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No Bond Set for Capital Murder Suspect

December 13th, 2012 by

Wesly Pryor went before Circuit Judge Bynum Gibson, Wednesday morning, on the charges of Capital Murder, Aggravated Residential Burglary, and  Felon in Possession of a Firearm Possessed in a Violent Crime.

During the hearing, where bail bonds are usually set, the court confirmed that Capital Murder is a “non-bondable charge”, so Pryor will remain in jail, without bond, until court is held in the case.

Just before 8 pm, Sunday night, the Drew County Sheriff Dept. responded to a 911 call, reporting a shooting victim being found in a Drew County residence

Upon arrival deputies found 56 year old, Charles Hewitt, lying on the floor of his home suffering from a single gunshot wound to the chest. Hewitt was pronounced dead at the scene.

Information that was obtained by authorities led to the arrest of Jerry “Wesley” Pryor Jr., age 34 of Monticello.

It is believed that Pryor went to Hewitt’s home, kicked in the front door, and shot him in the chest.

Pryor is being held at the Drew County Detention Facility.

As with any murder case, many rumors begin, but the report of another shooting between the two parties was posted on MLive threee years ago, confirmed at the time by Sheriff Mark Gober.

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32 Responses to “No Bond Set for Capital Murder Suspect”

  1. angela says:

    Prayers for the family of Mr. Hewitt.. God bless

  2. kim wells says:

    All I can say is Why? What was the motive for killing him?

  3. heavy heart says:

    Praying for all involved.

  4. Not really surprised says:

    It seems shocking to me for SOME reason…..mainly because he hasn’t murdered someone before now. Anyways, it sounds like they had it in for one another for sure. Stay tuned for another episode of the Hatfields and McCoys.

  5. Lt. Rickey Rausch retired DCSO. says:

    This is to jerry’s parents you’re in are prayers Jerry Sr. Call me if you needto vent.

  6. wondering says:

    He just wouldnt leave Charlie alone. He was the one yhat went to his house.

  7. J.D. says:

    “went to charlies house at midnight in 2009 and got into a argument about mowing a yard at midnight?”……sounds like someone was on alcohol and drugs too me. Wes has been slapped on the wrist to many times. In and out of prison his whole life. Time for him to spend his life behind bars,or the death penalty. He went to the mans house for the 2nd time. I feel bad for Mr. Jerry and Mrs Sherry. Its not their fault for the actions their son has done.

  8. LORA CHANEY says:

    Charles Hewitt shot me in the head with a .22 rifle on September 17, 1979 when I interrupted his attemped robbery of the East end Jr. Food Mart in Monticello, where my sister was employed. Charles was arrested that night and was later sentenced and served his time for that crime. The odd thing about this is that he was killed on my birthday.

  9. Bryce D. says:

    Job well done by both departments Drew County Sheriff’s Office and Monticello Police Department. Prayers to both families involved.

  10. No Excuse says:

    There are none of us who are perfect and we ALL have fallen short of the glory of God! Wes has his faults and vices, just as we all do, but he also has a heart of gold and will/would do anything in his power to help someone out. Only Wes knows why he went to Charlie’s house Sunday night. We can speculate but only he knows! There have been many times since Charlie shot Wes in 2009 that he (Charlie) has gone to or by Wes’ house. This does not excuse Wes’ actions but Charlie was not an innocent victim. My point is, let’s not judge because we have not walked in either of these men’s shoes. Praying for Wes and his family, the Hewitt family and all involved.

  11. April says:

    I really hate to hear this but ill be praying for both families

  12. PrayersforFamily says:

    Its no secret that Wes has been a constant trouble-maker, in and out of jail/prison and an ongoing source of stress for his family for many years but what we need to keep in mind is his Family and the Family of the Victim- neither sides had any control over what Wes did, not a single one of them stood there and held his hand while he pulled that trigger, it was all Wes’s doing..regardless of how well you try to raise a child or how good a family that child/adult comes from there is always a chance of them messing up…Lets not start the “IF ONLY” blame game but lift the families of both parties in prayer, let them know this community they call home is not so vicious and hateful as to hold them responsible for the actions of one bad apple in the family.

    Mr. Jerry, Mrs Sherry and Sherri (Wes’s mother)..the family of Mr Hewitt you are all in my prayers, may God keep his loving arms around you and help you all through these troubling times.

  13. NAN CARTER says:


  14. me says:

    i like what prayersforfamily said, u can raised ur kids right, but when they get 18, they go there on way, if they wait untill 18!!!!

  15. not ignoring everything says:

    I am someone who knows both guys well. Pryor was a drug addict and drunk with a violent streak who’s family has helped him. Hewitt was a drug addict and drunk with a violent streak who’s family helped him. Sounds like a mirror image of two men to me. I have known both for many years and seen both at their best and their worst as a lot of those posting your comments have;but for whatever your personal reasons are yall are choosing to focus on Pryors misdeeds and not Hewitts. I know most of you posting your comments on fb very well and know your past and present lives as well as yall know mine. Your ignoring that Hewitt was a crackhead and junkie the same as Pryor. Hewitt has committed armed robbery,shot two different men,stole many things and done almost the exact if not exact life as Pryor. Is it possible Pryor was immitating Hewitts life as his role model and everything got carried away? In closing to you people who know all the truth about both men and I know the ones who do……then why don’t yall quit with the be and post the truth about both men instead of ignoring half of it cause it makes you feel superior today. And since Hewitt was such a wonderful man and all of you cared for him so much then why where none of you ever knocking on his door and visiting? I know why and its because before he became a hot topic everyone of you but a select few wouldn’t have spit on Hewitt if he was on fire and we know that’s the truth.

