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Angry Parent, that Crashed School Bus in Teachers Car, Back in Court, Gets 2 Years Sentence

July 9th, 2012 by

The angry parent accused of crashing a Drew Central school bus and a teacher’s car (February 2011), appeared in Circuit Court, Friday, before Judge Sam Pope. 

Christiana White had been on probation for unauthorized use of a vehicle and criminal mischief.

White’s probation was revoked for not following the requirements of her probation, and she was sentenced to two years in ADC’s regional punishment facility (a regional jail).

Prosecutor Files Additional Charges on Parent that Crashed School Bus in Teachers Car
Posted March 24, 2011.

On February 16, Christiana White, parked her car in the school bus lane at Drew Central.  When buses lined up in their regular parking spots, blocking her vehicle, White reportedly became irate.  When the bus driver was unable to move the bus,  White allegedly got on the bus, and drove it into a teacher’s Nissan, and then backed the bus into another school bus.

Monticello Police arrived, and White told the officers, “She wouldn’t, so I got in it and moved it myself”.

White age 33, was cited for driving a bus with no CDL license, and unauthorized us of the vehicle, by the officers at the scene.

10th judicial district prosecuting attorney Thomas Deen has now filed charges in Drew County Circuit Court against White for unauthorized use of a vehicle and second-degree criminal mischief.  The criminal mischief charge includes the phrase, “did recklessly caused damage in excess of $2,500” to the property of a Drew Central teacher.

White also has been sent a letter by Drew Central administration, banning her from campus, and a copy was sent to the Chief of Police. If White comes on campus, she is to notify administration, and she will have a personal escort to the office, and back to her car.


DC Board Updated on Upset Parent that Crashed School Bus in Teachers Car
Mar 16, 2011

An update was given at the recent Drew Central School Board meeting on the school bus accident, when an upset parent crashed a bus into a teacher’s car; then into another school bus .

Estimates for repair of damages to vehicles has been submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney, along with witness statements and other pertinent information.

The Prosecuting Attorney will decide if and what charges are to be filed.

The parent involved has been sent a letter banning her from campus, and a copy sent to the Chief of Police. If the parent comes on campus, she is to notify administration, and she will have a personal escort to the office, and back to her car.

Notice has been given that keys should never be left in the ignition of any school vehicle.

Parent Blocked by School Bus, Crashes Bus Into Teacher’s Car & Another Bus
Feb 24, 2011

Last Wednesday, at 2:55, a parent allegedly parked her car in the “bus student pick-up lane” by the gymnasium, at Drew Central Schools.

Bus #21, arrived to take it’s place in line, and parked behind the parent’s vehicle.  According to reports, the parent Christiana White of E. Shelton Street, then confronted the bus driver, as other buses arrived behind them.  

As the driver went into the school building, prior to her students arrival for her evening route,  White got on the bus (which is against state law) and sat in the driver’s seat.  White then crashed the bus into a nearby Nissan Xterra, owned by a teacher. 

Not through yet, White then backed the bus up, colliding with another school bus, parked behind “her” bus.

Monticello Police arrived, and White told the officers, “She wouldn’t, so I got in it and moved it myself”.

White age 33, was cited for driving a bus with no CDL license, and unauthorized us of the vehicle.

Many parents are outraged at the time and place of White’s actions, concerned about how many students could’ve been injured, if she’d done this as students were coming out of the buildings.

104 Responses to “Angry Parent, that Crashed School Bus in Teachers Car, Back in Court, Gets 2 Years Sentence”

  1. wildvee says:

    good thing wasn,t a child walking between bus and other vehicle. i think stupidity seems to run amuck in drew county at times. just sayin!

  2. Kelly H says:

    This is insane! Please tell me she will no longer be allowed on school property any longer. My children attend Drew Central and I’d really appreciate it if she was no longer allowed to endanger their lives or the lives of others.

