they coach would’ve been too. I hope he was fighting them back, yeah yeah yeah I know they are kids, but a kids can kill or injure you. I was there and saw the whole thing. Am I embarassed for Monticello? NO. I was embarass for Monticello, when a jury let a murderer of a 16yr old boy serve less than three years. I a, embarass that in Monticello you get more time for selling drugs than killing someone. I am embarassed for MOnticello that there are no jobs here. I am embarassed for Monticello for a lot of reasons but, for our MJB no. And for the ones that said that the players can’t form a correct sentences, I hope you are just speaking in terms of the ones that’s commenting. Go Jr Billies!!!

  131. Give Me a Break says:

    To “I was there and reviewed the tape” The kid in the letterman jacket committed a CRIMINAL ACT too. It is called INCITING A RIOT. All need to be disciplined.

  132. Amazed says:

    Discipline calls for a suspension of football at both high schools. It is quite obvious both the adults and the children involved are not disciplined and lack respect. I feel confident the parents will blame it oon ADD but this is not action that can be addressed with a pill. It is ato be laid at the feet of parents who fail to parent and instead blame their children’s bad behavior on anything but their failure to discipline and teach respect to their out of control offspring.

  133. southarkfan says:

    As a resident Monticello and therefore Southeast Arkansas, I would like to say shame on all of us!!! I played football in Monticello back in the day and if this had happened, those directly involved would have been thrown off the team, no questions asked. We all in some way or another are responsible for what happened. Whether we are a coach, parent, or player it doesnt matter.

    Coaches are not oblivious to the talk or taunting that happens on the field. Tell your players to keep their mouths shut or ride the bench. Let your players actions on the field speak louder than words.

    Parents have a responsibility to guide the actions of their children, so in a way the players actions are a reflection of what they are taught. Ever heard of turn the other cheek?

    And ultimately the players are responsible for their own actions.

    This should be an eye opener for all of us. What are we teaching our kids to make them think they need to resort to this? When the last buzzer sounds, it’s just a game.

  134. Appalled says:

    Well, it is insane to me that many of you are posting things like “can we just stop this?” and “quit pointing fingers” and “let the school systems handle it” but then you go on to post accusatory remarks, so it is not ever going to stop until we ALL stop posting. Hamburg and Monticello – you are SOUTHEAST ARKANSAS. I’m all about SE Arkansas. Not born and raised here, but at home just the same. I know first hand how we are not respected and overlooked in every sport or event. If we could come together and play a game and not be thugs maybe we could get the respect and recognition we deserve. But my friends from the northern part of the state are laughing at me now and I am having to defend our territory and I am not even in this battle. I’m trying to honor our area and it’s pretty tough when we consistently post these horrible posts and most are from adults. That’s what’s embarrassing to me. I love Hamburg and I adore Monticello. Come on everyone….let’s show some class if we can.

  135. Wesley says:

    you guy’s here is the truth hamburg football players started texting one of the junior high football threats so hamburg watch your students on their cell phones we did not do nothing wrong and hamburg u started cussing out our football players and i think hamburg should be at fault

  136. I was there,I have reviewed the film says:

    Hey give me a break I don’t disagree lets get on with it,but its much more concerning that a school official was attacked.just listen to what I am saying ,if the coaches and the parents are not going hold the standard,do we just lower the standard or do we demand that the standard be met?
    I am reluctant to say ban sports at both schools because you now punish those who lived by the standard, we should have learned this with no child left behind , when we started not keeping scores at sporting events and telling our kids that everyone wins.
    In the real world if you don’t hold the standard you are punished and you are rewarded for holding the standard,how would you feel if tomorrow if 10 people at your job showed up late and everyone had their pay docked just to keep those who were wrong from feeling bad or meeting the standard, I don’t care that a fight broke out but what i do hate is that the expectations of our children are being lowered daily, at some time it has to stop, its deeper than a ball game it is an epidemic that is and will continue to weaken our country if we care we will hold the standard if not it will just quietly go away and then it will happen again, what will happen when those players involved in the attack on the coach allow their children start to play sports do you think they will respect the coaches, players and parents, what will we say when it happens again ( we didn’t know and we are totally surprised)

  137. Linda Johnson says:

    The Lions get into it with Crossett all the time and have done so for years. It’s not just Hamburg? There is some kind of ongoing problem with Hamburg that keeps going through the decades. I’ve never heard of Monticello or Crossett having this kind of trouble with any other teams.