  16. Kenneth says:

    Too many excuses and not enough nooses, allow wild animals to multiply and kill, with affinity. The justice system failing as usual to properly punish and rehabilitate criminals.

  17. Lets let the court s handle the case and lets pray for both family’s . Maybe we can learn a lesson of what drugs and alcohal will do to you and your familys. So sad

  18. tsb says:

    I know wes! and as far as im concerned hes not a bad guy! He has a problem. He is one of the nicest men me and my children ever met!!!!!!!! I am so sad to hear this story.. My prayers go out to his daughter!!

  19. sad sad says:

    i have known both of them very well for 20 plus yrs, & yes they both had issues in the past; i know wes was going thru alot & he was tring to change but being an addict & staying in the same enviorment its almost impossible to keep clean; im shocked wes killed him; charlie has done alot of bad things as well but that doesnt take away from him being a good person; and im sure i know the above person that says they know them so well; my heart & prayers go out to both familys;

  20. Heyya says:

    I agree with wisetaxpayer! I pray that all see what drugs & alcohol do to everyone! Not just the abusers but the family, friends, loved ones & our community! Praying for all! May GOD bless everyone!

  21. adl says:

    I knew both parties involved and knew they both have had years of many many problems but no matter what Charlie Hewitt ever did wrong he did not deserve to die for those actions. It Is not up to us to say when it is time for someone to die. That’s up to God and only God. Now let a jury of wes’ peers decide his fate. I personally hope he never sees the light of day again over this but it is not up to me. Let’s just keep everyone involved,family and all, in our prayers because there’s a lot of people hurting over all this.

  22. Farrah lansdale says:

    Tradgedy has struck and I am at a loss for words because I am ashamed of some people around here. Who are any of us to judge and dsay ugly things about my friend Wesley. If he did this believe u me he is paying far worse than any of us could punish him for. I pray for Pand the truth will come to light. This could of happened to any single one of us and he is still a daddy a son and my friend. Prayer for you all

  23. Kenneth says:

    And the excuses roll on and on! Sometimes we need to read the writings on the wall before tragedy strikes again and again, again!!!Many times we know something should have been done, but do nothing until its too late and irreparable harm or loss occurs!

  24. Kenneth says:

    Case in point Connecticut school shooting. Someone should have seen it coming! Is Monticello coming big time or what?

  25. Linda Faulkner says:

    There is noone to blame for this but the State of Arkansas. Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that over 55% of men and as much as 75% of women in prison have a treatable mental disorder – depression, bipolar disorder and the like, yet those who enter the prison system get NO TREATMENT for these illnesses. Anyone who has ever been involved in the AA/NA environment (and this includes judges, probation officers, wardens and yes the governor of Arkansas) knows that drug abuse is often a method of self medicating an underlying TREATABLE condition. Everyone complains that keeping a prisoner costs so much yet noone does anything to treat the underlying causes of noncompliance in society. There are no screenings except for suicide and what gets me the most is that many medications that treat these conditions can be purchased for less that $4/month. That sure seems cheaper than a lifetime in prison to me.
    And what’s just as bad is that if you are an adult living in the state of Arkansas and you need mental health care and you have a low paying job (which you probably do) and you have no insurance, you cannot get mental health care because there are NO programs that help pay for this type of treatment. Mental health treatment is often a long process and most cannot afford the cost of it. Of course there’s a ‘sliding scale’ with which they determine if you are eligible for help, but the amounts you are still required to pay are still too great that most simply cannot afford to get treatment.
    This is where the blame should be placed…where someone has been in the prison system and gone through the court system and noone ever said ‘Is there something wrong with this guy?”.

  26. Eddie says:

    Uncle Charlie you werent perfect. But guess what? We still love you buddy.
    “Judge not lest you be judged.”

  27. Sweetie says:

    Uncle charlie and Wes were nothing alike sure uncle charlie had his faults but he would do anything for anybody if you asked him to. Everybody’s claiming Wes has a mental illness I don’t think he does you just making excuses because you don’t want to believe he killed a man. It’s because you love him its ok but listen he killed someone stick that in your head and think he had to be thinking about it for a long time and on the way over there he probably thought of the consequences but didn’t turn around.

  28. fox says:

    knew wes when he was dateing my sis and wasnt useing dope he was a good person

  29. Kenneth says:

    When people quote the bible about judging they always use the “judge not lest you be judged” but never fully understand that He is not saying that we should not judge but we should judge rightly…read Luke 6:43-45. Also in John 7:24 Jesus tells us how we should judge. Even Jesus applauded Simon in Luke 7:41-43 for doing so. We need to make sure we understand the bible before we throw out quotes!

  30. Eddie says:

    Kenneth i dont know you. After this response i honestly dont care who you are.
    Uncle charlie had a funeral. This quote from the Bible was the base of the service.
    So tell me exactly what you mean by your response above. Get into the weeds if you may. Break it down for me.

  31. all have sinned says:

    He that is without sin cast the first stone. We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. All we have to do is ask for forgiveness and he is just to forgive us our sins. We will all reap what we have sown. Wes is going to reap to the whirlwind unless he finds the Lord. Charlie does not have that chance if he hadn’t made that decision already. No one knows another man’s heart but it is true that once we leave this life there is no more forgiveness. Judgment is in all of our futures. Make sure you have your plans to meet him face to face at the judgment, whether it be the judgment seat of Christ or the great white throne judgment.

  32. becky says:

    Knew both of these men they needed god in their lives a long time ago may charlie rest in peace and hope wesley finds god. May both families put their faith in god and let him handle the rest

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