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3 Juveniles, Charged with Attempted Capital Murder, Plead “Not Guilty”, Ask for Jury Trial

April 30th, 2012 by

Last week, in the Drew County Circuit Court, the 3 juveniles, charged as adults for the attempted capital murder of a local man, and the theft of his truck and gun, all entered “not guilty” pleas, waived arraignment, and asked for jury trials.

The three, 17 year old Blake Smith, 15 year old Christoper Darden, and 15 year old Haley Thompson, remain in custody in a central Arkansas juvenile facility.


Thank You Note from Bobby Strickland Family
March 21
Bobby Strickland and his family would like to thank Sheriff Mark Gober and all supporting agencies and staff for their quick response and diligent work during our family’s crisis.

Your thoughtfulness and kindness are appreciated.

Thank you,
The Strickland family

Drew County Stabbing Suspects Wanted for Violent Carjacking in Saline County
March 18, 2012

According to FOX 16 News, the three suspects being held on $750,000 bond each for the attempted capital murder charge, that resulted in a multi-agency “armed and dangerous” manhunt, Thursday afternoon, is also wanted in Saline County for a violent carjacking that took place earlier this week.

The Saline County Sheriff’s office says early last week a local driver was choked and their car stolen. The three teens are suspected in other carjackings in Saline County (Benton area).

Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington reports that the trio had a pattern of stealing cars, each time using more violence.

$750,000 Bond Set for 3 Juveniles, Charged as Adults for Attempted Capital Murder
March 16, 2012

Circuit Judge Kenny Johnson, at the First Appearance Hearing for the 3 Attempted Capital Murder suspects from Thursday’s vicious assault on an elderly Drew County man, set the trio’s bond at $750,000 each.

The three juveniles are being charged as adults, and are identified as……17 year old Blake Smith, 15 year old Christoper Darden, and 15 year old Haley Thompson.  All three reportedly were recently fleeing the state.

All three are being charged as with attempted capital murder, aggravated robbery, theft of property, and theft by receiving.

The victim was last reported to be in stable condition, with severe injuries to his neck and abdominal areas.

“Armed & Dangerous” Manhunt Leads to 3rd Attempted Murder Arrest – Stabbing Victim Stable after Surgery
March 16, 2012


Around 7 pm Thursday night, the final remaining suspect in the stabbing of an elderly Drew County man, turned himself in, without incident to Sheriff Mark Gober and MPD Chief Eddy Deaton, on wooded path behind the Lacey Store.

All three suspects are being held in the Drew County Detention Facility, certified as adults (for jailing purposes) by the prosecutor’s office.

They will likely be charged as adults, and charged with attempted murder, theft of a vehicle, and fleeing.

According to Sheriff Mark Gober, around 2:50, Thursday, 3 Saline County juveniles assaulted a Drew County man, who stopped to help them with their apparent car trouble.  The trio stole his truck and the hand gun inside, before wrecking the vehicle, and running into the woods between Lacey and Ladelle.

The victim had called the sheriff’s office to report the broken down vehicle, and when the deputy arrived on the scene to check out the car, he found the victim bleeding in the roadway.

The deputy called for an ambulance, and gave a description of the victim’s stolen red Nissan truck.  As another deputy was responding, he saw the stolen truck crashed into a power pole at the intersection of HWY 425 and Laddelle Road.  400-600 C&L Electric customer were without power, due to a power pole being broken by the wrecked pick-up.

Two of the three were brought into custody 300 yards from the wreck truck, while the third one fled deeper into the woods, with a handgun taken from the victim’s truck.

A perimeter was set up, surrounding the area, with officers stationed along HWY 425, Goose Hollow Road, and Ladelle Road.  After several hours of searching, Sheriff Gober was able to contact the final suspect’s probation officer, who gave Gober the youth’s cell phone number.

Gober called him, and convinced him to surrender, which he soon did, meeting Gober and MPD Chief Eddy Deaton on a wooded trail, behind the Lacey Store.  He also helped them locate the missing handgun. 

Names of the three suspects are being withheld, due to their juvenile status.  They are believed to be responsible for as many as 12 stolen vehicles in the Benton area, including the potentially stolen car they drove to Drew County in.

The stabbing victim was transported to the JRMC trauma unit, suffering from multiple severe stab wounds, and was listed as being in stable condition, Friday morning.

