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3 Arrested on Meth Charges

October 11th, 2012 by

Three Monticello residents were arrested by Monticello Police and the Drug Task Force,Saturday morning at 2:15, following a traffic stop, on Barkada Road, near Highway 425.

Arrested were John Mann, age 47,  Tamara DeFir, age 40, and Shyanne Lansdale, age 18.

The Chevy truck they were driving was stopped for having no license plate.

All three occupants were charged with possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).

Mann and Defir were also arrested for outstanding warrants.

All three suspects received a $5000 bond from Judge Bynum Gibson.  

Mann is being hailed for probation parole violation, as well.

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11 Responses to “3 Arrested on Meth Charges”

  1. God cares says:

    Yes it is ashamed! I wish them all the best. Maybe they will learn something from this!

  2. 20/20 Vision says:

    Did all 3 have meth on them? Who was driving? Are any of them employeed? This is the lost generation… Most addicts don’t care who watches them die one day at a time, and their children emulate the adult figures around them. Drud testing should be standard issue for employment benifits, food stamps, rental assistance, AR KIDS, it is for most jobs.

  3. GRANMAW says:

    Lord help them…

  4. becky says:

    Is this man ever gonna learn his lesson about meth?? The time and effort that he has put in doing the dope could be put into be a constructive individual and the bad part of this situation is the family embarrassment they don’t think about that do they it cost all the way around !!!!! The state gets tired of this cause i know i would one day he’ll realize what is going hope it’s not to late

  5. Vibrante says:

    @ 20/20 vision. I agree w/ u a trillion%. They sitting @ home getting high at out expense. In order to get ANY government assis’t they should be tested monthly.

  6. 20/20 Vision says:

    The double standard became visable to me back in the 70′s, the elder generation had to sell off all of their assets to pay for their nursing home care, the current generation should be forced to repay for the government assistance already recieved. The USA has always thought that Arkansas is backwards, for that matter, the younger generation’s income tax return has become a source of income in that the more children the more deductions(If you didn’t pay it in you don’t get it back)Now which government officals runs on these grounds, I WILL vote for them…

  7. God cares says:

    Yea three down Mann has be arrested several times. I wish it to be the one that he finds the lord along with other 2

  8. GJ Country says:

    Riding with meth with no tags not only are they addicts but they are stupid addicts!!!! LOL They are a waste of a social security number AND human skin!!!!!

  9. Dragonheart says:

    Well does this really surprise any of you? I want everyone to think about this, why so much drug use in your small town? I hate tweekers, They have made it hard on all of us. I can’t go to a store in the middle of the night for cold/flu medicine because the pharmacist is not on 24/7. I am carded and asked why I need butane? For my silver smithing by the way. What next? I need to throw out my ID out to buy lithium batteries? These people keep going to jail or prison, but have they at least been offered drug classes and detox options. How can we help instead of wasting money on court and our time to prosecute? If I had it my way I would throw every one of them in front of a moving bus and be done with all of them. But it is not a perfect world. Just sayin’.

  10. God cares says:

    Dragon heart would you throw you brother or sister, momma,daddy,uncle,aunt under the bus. The problem is the law don’t provide ways for family to step in and force help such as jail time mental help, or rehab the rehabs out there regular people can’t afford so I say make help available for families to help there love ones then prison. There are alot of families that have this problem and there hands are tied

  11. Dont Worry About IT says:

    JUST DUMB.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE WHAT SO EVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LORD HELP US ALL

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