  3. concerned drew central parent says:

    As a concerned parent of a drew central student…. this issue really bothers me. It is against the law for her to enter a bus and move it. She did not have any authorization to move that bus. I am so thankful that students were not hurt during this stupid event. I work with the teacher whose vehicle was hit and now she is having to pay deductibles and other fees because this lady did not have insurance. TWO LAWS BROKEN!!!! She was very rude and hateful as if the school was in the wrong and not her. Every day the buses park in the same spot and she knew this. I really hope the police, since this accident, have taken care of the problem. She deserves to pay the teachers fees and for the damage she did to the two buses. I hope she received all the tickets she deserved!!!!!

  4. dc teacher says:

    I love that dirty car… lol.. .wash your car JC!!!!

    I hate that JC is having to pay the $500.00 deductible because the lady didnt have insurance!!!

  5. Nana says:

    Some of you are more generous than I. I would not refer to her as a “lady”. I don’t think she was a lady, nor was she a driver. When you get in a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you, and you take off in it, that’s grand theft auto. In this case, grand theft bus.
    She should have been hauled off to jail. I have a CDL and used to drive a bus at DC, but it would still never occur to me to crawl on a bus and take off in it. She should be made to pay every penny of the repairs to the buses and the suv. This was no accident…why should other people have to pay for the results of her crime?

  6. dc teacher says:

    she should’ve been arrested or at least had a drug test done!!! just saying!!!

  7. Concerned Aunt of a Student says:

    I hope she is no longer allowed on the campus. Wow! A slap on the wrist. She could have injured some child or adult or even worse killed them. As a aunt of a student of DC is very cencerned about all of this. This should be a felony!!!

  8. justlovinlife says:

    This is absolutely insane! I hope a drug test was administered because “normal” people do not conduct themselves in this manner!!!

  9. Wrightwoman says:

    Way to set that example for your child or children! To the teacher, sue that “lady” for everything you can! And we wonder why some children don’t behave?

  10. DC Parent says:

    I have witnessed this woman’s driving nearly every morning when I drop my child off at school–she drives as if she is in a hurry at ALL times. This is the one of the most stupidest things she could have done on a school campus. I agree that she should have to pay all the fees the teacher has incurred for getting her vehicle repaired as well as the bus repairs. I would like to figure out why she was in such a big hurry in the first place. For all the concerned parents at DC, this lady is still bringing her kids to school every morning, so BE AWARE. I just wish she would have thought before she took matters in her own hands. A lot of people have been affected by this and IF the laws are enforced against her, her children will be affected as well if she is banned from the campus. Please people, make wise choices. We tell our kids this growing up, so why can’t we lead by example? I’m just saying…….

  11. Vicki says:

    I saw and reported this accident, I haven’t seen anyone with this much rage . She was telling the bus driver after she hit everything and got out that she would pay for damages just write my ticket so I can go….HELLO..She hit a car and a bus and if she hadn’t of stopped the bus when she did it would have been me sitting in my truck watching her as she ran me over. I don’t know why she wasn’t arrested. She jumpped on that bus with full intent on mowing over everything in her path. She was more than rude to the poor bus driver and anyone that was around it. I have 2 kids at DC also and i was in complete shock.

  12. Amy D says:

    I can think of a few other things that shouldve been done to the crazy woman… I’m just curious if she was tested for drugs— as a person would have to be on crack to do something like that!!!

  13. wilmar lady says:

    i 100% agree w/ all you guys. that was jus dumb as hell.

  14. Rick says:

    How was the parent able to start the bus? Was it left running &/or keys in it by the bus driver?

  15. Julia says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I am a Drew Central parent and this makes me really mad at this woman. Are you a grown up? You could have really hurt someone and for what? Because you got irritated at someone in your way? No way should someone who does this kind of thing be allowed back on campus. She is a danger to everyone there.

  16. just wondering says:

    Why were the keys left in the bus? Hopefully the school will put a policy in place to not allow keys to be left in a bus when there is no driver present. It is sad that an adult with children can do something so dangerous.

  17. unknown says:

    I agree with all of you I have a child at drew central myself but I also feel the driver of the bus should be sum what at blame also he/she apparently left a key in the ignition so that anyone could have started the bus parent or child which isnt safe at all and I also feel that this woman should have to pay to fix the teachers vehicle plus any pain and suffering she has indured because of this and should also have to repair the buses.I however dont undersatnd how she is still allowed on school campus after this,she is a danger to anyone and anything in her path.

