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“Chris Was Stabbing Him, & I Was Pushing Him Out of the Truck” – 2 of 3 Saline County Youths Plead Guilty & Sentenced

July 9th, 2012 by

Two of the three Saline County youths charged with the attempted capital murder of a Lacey man, aggravated robbery, theft of property, and theft by receiving, entered Guilty pleas, Friday, in Drew County Circuit Court.

One received a 25 year sentence, followed by a 15 year suspended sentence, and the other earned a 10 year sentence, followed by 10 more, suspended.

During his questioning, Blake Smith said, “Chris was stabbing him, and I was pushing him out of the truck,”  describing the events of March 15, that almost took the life a 77 year old Lacey man.

Smith was sentenced to 25 years in prison, followed by 15 more years, suspended.

Haley Thompson also entered a Guilty plea, to a reduced charges of robbery.

Thompson admitted to the court that she was present when they stole a car in Saline County, by force, before coming to Drew County.  She also admitting that the three planned the attack on Bobby Strickland, when he returned to their broken down car to help them.  She then admitted that as he lay bleeding in the roadway, she was moving stolen items and alcohol from their stolen vehicle, into his truck.

Thompson was sentenced to 121 months, with an additional 119 months suspended.

Both were taken to the Drew County Detention Facility, awaiting bed space.

No action was taken for the third youth, Christopher Darden.

7 Responses to ““Chris Was Stabbing Him, & I Was Pushing Him Out of the Truck” – 2 of 3 Saline County Youths Plead Guilty & Sentenced”

  1. Conservative voter says:

    Guess stealing a car was not that much fun after all? These youth’s lives are over. Why? Because they made very poor choices. Young people, wake up! Folks work hard for what they have. Work for what you need and want. Ms Thompson will be in her early 30s and Smith will be more than 40 when they get out of prison. Its just not worth the cost.

  2. beingmyself says:

    I don’t feel sorry for neither of them! I do weep for the elderly man. Thank God he’s ok!

  3. Ms J says:

    @Conservative voter……you’re absolutely right! Youth’s today don’t think of the consequences of making bad decisions. Stop dealing drugs and robbing from everyone else……….GET A JOB!!

  4. taxpayer says:

    The sentences are a joke!

  5. not enough time says:

    i dont think its enough time, they tried to kill a kind hearted man that stoped to offer them help and they decided he should be dead because he didnt want to see some kids stranded in the middle of nowhere. these horrible children are the reason good people get stranded in bad situations they are the type that cause the fear to be kind to your fellow man in need. I hope that every day they spend in prison feels like 100 years!

  6. Granddaughter says:

    As the granddaughter of Bobby Strickland, I would like to comment. Our family attended the hearings and we, including my grandfather, feel that the sentencing today was fair. The prosecuting attorney came to my grandfather and discussed everything with him before hand and he gave his approval. Let’s not forget that if these two would have went to trial, the sentencing could have been less. He, my grandfather, is doing great and has made almost a 100% recovery. We feel that justice was served today and so does he.

  7. Skip says:

    I say granddaughter has made the final say on this. It is important for there to be closure and it sounds like Mr. Strickland has made the decision to move forward. These young folks will pay for their crimes and maybe they will be better people by the time they come out of prison or maybe not but either case they will certainly have time to think about it.

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