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Where Were You? 9-11 Memories and Tribute

September 11th, 2008 by

Soon after the terrorists crashed the planes into the Twin Towers in New York City, and most Americans realized that we were not as safe as we all thought we were, country singer Alan Jackson released a song that summed up how a lot of people felt, and how they reacted.

The song asked, “where were you” on that September 11 morning, 2001.

Everyone is welcome to join in, and remember where you were, and what you did that morning, seven years ago.

27 Responses to “Where Were You? 9-11 Memories and Tribute”

  1. Joe Burgess says:

    I had worked the late shift the night before. The morning that it happened, a friend and co-worker, David Johnston, called me and told me about the first attack on the Twin Towers.

    Like most of America, I was flipping between FOX and CNN. I was watching as the second plane flew in the other tower.

    Later that day, I called friends and family, and told them how much they meant to me.

    The attack seemed so unreal, but those were Americans, just like us, that died that morning.

    Joe Burgess.

  2. Shelley says:

    I was calling the NICU at UAMS to check on my preemie, who was there, on a ventilator at the moment.

    Sept 11 is actually the day the dr’s were hoping she would be born on, so that date is circled all over a calendar I had at that time. She was actually born on August 24th. The 11th signified a pretty safe point in gestation, so I and some of the other women on antepartum were planning a Sept 11th “party” on our floor at the hospital. Looking at that date all highlighted on that calendar is eery now.

  3. I was tending to my husband as he was bedridden at that time. This happened just a month before he passed away. My daughter called and told me to turn to Channel 7 and see what had happened. It really threw me into a state of shock as I watched in horror at what had happened. So many lives were lost and there’s no better tribute to them than to remember those who died as well as those who lost family members in that tragedy. I know the song that you’re referring to Joe.. it’s beautiful and does express how alot of people felt at that time. Let’s just keep praying for those who are in Iraq fighting for this cause. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA NOW AND FOREVER!!!

  4. Kay Craig says:

    I will still working at the courthouse then and people started calling in and coming in asking if we’d heard about the attacks. Someone brought a small TV into the office and we watched, in shock, at what was happening. It felt like a bad dream. A lot of people turned to God during this time. We need to again…and stay there.

  5. Momma Gretch says:

    I had just dropped off my youngest daughter at school and was on my way to the Federal building in New Orleans to take care of finally getting a certified copy of my birth certificate when my older daughter called to say “turn around and go home-do not go anywhere near those buildings”,as she began to tell me what was going on,I would understand the reason for the terror in her voice.Suddenly for the first time in our lifes we were fearful of what would happen next and not sure if anyone was safe-at school,at work or even in our homes.The shock and horror of the 9-11 attacks by those cowards would change all our lifes.We will never forget!

  6. WH says:

    I was working and the dispatcher called me to the P.D. I was watching the footage on CNN when the second tower was hit. It was unreal to watch. I felt outraged for the attacks and felt horror for all the people. But I felt alot of pride because of all the people that stepped up to help. There were alot of first responders that died that day. The fire rescue people and police officers died putting thier lives second to the lives of complete strangers, I wish all of the United States could have remained as loving and close as we did during the few months after 9/11.

  7. Lauren says:

    I was on my way to school. I heard on KHBM that a twin engine plane had crashed into the twin towers. I thought to myself that that pilot was going to be in a lot of trouble. I just figured that they lost control of the plane. I had no idea how wrong I was.

  8. Brittany says:

    I was a freshman at UAM at the time. I was sitting in my 8:40 music technology class and we just so happened to get out a little early. It was on a Tuesday and on Tuesdays after class I helped keep children at 2nd Baptist for a women’s Bible study. So as I was driving to the church I heard about it on the radio. Seconds after I first heard a friend from my class called me on my cell phone to see if I’d heard. When I got to the church, we watched the news on the tv in the nursery. We were stunned. I remember my mom calling me and telling me to hurry and go get gas, just in case. I think everyone had that idea!

    It’s so hard to believe it’s been seven years since that day. It’s one that I will always remember.