  18. DC student says:

    I saw the damage and it wasn’t pretty. I think it’s rediculous that somone would even CONSIDER doing that…. *face palm* She should have had a drug or a field sibrority (i think that’s what it’s called) done.

  19. Tee says:

    Well, if she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol she definitely needs a mental evaluation. Anger management classes would be good also. She should have been arrested and pay all cost.
    If she acts that out of control in public how does she act at home?

  20. ShortStaticBurst says:

    This woman has very serious issues. Anger management issues for one. She also seems to have a complete lack of respect for private, personal and public property. And a denial of personal responsibility for her actions. One of the points that bother me is how so many of you are concerned about YOUR children when that really isn’t the issue of this story. No children were involved and were in no danger at that moment unless of course she decided to drive *through* the school which is highly doubtful as she mainly wanted to move the buses as they blocked her car. The buildings did not. Who I really feel sorry for are her children. Imagine being her children and having a mother who decided to go to school and act like a insane asinine boughetto lunatic. This woman needs to be held fully responsible for the damages she caused and be forced to recieve therapy for her lack of self control and anger issues. I also think that CPS should investigate her as a parent. There is NO WAY a woman of this nature is a good or decent parent.

  21. BOBBY says:


  22. hey now says:

    QUICK!!! Somebody send this foxnews or something. Get our town some national embrassment. Wildest Monticellolive story ever.

  23. ?? says:

    If I steal a bus what will happen?
    If someone else steals a bus what will happen?
    this lady stole a bus,what should happen?

  24. For Real says:

    Why is she still aloud to be on School property? They charged the little boy from Dumas for driving the school bus and I don’t think he even caused damage. If she is crazy enough to act like this at a school how is she acting at home? Sounds like DHS should get into her home.

  25. NW Arkansas says:

    What humiliation she is putting her child or children through. But then again people like this they don’t care about the children it is all about them. What is so important that she could not wait or then again why was she even parked in the bus loading zone in the first place. I agree with the other replies why was she not carried off to the ADC. I guess next we will be reading that she ran over some child or innocent pedestrian because they were not moving fast enough for her. GEEZE!!!!!!

  26. Wow says:

    Pure Monticello REDNECKISM at it’s best. Home of the worst drivers in America.

  27. Pepsi says:

    it does not matter if the keys are in the ignition or not, she had no business on the bus. The bus driver could have taken more precaution but they probably were not thinking that some wacko was going to try to move the bus.

  28. justlovinlife says:

    I do not believe that the bus driver should be considered at fault in any way. If children are appropriately monitored, then leaving the keys in the bus should not be an issue. Who would think that parents are insane and irresponsible enough to attempt such an act? And ShortStaticBurst, why WOULDNT parents be concerned about the welfare of their children. Other lives could have been seriously affected and if she is allowed to continue being on campus dropping her children off for school, who is to say that this individual with apparent mental issues would not act out again? Worrying about the safety of any child is definitely a concern!!!

  29. D George says:

    Hey, this is a case the prosecutor might actually win. This woman needs some jail time, not a slap on the wrist. Her kids also need to be put somewhere else, as she is definitely not a fit mother.

  30. OMG says:

    just found out this lady works for DHS taking care of mentally challenged/retarded disabled people, go figure..we(taxpayers) are paying her! lol :O

  31. jeff says:

    Steal a bus. Ram into two other vehicles in a violent rage. Create a real and hazardous condition on a public school campus.

    And be charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and failure to have the correct license while driving the stolen vehicle???

    Good grief! Why the light touch from law enforcement? She should have been thrown into the back seat of a cruiser just because of the abusive language. ?

    Did the PD really ‘serve and protect’ the public with their handling of this?

  32. Proud DC Supporter says:

    Drew Central has given the matter over to the Monticello Police Department. A letter was sent to the “Lady” warning her against being on campus again. This shows how our legal system is deteriorating. This should be Grand Theft Auto, Reckless Endagerment, Tresspassing, plus No Insurance! This lady ought not to be able to go near a vehicle. All concerned parents need to take this up with the Chief of Police. Its sending a message to the community, you can get away with nothing more than a ticket, no matter how many lives you endanger!