Late Thursday night, Sheriff Gober told MonticelloLive, “This was an unfortunate incident, but I appreciate the dedication of the deputies, Chief Deaton and the MPD officers that responded, the Arkansas State Police (who searched with their helicopter), the Cummins Unit (who sent dogs and horses for the search), Sheriff David Johnson and the Ashley County Sheriff’s Dept., Arkansas Game and Fish, and Drew County emergency staff for assisting with communicatins.


60 Responses to “3 Juveniles, Charged with Attempted Capital Murder, Plead “Not Guilty”, Ask for Jury Trial”

  1. karie fay says:

    Wow… we are failing our youth. When I was growing up such things were unheard of except in inner city, poverty-ravaged areas. Today it happens everywhere. People haven’t changed. It’s the parenting and the permissiveness and lack of accountability. These kids aren’t born bad. They have parents who aren’t home being parents, who buy them stuff to make up for their time, who make excuses for them instead of making them suffer consequences. It’s schools who don’t teach as they used to. It’s communities that don’t allow us to discipline and that think the new norm is normal and healthy. Guess I am on my soapbox, but I keep reading comments about each crime reported and think so many miss the facts. It’s not the kids. Not wholly. It’s us.

  2. Nana says:

    I hope they catch this fine upstanding citizen quickly, before he has a chance to hurt anyone else. Praying for their victim, that he will recover. This is terrible.

  3. Carol Judkins says:

    I am so sorry for such a wonderful family to undergo such a tragedy! So much for being a good sumaritan! What a sad day for our small town!

  4. Jessica says:

    The Third one has been caught. But praying for that sweet man and all his family!!

  5. Courtney S says:

    This afternoon I was traveling home to Crossett from school at UAM and was almost hit by these people. I was driving South on 425 when a red truck pulled off of a gravel road to my left. They clearly hadn’t stopped at the stop sign or slowed down the least bit. I heard the tires of the truck screeching as the driver tried to turn the wheel to avoid hitting me. They were only a few feet from hitting my car on the driver’s side and door. I swerved over into the shoulder and managed to miss them. They slowed down slightly and then continued to speed up and pass me on the shoulder. I tried to speed up and get the plate number but they were driving extremely too fast and I was very shook up. I saw them pass other drivers until they were out of sight. After I went through Fountain Hill I passed four officers, two of them had their lights and sirens on. I was very worried that they had wrecked and hurt someone else. I know I am very lucky to be here. If we had hit each other I know it would have been very serious. I am also very thankful to this website. Now I can sleep better tonight knowing that these people are now in police custody. I will be praying earnestly for the dear man who was innocently hurt and taken advantage of by these people. Thank you to all who helped in bringing them to justice!

  6. Erica Barnard says:

    It’s a sad day in Monticello. Prayers for the victin and his family.

  7. ward 2 registered voter says:

    These people probably could have used some Juvenile Court help in the past…..just saying. Maybe their town had a Mayor selfish as ours……..just saying.

  8. ward 2 registered voter says:

    And let’s don’t forget the MEDC staff……sitting in church every Sunday morning……..and don’t have an ounce of sympathy for the Juveniles and the hardships their families are going through. Maybe if they would extend a christian hand and help instead of acting like tom cats getting all territorial over a little bit of space……’s a job, not their home or anything. People (at MEDC) is there not an ounce of compasion in your heads???

  9. Drew County Voter says:

    It is sad that people feel the need to commit crimes period. This gentleman grew up in a time of the past when you could stop and help any person in need. It is scary to think that many of use probaly would have done the same and not thinking twice about it. I believe if asked to God forgives all I pray for the victim and the boys involved they now will have plenty of time to think about what they have done. May the man have a speedy recovery.

  10. Carol says:

    It’s the fear that has been put into parents if they do correct their children and school can’t put a paddle to their butts either without someone somewhere screaming abuse. It is gonna get worse also. Look at the way “Family” hasn’t been taught, your morels, your beliefs, for fear you have spoken out of line. It’s a shame.

  11. phyllis says:

    Praise the Lord the 3 are in Jail. Glad they will be charged as adults. the crime was uncalled for. I know the man . He would have helped anyone in need GOD have MERCY on the three of them

  12. mistie pamplin says:

    “I love you Mr. Bobby i hope you get well soon i will pray for you every nite i love you so much”!!!!!…

  13. samatha bowen says:

    What about the parents of the children who are out of control? Who is to say that they haven’t done all they could to help thrie children? Do you know if the children have been evaluated? Or they on medication? Do the parents bring them up in church? Does the family play games together? How about family camping and fishing trips? How do you know that it tis the families fault?

