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City Council Extends Alcohol Serving Hours to 2 am

August 26th, 2011 by

MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

The City Council voted to allow private clubs in Monticello to serve alcohol until 2:00am, extending the time in which alcohol may be served by one hour. Alderman Tim Chase voted “no” for the extension. All other council members voted “yes.”

A request was made last month by Linda Thurman, of the All-Star Club, to remain open until 2 am, like “the River” bar does.  “The River” is located just across the city limit boundary.


All-Star Bar Wants Another Hour, Quotes Sheriff on “River”, & Complains About Bowling Alley
Posted July 22, 2011

At their Thursday night council meeting, Linda Thurman, representing the All-Star Sports Club, asked the city council to reverse their earlier ordinance requiring bars to close at 1 am. Thurman said, “I was penalized for something I didn’t do,” referring to issues associated with the former Chocolate Factory private club, located near East Gaines on South Conley St.

Thurman quoted her daughter’s conversation with Sheriff Mark Gober, saying that the county “was not going to address it (The River) because they need money for the county.”

Thurman told the group that All-Star is the only bar affected by this ordinance. The River and the County Club are outside of the Monticello city limits.

At the 5:00 mark on the video, Thurman told the council that the bowling alley recently held a “bring your own bottle” party, which lasted until after 2:30 am, and was held without a permit. It had been publicized on FaceBook. The BYOB party, according to Thurman, had a $15 cover charge. She added that she was told the police gave them permission to hold the party, and that she thought minors and children were at the bowling alley.

Thurman’s other comments included, “I run a good club, with good bands, “A lot of people come to listen to the bands and drink water,” “When customers leave, they haven’t paid the bartenders, because the are mad that we’re making them leave. They don’t understand that the city council controls the hours.” She also mentioned fundraisers, like the one that they recently held for a seriously injured bartender, as well as her intentions to be open on specific Sundays, like Super Bowl Sunday and New Year’s.

She also told them that she was concerned that The River would take all of the bands that All-Star has, because they can stay open until 2 am, and that they provide foodservice.

The city counvil voted 7-1 to ammend the previous ordinance at next month’s meeting.  Alderman Tim Chase was the only council member to oppose the change.

51 Responses to “City Council Extends Alcohol Serving Hours to 2 am”

  1. Chocolate RAIN says:

    All-Stars has the good bands already. And i dont think that you will have to worry about River getting your bands because seems like they have their own little click that hangs out there. All-Stars is a great enviroment. And has the BEST BANDS. Have not been to the River since the new “person” bought it. Advice, stop letting people have tabs. Get your money before you hand them their drink.

  2. Wow! says:

    Really??? Wow Linda…because your business is not doing so well, let’s throw everyone else under the bus. Not good business ethics…I will personally never set foot in your bar again! Let’s “tattle” on everything that everyones ever done to make my bar look better…well it doesn’t look better…actually makes you look ridiculous! Get over yourself! If your bar wasn’t suffering and about to close down then you never would have attended this meeting…if you don’t want to follow the cities rules, then move your bar out of the city! You acting this way and putting everyone else on blast like the River and the bowling ally, may have just flushed your bar down the toilet…congrats!

  3. Apparently, there aren’t any real issues in Monticello if this is what goes on at city council meetings.

    First of all, the comments about the bowling alley are slanderous. Marquee Lanes is a great family establishment and there has never been any “under age” or “children” in there drinking.

    Secondly, Linda is most likely right in the latter part of the video when she says The River may get all the bands, but it’s not because they stay open later, it’s because The River is a much better place for live entertainment. They pay the bands better, do more promotion, and you don’t have to worry about increasing your risk of cancer due to the unreal amount of second hand smoke.

    Seems to me that Linda is mad mad because she has competition in a much better live music venue, and is resorting to slander to to vent her feelings. If that is the type of business you want to support, then go ahead. As for me, check out my Facebook page if you wanna know what’s going on.

  4. R&R says:

    I believe Ms. Thurman should research her facts before spouting allegations on what “she heard”, that is disgraceful. And trying to cause problems for other local businesses in order to improve your own is ridiculous.

