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5 Year Old Bitten by Pit Bull Released from Hospital – Stories Vary about Attack

December 3rd, 2012 by

As a local 5 year old was on her way from her home to the bus stop, Wednesday morning around 7:30,  she was reportely attacked by a pit bull.

KARK TV and KTHV TV have covered the story, but questions still remain about the details of the event.

The child was transported to Drew Memorial Hospital, before being transferred to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for two days, before being released.  She will reportedly be in a wheelchair for three weeks, due to a broken bone in her leg from the attack  It was reported that the dog had bitten someone two years ago.  MPD took possession of the dog, and will decide what to do with it, next week.

The different stories occur when the dog’s location is discussed.  The owners say the dog was on a chain in their yard, attatched to a boat.  The mother says that the dog was loose.  The victim’s brother says the dog dragged his sister to the spot where the attack was seen by adults..  The police chief watched the dog’s owner have to use “vice grips”  to remove the dog from the chain, to turn it over to authorities.

No one questions the fact that the little girl suffered several dog bites and a broken bone.  No one questions that is the dog that bit her.  But the dog’s location, if it was loose or chained, and if the dog was in the victim’s yard could become important issues, as this case develops.

Here are the reports from KARK TV and KTHV TV.

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37 Responses to “5 Year Old Bitten by Pit Bull Released from Hospital – Stories Vary about Attack”

  1. Bishop Sam Wherry says:

    The issue of Pit Bull Dogs are growing at an alarming rate. The city of Little Rock, Arkansas banned them from within it’s city corporate limits and the critical issue for homeowners & landlords & real property owners) it voids your homeowner & liability insurance to have attack class dogs and in this case it devastating and/or extremely dangerous to children, youth, adolescents, adults and seniors. If it had not been for a male neighbor who pulled this animal from this child fatality is all but certain. The children and family state the animal was loose and the entity who rescued the child & restrained the animal re-chained it prior to Police & emergency paramedics arrived; the knows for she is the victim and testify the animal dragged her&was loose. Pit Bull Dog is the issue and regulations state homeowners/property owners loose their coverage if they stay, City of Monticello should follow example of the flagship city of Arkansas(Little Rock)and banned the animals from it’s Corporate City Limits and the alderman citizens should demand it done at next session of the City Council.

  2. patricia wheeler says:

    my grandson was attack by a pit bull, still has scars on his leg. They should all be BAN from city limits or be shot!!!!!!

  3. pitbull lover says:

    was the question raised if the child was taunting this pit bull or anything…… as as for killing them because you think all pitbulls are dangerous, well maybe we should get rid of everything else that causes harm that is in the city limits. I am not saying that this particular pit didn’t do harm or whatever but if this dog is irratic or mean and uncontrolable then yes remove him from city limits, but please remember NOT ALL PIT BULLS ARE HARMFUL!

  4. small town gal says:

    If this dog had been any breed other than a pit we probably would not have heard this much hoopla about it. My family has raised several pits over the years and they never tried to bite anybody unless they felt threatned. They were very protective over my children and never tried to harm them. Pits are a loving, compassionate and very well mannered breed. I now own two chihuahuas that will take a plug out of you before any of my pits would have. Everyone wants to blame the breed but grow up people and blame the owners. Dogs are just like children, they grow up to act how they were taught to act. My heart does out go to this family but the dog was probably protecting its territory!

  5. Animal Lover says:

    Pit Bulls are very sweet and well tempered dogs. The only reason for a pit bull to turn against a human or another animal is the owners. If the owners treat the dog poorly, then the dog won’t know right from wrong. From the information given, it seems like the owners leave the dog chained up all day and does not spend any time with it. The only way to teach a dog right from wrong is to spend time with it and train it, and for the dog to have been chained up shows that the owners don’t trust it off the chain.

    It is very sad how everyone doesn’t understand Pit Bulls. Do your research from reliable sites and learn about the breed. A good example would be the show Dogs 101 from Animal Planet. They have a website that has videos about different dog breeds.

    I am very sorry about what happened to this little girl, but it’s not the whole breed’s fault. If this one dog has to be put down, then it has to be done, but don’t blame the American Pit Bull breed. It’s how they are raised, not the whole dog itself.

  6. willvest says:

    some dogs make me nervous, pits, german shepards, even a disgruntled weiner dog. but i,m just wonderin in these crazy times we live in, who would let a 5 year old child out of their sight? if i were a parent, the child would be escorted to the bus stop even if just to the end of the driveway.

  7. Enough already says:

    “Local Person Mauled by Chihuahua.” Sounds silly doesn’t it? There’s a reason we don’t see this: some dogs are vicious, period. There’s a reason people own pits, have there ears cut, and put them on oversized chains, and it’s not because they are cute and cuddly. It’s precisely because they look tough, and mean, same with Rocs, and even German shepherds. To those who defend them, I ask you, “What if, heaven forbid, it were your child?”