  14. NOT SUPRISED says:

    Put the blame where it belongs , The three idiots that commited this aweful crime. Sick of it always being someone elses fault.

  15. MyAuntLulu says:

    Grow up Ward 2, our Mayor (selfish or not) nor MEDC staff had anything to do with this crime. Let’s keep with the topic at hand.
    If you have a problem with our locals, be an adult and address them with the problem or how about running for the position & see what a fine job you can do.
    Kudos to our local law enforcement for a job well done. Let’s pray these young criminals are brought to justice.

  16. taxpayer says:

    Ward 2, I’ll bet when the story is out that the three fellons have been in and out of the justice system for years. There is nothing worng with these three young people that 60 years hard labor won’t cure.

  17. Jenny Estelle says:

    I have to say that all the cops, ADC, etc done a wonderful job and were very professional. Thank you all for keeping all of us in the Lacey community safe.

  18. Shane Williams says:

    My heart and prayers go out to the injured gentleman and his family. I have nkown them, all of my life and I know that if it is God’s will, that he will recover. :) I am praying for all involved, including the three suspects. Especially the three suspects.

  19. Bryan Ridgell says:

    It’s a shame people cannot do a good deed anymore such as what this gentleman was trying to do, that’s why unless you know the person or person’s you should call the Law and have them check it out, they do not mind helping cause that’s their Job! Anyway has anyone seen my Kawa 650 4-wheeler that was stolen in November from florence Rd.? Their is a reward for any information leading to the recovery or arrests of the criminals involved.

  20. male voter says:

    I feel like the one who stabbed him should be stabbed. You want to talk about bad parrenting that would fix alot of it! Let a couple of people get shot or stabbed or robbed or beaten in front of them that would definitely make them think twice!!!

  21. James Wooten says:

    We need to use them oak trees at the court house hang them high

  22. Jana says:

    Personally this crap about not publishing juveniles’ names needs to be changed. I know it’s a law; I’m saying the law is archaic and needs to go. Starting around 14, these “kids” know right from wrong. Publish their names. If they want to act like criminals, be treated like criminals. I do not want to hear any “bleeding heart” crap about the ruined reputations and emotional distress to the “children” committing crimes. I saw on Fox16 where a sixteen –year- old male was arrested for battery because he beat up a fourteen- year-old, but they could not reveal his name because of his age. Why not? He committed a crime; let everyone know who he is then maybe they can stay away from him!

  23. Jana says:

    …And I know if they are charged as an adult, their names can be published; I’m talking about period, whether charged as an adult or juvenile.

  24. ???? says:

    perhaps their parents have not whipped their butts and thats why their out of control?
    then that would place the blame on a group of nutt jobs who think we shouldnt spank our kids ,correct?

  25. me says:

    after a kid get out in the world there is not a thing u can do for them if they want to be bad, they will, u can talk untill u r blue in the face, they will not listen, i have raised 2 boys, u got to start when they r 1 year old!! my boys turn out good, but i had troubles when they was 13, 14 years old .

  26. Curt Wayne Gober says:

    Our hearts go out to Bobby, his family and their friends and our prayers are that Bobby makes a speedy and solid recovery.
    Come on Bobby, it is hard to keep a Pipelilner down!


    An eye for an eye has never solved any problem. As far as these juveniles are concerned, children are just doing any and everything these days. Children are not listening to their parents or their elders because they feel as though they can’t be told anything and they (the children) know it all. Well let’s see; there are consequences to all wrong doing and these three will now be tried by the court and let’s wait and see if they will receive the appropriate discipline that their actions brought upon the GOOD SAMARITIN on yesterday. My prayers are with this man and his family. If it is GOD’S WILL, he will be back on his feet and back to his daily routine in know time. I will pray that the LORD come into the three juveniles heart.

  28. kim wells says:

    I am so upset by these 3 teenagers. Because of things like this, I will NOT stop and help anyone. I think this three should be stabbed and beat down. I have no time for people that mistreat children, the elderly and innocent animals. They best get the highest amount of punishment possible or it will keep on happening. Praying for the victim and his family.

