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Rottweiler Attacks Walking Woman – Transferred to JRMC

January 7th, 2012 by

According to MPD Chief Eddy Deaton, a woman taking a walk was mauled by a Rottweiler, Friday morning.

The 25 year old woman was taken to DMH by MASI, then transported to JRMC, by SEEMS, due to the seriousness of her injuries.

The dog that attacked her has been put down, and it’s owner charged for the events that occurred.

The attack took place near the intersection of Pope and Cooper Streets.

27 Responses to “Rottweiler Attacks Walking Woman – Transferred to JRMC”

  1. my 2 cents worth says:

    No dogs should be allowed in the city limits PERIOD! Their barking is a nuisance and it disturbs other people that want to enjoy being outdoors. Most of the dogs I’ve seen are in pens at the back of someones property and arent even messed with. You dog owners need to think about other people that want to be outside and enjoy the peace and quiet. We should not have to listen to your mutt barking because someone closed a car door down the street.

  2. 3 cents says:

    If people want dogs that is fine, but keep them in a pen, or on a chain. Take them for walks and exercise them. Even out of town people dump dogs, let dogs run loose and nobody wants a pack of dogs running around killing chickens, messing in trash, etc.
    Some people need to realize a loose dog is more of a problem and hazard for other people and cars on the road. Carelessness and neglect on the owners part.

  3. wondering says:

    First of all if you want peace and quiet move out in the country. This is the U.S.A. and last I heard it is a free country. I have dogs and I keep them up where they can run around. No chains no small pens. The barking she does let’s me know if anyone is on my property and I like it. It is no worse than the cars going up and down the streets music booming! Not all dog owners are irresponsible.

  4. just saying says:

    I have a dog and it stays outside, i doesn’t bother anybody and it wouldn’t bite a fly, i do agree however that mean dogs should not be allowed in town but not all dogs are mean or barke all the time, mine lets me know when someone is in my yard, it doesnt bother anybody

  5. Agree with my 2 cents worth says:

    I don’t live in the city limits but completely agree with the previous comments. Some people so called “love” their animals but allow them to roam the streets. Some people “love” their animals and never allow them off of a chain or out of a pen. For those who truly love their animals….Just remember…the next person may not. I really hope the person injured in this tragedy will be okay.

  6. wondering says:

    I also hope the person injured in this tragedy will be ok as well. I don’t want to see anybody hurt by any dog. I have been bitten before and it was just a small bite. I love my animals and take care of them and spend time with them. I have grand children and I will not tolerate a vicious animal around them or anyone else. Some people have animals to try and make themselves look bad. I see them walking these dogs all over town and they look like they are starving. I don’t believe these people should be allowed to have these dogs to make them mean. But also you cannot always predict a dogs behavior. I do agree it is the owners reponsibility to keep their dogs up and if they show aggression (which some are trained to do) THEY SHOULD be kept in a safe place. You cannot judge all animal owners by the irresponsibility of others.

  7. Monticello needs to Band Rollweilers in the city. Other towns are doing it. Does it take a killing to get something done. It just seems to be in the nature of these animals. My grandson was attacked. If a psser-by had not come along, he wouldn’t be here!!!

  8. dipnet says:

    Rottweilers and Pit Bulls are inherently aggressive and unpredictable animals. They both have a long history of unprovoked and violent attacks……even against young children. I think they should be outlawed in the city limits.

  9. captaintrips says:

    This is what is wrong with our country. The needs of a few outweigh the needs of the many. When is everybody going to wake up? We are living in a country that is not free any longer. All of our rights being taken away from us little at a time. Before you know it we wont even be able to speak on the phone to someone about anything because BIG BROTHER will be listening on the other end and if we say anything that upsets anyone, they will come knocking on our door.
    I have had the privilege to go East Germany and tour East Berlin before the Iron curtain came down. It was sickening. No one looked at anyone, much less spoke to anyone on the street. They were afraid to.
    I do hope this person will heal completely! I believe the correct action was taken. The offending animal was put down and the owner charged with the event.

