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One Monticello Life – Taco Bell’s Friendly Face & Voice – Keba Brown

January 30th, 2012 by

This week’s One Monticello Life story features a member of our community that has been mentioned to MLive as a good candidate for recognition more times than any other. She is well known throughout the entire city, yet she isn’t a politician, doctor, lawyer, or in the public spotlight at all.

MLive recently received an email from a local business leader saying, “I went through the Taco Bell drive-thru today and realized that for a very long time, I have heard this sweet little voice take my order, and how nice she always is, and I took the time to thank her for a job well done.

Keba has worked at Monticello Taco Bell since 1993, she is ALWAYS so sweet and willing to help. I don’t know about others, but if I go through the Taco Bell drive thru when she is not working, it disappoints me to hear some other voice.

Just thought it would be nice to give her recognition for customer service that is A+++”

Keba Brown, this week’s One Monticello Live, has impacted her entire city by simply being a hard worker that never fails to offer friendly service with a smile.

Keba has lived in Monticello since the day she was born on August 9, 1976. Her parents are Marilyn Lacy and Willie Brown and she was raised with her brothers and sisters enjoying the simple things in life and being brought up with a strong sense of morals.

“Life growing up was great. We had strong family values and put God first. Some of my favorite memories were having fun with my family and friends, riding go carts, playing dodge ball, kickball, basketball, hopscotch, and the list goes on.”

Ms. Brown attended Monticello Schools and went to work at Taco Bell in 1993 where she still works today. She explained that she enjoys her job because of the friendly working environment, and that “we’re a team at Taco Bell.”

MLive asked Keba if she was aware of the City’s affection for her, and how everyone looks forward to seeing her. She responded, “People tell me they love hearing me over the speaker. It makes the job so much easier when you know people appreciate your kindness and we do have really nice and friendly customers as they go through the drive through.”

When asked if rude customers ever come through her line Keba said, “Yeah, you get some that are, but I just shake it off because you never know what they have going on in their lives.”

Ms. Brown points to her faith-filled upbringing as to why she strives to be friendly to everyone, and says the reason why is very simple.

“I just feel that you should treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Keba is a member of Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church.

“I help with the youth ushers, help with senior citizen baskets, & recreational activities for the youth.”

She has two children, 16 year old Quiterrius Brown, a 9th grader at Monticello High School and 13 year old Lyanna Brown, an 8th grader at Monticello Middle School.

“The best part about being a mom is knowing that my kids are healthy and have the essentials in life. I enjoy talking to them, going out to eat, and playing games with them.”

Ms. Brown says that in her free time she loves to read, and spending time with her children and family is top priority.

When asked about her own future goals, Keba pointed directly at her children’s futures saying, “Five years from now, I hope my children are in college, doing well, and everyone’s health is good.”

In today’s times it can be incredibly rare to be treated with respect and feel appreciated by business’s employees. MLive feels it is our honor to recognize Keba Brown for her excellence in her trade and her nearly twenty years of greeting people with a positive and uplifting attitude. The City’s appreciation for her kindness is obvious. A MLive reader, “Recia”, even commented on a past article mentioning Ms. Brown, saying, “The staff at our local chains could take a lesson on being cordial from that sweet girl at Taco Bell. You can tell from her voice on the drive thru that she’s grinning!”

Thank you Ms. Brown for striving for excellence!



34 Responses to “One Monticello Life – Taco Bell’s Friendly Face & Voice – Keba Brown”

  1. sheila says:

    It is so nice to know the person behind the voice. She is so sweet and a pleasure to hear when you drive up. Congratulations.

  2. Amanda Nall says:

    It always brings a smile to my face every time I hear her friendly voice. Thanks for the service you provide!!!

  3. Michonda says:

    Keba has always had a spirit and a smile on her face since high school. I’m so glad to know she is recognized for being who she is. Congrats Keba.

  4. KEISHA says:


  5. sue says:

    I love going through the drive thru and hearing her “How you doing?”

  6. Nikki says:

    Way to go, Keba! You are always so friendly and kind. You deserve the recognition!

  7. Roberta says:

    Congrats to you my friend…..I read the article and nearly cried….This just goes to show that being kind to others will pay off and surely doesn’t go unnoticed!! I cannot think of a more deserving person of this great HONOR!

  8. Kaynesha Moore says:

    Way to Go Keba!! Keep up the good work love you cuz!!

  9. Kathy says:

    Excellent choice for a One Monticello Life story! It’s always a joy to hear Keba’s friendly voice over the speaker at Taco Bell.

  10. BJ Evans says:

    I have worked with Keba at taco bell. She is the sweetest person I know. Way to go keba. Congratulations. U deserve it. Keep up the
    great work!!!!

  11. Amy says:

    Nice to put a face with that sweet voice! She has got to be the nicest person in fast food I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Great job Keba!!