  29. JH says:

    Sometimes a parent can raise a child in the right way & do all of the things they are supposed to do & they still turn out “bad”. It depends on a lot of factors as to why a child can turn to doing wrong things. One just never knows, but the fact of the matter is that wrong is wrong & no matter what, one will be punished for their wrong-doings, in the here or the after!! I do pray for Mr. Bobby in hopes that he recovers completely!!!! I will be praying for the kids as well!

  30. cathy wilson says:

    Please don’t put this on the parents, I don’t know them but I do know that a lot of bad kids have good parents. I hope these kids never get out of jail. They are just evil and I guess everyone is lucky that they didn’t do more damage or hurt anyone else.(that we know of.) Please keep Bobby and his family in your prayers. He is going to have a long slow recovery.

  31. Susan says:

    Charles Murry wrote in 1994 that soon even small town America would be like Southcentral Los Angeles. He said teens will be out of control, more and more.

    That does not mean these 3 or innocent, but we were warned a long time ago. Unless there are real changes in our society, it will only get worse.

    When a school has students that get in trouble over and over and over and when the school tries to do something, the parents show up with lawyers (funded by us) to protect their little darlings, we should not be suprised at this sad situation.

  32. male student says:

    Everyone keeps mentioning that they are ‘young criminals.’ Ahem, it is Unconstitutional to try minors as adults. Two of them are 15! There are reasons why we don’t typically try minors as adults. The huge influx of hormones that they deal with due to puberty is only one (which by the way will exacerbate any pre-existing mental conditions). Anyone ever remember doing stupid things when you were young? Of course not, everyone in this town thinks they are perfect.

    Think instead of being so quick to judge. I’m sure it will be a GREAT idea to send them off to the college for criminals. They’ll be given years to study up!

  33. 60's teen says:

    Ward 2 — This one has nothing to do with the MEDC or the mayor.
    I know you are not perfect! Say something good or don’t say anything at all. If you keep this up, everyone will just skip over your comments.
    Thanks to all who risked their lives to catch these people.
    I’m praying for Mr. Strickland.

  34. TK says:

    Law enforcement did a Great job. Thank you very much.
    As for the trio, it’s always easy to blame parents, teachers, friends etc. But the truth is some people are just born with no morals. Alot of people have been brought up with hardships and not do those horrid things. Whereas other people have been brought up with a silver spoon and cause many problems.
    Prayers to Mr. Bobby and family. Thank goodness he had the foresight to call the sheriffs office about the broken down vehicle.

  35. Joe Harrod says:

    I’m with James on this one……hang’em high. No excuse for stabbing this man. NO tolerance!

  36. Ms. J says:

    I pray that the victim makes a full recovery. In some cases we can’t blame the parents because they do the best they can to raise their children right, but they still can be influenced by their peers or other people. All we can do is just pray each day that God continue to watch over us and give us strength to carry on.

  37. ward 2 registered voter says:

    Ok, 60’s teen, I’ll say something nicer. I didn’t know this man, but I agree with some of the others who wrote that they can’t or won’t help someone broke down because of this type of thing. I grew up in the 70’s and it was a safer time. It was when if your neighbor told your mom that you misbehaved at their house, you got your butt spanked, your mama didn’t cuss out your neighbor. That was actually a time before all this Juvenile Court business – this business was handled at home and kids behaved better. But, because we (actually only about 30%) in Monticello don’t vote, we have allowed people with these opinions of child rearing without punishment become our leaders. And since that is the norm now and the laws that we have unfortunately voted in, these leaders – community, political, religious need to stand behind them and up for what they are. Most of these families in Juvenile Court are intimidated and scared. Most do not fully understand the processes, potential outcomes or the good that could come of it all. The last thing these kids (ones that don’t follow rules or the norm) need is to see the elders at the Court fighting and fussing like a couple of 13 year olds. They need someone to offer them a kind word, not a mean look for needing to use a bathroom. Some of these kids don’t know any family security. They certainly could use someone in their lives that they could look back on one day and say “She was always nice to me”. What’s wrong with that??? They won’t find that here in Monticello, will they???

  38. uncle in distress says:

    This is not my kids, but I do know one of them. He was raised in a regular home with loving parents, a brother and 2 sisters. They are not wealthy but are not poor either. His parents have tried everything they could do to help this kid. Yes, he has been in trouble with the law. Yes, he has run away before. Yes, the parents have spanked that butt. They have grounded him. They had him place in a home for evaluation. They have asked the school for help. They have asked the courts for help.And now he has run away again. Now he is in TROUBLE. (and once again the parents are helpless). They will continue to pray. Not only that their child is alive but for the people that their child has wronged along his way. May God keep us all.