  9. Denise says:

    We were stationed at Schofield Barracks, HI…my husband was still in the Army at the time. We received a phone call at 4am (HI is 4-5hrs. behind CT) from my mother telling us what had happened. I didn’t comprehend any of it and went back to sleep, my husband got dressed and went to work. When I got up around 8am and turned on the TV the true horror of what had happened finally registered…the Pentagon had just been hit and we knew at least one person who worked there. About that time my husband called to tell me the base had been locked down…nobody in, nobody out…we were at ThreatLevel D, the highest level there is. Not long after that I looked out my back door and saw an armed patrol heading down my street. I felt safe where I was, but deeply saddened for the lives lost. I will never forget it. Being a member of the military, and now law enforcement, family I understand the sacrifices that have been made for years and years to keep our country and our citizens safe….sacrifices many of you could never imagine. Please, keep our troops, police officers, firefighters, and EMT’s in your prayers…our country needs them and so does our community.

  10. Karen says:

    I was at work. I got an e-mail from CNN that the World Trade Centers had been attacked. I got to the tv in the conference room a few minutes before the first tower fell. MY HEART SUNK!!! I was numb and couldn’t move. Then they started showing the plane hitting the second tower and I got sick to my stomach.

    After hearing about the Pentagon and Ohio I immediately called my mom and asked her to check on our family in Chicago. Don’t really know why but it was just something I felt needed to be done.

    Thanksgiving after 9/11 my husband and I went to Connecticut and while we were there we took a day to go to NYC. We arrived by train and when we made it to the main level I was floored at how many pictures of missing people were up. Then we stepped outside and the quietness and all of the pictures just took my breathe away. We in southeast Arkansas had no earthly ideal of the aftermath. I’ve been to NYC one other time and it was loud & crowded. That particular November day was almost deafly quiet and hardly anybody was out. What really hit me hard was when we went to the Empire State Building. No lines to wait in, no massive amounts of people talking. When we made it up and went outside I looked over to where the towers used to stand and it was empty and hazy. Then I saw the fighter jets.. This is something I will NEVER forget.

    My hearts go out to any and all families who lost loved one on that tragic day. I say it is time we found Bin Laden!

  11. Ashlee says:

    I was a student at UAM and I was in Microcomputer Apps! Some of us were online and saw it on the internet and then we turned the tv on to watch it! Something I will never forget!

  12. Chris says:

    I was in Buffalo,N.Y. on my way over to Manhattan when I heard it on the radio. The announcer said that New York, and practiclly the whole Eastern Seaboardhad been shut down. I will never forget the range of emotions that I felt that day, they went from fear to rage. But most of all it was the one time in my life that I saw a mighty country pull together as one.

  13. D says:

    I was still in high school over at MHS. We were in art class, doing a welding project. I still have the pipe-dog I was putting together when I heard what had happened.

  14. Bobbie Ross says:

    I was at work when I heard that the Twin Towers had been attacked. I was in shock, and it took me several minutes to realize that I have a son that lives in New York not far from the Twin Towers. I began trying to call him, but could not get through, my heart was in my throat. I finally reached him by phone and he was OK. He had two friends that worked in the Twin Towers – one was on the ground floor and got out, and the other one did not go to work that day. This is something that I will never forget

  15. Randy says:

    I was on my way to work, I tuned into the radio just after the first plane hit the first tower. I ran back inside to turn on the TV and let my wife know what I had heard. The first tower fell right after we turned on the TV. The second one fell not long after I got to work. It has significant meaning for us as it was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary.

  16. Susan Davis says:

    I had just dropped my two boy’s off at Drew Central and stopped in at All Occasions to by Bunko gifts. Julie had the radio on and was telling me about it. Then I went to work at the Court House and everyone was trying to watch what happened on a little TV. I remember calling someone close to New York with work, they said they could see the smoke off in the distance and cell phones were not working. Talking to them finally made me fully realize just how real the events were.

  17. T.K. says:

    I was working at International Paper the morning of the attacks. My mother was also working with me that day and she came to me and told me the Towers had been attacks and that they were shutting down the Arsenal in Pine Bluff for fear of attack on them.. I recall being so scared because my Dad was working a construction job there at the time. Things were very sureal that day. We had no tv or radio to get the information from we just had to get snippets of information the mill workers would pass on to us since alot of them knew my dad and my mom as well and knew we’d want to know. My heart went out to all the families of the ppl missing, hurt or killed that day. The unknown was the worst part. Not knowing if my Dad was safe at the arsenal was trully humbling.