  5. RE: Hold Up a Minute says:

    Linda I think there is a law about serving booze to intoxicated people in a bar. If the folks are leaving your bar and you know they are to drunk to drive, then guess who just opened themselves up to a law suit if they hurt someone or themselves? The answer is YOU!!! You say they leave your bar and drive drunk to the other bar because they are open an hour later. If you were able to stay open an extra hour, then you would let your drunk patrons leave your bar to go home. Move your bar if you are not happy with the current law on the books. As far as I can see, you really shot yourself in the foot over accusing the bowling alley of having a BYOB party with kids there. Why must you try to bring this place down when you know the statement you made was false. Really shocks me that a business owner would do this to another local business that is not in competition with you. Bowling vs booze, not even close.

  6. Nonsmoker says:

    I prefer the River to the Allstar because the river isn’t like walking into an ashtray. I am a non smoker that’s sick of choking on smoke just to hear a band. The River accommodates their smokers by providing a porch. Their needs are served & I can BREATHE. We went to Cash box the first time as an outdoor concert out at the river and enjoyed it but the sound at their last indoor show was top notch and you could still carry on a conversation at the table unlike the wayyyy too loud star bar. I rarely frequent the all star but until the ventilation improves I’m a River person from here on out!!

  7. citizen says:

    I enjoy going to All Star. They do have good bands and the atmosphere is much better than any where else in town. Tyler I haven’t been impressed with any of the new bands that have been at The River recently, so I seriously doubt it will hurt All Star.

  8. Denetra says:

    If it makes you guys feel better by bashing the sweetest person in the world I guess you have proved your point. There is no better person in the world that cares about everyone. I love you mom and that is all that matters. These people only know half of a story. Oh and Tyler that smoke didn’t bother you while you were playing at All Stars. You did get a check. My mother would never not pay anyone. She did not slander the River in any way. All Stars is a fun place to go as the River is also. All Stars is not broke nor are they going out of business. So do your research madam! Our bands do not get on stage and put down the River as Cashbox did. All Stars has excellent bands. Oh and mom you run a good legal business. I knew you wouldnt get on here and say anything so I did.

  9. Ashley says:

    Well said Tyler!

  10. Get real says:

    All star has had some good bands. And it has been years since I have been there due to so many rude drunks and staff not to mention some women doing lines in the bathroom. I agree don’t run tabs a hour if you are good should not hurt you. They ought to set rode blocks up around both places and if you get mad about showing up on mugshots than you might have thought twice about doing all that drinking

  11. Karen Caldwell says:

    BYOB??? Bring Your Own Ball……..

  12. MAHFOUZ says:

    I have been a bartender at All Stars on and off since 2005. I was there in the middle of issue of closing All Star an hour earlier than the River and the County Club. I personally felt that was the one of the most ignorant deciosions. The Chocolate Factory never reopened and the other 3 places are in the same vacinity. What is wrong with all places having the same hours AND GETTING ALONG!
    And as far as the bowling alley event,I have no clue how it was advertised or what the city police allowed. However, I happen to have been working that weekend and there were some senior bowlers who came over to All Star and were talking about the all you can eat crawfish and that you were allowed to drink alcohol there as long as it was in a cup and you were being discrete.
    And yes there are good bands that play at both but it isnt like yall are fighting over TOP 40 Stars. There are enough local bands to go around and enough to listen to at either place almost any weekend. I know all of the rumors going around about these issues at hand but I am not here to continue rumors or to challenge them but to tell what
    I am aware of. You cannot blame Linda for fighting for her business. You would do the same were it your business. I think accusing Linda of slander is a bit much. This fight didnt just come about, it has been an issue since this rediculous law was passed.
    As to tabs, do you realize how few people carry cash and use debit cards.
    I have had both good andbad times at all places mentioned and hope when I visit Arkansas, I still have that option. Please take into consideration that if yall cant all get along, there could be a possibility of there being no bars allowed as it was when I moved to Monticello in 1990. I guess that is just a Louisiana thing to just get along and have fun togehter!
    And as for those of you who hide behind your little nicknames on here grow “a set” and step up! Maybe others should research their facts as well.
    Good Luck Linda with this battle. Just remember the war isnt over yet and I would be glad to come home anytime you need me to work!
    And just incase you are wondering, this is MELANIE MAHFOUZ BOYTE! Not ashamed of my views!

  13. What's really going on?? says:

    Ok you vote unanimously foe one club to stay closed and then turn around and vote for another to stay open later??? What’s the real issue that why folks graduate and never return to this town because there is nothing for them to do!!! I’m not saying let’s open a liquor store on every corner but geez let’s not turn this town into ghost town USA!

