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Other Brother (Shooting Suspect) Now in Custody

May 30th, 2013 by

zrtyuz567-175x300Monticello Police confirmed the Thursday arrest of Jimmy Kincade, Jr., who along with his brother, Jermaine Kincade (arrested Friday), allegedly shot a shotgun at three Turtle Creek Apt. residentS, last Thursday, seriously injuring two of the victims.  The pair of brothers then fled the scene, to be found later at Pilgrim Rest Apts., when they then fled on foot.

Both were arrested in Chicot County, due to the co-operative efforts between the Chicot County Sheriff’s Dept. and Monticello Police.


Shooting Suspects Flee from Police – After Apt Shooting Injures 3
May 23, 2013

Around 3 pm Thursday afternoon, Jermaine and Jimmy Kincade, Jr. allegedly shot three victims at Turtle Creek Apts.

Authorities are currently searching for the Kincade brothers,from Eudora and Little Rock, both in their late 20′s.

The pair were last seen on foot, running from the complex, and are believed to still be in the area.  The vehicle they were in has been impounded by MPD, from it’s location at Pilgrim Rest Apt.

They should be considered to be armed and dangerous. Do not approach them.  Call Monticello Police at 367-3411.

According to law enforcement, the victims did not sustain life-threatening injuries.

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16 Responses to “Other Brother (Shooting Suspect) Now in Custody”

  1. Sad says:

    I know both of these boys personally and have for years and I am not condoning anything that they have done because it was wrong it just saddens me to try and think of what would push them over the edge in such a way. It’s hard to not be sad when you really care about them and know the people that will be hurt by them being put away. Wish they would have thought about the consequences before they did what they did but sometimes actions take over thoughts. Too late now and I hope that the injured make a speedy recovery and that everyone is ok. Y’all turn yourselves in dont make it any harder on yourselves than what it already is.


  3. Whatever says:

    RE: Sad…….I know them both too, but my concern is less on the effects of their being incarcerated and more on the effects of their victims, and the general threat they pose to society as a whole! Push them over the edge my eye!!! They made a conscientious, one in a long line of poor choices I have watched them make!!! No, don’t blame their families and upbringing, because I know for a fact the values various family members tried to instill in them, yet this is the direction they chose. Yes I am saddened that these are the choices they make, but not in the least about them being held accountable for them.

  4. MHS 89 says:

    So is this something we need to be worried about or not!?!? There have been no updates posted.

  5. Jodie says:

    I am also sad. I know the parents of the 2 men. They are good people and did their best to raise them well. We who have kids want the best for your children but they must also want better. So let us prayer for them ALL!

  6. Terrie Briant says:

    Good going guys! Just one more to go!

  7. Razrbaby says:

    One dwn one to go. Hope all the victims is doin ok. Cant blame the families for grown mens actions. This twn has always been decent but the last 5 to 10 years its gettin worse n worse on drugs and crime. Not sayin it was drugs but why do we gotta get guns involved. why noy like the old days and a good ole fistfight n the u shake hands n go on with ur business. Its alot coming form pine bluff and little rock area. The law enforcement and public need to stand together and get this out of our town. Pine bluff mall lost there business cause of stuff like this.

  8. Sad says:

    I never did blame the parents or family because I also know them well being raised with them. Nor am I condoning what they did or anything I said it’s sad they are doing this to their family by doing a senseless crime and getting locked up! Don’t try to read sideways and act like I’m saying its good they did it!

  9. Razrbaby says:

    I didnt mean to offend anyone and didnt read sideways. I commented on i wat my thoughts was not on wat other ppl commented. Blessings to victims families and accused families.

  10. Bill says:

    One shouldn’t be so quick to judge get all the facts innocent until proven guilty ! What if it was self defense ?

  11. Lasey says:

    Im glad they turned themselves in! And stop being so judgemental people. What if its self defense?

  12. ??? says:

    Bill, if it were self-defense I doubt they would’ve fled on foot twice….

  13. inner circle says:

    bad boys bad boys whatchoo gone do
    whatchoo gone do when they come for you

  14. Jim Owens says:

    If convicted, they’ll serve a month or so, then be turned back out in society to do more evil deeds.

  15. beingmyself says:


  16. S. Freeman says:

    Self-defense. Two of the victims that were shot were MY sisters. My oldest was shot in the eye and my never be able to see again and the other My youngest who is 7mnths pregnant and sustained 40 old number of pellets to her stomach, legs, neck and other areas. Innocent by-standers get it the worse. So self defense – can your apologies give my sister her vision back or undo any harm that may occur to my sisters unborn child. Thanks to those who called in and gave tips. We were brought up right and taught morals but look what has happened to my family. Know the whole story before give sympathy to the offenders. I forgive them because its the Godly thing to do but they have left scars and my family and myself will never forget. Pray for the city of Monticello and surrounding towns is what I say!

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