  8. my thoughts says:

    Yes,its sad this happen. It’s not the dog,its how it was brought up and raised. I have 2 pit bulls and they are great animals. Wanna play with them Mr. “Bishop?”

  9. Deupree Kelly says:

    Why do pools need fences around them? Why do we strap our youngsters into car seats? Why do folks up north have to shovel icy driveways? Why do we not drink and drive? Is it to avoid lawsuits due to negligence? For some, perhaps. But most people know that our youngest citizens deserve to be protected from harm. If you own an alligator, a cobra, a lion, or a pit bull, you’d better be prepared to pay the price for an unexpected chomp!

  10. Pit Owner says:

    I agree this is a very tragic incident, however, you can’t blame the breed but instead the breeder. We have a pit bull that is now seven years old and she is the biggest baby you will ever see. When our son was going through the “terrible two” stage he bit her on several occasions and she would lick him and walk away. I have children over all of the time and she loves playing with them. Instead of banning or even killing the animals maybe something should be put in place for the owners. The problem with dogs (no matter the breed) comes from how they are raised. It doesn’t matter if you have a pit or a poodle if you are rough with them they will be rough.

  11. eastend says:

    It is bad that the young kid was bitten by the dog but sometimes if a dog is taunted with or being picked on by kids or sometimes adults they will retaliate pit bulls and even poodles so don’t talk about shooting all pit bulls you wouldnt say that if it was a lab or weiner dog that bit someone. I own a pit bull and have kids around all the time and she hasn’t hurt anyone just as playful as the kids are.

  12. leroy says:

    enough already one thing if you think all them type dogs should be gone.then i guess since we have had humans killing ech other over past years they need to ban humans from drew for ears it just make the dog look better like woman and there ear rings and pieacings.i have had rottweilers-pit bulls and still have 1 pit bull and raised 5 kids and 7 grandkids with non ever getting hurt but i did get bit hard by a poodle and a wennie dog.and when we were kids little boy down rode in la was bit by a poodle was 3 years old .mother went out about 5 minutes latter because he was in a fenced in yard he had bled so much that before they could get him to hospital he had bled out.right thru wrist.

  13. mary says:

    why did little rock and pine bluff , got them out of town?? kill a woman in pine bluff a fews month ago, take my word i was one a bulldog got after, it scare me bad, if i didnt have a pickup to get into the back, it would of been bad. when a chihuahua get after u ,u could kick him, but when a pit get after u can kick him, but u might not have a leg left.

  14. jamie says:

    My daughter was also attacked by a pit bull on Bolling street a couple years ago
    she’s has some hearing lose and scars from this incident
    I believe that pits should not be allowed in city limits and should have a lease law on pits as well. Pit Bulls are very aggrasive animals.

  15. Patrick Moore says:

    I am the dog owner, and once again I am truly sorry that this happened. No one likes to here things like this about any child, but the fact still remains that my dog was on the chain in my yard. I only feel as though before people go on television trying to destroy someone you should atleast talk to both parties invloved to insure that your facts are accurate because once you do an interview you can’t take that back.

  16. My opinion.... says:

    Ok everyone has different opinions and that’s fine I’m not complaining we all have that right but look at the facts first not just the title… the 5 year old was unattended and the dog that is usually chained wasn’t so the parent and owner are at fault! But this dogs breed has nothing to do with this! Any dog can attack it is all in how the dog is raised or if the dog was being taunted…my brother was attacked by a mixed breed lab while he was walking into the house……if you don’t believe this breed can be good come meet my pit that is the biggest baby that will not bite even if he has been hurt by someone… I will say that they are a hard breed to train but if you can’t handle it don’t get one and that I pray for the child and hope that it never happens again to anyone but in this world people do train dogs to be mean and to attack so it will happen again

  17. question says:

    QUESTION? How can you put an animal such as a dog in the same category as a WILD animal?? I have family member who has a pit bull. He is the biggest LAP dog you will ever see. I also have a weenie dog, which will bite you before the pit bull will. I understand that a child was hurt and I’m truly sorry and praying for that child. Like the old saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover”, don’t judge a dog by the breed. It may be the biggest baby you ever seen.

  18. Pit Bull Guy says:

    It’s really sad to see so many people condeming a breed of a dog for the act of 1 dog. I have raised and bred pits since I was a child and have had 100 or more pits over the past 12 years and never had one bite anyone. Raising a pit is the same as raising a child. Its not for everyone. If we ban all pitbulls then we should ban all sex-offenders, as they have a high chance of re-offending. 43 percent of sex offenders versus 68 percent of non-sex offenders. But sex offenders were about four times more likely than non-sex offenders to be arrested for another sex crime after their discharge from prison (CNN).