  39. Didn't really wanna say anything says:

    “Male Student”….I think this is a little more than kids doing something “stupid”!! They tried to kill a man after he tried to help them. They stole his truck after trying to KILL HIM. I don’t know who they are or why they committed this act of stupidity. I don’t know if they have parents who were/are active in their lives…don’t know if they go to church…but even at 15 with hormones, they know right from wrong. And if they actually don’t….then they can be tried on an insanity plea. This is what I think…..”Spare the rod, spoil the child.” It was good enough for generations, but now it isn’t good for their self-esteem or it teaches them violence…baloney. If they know they will suffer consequences…..every time….they actually might think it through before they do something like this. Just my opinion.

  40. fed up says:

    Didn’t really wanna say anything and maybe shouldn’t. Get off the parent act. They (at least one of them) have parents. And the parents have not “spared the rod.”This child was raised in church. You bunch of self righteous people. Be thankful it is not your kin that has done such an act of terror. You surely don’t need to hear trash from someone who has not been through this kind of stuff with your child. If you have all the answers from sitting on your seat and passing judgement, maybe you should write a book. Some people are at wits end and could use such expert advice. The courts can’t help maybe you can. In the meantime I’ll still be praying for the 15 year old that I know has no fall back excuse for this behavior and the people that crossed his path while he did such things. (I’ll also pray for you.)

  41. Nana says:

    The parents of these 3 have trouble–big trouble. If they have tried to be good parents, my heart goes out to them. Sometimes living trouble can be as bad as death, and not nearly as dignified or final. As a parent, you can do the best you can, but when they get up as big as you are and go hog wild, you’re stuck. You can’t chain them up in the house or you’ll go to jail. If you get physical, it’ll be a brawl and you can wind up beat up or in jail yourself. Shrinks, meds, court systems…you can go through all of it and they wind up right back under your roof and you’re trying to hide your money, car keys and sleep light so you can try to catch them if they slip out at night. Your home life is destroyed, you’re ashamed to face the neighbors and folks at church and you’re scared to death they’re going to get killed, or worse, kill somebody else. And in some instances, it’s their own parents they wind up killing. One thing I do know. You better never say what your kids won’t do, because you may have to eat your words. They can act like idiots when they’re teens and they can get a wild hair when they’re having a mid-life crisis and ruin themselves, their families, and throw away all that success you’ve been so proud of. So no parent should pat themselves on the back too hard in how they raised good kids…you can’t ever tell when it will turn to ashes, even after they’ve got gray hair themselves.
    Kids are not complete blank sheets of paper when they’re born, to be written on, imprinted with whatever you want them to be. You can try, but they are born with wills and natures all their own. You can have one baby and it’s so sweet and cuddly, smiling and happy. Such a joy that you immediately want to have a second sweet little bundle of joy. That next one might be a stem-winder from the time its born. Screaming, kicking, snorting when it’s little and it never lets up. If you’d had one like that to begin with, you’d never have had a second one. Even pups out of the same litter can have different natures…and the same is even more true of human kids because they’re more complex. The only thing is, if you have a mean, biting dog…you can put it down. When you’ve got a kid who goes wrong and becomes dangerous, you can’t do that–even though you stay scared to death about what he/she will do next.
    I am glad Mr. Strickland will pull through. I have no sympathy for these 3 hoodlums. They’re right where they belong. However, I can’t help but think of their Mothers, and how awful it would be. Everybody’s always scared they’re going to get a knock on the door and the law’s going to be standing there, saying you’ve lost a child…Well, I’m saying there’s more than one way to lose a child after all those years of work, worry, love, money…all of it gone. Sometimes kids destroy themselves with parents doing everything they can to stop them.
    If they’ve tried to be good to their kids, I feel sorry for their folks. They’ve had hell and will continue to have it…

  42. me says:

    male student, u r a nut!!there try to kill a 70 years old, all they had to do was push him, they need to die!!!

  43. concerned says:

    Praying for the victim. It is so true you can not do good deeds for people anymore. I will also pray for the 3 that done these terrible things. It is sad to know, that crimnials are getting younger and younger. Remember the Lord is in control of all things… But I know they need to be punished for what they have done.