  33. Becky Young says:

    I can’t believe the woman was not arrested right there on the spot. She should still be sitting in jail. How totally irresponsible and insane of her. I agree with another person who commented that she, hopefully, she won’t be allowed back on school property. Sad, sad, sad for her child.

  34. Wow! says:

    I saw her leaving DC campus this morning…with a smile on her face. She seems proud of the fact that she can still come on campus after being told not to knowing nothing will happen. Called the MPD this morning to report her on campus and they said there is nothing they can do until the school files a restraining order against her. Wow!

  35. Really says:

    ATTENTION: There are laws in place for her actions!!! I can’t believe that you guys are commenting on a an article that was written by someone who may or may not be stating all the facts. Its journalism, great job Burgess!!! Now everyone go read a English book!!!

  36. Joe Burgess says:

    To “Really”,

    I’ve seen the bus.
    I’ve seen the Nissan.
    I’ve seen the police report.
    I’ve read e-mails from the bus driver.
    I’ve read e-mails from the teacher.
    I’ve talked to the responding officer.
    I’ve talked to DC administration.
    I’ve talked to a witness.
    I’ve read a witness account from another witness.
    I’ve quoted White’s comments, as she stated them to police.
    I may not have intervvied White, but please remember, I’ve already been run over by one vehicle.

  37. ruth says:

    leave it up to stupid people they are so stupid anymore and we wonder whats wrong with our children today maybe its the parents!!!!!!

  38. Really says:

    To Joe Burgess, strike one juror for having some knowledge of the case before trial. Your website is one of the reasons no one receives a fair trial in Drew county. Can you please say change of venue!!! I am upset that you committed part of my previous statement. Why didn’t you allow the part where I said laws are in place. I swear on in Monticello can a blogger have total control over free speech.

  39. Joe Burgess says:

    1. What I deleted was the insult you made about the edudation level of other people leaving comments.

    2. Yes, laws are in place.

    3. This will not end up in a jury trial. If it did, potential jurors would be asked if any prior knowledge of events that would prevent them from fairly considering the evidence presented.

    That evidence would then likely includel photots of the vehicles, the witness statements, and the parties that I mentioned in my earlier comment.

    So with that being said, you may now keep the trial in Drew County, so that I don’t have to drive far too report on it.

  40. Randi McMahon says:

    Nice reply, Burgess!!!! :)

  41. real talk says:

    why don’t u people leave this woman alone, she is going to pay for what she have done. Everyone make mistakes, why ya’ll trying to destory this woman,

  42. DC MOM says:

    I have a child that attends Drew Central and this lady could have injured my child along with anyone else’s had she waited 15 more minutes to go on her rampage. She obviously was not thinking about anyone or anything else other than getting her own vehicle out from being blocked. Everyone knows where the buses park to be loaded. And everyone else knows not to park there (everyone with any sense that is). I believe she should at least be made to pay for all the damages she caused and be suspended from driving onto campus for a length of time. There has to be a larger price to pay for what she’s done than a minor ticket.

  43. Diane says:

    I think the bus driver did a fantastic job keeping her cool after being cursed at by this “Lady”. God knows I would have lost mine.

  44. people says:

    I know this lady, she is a hard working woman who is trying to provide for her kids and make sure they have a better life. Her child don’t have anything to do with what she has done. How dare you people talk about her kids to me the people who making all of this comments are just simple minded.

  45. justlovinlife says:

    Good job Mr. Burgess! Apparently “Really” has mo concept of how serious her actions were and could have been! Pictures tell the story! Hopefully she will be banned from DC campus and maybe DHS needs to consider whether she is stable enough to work with children! I think she would look nice in an orange jumpsuit myself!!!

  46. Good Job Burgess says:

    Joe Burgess was just doing his job! Do not point that finger at him, point it at the crazy lady running around town. Wow, this really shows just how “REDNECK” southeast Arkansas really is!!!

