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One Response to “Eddie Cheatham & Mike Akin- State Senate Forum at Revival Center”

  1. Bishop Sam Wherry says:

    It is quite obvious that few and fewer people are interested in the local debate process here in Drew County in particular those being held in the Ward 1 & 3 sector of Monticello. Less than 20 people including participates were at the Revival Center last night and less than 50 at the Hawkins Center at Holmes Chapel last week for the County & Municipal Candidates. The National election has taken precedence over all interest and what is most important to the entities of the local, regional and state that will effect their/our lives and well-being is of no particular interest. This election is you will take the time to review is two distinct different platforms each representing the respective income class we live; in addition, one platform gives specific liberties, choices and never before health protection initiatives for Women and Children, while the other maintains the traditional core values we live and thrive by. The issue of taxes traditionally to be paid the highest by the Middle/moderate to low income with no special tax breaks for families, students, small business of one platform and the other platform which maintains core values for limited or non equal (less)taxation for the Rich and Powerful(upper middle, upper class&Rich)class entities which is the traditional core. The key in this election is not your or my choice at the national level, No. The key is a cross the board get out to vote for the platform just stated that is yours&my specific socio economic class which we live daily. For the first time since 1860 in the election process that the distinction between the Republican & Democratic Parties are clearly defined in their platform and each represents the specific interest and future, clearly defined. The Republican Platform represents the Rich, Upper & Upper Middle Class income of the United States and the Democratic Platform represents the Middle, Moderate to low income; in addition specific liberties never before for Women, Children,Seniors, Veterans and an in law Affordable care Act that for the first time ever allows coverage for pre-existing illness for adults and children. There is a jobs bill legislation being held in the house of Representatives of the United States Congress by the Republican Majority that is a clear indication of the core difference in these platforms. That legislation will produce thousands of long term permanent jobs for the Middle class, good high paying jobs and not 12 million minimum wage jobs proposed by the Republican National platform. Thank God in this great nation of ours their is the cross over support process whereby Republicans are crossing over to the Democratic Platform and Democrats are crossing over to the Republican Platform for the truth of the issue, there are Republican Middle to low income class entities as well Democrat Rich, Upper/Upper Middle income class and politics attempts to differentiate the two and for that reason I being a professional research and development analyst along with my fellow market research analyst we bring to the forfronth the realistic issues etc.that the people will make decisions that will be for the betterment of their specific socio economic income class and not the common good of any particular special interest group that in the long run not enhance the well being of ones income class; again review the platform and vote for your platform that enhance your well-being and not another. This again is the most cross the board election since 1860 in the United States,

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