  44. kristie says:

    i will keep praying for the victim for recovery and the girl those horrible people almost hit!!! hopefully when the victim gets well he will be able to come and see me like he usually does. n he doesnt have to worry about those horrible people agian. the people that did can think what they have done n hoe many lives they would have caused doing those bad things!!! my family and i will be prayinf for all the inosent people that those horrible kids have caused truoble with or almost did!! were all waiting for the victim to come home!! i just wanted to say to the victim that i really miss n love him n cant wait to see him when he is much better!!! <3

  45. stephanie says:

    I hope they go to prison,its where they belong, because they will do this again if there set free.

  46. Nana says:

    Reread some of the comments. Rather amused by some of the comments about not sending these minors to adult criminal “school”…I suppose so they won’t pick up any bad habits from seasoned criminals. I think these “kids” are pretty well self taught. They’ve been on a crime spree and tried to kill a man by gutting him…how many bad habits could they pick up that they haven’t already practiced? I’m not a bit worried about them picking up any bad habits or being victimized by older inmates. They had to work hard and hurt lots of people to get themselves in a cage…

  47. silentcity says:

    u know what happed 2 that man was wrong.but all these people talkin about hangin them or sayin they need 2 die for what they what r we suppose 2 think about yall.have yall ever had 2 kill before?or maybe u already have. THIS LIFE WONT LAST FOREVER BUT THE NEXT ONE WILL,so enengage ur small brain before u open ur hippo mouth,


  48. Amy says:

    As a parent u always fear the worst! Should this have happened, I would say not! I fear I will failmy child, but a lot of times that is the problem they get the thought in their head well I’m underage I’ll be out when I’m 18! Please start now by letting your children that GOD doesn’t like killers! Let put
    GOD back in our schools. Let our children pray at schools if need be!
    To many young lives r at steak! I’m one of those that if I got in trouble in school mom and dad knew about it before I got home! If I need a spanking at a neighbors house I got it when I got back home! Respect our elders! That’s how ip was raised open a door, help them mow their yeas for noting but a homemade cookie and koolaid never was I told it was ok to steal from them or try to kill them! Maybe GROWN PEOPLE jail is what they need! And the state to start supporting a new in GOD we trust law and good old fashion A** whippings!

  49. grizzly says:

    This is why ever law abiding person needs to carrya firearm of some kind. if this was me or my wife the subjest would not need nto go to court. If the criminals think some one is armed there would be a little less people hurt.

  50. Cat says:

    I have read all these post and heard about how some of us might blame the parents and some say they are just rotten kids. One of the kids uncle said on here that his parents have tried repeatedly to get there son to do right but he was just as determined not to do what was right. Please do not feel bad for these Monsters. If you want to feel bad for someone aim it toward Mr Bobby and his family. All you have heard is that Bobby is going to survive. What you haven’t heard is that he is not doing as well as the doctors thought he was going to do and that they decided to keep him in ICU longer and that even after he starts improving, he is going to need a lot more surgeries. These Monsters stab this man in the neck and in the abdomen. He spent hours in surgery with his family not knowing if they were ever going to be able to talk to there Daddy again. Mr Bobby will have to have more surgeries to try to rebuild his colon because they stabbed him so hard and so deep that his are pretty much gone. Please don’t talk about these poor little kids because they are not kids, they are monsters and they need to be kept in a cage so they can never hurt anyone else. They also tried to choke a woman and they have stolen 12 cars..Please, no more any poor little boys and please don’t say there hormones caused it. They are evil. Just call them what they are.

  51. Good Grief! What is this world coming to? Teenagers , commit attempted capital murder! Why? Where were the parents when these kids were out on a stealing, attempted killing spree? The parents won’t parent, these hooligans!…So they are our problem, now! Jail the parents too!

  52. dragonheart says:

    Well this has been an interesting read. I hope the gentleman and anyone else directly affected by these supposed delinquents are fine and on their way to recovery. I hate this happened in this community but at least you know who your guilty parties are. I am dealing with a serial killer in my community. Now everyone knows lynching is out and we must wait for the courts to decide who is and is not guilty and accept the verdict. Why does everyone feel the need to point blame on the families. It is not all their fault. If any. I was brought up with the rod. My father weilded it like Thor’s hammer and I turned out just fine. I on the other hand went a different direction and broke the cycle of archaic punishment. My kids are fine and well adjusted and do not need to go out and terrorize the neighborhood and commit a felony. So who knows if fear of punishment is a motivator for young kids/adults. Each person is different. Each family dynamic is different. On a personal note, I feel your community would fare better if their were things for them to do. Culturally, artistically, sports if you must, something that creates pride in the community, as a people, as individuals. Alot of kids today have no solid role models. There is so much truth about the saying “It takes a village to rear a child…” So people quit your finger pointing and do something instead of talkin’ about it.