    All this was very childish. Especially the adults. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  138. Hamburg Alumni says:

    Parents if you spent more time running your household properly instead of trying to run the school/police investigation. We might come up with a solution to the problem which isn’t just a Hamburg problem as people are quickly pointing fingers, but a monitcello, dermott, dumas ,lake village, crossett, warren, pine bluff, mcghee, little rock, springdale, fayetteville, etc. Someone mentioned earliers that we have lowered the standards and expectations of our students/children and i strongly agree. For example we had parents and coaches on the field acting worse than the children and by the comments posted parents still are upholding their children in the wrong. Both sides are at fault regardless of how many interview and reviewing of the film, you will never get the truth People LIE….. bottom line especially to avoid being in trouble. Parents and teachers sit around and gossip about the incident and children are listening even when you think they are not. So they take on the same attitude and blame the opposite party. Let school/police handle the investigation and you run your own household and let’s teach the kids some responsibilty and respect for others.

    Oh i understand the comments about how Northwest arkansas and people in other areas are making judgements about the Southeast. My advice to them is tend your own business bc im pretty sure you have problems of the their owns in their school system. For as not getting the credit that the south deserve in atheletics, I”ll take team consisting of players from the south any day over any where else in the state. We have natural talented people in this area and if we had the resources and support system as some the northwest school such as fayetteville and springdale etc have we would be in the spotlight as well. So to all the players in the south who trying to go further in their field of activity despite the negativity going on now don’t let this stop you guys from striving to be the best.

  139. Hamburg Alumni says:

    Hamburg and Crosset has always been rivalry. There are plenty schools that have issues and incidents during rivlary game. When i was in high school and jr high we didn’t actual fist fight with crossett. There might been incident after school hours just like at any other school, but most of the time is not the school age children, but others. We played harmless pranks and at the most a little destruction of school property on either side. So quit trying to make this look like hamburg got a history of violent incident or unsportsman like conduct. But this is just proof that time are changing and that kids are doing the things we did 15 or 20 years ago, not even 10 years ago. In Louisiana, there back t0 back to back STATE champions were involved in a fight during a game as well recently. So i know this isn’t just a Southeast Ark dilemma but a problem that happen nationwide. Parents be parents and Educators be educators bc our kids are suffering and its showing daily.

  140. Linda Johnson says:

    The deal with Crossett doesn’t just involve the schools. A few years ago there was an elderly man who lives a few blocks from the field got his tires cut when there was a game with Hamburg.

  141. Linda Johnson says:

    It’s stupid anyway. It’s a game. Games are intended for people to have fun. Parents and coaches have turned kids into being super competitive and it’s a shame that students can’t have fun (the actual purpose for games).

  142. mike says:

    I’m praying for both schools

  143. Get Real! says:

    Linda Johnson I’m from Hamburg & graduated High School there! Yes Hamburg & Crossett got into a fight this year on the field but, before you start pointing fingers about the entire Hamburg/Crossett game get your facts straight first. Were you at that game? I’m going to assume not but, Hamburg did not start that fight at all. So before you go running your mouth about that game you need to get your facts straight!

  144. Monroe says:

    WoW!!!! Those Rednecks got it on, eh?

