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$100,000 Bond Set on Huskey for 2nd Degree Murder Charges for Beating Death of Flowers

August 21st, 2017 by

Judge Sam Pope increased Jeremy Huskey’s bail bond from $25,000 to $100,000, Monday morning, in a hearing in Warren.

This was the first hearing where Huskey faced second-degree murder and aggravated residential burglary charges, in reference to the death of George Flowers, of a severe beating in late July.

Deputy prosecutor Frank Spain represented the state.
The public defender was appointed to represent the defendant.

Judge Bruce Anderson, last week, set his bond at $25,000 on a tampering with evidence charge.

When Judge Pope asked Huskey how long he had lived at his current address, with his aunt, he responded six years.

Spain then pointed out to the court that at last year’s hearing, Huskey gave a Stuttgart address. Huskey replied that was a work address.

The court also said that these charges violate the conditions of Huskey’s of his suspended sentence, from 2016.

The state is seeking to revoke the suspension, which should keep him in jail until the current charges progress through the court system.

Posted August 18, 2017

2nd Degree Murder Charges for Beating Death of George Flowers, Filed Against Jeremy Huskey

On Friday, prosecuting attorney Thomas Deen upgraded the charges against Jeremy Huskey to include the death of George Flowers.

The new charges include 2nd degree murder, aggravated residential burglary and tampering with physical evidence.

Court information filed Friday states that on July 18, Jeremy Huskey entered or remained unlawfully in the residence of George Flowers, against the law.

In the course of doing so (with the purpose of committing an offense punishable by imprisonment), he inflicted serious physical injury upon Flowers, causing Flowers’ death.

Since Huskey has previously been convicted of 4 or more felonies, the offense is classified as a class “Y” felony, carrying a “10 years to life” prison sentence.

Huskey will appear before circuit Judge Sam Pope, Monday,  for the first time since being charged with murder.


Posted August 17, 2017

Huskey’s Bond Set at $25,000, until Monday’s Revocation Hearing

Jeremy Huskey, age 38 of Midway Route, who is accused of tampering with evidence in the assault case which possibly led to the death of George Flowers had his first appearance hearing at 3:40, Thursday, in front of District Judge Bruce Anderson.

Huskey refused to speak during Thursday’s hearing, declining to answer general questions about understanding his rights and having an attorney.

The only two statements he made were, “I object to media being present,” and
“I exercise my 5th amendment right to remain silent.”

Judge Anderson then appointed to project the public defender’s office to represent him and set his bond at $25,000.


Posted Aug 17, 2017.

1 pm UPDATE – Assault Suspect Re-Arrested for Tampering with Evidence, After Victim Dies. Held Without Bond – His Current Suspended Sentence Could be Revoked, Monday

According to Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober, Jeremy Huskey, the man accused of the late July assault of George Flowers (who died Sunday), was arrested late Wednesday afternoon for tampering with evidence in the Flowers’ case.

Although Sheriff Gober declined be specific about the evidence involved, he did confirm that Huskey is being held without bond, pending a first appearance hearing.

Huskey was arrested for the assault, and released on a $10,000 bond.

Two days after the assault, Flowers was found unconscious in his home by neighbors. He never regained consciousness.

According to Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Deen, a revocation hearing on Huskey’s “suspended imposition of sentence” on a previous terroristic threatening charge (misdemeanor) from September, 2016, will be held Monday morning in Warren.

A one year jail sentence was suspended, based on Huskey not violating any probation requirements.

The state contends that when he allegedly assaulted Flowers, and then tampered with evidence, he violated the conditions of his suspended sentence.

Posted August 13, 2017
Assault Victim Dies, Details about New Charges
MLive has been in contact with prosecuting attorney Thomas Deen and Sheriff Mark Gober.

Both officials described situation this way- An autopsy will be performed by the State Crime Lab.
An autopsy report as to the pathologist’s cause of death findings from the Medical Examiner’s Office will then be sent to the prosecutor’s office.
At that point a decision will be made about upgrading the assault charge on Huskey, IF the beating is determined to have caused Flowers’ death.

Any updates in this case will be posted on
Local Beating Victim Taken Off Life Support
Posted 8/11/17

On July 18, Drew County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the report of an assault on Midway Route.

The victim, 67 year old George Flowers, told officers he thought he recognized the man who beat him, at approximately 11:45 PM, even though his attacker’s face was partially covered by a black mask.

Flowers heard a knock at the door. When he opened the door, he was hit in the face several times, until he fell to the floor. He was then kicked multiple times, until the suspect left.

Flowers twice declined medical attention that night.  The deputies then spoke with neighbors who described a blue Toyota, similar to Huskey’s,  that was seen in the driveway prior to the assault.

Huskey is the relative of a neighbor of Flowers.  When the deputies spoke to Huskey that night, he was sitting on his aunt’s  porch with Flowers’ roommate.   During this conversation, Huskey told the officers he was “too drunk to fill out a statement” form, so his statement was recorded on video.

Two days later, a neighbor found Flowers lying unconscious in his residence.  He was  transported to Little Rock by ambulance for advanced medical care, but according to a friend, Flowers never regained consciousness.

Flowers was removed from life-support systems Wednesday, and is still classified in “stable, but critical condition.”  Another friend has just reported that Flowers will soon be placed on hospice,  for nature to take it’s course.

Jeremy Huskey, age 38, was arrested by DCSO on July 24th to face the charge of 2nd degree assault. He was bonded out of jail on July 25 on $10,000 commercial bond.

Sheriff Mark Gober told MLive that if Flowers dies because of injuries received during the assault, charges against Huskey will likely be upgraded to a more serious charge.

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