  47. Sandra says:

    If this woman lives on East Shelton, that is in the Monticello School District. Wonder if she has a legal transfer to Drew Central District.

  48. Man aint that sumthin says:

    I cant belive this woman, there was no reason for an adult to act like that, her behavior was completely RIDICULOUS!!…..BTW Joe Burgess, its high time you stick up for yourself, and what you report, im thankful for you and, im thankful you recovered from that accident where you were run over and have continued to keep us well informed with the FACTS in our comunity, dont ever change and always be proud of the job your doing!

  49. brittany wood says:

    really????? i think you need to go and read An English book. :) as well. :)

  50. Buster says:

    Awesome story bro!!!

  51. Unbelievable says:

    Great Job, Joe– I appreciate your efforts. It does indeed appear that more should have been done. Whether she is a hard-working woman (which I do respect) gives her no right to do what she did. She should have been made an example of if nothing else. God forbid someone gets hurt as a result of something she does after this incident– it should be laid on whoever let her off the hook.

    By the way, who cares about proper spelling/grammar anyway– we get the point. :-)

  52. W W says:

    All yall up on here is stupid as **** , by even commenting on this issue . I bet half of yall wont even say this to the Lady’s Face……You know why cause she would KNOCK YALL THE **** OUT ! excuse my language but. They bus driver should have moved her bus , I have childern that go to drew central and they wasn’t even out of school yet . I’m respect what the lady did ….She had somewhere to be sooo

  53. Fellow teacher says:

    You do not have to be the president of the US to know what is true or not. Angry parent+ bus + stupidity= horrible results!! She should have been arrested!!!

  54. Dc Stundent says:

    Well maybe she had somewhere to go & maybe if the bus drivers wouldn’t leave the keys in the bus they wouldn’t have had that problem. Just saying! & y’all people should be ashamed of y’all selves. Talking about she’s on drugs. I bet y’all wouldn’t say this stuff to her face! Anyways drew central students get out at 3:15 so how could a student get hurt???

    JOE BURGESS you are wrong for putting her name,age & address!

    y’all ain’t runnin nuthing talking about she should be put in jail well she didn’t get put in jail…SMH

  55. justlovinlife says:

    Apparently “Really” has some REAL issues and not just his grammatical skills! This woman committed an insane and reckless CRIME. If she is a “hard working woman trying to provide for her children”, she would have thought about the consequences that her actions would cause her children! I cannot believe that DHS would allow an employee that supposedly works with children remain in that position. It seems she is endangering children instead of protecting them!!!

  56. ponderingthoughts says:

    keep up the good work joe.. really is just doing what really does best.. blowing really hot air.. i like this website and the news it publishes and its how “we” that have moved away can keep up with the ole home town.. , with that being said..
    i have grandchildren that attend drew central and i sure could sleep better at night knowing that they at least “slapped” her on the hand a little harder !

  57. DC student says:

    This is my friends mother and I feel very bad for him! Poor guy… :(

  58. sparky says:

    if this woman had done this at warren public schools she would be in jail!

  59. Dc T says:

    Its Dne nd ova wit so yall keep tlkin bout it..nd yes i knw it was wrong but dng its ova wit

  60. Curious says:

    To Joe it seems like you put only the comments that slanders her. I agree with realtalk and really!!

  61. Angel 08 says:

    Really, only in Drew County!!!! This psycho could have killed innocent people…students, teachers, and bus drivers. She should undergo a mental evaluation ASAP!!!

  62. Curious says:

    @ Sandra come on now!! Have you heard of freedom of choice????? She could be living in star city or Warren….

  63. teacher says:

    People make to many excuses for their action. Wrong is wrong and this was wrong. It doesn’t matter who she is, where she works, drugs or no drugs. She was wrong to board the bus. And it doesn’t matter if the bus was running….it was still wrong. We can’t blame anyone but the woman who decided to board the bus in anger and move it.
    That is what is wrong today….nobody seems to take responsiblity for their actions.

