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20 Pounds of Pot Equal $250,000 Bond

November 7th, 2008 by

Two men who were stopped by Arkansas State Trooper Clayton Moss, near Lacey Wednesday, went before Monticello District Court Judge Ken Harper, Friday for first appearance bond hearings.

Benny Armstrong, of Little Rock received a bond of $250,000, while Derrel Fleming, reportedly of McGehee, earned a bond of $10,000, for their transportation and possession of over 20 pounds of marijuana.

Armstrong received the higher bond, likely to his description as an alleged “habitual offender” in the crinimal information document that has been filed in the circuit clerk’s office for the case.

Both men have now been charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Deliver, which in this case is a “Class B” felony, based on the amount of weed recovered.

Possible sentence for Armstrong is 5-40 years in the Dept. of Corrections, while Fleming’s sentence could range from 5-20 years.


The story below posted on Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trooper’s Traffice Stop Finds 20 Pounds of Pot

Around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon, Arkansas State Trooper Clayton Moss was on patrol on Hwy 425 in the Lacy area, and stopped a pickup truck for speeding. There were two males in the truck, and Trooper Moss could smell marijuana, and noticed that the passenger was drinking on the highway.

As the Trooper was talking with the passenger, he was given a small bag of marijuana. Trooper Moss searched the truck and found a large trash bag in the bed of the pickup truck, which contained a duffel bag. Inside of the duffel bag were two large bundles of marijuana, wrapped in trash bags and duct tape.

Each bag weighed over ten pounds, for a total of over 20 pounds of marijuana!

Trooper Donny Crow arrived during the stop and assisted.  State Police Special Agent Scott Russell also arrived and helped with the interview and interrogation.

The Troopers seized the truck and over $1,000 in cash. Both men had previous drug violation arrests, and were charged with Possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, and taken to the Drew County Detention Facility. Lock and Keys provided the tow.

One of the men arrested had a McGehee address, while the other shows to be from Little Rock.

14 Responses to “20 Pounds of Pot Equal $250,000 Bond”

  1. Kay Craig says:

    Way to go, troopers. Thanks for your help in keeping our county free of drug dealers.

  2. Joe Mailman says:

    Great job Trooper! Thank you for your service! Keep up the great work! The highway needs you guys and we appreciate you!

  3. Susan Hollinger says:

    Go Clayton Go Donny Great Job.

  4. Miss-e says:

    Great Job Troopers!!!!

  5. Yukiko says:

    Good job Clayton and Donny. Thank you for keeping Drew County safe county. Go troopers. God bless you

  6. Summer Braswell says:

    Grwat Job Donny & Clayton! You guys ROCK! (maybe I’m a little partial) but that is an awesome bust and you guys should be proud. Keep up the hard work!

  7. just wondering says:

    How much is 20 lbs. worth on the street? Great job.Stay safe.

  8. Trish says:

    Way to go Clayton and Donny!!!! Great job!!!!!

  9. Nan Carter says:

    Thanks a million to those troopers who siezed that marijuana! Way to go, guys! by doing this great job, you have kept it out of those hands who supply it to our kids! May God Bless You For This! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

  10. Response says:

    The going rate for marijuana is about $400.00 a pound. So if my math is right, 20lbs would be worth about $80,000.00

  11. Erica Jones says:

    Way to go!!!Now keep it up b/c there is so many others out there that needs to be caught too…

  12. Beverly Davis says:

    To “response” your math is not quite correct…….it would be 8,000.00

  13. jason says:

    400.00 per pound wholesale in South Texas maybe. The street value is estimated at between 900 – 1,200 per pound

  14. LR MAN says:

    BO o Those have to been the two stupidest criminals. Really speeding with 10-20 years in prison in their truck. Wow

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