  19. mrsaustin says:

    This is very sad and I hope that the little girl is okay. However, it is not fair to label all pitbulls as bad dogs because this is not true. Any dog can be aggressive. It all depends on how the dog is raised, its not the dogs that are the problems it is the owners who do not know the proper way to raise a dog. I use to own a pit bull and she would not bite anybody. I have a poodle now and he does bite. So it is not just the breed that makes the dog bad. I adopted my poodle from the vet. but he is still a little aggressive. I just wish people would stop blaming the breed and take responsibilities for their own.

  20. single mom says:

    Well I know both families and of course we all would like to retaliate when someone or something hurts our kids but we are all over looking facts. To be a good neighbor yes maybe the dogs should have been fenced in. Yes someone should have been supervising this child. Things happen for us to take better precautions. Let’s be thankful this child didn’t lose her limbs. Yes we all have our opinions but sometimes too many hands in a situation can have a very bad outcome. Now I know for a fact this man cares deeply for his dogs I’ve seen him walk them even drive around in the car. And yes the dog was tied at the back of house. Also this mother has 5 other kids yet she has time to see after all of their needs single handedly!!! Now they are neighbors they will h
    Have to see each other so if we all mind our OWN business I’m sure these 2 can resolve this issue and get along! Speedy recovery to Lil NeNe and maybe the adults can stop acting like kids! As for Bishop there are so many other issues that go on in guidance

  21. I love my dogs says:

    Here we go again, don’t you people get it? Until we start treating our pets like pets instead of monsters this is never gonna change. It should be agains the law to let any dog run loose or to chain any dog up, that is just cruel. If you cant be responsible then don’t get one. There are alot of ingnorant people in this world. It does not take a whole lot of common sense to take care of an animal. I say start prosecuting these people like you should and the situations might improve, maybe.

  22. single mom says:

    Sorry..that goes on in this community we hope u work as hard on these issues as u have embarrassed yourself on this issue!!! BLESSINGS to all this has disturbed frightened and most importantly touched! We all have made mistakes but what good are making mistakes if we never learn from them!

  23. Most MISunderstood Breed says:

    Um, it was chained? There is the first problem. Why the FLIP was the dog chained???!!! I am a firm believer that IT IS NOT THE BREED, IT IS THE OWNER!!! There is no telling what this dog has encountered. AND why the CRAP was five year old alone?? Is this world not crazy enough already? I just don’t get it. I love pit bulls, they are the MOST LOVING ANIMALS EVER! You have to take your time with them, as you would with any other dog. My pit is nothing but a big baby…I swear he things he is a shih tzu!! I love these dogs and have plenty of friends who have had several pits and they are the best dogs. AND THEY WERE NEVER CHAINED. I think this is something we need to educate the locals about. I think they need to be understanding of the whole Kennel training process, and other methods to help keep your dog under control. It doesn’t have to be chained or stuffed into a kennel 24/7…who does that?! The kennel just helps my dog (dogs) during the night time…it gives him that security.

  24. monticellogirl says:

    Its the dog owners fault for the way they raised the animal! If any house pet or farm animal shows any sign of aggression towards any person then it should be taken care of. The owner of the pitbull knew it was aggressive how could they of not, I have 4 dogs all of different size and breed and I know that they bark at people walking and chase cars but unless they feel threatened of feel that you are going to harm there owners they wont do nothing but bark at you and sometimes not even that. Pits are big babies, my mother in law has one and i watched a 3 year old sit on his back and bounce while pulling on his ears and he never even tried to get up and get away from her. Its all in how you raise you pet. And another why in the world would a 5 year old be walking by themselves?!? That goes to show bad parenting I would not let any child walk anywhere without a parent.

  25. David says:

    To me, the issue of banning pit bulls isn’t really about the attitude or personality of the dog. Any animal will bite under the right circumstances. Just ask one of my old students that got “attacked” by a box turtle one day. He pestered it, it bit him. I think the issue is that when a pit bull does decide to attack, it is capable of doing so much harm so fast. Will a rat terrier bite? Yep, I have scars to prove it. The difference is, the damage was minor and the scars are small. If it had been a pit that bit me in the face, I would no longer have a face.

  26. These animals should not be hurt. I’m 11 years old and understand that these dogs do attack.these are the most mis understood dogs in the world. All they need is forgivness . A fresh start. Not death. They need a second chanse. And one day, my dream will come true. I will give these dogs a second chance. These dogs were bred for being a normal dog but were turned into fighting dogs. Call me crazy I don’t care!! But please just here me out and help them. Help not hurt. That is what they need. All they want is a loving home. LOVE!!!!!