  12. Taco Bell fan says:

    I go to Taco Bell quite often. It’s my favorite fast food joint. And I too just love to here Keba’s voice over the speaker. Although I don’t know her personally, she brightens my day when I go through that line.

  13. Sam says:

    Best One Monticello Life yet. Awesome to pay respect to someone who too many of us may take for granted. What a role model! Her children – and Monticello – should be proud.

  14. Gail Kizer says:

    This is certainly well deserved recognition. I have told her, when placing my order, that she really sounds good over the speaker. She has a great voice and is always cheerful and pleasant.

  15. Sandra says:

    I second what everyone else has said. How can anyone not feel better after hearing this voice? In the past, I have complimented her but not nearly enough. This reminds me that I should always take time to tell people when they do a good job. Great job, Keba!!

  16. Just Saying says:

    Mr. Lee – sounds like she needs a raise!

  17. Mel says:

    I’ve said for years that she always has the sweetest voice and a smile on her face. She deserves this acknowledgement more than anyone I know. Keep up the good work sweet lady!

  18. Andy Briant says:

    Yes! She is certainly a bright spot in the fast food business! So pleasant, helpful and friendly!!! She always makes my day better when I go through the drive though at Taco Bell. ALL the fast food employees could and should learn from her! Keep up the great work!… Congrats, Ms.Keba, on the much deserved recognition!!! …God bless you!!….. Great article Mandy!

  19. Charlotte says:

    I’ve have enjoyed this sweet lady for a number of years and she always makes me feel like I am an important customer. Love her friendly voice and great smile. Please keep it up!! and I agree, you need a raise:)

  20. wilmar LADY says:

    WOW! Way 2 reconize a regular citizen. Just a normal everyday person that does his\ or job. This shows that u don’t have 2 be the local judge, business owner, on all the local boards or committees here in town. Thanks MLive, and all others that thought she needed 2 be reconized. I go there so much she kno my voice & order before I even say it. LOL!! Now that’s customer service. Yes plz she deserves a raise

  21. Allen Dickerson says:

    My classmate. Keba has always been one of if not one of the sweetest person that I have ever known. Have known her since Kindergarden and you won’t meet a sweeter person. Always sincere and nice with a smile on her face at all times!! GOOD JOB KEBA!!!

  22. Holly says:

    I am so glad she has been recognized, she definitely deserves it!

  23. Marvastine Nichols says:

    WAY TO GO KEBA!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve always been a very sweet person. May God continue to Bless You and Yours!!!!!

  24. Ms. Sonya says:

    Each time I visit Taco Bell, while Ms. Keba is working, she always acknowledge my name over the intercom. She takes the time to recognize the customers voice. Ms. Keba has the most pleasant voice and is dedicated to her job and family. Love ya Ms. Keba!! Thanks for your humble, compassionate, caring, and loyal spirit. May God Bless you always….:)

  25. Angie Frost says:

    She is one of the sweetest people I know. Thank you for always being so sweet to others!!!

  26. Tekeila says:

    Great job Keba! it is a blessing to know that after all these years you still enjoy the job and don’t take it for granted like so many of us do. Keep up the good work and continue to make an empact on others. I have known you all my life and have enjoyed every moment. We do need more people like you in our community!

  27. Janae says:

    Way to go Keba!! So proud of you and I too think you deserve this! I remember you teaching me but I was NEVER as good as you lol! Keep it up! Love ya cousin!

  28. Mrs. Owens says:

    I think this is the nice young lady I wanted to tip a year or so ago.
    Very nice indeed!!! God Bless.

  29. Inghee says:

    Way to go Keba!! It is always a pleasure to pull up to the drive thru at Taco Bell and have such a sweet young voice greet you by name and take your order with such grace. You couldn’t have picked a better person!! How ’bout that raise boss?!

  30. Kim Jordan says:

    Congrats Keba!!! I’m so proud of you! You really deserve this recognition. Keep up the good work :-)

  31. Mike says:

    Sweet lady. Many times she has made my day with a smile. I wish more people took that much pride in their job.

  32. stacey liciaga says:

    This is probably the most polite person I have ever encountered!! She has always made my day brighter when I have come thru. I think she should definitely be a trainer!!

  33. Allen says:

    I have mentioned to Ms. Brown SEVERAL TIMES that I love how nice she is when I go through the drive-thru. It’s nice to hear someone cheerful for a change. You can tell she enjoys her work and hear it in her voice! I’m glad she was recognized!

  34. Tammy Adair says:

    I just want to say that out of all the 22 years of working in the Fast Food Industury, Keba is by far the BEST!!!! Beautiful inside and out. I go through there about 3 times a week and when my plate is full or I have alot going on, she always lifts me up. She even calls me by my name when I am at the speaker ordering my food. Shes’s awesome, no doubt about it!!! Love ya Keba

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