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Update – Video – Progress Made on Clean-up of 500 Decomposing Dogs – Videos – VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS

October 23rd, 2018 by

Photos FOI’d from ADEQ

Photos FOI’d from ADEQ

There has been closure, to some extent, of the dog hoarding situation, which left an estimated 500 canine carcasses packed in storage crates behind a local home, and in the nearby woods, on Rose Hill Cut-Off Road.

Late last week, Get-Rid-of-It delivered 2 industrial waste dumpsters to the address of one the 2 homes involved.

Throughout the day, Thursday, a local contractor, his employee, a county employee and Judge Robert Akin worked to remove the plastic containers, tarps and other items that might be considered contaminated by the remains of the decaying carcasses and other related debris.

The 2 industrial-size dumpsters have been removed from the area, over the weekend, and taken to a class 1 landfill in the northern part of the state.

The cost of the cleanup will be paid for by the Southeast Regional Solid Waste Management District, which Drew County is a member of.

According to Judge Robert Akin, “To the best of my knowledge, everything on (or behind) both of the involved properties that needed to be removed has been sent to the recommended class 1 landfill.”

All those sources at/near the saying still report multiple dogs roaming around the area; but for now the situation is better than it has been in years.

As always, any further updates will be posted at
Rose Hill Neighbor on Dog Hoarder, Animal Attacks & Wondering “What’s Buried In the Yard or Left Over There” –
Roasted October 10, 2018.

ADEQ & Health Dept. Investigating Death & Remains of 500 Dogs Found on Drew County Property- VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS
Posted October 9, 2018

Rumors of a “dog hoarder” On Rose Hill Cut-Off Road have existed for years.

Those rumors were recently confirmed to be true, based on an inspection of the property by the Arkansas Dept. of Health in late July.
4474D871-7BA3-4288-9713-A7C3AF8BBB0884F73570-6E33-46CF-8F55-A845B8597722Their report includes an estimated 500 decomposing dog carcasses, contained in 20 gallon plastic totes around the property and behind the house.

The report also included the phrase, “dog feces everywhere, inside the house, and outside.”

Drew County sheriffs officers were also present, that day, along with members of 2ndChanceFurDogs, who removed 44 dogs from the house.  After Monday’s original report, we learned from knowledgeable sources that 39 dogs were vet-euthanized on site.  Only 5 were rescued and have been able to be rehomed.

10 animals escaped, 2 of which reportedly killed a neighbors dog and attacked a groundskeeper mowing a nearby cemetery.

A state waste official told the Health Dept. that the only acceptable disposal site for the remains was a Class 1 Landfill, such as the ones in Ashley County or El Dorado.

On September 10, in a follow up Health Dept report, the owners daughter told officials that the “dogs were buried,” but no other information was provided, except that the, “Dogs were hauled off and buried.”

Officials were told that the plastic container store near the woods, “were just junk they cleaned up.”

On Monday, October 8, a representative of the Arkansas ADEQ was at the Drew County courthouse, with the intention of investigating the property, but hopes of getting a search warrant fell through around noon.

The topic was brought up at last months quorum court meeting, in conjunction with the proposed voluntary animal control property tax issue. That video is attached.

If / when there is an update on this story, or any closure., that also will be posted on

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