  145. Hamburg Alumni says:

    Ms. Johnson,

    I believe you when say an elderly man got his tires cut. As stated earlier, it started as harmless pranks and then you have individuals on both side that takes things to far. I had a friend who just had gotten a car their junior year and didn’t want to drive during spirit week or the week were playing crossett. We went out to eat at catfish inn in Hamburg and some individuals decided that it was cute to hit her car and others with paintballs. so you can imagine the damage. Everyone a story of what went on but we can’t blame everything on hamburg and the students. Like i said alot of time it was people within both communties doing these things bc the school age kids was scared of the consequences for serious acts such as cutting tires, paintball, throwing etc. I agree with you 100% that games should be fun and we just made it were you can’t just enjoy thurs or friday nite game without unneccessary drama. I hope this is lesson learned for both school districts, parents, and communites. We as a society has to do better……bottom line

  146. Hamburg Alumni says:

    Can somebody tell me again when Hamburg had an altercation with another school other than Crossett and Monticello which happen this year? I don’t think so, but correct me if i’m wrong. Just bc Crossett or Monticello hasn’t had a big altercation like this or you haven’t heard of any doesn’t mean they are choir boys!!! I can remember one year specifically where an student from crossett during opening of a basketball game spit directly into one of our players face as they were coming out of the locker room. If hamburg was so violent and out of order, there would have been an even bigger brawl. But there wasn’t and our players walked out played game…yeah we won!! Crossett school officials did remove the student from the gym immediately and i give them credit for it. So yeah Hamburg has a history with Crossett but its not all on Hamburg.
    I don’t know what went on in monticello but the two can’t be compared before this hamburg hasn’t had any issues with monticello.

    For some reasons, Hamburg and Crossett has always fueded. Each individual has there own reason why, but me personally i feel like crossett has always been jealous of Hamburg…..I don’t know why Hamburg no different than any other community. I have some good college friends from crossett and we laugh at this all da time

  147. hobbitt says:

    “in house” investigation.

    Of course. If I were a suspicious person I might think that a neutral third party might actually find the truth, and take action.

  148. DeAnn Speer says:

    After reading this, I am ashamed for the parents. What happened to the Christian values Monticello used to have? If this incident had happened in the 80’s, ALL students involved would have been punished by the schools AND their parents. It is NEVER okay to take physical action against another person, period. Have any of you stopped pointing fingers to find out why this happened? At our games, there was always mouthing going on back and forth yet our parents would have knocked us out if they’d heard it, not join in! Please, take a moment to speak to your children and explain to them what they could have done and should do in the future to prevent this from happening again. It’s time to stop this shamefull blaming and teach our children to take responsibilty for themselves.

  149. Concerned says:

    This event squarely falls on the coaches, principles and the administrators!
    Football is physically demanding and can be a brutal sport; because of that the coaches must instill on these boys what is acceptable behavior on and off the field… this incident is the result of not providing the correct discipline for these boys.
    Football and athletics must be seen as a privileged to these youth and if they do not conduct themselves correctly in the classroom and in the community they will not be able to play come game day. When I played football our grades where checked every week and if we were failing ANY classes we were not allowed to play, also we were not allowed to play if we got a detention. If we were sent to ISS we were removed from the team.
    Hamburg has a very big problem with discipline. A large portion of the trouble makers in Hamburg are some of the Athletic boys and they bring other students into their disruptive behavior. The coaches and administrators do not set academics and conduct above athletics. They are severely failing all the students in this regard.
    Hamburg’s ISS is full and Reprimands turned in for athletes by teachers are regularly either not acted upon or lost by the Principles. These students need to know that if they can’t behave themselves in the classroom they won’t be allowed to play and that room will be found for them away from the rest of the students or sent home for their parents to babysit.
    It sounds like to me that both these school districts need to suspend all athletics for at least the next year and concentrate on academics and getting their houses in order. As long as these administrators are more concerned with “Thursday and Friday Night Lights” rather than academic excellence then they will continue to have incidents like this and ALL the students will suffer.

  150. Cannot believe says:

    “Lions, Billies and Parents….oh my” If Dorothy only knew…

  151. TNRAZRBCK says:

    Having been born and raised in Billie Country I know how important football is to these communitites. But I honestly think this has been a molehill made into a mountain! I have 3 teenage athletes…..Track/weightliftinh, A Graduated Football player & a baseball player still in HS. I have seen my share of football fights… get these hormonal teens on the field..after the coaches yell and AMP them up in the locker room…not too mention how they gear each other up. Then they are expected to go on the field knock the heck out of each other and be friends? Does the word testorone(SP?) mean anything to you people? these are young teenage men….ramped up for football! Cut them some slack……and one more thing before I go….Last week there was a fight at a Memphis football game…..1 was shot….2 stabbed…numerous went to ER. So I would like to say to Monticello and Hamburg…..Be Thankful none of your boys were shot or stabbed! Relax…its just a good ole country fight on a football field.