  64. Someguy says:

    From “multi-colored” metal on buildings to this. Give it a day or two & there will be another story to bash. Btw,if I would have done this, I would still be in jail. Jus sayn’

  65. taco says:

    How can anyone defend this woman? She broke multiple laws not to mention on school property! Nowhere she had to be could have been important enough to put kids lives in danger. It’s just plain ignorant to say what she did wasn’t wrong. Plus she should probably learn how to drive.

  66. DC MOM says:

    To DC Student:
    Do you really think she would have been any more careful had it been 3:15 and kids were out in the parking lot? I mean, she slammed into 2 vehicles on her mission to get her car out. She seemed pretty determined. I don’t think a few kids in the parking lot would have made her be any less wreckless.

  67. Concerned parent says:

    The bus driver who left the keys on this bus while it was unattended should have gotten a ticket is well I am a driver and it is a State law the keys are to be removed if the driver is not on the bus it self.

  68. Silverback says:

    Good reporting Joe. It is pretty evident that the lady is an idiot.

  69. justlovinlife says:

    I honestly do not believe that people are actually justifying her stupidity! And yes, I would gladly say that to her face. She is supposed to be an adult and behaved worse than my two year old! I think that most schools would have banned her from the campus indefinitely or had her arrested for destruction of property or endangering children! “WW”, you sound highly “intelligent”, however added more proof that she definitely needs a mental evaluation!!!

  70. Proud DC Supporter says:

    @ W W,
    I would say what I think to her face. She was morally and ethically wrong for what she did and SHOULD be held accountable. Im not frightened by her because she deserves to be punished for her actions. If she would have hit you or someone in your family or your vehicle Im sure you would be singing a different tune.

    @ Dc Stundent,
    It doesnt matter if she had somewhere to be, what she did was a crime. The keys should not have been left in the bus, granted, but for intelligent people that doesnt pose a problem because they dont hijack busses. Joe has ever right under the law to giver her information. Read a newspaper or watch the news, they give the same information on people all the time. Also She didnt go to jail but she deserved too. She broke several laws and the Police were leinent on her. Look up what she did in any law forum and they will tell you she should have been placed in custody. Tresspasing on Government Property, Reckless Endangerment, Theft, Neglegance… A whole host of laws broken.

    To JOE,

  71. Stunned says:

    Holy Hysterics..somebody actually had the nerve to condemn Joe for posting the NEWS? Ummmm lets take a closer look here folks, is a NEWS website that covers our local “goings-on”..therefore the NEWS is what he publishes. He can provide facts and documentation proving what he publishes on his website, if he couldn’t it wouldn’t be on here.

    As far as the school bus incident… if it were any one of a number of average citizens they would be under the jail for such an outragious display of anger on school property.

  72. Señor Wojo says:

    Hahaha! Classic!

    Stay classy Monticello…stay classy

  73. embarrassed says:

    Joe, you have done nothing wrong! You are only doing your job and might I add…you do a wonderful job at it! Clearly this woman has no class…as well as the classy people that see nothing wrong with what she did. Trashy people seem to stick together! However, I do not think she should be banned from dc ONLY because it wouldn’t be fair to her children. The embarassment of her actions alone I’m sure is brutal…and if they had to change schools and lose their all of their friends all because their mother can’t control her stupidity? It just doesn’t seem right to me. The kids have been punished enough already. Do not get me wrong, she is definately lucky she isn’t in jail for child endangerment as well as gta. The mpd should have done better!

  74. Kelly H says:

    I would MOST DEFINITELY say what I think about the situation to the woman’s face…she SHOULD have been arrested and charged for child endangerment for EVERY child that was present at school that day. Although the school had not released the students at that point, nobody can verify that there were absolutely no students in that area at that given time. Also, that bus area has been “off limits” to parking for parents since the school year began and surely all parents are well aware of this. .

    Also, someone stated that the keys shouldn’t have been left in the bus. I agree. A child could just as easily climbed in and done similar or worse damage.

  75. Suz says:

    Great Job Joe!!! I love Monticello live. You do an awesome job. I’m wondering if the person behind “really” is related to the “lady”.
    I can’t see any other reason to attack Monticello Live or Mr.Joe!!
    I do believe the School needs to take more action against the person in question. If enough parents complain they will. Things like that are not acceptable adult behavior.