  14. Blondie says:

    Personally I think there ought to be more clubs, liquor stores, etc… allowed…Get the taxes to help the community, and allow the local law enforcement to do their job…Vote that the township goes wet…The county is wet, why not. Keeps them from driving 7 miles out of town to get it, because they are going to…Most of us is off the streets by 8:00PM any way….Local Law can take care of the fools that drink too much and drive…Build the taxes for Monticello and Drew County!!!

  15. Ms. Tee says:

    @Tyler, you said it very well indeed!

  16. irritated says:

    I used to go to the all star some but not since they quit playing country music. There is no where now for the older, country loving folks to go except for VFV and I ain’t that old so I sit at home and so do my friends.

  17. LAX says:

    When I lived in Monticello, I went to both All star and The River. Both are good establishment but I prefer the All Star. I’m a nonsmoker and found no problem at all with the atmosphere of The All star. Ms. Linda is a wonderful lady and she did not slander anyone. There is drinking in the bowling alley. I’m not saying the the management approve of it but it is happening. Keep up the good work Ms. Linda, if there was a poll done in this town All star would win.

  18. papaw says:

    The All Star is a great place to go, relax, and/or enjoy a little entertainment. All they want is a fair shake. The fact that this town attempts to regulate liquor sales is a tired old tale, and full of hypocrisy. Adult citizens should be able to by a beer if they want. The River is OK, but not my first choice. I wouldn’t want them to close either. And I’ve heard Cashbox, and wish them well, but they need to get over themselves, because they are not that great of a band.

  19. Monticello Resident says:

    Allstars bar is a good place and has good music!!!!!!!

  20. Bertha Mae says:

    Ok, I don’t go either place very often. I’m glad the All-Star will be open again until 2am. 1) it’s only fair considering the other establishments serving alcohol, within it’s 5 mile radius, are able to do so. 2) while not everyone takes advantage of the opportunity THERE IS A MOTEL RIGHT BESIDE ALL-STAR. So IF someone is too intoxicated to drive, they can walk right next door. and 3) as a penny pinchin’ tight wad, I get an extra hour for my money.

  21. Get real says:

    Someone stated most people where home by 8:00 maybe so for some but you have many teens and families still out are you throwing us under the bus so people can drink and drive and kill one of us? I don’t have a problem with any bars or selling in the city. If this is a city issue and the others are in the county than that is who Linda should blame not the others. And if she is going to loose so much business in one hour than she may need to look at herself not blame others.

  22. Bertha Mae says:

    @get real
    Get GRAMMAR. Trying to read your sentences gave me a headache. Did you really say “if you get mad about showing up on mugshots THAN you might have thought twice about doing all that drinking”? Oh and “rode block”? “Rode” is something you did in the past not something on which you drive your vehicle. Not saying my grammar is perfect, spelling either (spell check) but at least it does not induce migraines.

  23. GRAMAW says:

    Wish all I had to worry about is the last hour in a BAR…. LORD HELP US Don’t slander the world because it’s not going your way you may need a lawyer to do your talking for you beause that was WRONG of you!! JMO

  24. oy vay says:

    Opinions on issues that have already been decided, city council voted,its been done.Lets move on, people.

  25. chris bradley says:

    Linda,your not gonna make any friends and get much business by slandering some and throwing others under the bus.Its people like you that they the phrase”with friends like you,I dont need enemies”were made for.I hope everyone boycotts your snitching club!

  26. Not a papaw says:

    Wow. Are you sure this is an adult in this video? Because it sounds like a little kid whining.

    All stars is a dark, smoky place for old people. Once all the old people are too old to drive themselves there, it will most likely shut down. I’ve only ever been twice and won’t ever go again. The service is terrible, it takes 30 minutes to get a drink, and you go home feeling like you have smoked 50 packs of cigarettes and need 3-4 showers to get the smell off of you. I have heard really good things about the new owner of the river. And at least he isnt running around bashing all stars on video. If I do go out to hear music, it would def be to the river, I wouldn’t waste my hard earned money at old stars.

