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More New Year’s Eve Bullets Hit Homes

January 6th, 2010 by

025Following Monday’s MLive story “New Year’s Eve Bullet Lands in Child’s Bed”, reports of another home being hit by New Year’s Eve stray bullets have been reported to MonticelloLive.

A home near the intersection of East Jackson and Cherry Streets was hit, not only once New Year’s Eve, but twice.

The homeowner reported that just before midnight, he and his wife had gone to bed, and heard a loud noise in the kitchen.  When he went into the kitchen, he heard another loud noise behind him.

The first bullet, proabably a 40 caliber,  had enter their home through the roof just about the kitchen sink, and had landed in a pot on the stove.

While he was looking for it, another bullet, probably a 9mm came through the roof, near their back door, causing damage to the floor tiles.

As readers can tell by the comments posted on this story, this is more of a regular occurrence than we ever realized.


Posted on January 4, 2010.

New Year’s Eve Bullet Lands in Child’s Bed

SANY0045As the New Year’s Eve clock struck midnight, some folks shot firearms into the air, to “bring the New Year in with a bang”.

At the same time, a family on Hillcrest Street was sitting on the couch, watching television when they heard a loud noise, louder than a firecracker.  They were unable to determine where the sound came from,  so a few minutes later, around 12:15, the mother took her son to put him to bed. 

SANY0051When she went into his bedroom, she saw a white powder on his bed, and looked up the ceiling, seeing a hole through their roof, and then felt the 9mm bullet in the child’s bed covers.

One of the gunshots they’d heard had gone into the air, and on the way back down, penetrated the roof of their home, and hit their child’s bed.

A New Year’s Eve tradition, given very little thought, very easily could have caused serious injury to a child.

So many time we say “that would never happen”, but this time it almost did, because no one gave a second thought to “what goes up must come down.”

25 Responses to “More New Year’s Eve Bullets Hit Homes”

  1. i’M a firm beliver in the Second Admindment but the bullet should be turned over to monticello police dept and a report filed so that this person could be charged for illegal discharge of a firearm in the city limits. This is the type of person who should not own a firearm because he or she does not use their head for more than a hat rack.

  2. Desiree Thornhill says:

    OMG This could have been my family we were also home and live on Hillcrest!!!! I also heard the loud popping going on around our house. I had no idea about this hope they are ok!

  3. Steph says:

    the bullet was turned over to the Monticello Police department. A police report has been filed.

  4. Steph says:

    yes desirae we are all ok. it just scared us all to death..and a lil paranoid!!

  5. Toni Oakes Garrison says:

    This does not suprise me at all …. we opened our door that night and heard bullets falling through our trees …. THANK GOD it did not come through the roof into my sleeping childs bed !!!! How scary !!!

  6. sick of it!!! says:

    it is every year that this happens, how could you be this STUPID

  7. ree says:

    What is wrong with people?Guess they don’t care about the lives of others.

  8. Susan says:

    Who ever shot that gun better drop to their knees and thank god no one was hurt. But I am sure that family was emotionally hurt.

  9. Karen says:

    This seems like it has become a “tradition” with some people.

    When that clock struck 12 midnight there was alot of automatics and semi automatics going off around where we live. We live in Warren. I’m so very thankful that this little boy and his family are alright. How can this type of “celebrating” on New Years’ Eve be stopped before something worse happens??

  10. Angela says:

    When we lived in Monticello our next door neighbor used to shoot squirrels in his back yard (in city limits)! It’s not uncommon….unfortunately! I will be surprised if the police do anything about this incident! So sorry for you family…I know how the “what if’s” can drive a person crazy!

  11. DUB says:

    What would you suggest they do Angela, prosecute the bullet? There is no way to prove who fired it.

  12. lookout says:

    dummys like that is why the cost of bullets for hunters and other gun owners are so high cause people that dont know how to use them end up with them. we as the public need to stop turning our heads and closing our eyes as if things like this dont happen around us if you hear shoots coming from an out of ordianary place call the police. it dont matter if it was on new years night. its still thier job to respond.

  13. Dragonheart says:

    I know all about stray bullets coming into a child’s bedroom. Who ever did that is an idiot and I hope they get caught.

  14. Toni Oakes Garrison says:

    I commented above about the bullets coming thru the trees here ….. we live on Cherry St as well . We heard automatic weapons being shot off . Could not tell where they were coming from but knowing that there was alot of autos going off is a scary thing it sounded like a war zone !!!

  15. Dub, you are correct it my be dificult to prove who actully discharged the firearm, but like so many people who rely on anominity you forget all that the law enforcement officer has to do in a court of law is show that the owner of the firearm had control of it at the time of discharge once they locate the firearm. let me say also locating the area where the firearm was discharged from is as easy as the geomitry

  16. Sherry Jones says:

    Its a Miracle no one was killed or injured this New Years!

  17. Jennifer Nicholson says:

    So does someone have to die before our local police make this illegal??? I think its about time someone start punishing the stupid around here!!!

  18. kim says:

    My family lives on north Gabbert St and on any Friday or Saturday night… late when we take our dogs out, we hear gun shots going off all the time. Nothing uncommon around here. It happens all the time. When we got a new roof, bullets were found embedded in our old one. Same with a neighbor….

  19. DUB says:

    The loacation is not as easy as you think. If you fire a weapon from your front yard, odds are its not going to hit the house next door, possibly not even in your neighbor hood, depending on the caliber. At present in the U.S., the police can not go door to door and sieze weapons to send to the crime lab to match to the bullet.

    Ok, lets say the weapon is located. There is a party at the house with 10-15 people there, how do you prove who shot it. The owner says sure thats my gun but I havent shot it in months. No I dont know everybody who was at the party, as a matter of fact I was uptown when you say the gunshots were going off.

    What do you do now? Belive it or not, C.S.I. is just a T.V. show.

  20. L T Jones says:

    you would think that if they want to fire guns,then they would go to a pawn shop and buy “blank ammo” ,so no bullets would be fired off

  21. sick of it!!! says:

    why dont you do the math and let the police know you try to make it sound so easy i think you have been watching way to much CSI

  22. I remember one New Years past,in “the Big Easy”Down by Jackson Square and over by the Brewery,A young girl from Boston was enjoying the festivities there with a hundred thousand others and from one project near the Qtrs.someone fired shots into the air with no regard for human life and the bullet came down into the top of the young ladies head.She died instantly and no one realized it for a long time and it took even longer for the Medics to get there.Is this what Monticello has come down to? Her family erected a monument to her by the levee,maybe you will visit it Next time you’re in New Orleans.

  23. someguy says:

    i live on south maple and there is a certain person who has a habit of shooting a gun in the air….loud pistol…they where shooting it at midnight

  24. someguy says:

    they live on south maple also…

  25. lookout says:

    out of all you people hearing gun shots how many of you called the police? And if you did what did they tell you?

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