  152. disgusted says:

    I am not surprised. That’s ok. I bet you money that the kids will end up being in more trouble. And I hope the prosecuting attorney picks the case up and press charges on all of them.

  153. taxpayer says:

    The football career of everyone involved should be over forever. Sports should teach sportsmanship. Those who don’t display this act of civilized conduct shouldn’t be allowed to particpate. This is the place for a no tolerance policy. This includes coachs.

  154. Concerned says:

    Why did Hamburg not get punished??

  155. Dana says:



  156. i was there,i have reviewed the film says:

    well I think i told everyone this would happen.
    the next thing will be a teacher at hamburg will get beat or a student or a fight at another game and this time it will be bad.
    this is indicative of what happens in a society where no one is held accountable, you see its not the coach’s fault because he was taught and teaches in a system where everyone is equal , its not the parents fault because their spoilt , ignorant child was forced to attack a school official,and guess what when the people are faced with the realty that they are accountable to the law then mom and dad will be there to protest that its just not fair that this kid even though disrespect for authority has been a pattern in their life since J.R High .
    then we will all realize we had a chance to fix this!!! and did nothing

  157. Get the facts Straight says:

    3 Hamburg Students served 6 days in ISS and a many others were punished by coaches. So, your title that reads “Hamburg Players get nothing” needs to be removed!

  158. Frustrated says:

    The media is so very frustrating. The headline to this article is ridiculous and misleading. The Ashley County Ledger spoke about one particular student and the punishment he did not get. It did not say anything about any other students or the punishment they received. If this online information source wants to be informative, then give out correct information. Those of you passing judgement and negatively branding these students that you do not know personally should be ashamed. They are children that made a mistake. That does not make them “thugs” or “problem children”. If that were the case, what should all of you be branded as?

  159. concerned citizen says:

    wow i hit someone when i was 17 and got a criminal charge over it, and all i did was leave them bruised…. these kids broke an adults nose and was using helmets as weapons and no criminal charges were filed???? i think people are sending the wrong message by worrying about what school was at fault, EVERYONE involved in the fight should be charged with at least a battery charge, and those who used weapons should get assault charges…. school lost control of the situation when the police had to stop the fight, so the school should not be allowed to give the children a slap on the wrist, THESE ARE TEENAGERS NOT PRE K. STUDENTS… or is there some special rule for football players, that enable them to do as they please without punishment?? the whole situation is just sad…

  160. Re: Get the facts Straight says:

    The “facts” about Hamburg’s punishment is in the link below…. It should be in the comic part of the newspaper! I got it from someone’s facebook and we have been getting a laugh all day!

  161. Frustrated says:

    To Get the fact straight writer: you are right on the punishment of the students. I’m not sure what the person that commented on your post read. The Ashley County Ledger did not post what punishment any student did received. I do know that it is sad for someone to proudly admit they laughed about such a situation “all day”. Ignorance knows no bounds!

  162. Re:Frustrated says:

    It stated that one eighth grade student was suspended and his parents appealed it because the TAPE showed that he wasn’t involved. AND THEY WON!!!! HAHA! Hamburg’s superintendent SAID he didn’t go by what was on the tape that he WATCHED but by the statements from other students. He also didn’t go by the tape on what other kids did but by the statements of the students.. That, my “frustrated” friend, is what we found so funny! lol I don’t care who got punished and who didn’t because I think this is all BS.
    He’s sounded like a MORON though! hahahaha!!

  163. Get the facts Straight says:

    That “fact” is in regard to one student, not everyone involved. Sad that you think a situation like this is comical.

  164. Frustrated says:

    Until put in the same position as the players, coaches, or administration, you do not know how you would have handled such a situation. One person did not make the decision of punishment for the Hamburg boys. Those directly affected by this ordeal do not think it is funny or BS. You, my “uncaring friend”, have no couth.

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