  27. Mel says:

    We have owned this breed all of our adult lives and never had any problems. One we unfortunately had to keep chained while we were away at work for 12 hr days, but thankfully not every day. He was not chained because of his behavior, but because of the people around us. When we were at home, he was with us and always very well behaved. Even in his advanced age when we brought our first young child into our home, he melted around her and let him tuck him in just like one of her stuffed animals. I don’t know this situation or this family, but my heart goes out to them both. Quit automatically blaming the breed. Any dog can be mean depending on the situation.

  28. queenie & jazzey's granny says:

    When I moved here from north Carolina I knew my daughter was the proud mommy of 2 put bulls but never expected to meet two of the best I’ve ever known. all of you out there that think they should be banned or destroyed get a grip. I am a dog lover and trust me those out there like me knows it’s all in how you raise and treat them. Get a grip haters!

  29. eff a dog! says:

    Yall really love dogs, don’t yall?! Nevermind, a baby was hurt. You all focus is on the dog. At least, the owner came own and gave his regards to the little girl. Human life over animal life. Yall got it backwards. I hope the little girl makes a full recovery!

  30. Pittie says:

    I know chihuahua’s way meaner then pitbulls!! & some people just have mean dogs JUST because the way the dog was TREATED!!! So maybe you should blame the owners for at least not watching the dog!!…Stop Beig so heartless!! Go ahead and put down some harmless dogs instead of child molesters & sex offenders!! Real Smart!!…

  31. dee says:

    First, my heart and prayers go out to the little girl who was hurt. I, too, wonder why it is she was walking alone in this day and age. We do not know the circumstances of this case and more than likely never will. The article states that this dog has bitten before. I would suggest keeping the dog at a shelter or vet office for several days to find out the demeanor of it. If it is aggressive, put it down. It isn’t the breed that is messed up, it’s the owners who want a ‘tough’ scary animal. My pit was my sons best babysitter, friend and confidant when he was small. The dog would sleep beside my son and make sure I came running at the smallest wimper my son made because I trained him to be that way. Yes, he would become aggressive if anyone made a move towards my son or myself but that was his protective instinct. I would highly recommend all of those opposed to this breed to spend a few hours with one before making judgements that all should be put down!

  32. stupid people says:

    Pit bulls are NOT the only dogs that attack. Second of all, not all pit bulls attack. In 1999 my aunt was attacked by a catahoula while riding her back. In 1993 a child hood of friend of mine had to have stitches in her face after being bitten by a german shepherd(a respected breed). In 2002, a child that hunts with my family was bitten by a hunting dog that was a catahoula curr mix. And do you see my point????These dogs aren’t banned. Pit bulls are dangerous (just like any other dog that isn’t raised right). I have owned more then one pit bull in my life time. One particular one would shy away from my much smaller house dog if the dog barked at him. He was a big baby and wouldn’t hurt a fly. The pit bulls I own now are the biggest babies in the world. They don’t even look mean. And NO they should not be chained..that might be your first problem. That is what makes dogs mean.

  33. Spaulding says:

    Staffordshire PitBulls are so loving and obedient . Its all about their environment and how they are raised. Any breed can be vicious…
    Look at the owner. The dogs master. There in lies the answer.

  34. Ashley says:

    I have A pitt bull named banjo and he is the sweetest dog in the world. He cuddles with me like a human and his best friend is a cat. You yell at him and he pees everywhere, cries, and then rolls over. He is my world and i would die for this dog. You will have A vicious dog in every species no matter what. They say that was makes them mean is their owners or their surroundings and I’ve also heard that if they stay in the family kinda thing.. Like if their mom was their dads sister kinda thing. Im not ssaying that there are not mean pitts bbecause some are mean but their are also mean other dogs for example a pom i know. He bites everyone but nobody cares because he’s little. Its not fair. Banjo doesn’t look like a pitt because his ears and it makes me laugh when people hate pitts and then they are all loving on him and ask me what breed he is.

  35. Your all wrong says:

    Pit bulls are not dangerous because there “pit bulls” any kind of dog could of attacked that child. Small dog, big dog.. whatever… but the fact is, its not the dog that is mean its the owners that make them that way. I have four pit bulls, none of them are agressive. So before you go to putting an end to pit bulls, you need to understand that a dog reacts to things differently because of the way they were raised. Not because they are labeled the name “PIT BULL”



  37. Pit bull lover 2013 says:

    Pit bull ant as bad as people hink people are just scared cuz what other people have made them to be I have one an he so sweet an loveable it unreal iv been raised around pittbulls my whole life an im 17 years old an has never been hurt or attacked by one it depends on how they are raised I been bitten by a little dog that look like a rat dog it NOT THE BREED OF DOGS PEOPLEI LOVE PITS IT HOW U RAISE THEM it they band pittbulls every animals should be banded any dog can hurt u not just a pit

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