  27. Erica Elton says:

    @tyler I like the fact that you have the guts to put your real name on here, not hide behind a fake name like “papaw” and the rest of the rest of the all stars people who don’t even seem to be able to read and see what this story is about. Where in this story is cashbox? Keep your head up brother, when people like yall do good things and become more successful than the deadbeats in monticello, people like “papaw” don’t want to see that, they want to see people stuck around here doing nothing like them. I know you don’t know me, but I want you to know I support you guys and love cashbox and all the other local musicians. Don’t let the all stars owners drag you down to their level by bashing what you guys are doing.

    @papaw I would love to hear your band play live. You booked anywhere this weekend?

    I’m not going to sit here and bash either side, but if you read the posts, it’s obvious who is well spoken and educated, and who is taking the higher road. Very well written post tyler- you and cashbox keep up the good work!

  28. Shelley Smith says:

    We aren’t at the All Star or the River very much, but my husband and I enjoy both places. I admit I don’t care for the smoky atmosphere of the All Star, but, it IS a bar so it is par for the course. Mrs. Linda has always been very sweet to us and there’s never any chaos permitted in her bar. I have wondered myself why she had to close earlier than the River. We typically only show up when Third Degree (aka Little Rock) is playing, but I feel sure they are monetarily compensated and have been for quite some time. We checked out CashboX at the River a few weekends ago and they put on a nice show. I admit I do like being able to sit down to eat before enjoying the music. There’s room for more than one place to have live bands in Drew county — and it’s only fair that both can stay open until the same time. AND I AGREE WITH MELANIE, sign your NAME.

  29. The Draft says:

    I do understand Mrs. Linda’s frustration, but the problem does not lie with the extra hour that The River gets, the top secret minor BYOB drinking parties at the bowling alley, or the heavy cigarette smoke at the All-Star. The true problem lies with the fact that there is no draft beer at any of these establishments; the entertainment, regardless of how good they are, is only as good as the draft beer. And there is none. I remember going to the bar because they had the cheapest draft beer. Now none of them so much as keep beer on tap, there is no bar, they’re all bottle pushers. I would like to raise my glass to the draft. Sincerely, the man who wishes he could go to a “bar”

  30. Another Citizen says:

    I haven’t been to All Star many times, but I do not like it there, it’s cramped, and WAY there’s way too much smoke (even I think so, and I smoke). I’m not trying to be mean, just stating my opinion the first time I went in All Star it just seemed dirty.

    It is against the law to serve someone you know is intoxicated. If you don’t want them to leave to drive to another bar DRUNK, then why would you want them to drink for an extra hour and then leave and drive home even more drunk?

    Monticello should be wet. I’m not a big drinker, but seems that there is tax money to be made on it. You can put higher taxes on alcohol, and if people can’t act like adults, guess what? That’s why we have police officers, allow them to do their jobs.

    I can understand them (All Star) wanting to be open as late as the River, but I can also understand why more people prefer the River over All Star. Maybe All Star should figure out a way to vent the smoke or a patio area or something, that would make it much more enjoyable.

  31. CashsuX says:

    I’ve been to both establishments. Neither are that entertaining, and the music/bands aren’t impressive. Just saying.

  32. CashsuX says:

    I also want to add that I am jealous of CashboX’s success. That’s why I made the post above.

  33. H. Farmer says:

    I have been to both bars quite frequently. Lately, since there is a new owner at The River, I prefer to go there. There is no smoking inside which is a huge plus because I am a non-smoker. There is also more room there. Everytime I’ve been to the All-Star, it’s been cramped and the bar service is terrible. I feel like I wait forever to order a drink. If they want to stay open an hour later, I think that’s completely fair. But don’t trash other businesses.

    As for the bowling alley BYOB…I attended this as well and there were no minors and noone was allowed to smoke inside. They checked IDs at the door. As far as I’m concerned they did nothing wrong and shouldn’t be slandered.

  34. hobitt says:

    I will support any small business in Monticello trying to survive. Now sell me the allstars bar Why would I go there? What does it have to offer?Great service? great drinks? Good bands? If you do not let people know.
    The only advertising I see is the sign outside. What type of music do the bands present. I do not recall any adds in the local paper. No facebook page. No internet listing.

  35. Clay Jenkins says:

    “Your opinion doesn’t mean anything unless you have the ____s to post it with your real name!”