  76. Kelly H says:

    Joe, THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge on a trial in front of a jury…I got tickled as I read the comment and even more so as I read your response.

    As for unfair reporting, there is never any information reported here that is against the law…otherwise there would have been lawsuits and more than likely no MonticelloLive at this point. Any of this information could also appear in our local paper or even on television–although it is unlikely because it does demonstrate our lack of proper law enforcement action.

  77. Unbelievable says:

    Ha ha! I can’t believe everyone is falling for “really” and “WW”… These are clearly prank posts constructed to start something–nobody this stupid would know how to work a computer anyway, much less use correct grammar and spelling. “Just say’n”…

  78. Seriously? says:

    W W:
    I would say this to her face, I think she should know what she did was WRONG! Also, you could have said all that without the cursing, I mean it sounds like YOU and DC student need to grow up. I really cannot belive you two just put that on here. Joe Burgess is doing HIS job! Do not come to this site if you do not like what you are reading. Again I think you and DC student should seriously think about growing up.

  79. JAY says:


  80. Mike says:

    It is a shame that people always make race an issue,red ,white ,black or yellow she broke the law,thankfully her irresponsible act didn’t cause the death or injury to a child.The officers did their jobs in issueing tickets. I think she should have been charged with stealing the bus!

  81. Cooper N. says:

    Whoa, man. Who said anything about race? I’ve read all 80+ of these comments, and I never saw anything about her being black. The broad is clearly just a lame-brain.

  82. wbg says:

    Part of the problem has already been stated. The bus driver left the keys in the ignition switch of the bus. Why did the driver do that? Most people take the keys out of their personal car when they leave the vehicle.

  83. Unknown says:

    this is a no brainer here

    of course this would happen at Drew Central.

    This is why we need one school in monticello

  84. Exie says: is it that she got 7 tickets but nt jail??She Shuld of been put in to the pin for a while ncuz the 7th grade choir girls at Dc saw the whole thing and we couldve got hurt or worse killed..i dont get that!!!!

  85. Curious says:

    Who said she got 7 tickets? I didn’t read that anywhere!

  86. parent witness says:

    I was in the the parking lot waiting to pick my child up that day. I saw the whole thing and called the police, after she hit the car then the bus she was pulling up almost hitting me in my car. I have to tell you this woman was out of control we all make a honest living, we all have somewhere to go. But none of us act the way she did. She could have cared less if she had of hit someone innocent. When she jumped out of the bus her exact words were Don’t worry about it, just write me a ticket so I can go! I don’t know where you people are from that can keep a straight face and say she didn’t deserve all of this but from where I was she did deserve jail time and a lot of it! I was within 5 minutes of getting my 9 year old within a few feet of where this happened and I promise you had she hit my child I would never had rest until she was locked away forever.

  87. Sandra says:

    Yes, I do know about ‘freedom of choice”. Do you NOT know that
    “freedom of choice” doesn’t mean that students can legally attend just any school of their choice without completing required paperwork? Maybe this woman did so — maybe not. If so, it will be on file.

  88. she should have got more says:

    i think she should have gotten more, i think she should have went to jail the day she done it, i think she should still be there today. sure she didnt have a gun or a knife, but she got mad and could not controll herself like an adult or anyone really should, then used a bus as her make shift weapon of choice, and went on a rampage proveing beyoud all doubt she is a danger to society, and she basicly gets a slap on the wrist…I think THAT is WRONG.

  89. DC ROCKS says:

    Exie, they didnt see the whole thing and they were not close enough to be hurt. You need to get your facts strait before you go typing your little fingers off.

  90. DC Student :) says:

    Wrong is wrong and the lady knew that! She should be in jail for at LEAST one day.. The kids at Drew Central could have seriously gotten injured, if not even killed. And I’m not naming names, but some people need to got their facts straight!