  10. Loving says:

    The dog was on a chain. Dogs do break chains ya know.

  11. Speak the truth says:

    Dogs r very unpredictable, I have to pits that are very loving and a chihuahua that will tear ur head off..

  12. Jen says:

    It’s awfully scary….I have a grown son who is confined to a wheelchair and he travels all over town in his chair. Stray or unkept dogs are his biggest fear. He would not have a chance if he were attacked. I pray for a full recovery for the girl and hope this never happens again.

  13. Pit lover says:

    I have two dogs myself one pitbull and one lab/pit, everyone hounds on pits trying to make everyone believe they are bad dogs, the bad ones r bad bc of the owners!!!! My pit is 4 yrs old, she is not mean nor has she ever bit someone. One comment complained about the dogs being noisy hate to break it to u but u live up town dogs ain’t the only thing making noises!!!!! Alot of dog owners see their dogs as their children, that’s like us trying to tell u to keep your kids mouth shut and ban them from town!!!!! Yes all dogs should be kept inside in a pen or on a strong chain but ban them from city limits, grow up! If u see straying dogs call someone like the humane place?!! All dogs ain’t mean it’s all about how they was raised!!!!

  14. really says:

    The issue with the dog is not because of its breed! Everybody always points fingers at rotts and pits. Its in how you raise them! I dont agree with lettin your dogs just run around town. As far as the peace and quiet, really? You chose to live in town and thats a part with living in town is there is always noise going on! I have 2 dogs and when they bark it lets me know that someone or something should’nt be there! I hope the lady that was injured recovers and in good condition! This story is sad. It makes me so mad when ppl start pointing fingers at the breed when you need to be pointing your finger at the owner. Granted the owner would probably say oh hes never bitten anyone or attacked another animal which this may be true but obviously the owner wasnt doing something correct or this wouldnt have happened! JUST SAYIN!

  15. really says:

    as far as making rotts and pits “outlawed” get real! I have a pit and a bulldog. my pit is 2 and raised since he was 3 weeks. my kids would do more harm to you then my pit would. i think before ppl point their finger and say oh well they are agressive breeds you need to educate yourself on different dog breeds. I used to live across the street from ppl that had 2 stupid little chiuauas and they would pin you at your mailbox! Its not just a pit bull or rott its any breed of dog. Any dog could silently attack! Why dont we ban stupid ppl from town or the ppl that run their mouths so loud you can hear them 2 streets over. Get a grip and educate yourself!

  16. Police Wife 2010 says:

    In town, we all live in pretty close quaters. As neighbors we should be considerate of others. I knw that u cant physically make ur dog b quite and i understand the whole barking when other people come onto ur property. However, when ur dog barks when the wind blows or if a cricket jumps 3 houses down, it disturbs others. But thats besides the point. That dog tht attacked this lady was not ob a chain, it dug out from under the fence and it posted up under someone elses carport and when the police got there it tried 2 attack him 2!

  17. dogs lover says:

    i have 2 great dame, 1 is very nice the other can get upset if someone come up to the fence, so they dont have to be bulldog,u dont know about any dog. mind is in a fence, and dont want to go anywhere they know where the food come from!!

  18. lady says:

    I have 2 dogs who live inside with me. I don’t leave them outside for extended periods because I DO love them. I watch them closely so they don’t get hurt or anything. My dogs will never be left outside because they are family and they belong indoors.

  19. Spaulding says:

    I take great offense at ‘my 2 cents worth’, ms. wheeler and dipnet. It’s in the raising of the animal. I owned a rottweiler named Simba and a staffordshire Pitbull named Ginger. These two dogs never harmed anything OR anyone. Period. So please don’t be so simple-minded and ban all rottweilers , pitbulls, and any other dogs that get on your nerves.