  36. According to who? says:

    I also have been to both establishments. The ventilation system at Allstar is lacking. The bands are entirely too loud. On the other hand, The River has a very unfriendly atmosphere. It would be so nice to be able go to the corner store and buy a beer. It is so dangerous driving out of town to buy a beverage and drive home. Who knows which vehicle has a person driving with an open container (and well on the way to intoxication).

  37. This could have been handled better says:

    I have known Mrs. Linda for most of my life and yes she is a very nice person, and I also understand her requesting to stay open as late as the other clubs. But I don’t think she should have tried to throw the bowling alley, law enforcement or the River under the bus since they are not the ones that set the time she has to close and I highly doubt any police officer or deputy told anyone they could have a BYOB party at the bowling alley and don’t think anyone from All-Star really believes that anyone gave them the ok to have a party such as that at a family establishment with minors around. If they or anyone else truly thought that was going on they would have reported it the night it was allegedly to have been happening. The group of people she was requesting to stay open later is the ones that changed her hours why not throw them under the bus those 8 people are the ones making her close at 1 a.m.? The River and Country Club are allowed to stay open later since they are in the county but the All Star is in the city. If for some reason the city council fails to approve the extra hour why not just relocate to the county and stay open to 2? As far as roadblocks I very much believe EVER vehicle that pulls out of either club should have a designated driver if the others in the vehicle are drinking. If you have a DD you won’t care if there is a roadblock or not.

    As far as Cashbox I don’t know why they are bashing on them since I remember numerous occasions they were the band that was performing at the All Star for just a regular weekend show or benefit concert there. So at some point the staff of All Star Bar liked Cashbox and did their part by helping promote the band, which in return got them where they are today with CDs, shows and private parties.

    In my opinion it would not have been a big deal had she just asked to stay open just like the other bar but instead putting people down really made the request look like a kid not getting the same as the other kid. Mrs. Linda is only trying to better her business and nobody can fault her for that BUT this could have easily been considered without bringing anyone else into the request.

  38. sue says:

    be aware folks the rivers owners father is a lawyer

  39. According to who? says:


  40. According to who? says:

    It’s ok to bash one local bar and not the other cuz the owner’s father is a lawyer? Ridiculous!!!

  41. 30-06 says:

    We could only imagine who would have used CashsuX as a user name! How thoughtful and cute!

  42. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I’m pretty sure BYOB means bring your own bible. Nothing wrong with the bowling alley having a Bring Your Own Bible party. I LOVE MARQUEE LANES!

  43. WOW says:

    Everyones opinion matters whether their real name is used or not and people not spelling words correctly is being brought up just to make them look stupid. Why that is becoming part of the issue, I don’t know…
    Personally, I think both establishments should be able to close at the same time. I don’t go to either one, but fair is fair.
    I think Ms. Thurman may have been somewhat passionate about what she was speaking about and used the other businesses to get her point across. Whether she was right or wrong is just a matter of opinion. Maybe we should make both businesses close at 1? Would that be a consideration? There are so many other issues that Monticello has which needs to be addressed. I don’t think bashing any establishment or the Thurmans is a necessary thing to do and shows a lack of respect for everyone involved.