  91. Ash says:

    I have two kids that go to dc, and that women should have got more than what she got.. if it would have been me i would have got the book thrown at me. And it is true that the bus driver should have not left the keys in there, but who really would have thought that a crazy parent would want to take it for a ride.. it just shows that she doesnt have any concern for kids at the school she sould not be allowed back on the campus and it should be well know that she has to pay for all the damages and pain she put the teacher through. she need to be drug tested and if thats clean she needs to be checked for mental problems because something is truly wrong with her.. i am just glade no kids were hurts in a “stupid moment”, she needs to do a public sorry to everyone including the students that were there because my two came home scared..

  92. concerned says:

    I agree, she should have been escorted to jail that VERY day! How do we expect our children to act right when parents act so carelessly? Better behavior is expected and required of adults. She didn’t hurt anyone, BUT she could have. It is like driving drunk, didn’t wreck THIS time, but what about next? She is a danger to civilized people. I just cannot understand WHY she wasn’t arrested on the spot!

  93. Concerned says:

    It sounds like she may be a little spoiled, and when things didn’t go her way she went off. I don’t know her but I bet this is probably not the first time she has done wreckless things. I would bet this is her lifestyle.

  94. Renee says:

    All these coments an seems only one has thought about the ladies Child or Children which ever the case may be. Yes the woman did wrong, an yes things should have been done differently. Most seem to agree on that much so now Think of her child/children an let it go because the child/children have been through enough with all this.

  95. Gib says:

    We would punish a child who does wrong and has a “temper tantrum.” This is an adult who should know better, so therefore she should pay the consequences. I truly believe that she deserves jail time for such an irresponsible act.

  96. In my thinking, she should have gotten some time in jail or more serious consequences than she did. #1, parents are not supposed to park in the bus lane, so she caused the whole problem herself. It doesn’t matter if she was in a hurry, she started out wrong by parking there. #2 Anyone knows that a parent cannot just jump on a bus and drive. Yes, the regular driver was wrong for leaving the keys, but who knew someone would do anything like this. It did cause endangerment, which should be a charge all in itself, because buses are high up, and if she hit vehicles trying to manuever the bus, she probably would not have even been able to see a child. This would be a real concern for me. I do feel bad for her children, because kids can be cruel at school, even thought it is not their fault.

  97. oy vay says:

    It’s always amazing to me how we can all go on and on about what should be done and what kind of person she is,but we have all made mistakes.If our mistakes were posted publicly would we expect this kind of reaming? Do any of you actually believe anything you have to say has any bearing on what will happen to her? It won’t. You can express your frustration, anger, concern,hate…whatever.But what you have to say wont change a thing.

  98. justlovinlife says:

    Hmmmm. Maybe now she will pay for her ignorant behavior!!!

  99. just me says:

    oy vay:

    I have read every comment on this subject and you displayed the most maturity and intelligence. Everyone has their own opinion until it happens to them and no matter what the circumstances or actions that follow an incident the law has the final say in what will happen. Most people forget that their is noone perfect and to correct situations we must uplift one another and try to help each other correct our wrong doings. That is the Christian way for those who believe in God. And for all others believe what you feel.

  100. djs says:

    she the same one who runs folks off the road on hwy 83 north it happend with me my nephew my sister and my neice SOMTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE JUST SAYING

  101. Leonard says:

    If half of u people had Jesus in your life you all would not be talking about this woman. You all would pray for her and her children. Her kids has nothing to do with the accident. You would be wishing she get some help for being angry. You don’t know what the lady is going threw. We should seek help for people like this. And then charge her with whatever damages later. We as god people pray for our brothers and sisters not talk about them. But when you don’t know Jesus that’s what people like you do, put down others. We all have done some wrong in our lifetime. And no wrong is better than any other. May god bless u critizing people.

  102. Nana says:

    Maybe all these people who thought she just had other things to do, therefore it was all right for her to illegally enter, drive and wreck a bus will now go visit this “lady” in jail. Evidently she still couldn’t obey the law, knowing she would go to jail if she were in violation. Get on her visitors list, and go let her cry on your shoulders about how the “system” screwed her over….

  103. a momma says:

    Amen Nana!!

  104. lacey resident says:

    She deserved somthing…..two years ismt enough what if a child was in vehicle or at nck of bus!!!!!

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