  20. dipnet says:

    I did educate myself! And I hate to tell you this but statistics on dog attacks from 1982 thru 2010 indicate that the TOP TWO breeds involved in bodily harm attacks were the Rottweiler at 1552 and Pit Bull at 457. The next breed down on the list was a Pit Bull mix at 102 and then a German Shepard at 79! Doesn’t look good for the Rottweiler! Sorry to offend anyone but if one of my grandchildren are harmed by one of your dogs there will be more than “great offense” involved! Many communities have banned these breeds for good reason. Many elderly citizens like to walk and they need to feel safe. And I am sorry but YES, I think their needs come before someone with a vicious dog on the loose!

  21. Jen says:

    All of these comments about the dogs and the rights of the dog owners and the breed of dogs…….does anyone know how the victim is doing….the girl that got attacked how is she?

  22. Melony says:

    First of all this is a free country, so unless you want to live like communist, you might want to be thankful that we do have some rights. It is NOT the dogs fault, it is the owners. EDUCATE yourself. If everyone would be responsible pet owners would spay and neuter their animals this wouldn’t be an issue about animals running all over town. If people like these ones that are spreading hate, would take a little more time to get involved as opposed to just spending their time preaching this disgusting town might have a little more intelligence. TO CHAIN A DOG makes it aggressive. no matter what breed of dog.

    Monticello prides its self on being a town of religious attributes, well animals are God’s creation, have some compassion.

    If it were legal to euthanize humans, imagine where you might be in the spectrum of things.

    Gob bless the ones of you who stood up for Rottweilers and Pitt Bulls.

    People breed hate, not animals.
    Abusers are losers.

  23. R&R says:

    We have a Rottweiler that is 10 years old, he looks scary, sounds scary and is quite the guard dog. He is also a member of our family, he is an inside dog who sleeps in our bed, we have a fenced yard, he has never been put on a chain, and he has never been caged. This is the sweetest, most loving and loyal dog, the only reason that he “MIGHT” attack is if you are threatening my family, HIS family. I hope that the lady who was attacked is doing OK, and I hate that she had this happen. But I respectfully agree with other posters here and say don’t blame the dog, his owners are SOLELY responsible for this tragedy.

  24. I LOVE MY DOGS says:


  25. disgusted says:

    Forget the dogs!! What about the human being that was injured? I, for one, could care less about a dog. I don’t care what breed it is. I hate it when dog owners say ” he won’t bit” or “he is harmless” They are animals with teeth and they will bite. And the barking is a nuisance, who wants to hear a dog bark all nite long? As far as keeping them in the house, don’t be surprised when you wake up with their mouth around your throat. And dogs stink. I hope the lady is ok and recovering.

  26. loving mom says:

    Hey disgusted says: You can say the same about your neighbors, for the most part they stink, but when one pays for a home they want security! When there is a lack of security in the community, I DO & WILL own a dog! If you walk down many roads through out our great country, on “Big” city streets, you may be robbed, or raped or shot and killed. oh thats right it happens here in Monticello too. Untill we as a community feel safe again dogs will be a part of every day life. As adults we give love to every thing we do, including our animals. This is a tradgedy to both parties, both the owner of the dog and the LADY. The dog paid the ultimate price…

  27. Think Ahead says:

    I agree with the sentiment that is is a tragedy all around. I see a lot of anti-dog (especially “vicious” dog) messages being posted. But what I do not see is anyone speaking up for a better Humane Society or better enforcement of leash laws. One of the reasons my wife and I decided to move out of the city of Monticello and into Drew County was because we could not walk our dog without being accosted by numerous loose animals. And Monticello animal control consists of one poor man in an old beat-up truck with a chickenwire cage. How do we expect that to be sufficient to remedy the problem? If Monticello is going to have leash laws, lets equip the personnel to enforce them, and establish a place where animals can be cared for, rehabilitated, and rehomed.

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