  53. I understand that “It takes a village to rear a child…” I truly do…And, yes, I agree that we all should do something instead of talkin’ about it!….But! In my opinion parents should hold some responsibility for the actions of their children! Why wasn’t these kids in school?

  54. Ticked off says:

    School?… Ha that’s a joke. Where do you think these 3 met? THE PARENTS tried. Tried keeping them in school, tried dropping off and picking up. Tried LOVE, tried beating that A$$. Tried having them involved in church, choir, family outings, family dinners, etc. They have tried JAIL, medication, evaluation, etc. The PARENTS, the bad irresponsible parents that just turned a blind eye were actually very much present in the teenagers life. Don’t you think they feel sorry for the victims and the victims families just as much as you do? But let he without sin cast the first stone”. Judge yourself first before casting judgement, or better yet, shut you mouth and let the court and heavens above handle it. Not saying they shouldn’t be in jail, They ABSOLUTELY Should., BUT THEY ARE. Now let’s see what the judicial system you honor and worship sees fit to do.

  55. Reader of small minds says:

    Allow me to give you some details. One of these kids had just finished riding 3 wheelers with his dad. His mom was inside cooking supper.He went 3 doors down to play video games with his friend/neighbor until supper was ready. When the dad went down there to get him, the boy wasn’t there. (he had run away).The parents reported him missing. He has been on the national run away list for 2 weeks. The next time the parents heard from this child, it was from the police, “They found him, he is in trouble. And you need to go to Monticello in the a.m.) Unless you have been around these kids and their families: shut up. They are wrong, YES. We pray for that man and All concerned. Maybe you should quit passing judgement and pray for all involved AND the families of all as well.

  56. Mike says:

    A point of clarification about the publishing of the names of juveniles involved in crimes. There are certain categories of people — law enforcement and school officials, for example, who are prohibited by law from releasing these names under certain circumstances. However, the law does NOT prevent news media from publishing these names if they obtain the information from sources other than who cannot legally provide them. And guess who tells the news media? You do. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Topix, e-mail, on-line bulletin boards and other sources, news media and the general public can learn details about an incident even before police have had a chance to question perps and victims. It’s now SOP among the news media to look up the Facebook pages of criminal suspects, their families and friends to mine information and photographs and — often in the case of accused killers — comments they’ve made about their victims and plans BEFORE a homicide. I’m not saying any of this is good, or right — I’m just saying it’s available, and it is a genie that’s out of the bottle.

  57. GRANMAW says:

    SAD……..but they need to stay locked up for along time alone……………It’s no ones fault but the 3 punks that did this………THINKS it’s a waste of money and time to save them…..parents couldn’t do it…

  58. Amy says:

    I love the way some people like to voice their opinion on this case but not use a real name! Had this happened to someone u loved u would be mad like some of these people r too! And yea the outs should decide that is was they get paid for. And I do feel sorry for the families of thes KIDS and Mr. Strickland as well. No I’m not judging but I do know that one of the rules of God that was so graciously taken out of our court system does read THY SHALL NOT KILL and that is exactly what the 3 were going to do kill this man that stopped to help all over a ride they wrecked just a mile or 2 down the road! Just Sayin

  59. Me says:

    This past weekend I was in juvenille detention with all three of these suspects. May I say, that what was done was completely wrong and they should be punished to full extint. But, as far as Haley Thompson goes, if you would notice all the victims say “the boy”. The two boys were the ones to inflict any harm on any of the victims. Hayley was a runaway, and had no clue any of these horrific events would occur. She just wanted to leave home. Yeah, she was there when it all took place but, what would you do if you were a runaway and the people you were with just stabbed someone? You would be scared as well. Hayley was actually the first to turn herself in. Hayley meant no harm in any of this.

  60. Shane Williams says:

    I just Do Not understand how these things, and yes, I said ‘things’, could possibly say that they are not guilty. When the Evidence Clearly says otherwise. :(

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