  44. Clay Jenkins says:

    All star, just realize that this is no vodoo or people trying to bully your establishment. Realize that your club is in the “City Limits” !!!! The River as well as the country club are outside the limits(even if its a mile drive or more from your location.) I think it is dumb to change the issue on why it is that your establishment has to close a hour earlier. I also, think it is unwise to slander other businesses just to give your argument more appeal. I think you need to realize that this whole thing is a stupid and petty thing. This whole thing could have been handled a lot better. But it seems to me the spokesperson for the All star was very childish in her manner about trying to win appeal for her fight. I think the All star is great place if you like to smoke and enjoy that atmosphere and I also think the River is a great place as well. A town needs variety to tailor to the needs of a growing community. As for the bowling ally, I think is was just terrible, for their business, to be bashed with such slander, by a very unprofessional woman who needs to rethink her business strategy. Also, I think people need to write and post more on bigger town issues. Like how there is a building on the square that is falling in. And has been for 2 years or so. I think it is an eye sore that continues to the next building that has different colors of tin boarding it in. These are not only a safety issue but an issue that needs to be looked at more. The square was recently worked on, and a lot of time and money went into cleaning it up. And also down the street the “Ridgeway” is redone as well. I think the square is a vital part of Monticello’s history. The square also needs stop lights again. Maybe if we hypothetically allowed liquor licences for the businesses on the square maybe , just , maybe it would help rebuild and repopulate that area of town. seeing on how much concern there is in a town on alcohol licensing. I would love for there to be a bar on the square even if it didn’t serve after 11p.m. If the city allowed it, I am sure people would take any alcohol licences that they could get their hands on, due to the monopoly factor on alcohol involved in a town of Monticello’s size and very small number of licences. If that wasn’t the truth why does Pine hill have an annual revenue over 2.5 million . Look it up…. I am not trying to bash their business but it seems to me a logical reason for all of this concern about an extra 1 hour in selling booze, is a lot of money in a town that offers “GOLDEN TICKETS” (alcohol licences) I think that Pine Hill is a great business and the bathrooms are clean. But are the prices fair, no. I just wish more people would understand that you can be fair and make money. I just wish Monticello would allow more licences to insure a more stable economy. This protects the consumer by making sure that each business has fair and even competition. Tell me also who of you would like to bowl a game and enjoy a refreshing beer. I know I would! To me the appropriate argument needs to be from other businesses that do not have license to sell alcohol. So I finally conclude my agitated rant and say this to the All-Star, “Be glad you have a golden ticket to sell booze.”

  45. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I have to say, I have been to both clubs and The River is waaaaaay better. The All Skank seems like it is about to shut down. There is never anyone there. There was about 100 people in the river this weekend. Not trying to be mean, but i dont think there is any doubt where the people younger than 50 would rather go.

    @ papaw- go take your Metamucil and get over yourself. You are probably too old to be using a computer anyway.

  46. The draft says:

    I don’t know how many of you have been to the river and noticed the ole miss signs on the wall but as the true hog fan that I am, that alone is reason enough for me to never go back!! Wooooo pig sooooie! Some one should let the new owner know that he is in Arkansas and we true fans don’t like Texas and dang sure don’t like ole miss! I won’t eat there till it’s taken down! Go hogs!!!!

  47. Andrew Brannon says:

    Why can’t we all just get along. Besides the fact that my good friends name was used in this, and our band is the only one talked about in bad ways. WE were the ones told to never come back to all stars bc we wanted to play at the river! Now we play at the river! No big deal. I think there should be more bars, more bands, and plain and simple a lot more to do in Monticello. Yes, ms Linda helped us at first, but later ran us out simply bc we wanted to play at another local bar! I hope she can stay open until the sun comes up, but as long as the river is around, there will be no monopoly. I would still drop by the all stars to see a few friends, but I am not welcome bc I played 30 sec across town. So from now on I will be hanging out with my awesome friends at the River! Peace ppl. Just get along!

  48. Jamie says:

    Hi folks, I am the owner of The River, I usually dont participate in this type of thing, but this has kinda been blown up, I speak for The River and I am completely ok with her being open until 2, It is only fair, the other stuff people can decide for themselves, Mrs Linda, I would be willing to speak on your behalf at the next council meeting if you would like. We both run a clean business and there is room in this town for both………The only other thing I will comment on is the Ole Miss poster, My father played football for Ole Miss so I have that up for him, I myself am a alumni of The University of Arkansas and was even lucky enough to put on the uniform, so you will not find a bigger Arkansas fan! So come call those HOGS! …..Jamie

  49. MLive says:

    And with that being said, this seems to be an appropriate time to end the comments on this topic.

  50. Allison says:

    Good job Mrs. Linda!!

  51. justlovinlife says:

    I totally agree with Tyler! And if you ran such a highly thought of establishment, why do you feel the need to spread erroneous information about another business???

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Searcy & Associates 2

Searcy & Associates

BCMC Family Care Clinic 1

H&P Solutions Septic System Service_B

H&P Solutions Septic System Service.

Majors Forest & Lawn 1

Malco Theater 1

Farm Bureau

KK Logistics

KK Logistics

Mr. Bug

Mr. Bug

City Drug

City Drug

South Arkansas Pet Cremations 1

UAM Trotter House B

UAM Trotter House

Union Bank 2

BCMC Family Care Clinic 2

Immanuel Baptist Church

Drew Farm

Burgess Process Service

Burgess Process Service

Baker’s Electrical

Baker's Supply

River Valley Tractor_A

Malco Theater 2

Union Bank 1