  18. Mary Lasiter says:

    I turned on the tv after the first plane struck but saw the second one strike, the buildings fall, etc. My husbands 1st cousins son lived close to the towers so we were all in prayer for him. Then when the Pentagon was hit we started worring more because one of James’ class mates worked there. Thank God both of them were safe. If I recall correctly I called the ones who did it an unkind name then asked God to forgive me for it.

    The only thing I could think of as I was watching it was “this must have been what it was like when Pearl Harbor was bombed.” Except back then the only way people had to receive information was the radio. I have heard my parents talk about that. At the time they thought my oldest brother was at Pearl Harbor. He was actually a couple days out but it was weeks I think before they found out he has safe.

  19. kim welch says:

    my husband and I were both at work at the ambulance service…i remember the night before picking up a paper and looking at the date and said to him…”oh neato, tomorrow is 9-11″. i guess i never thought of the significance of 9-11 until i became involved in the medical field. that morning the office manager, april, came back to our room where lyle and I were sleeping to wake us up and told us to turn on the tv. we did and I was just in complete disbelief. it was so unreal. i remember april saying someone has hit one of the towers, hurry turn on the tv. after watching the recap of the plane hitting the 1st tower,not long later we watched the 2nd tower get hit…it was then when we realized it wasn’t just an “accident”. because of that day it breaks my heart to hear others complain about bringing home our troops. obama promises to end the war and send all the soldiers home…i know how it feels to have a loved one fighting for our freedom and safety. i know how it feels to get that phone call that your loved one has been injured. while we were so blessed that my family members’ injuries were not fatal-they could have been. but does that make me want to just “give up” and let this all be for nothing—NO WAY!!!!

  20. Desiree says:

    I was at home asleep, at the time my husband worked at the local radio station here in Monticello. He called me and said to turn the t.v. on. I remember not wanting to get up but reluctantly turning it on not even knowing what was going on. We didn’t turn the t.v. off of fox news for 3 weeks. I remember I had to go to work that day at 10am at the Walmart portrait studio back then and I remember being almost late because I couldn’t take my eyes off the t.v. and as soon as I got there I went back to electronics and got a radio and listened to it all day and watched the t.v.’s at Walmart. I remember people just stopping in Walmart and staring at the t.v.’s and not shopping. My husband and Chad were live on the radio which is something they never do around here, not for any length of time telling people to calm down about the gas situation and telling the gas stations they would turn them in for price gouging and they did end up turning in some of them. That night my husband and I went to the court house and Father Chet led a prayer then we said the rosary and then we watched President Bush speak and I remember everyone there not saying a word just being completely silent not knowing what to do or say. Not too long after that my husband went on active duty with the Arkansas National Gaurd and went to Iraq for a year. Here we are seven years later still fighting the same war and the guys are over there again. My heart goes out to all the wives and children who are having to do it all alone I’ve been there and I wish not to do it again. I think everyone should be thanking every military person and their families for the sacrifce they make so that everyone else is safe believe me we live in the greatest country in the world!

  21. angela says:

    I was at home after leaving my daughter to school and saying good bye to my husband as he drove of to work and after turning on the tv to my horrer to see and witness every moment on sky news of the devastating tragedy, I couldn’t stop crying and shaking thinking we are no longer safe, looking at those poor people falling to their deaths ,my mother said the reason why those people fell was because they could be indentifed easily by their loved ones , age has wisdom. Living in Ireland I only know too well what Terrorism is like .God Bless You All, My only hope in this world is people who do these horrible things to their fellow human beings will have to face our God,Take care I will say a prayer for all those who lost their lives , those poor hard working people .

  22. Lauren C says:

    On that morning, I was up getting dressed to go to class at UAM. Someone called me and told me to turn on the tv. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was like a scene out of an action movie. I did what I thought of first, I called my mom and dad. I have no idea how it would feel to have that total loss, but it makes me feel more appreciative for the things I have. I feel petty for worrying about the little things that doesnt really matter in the big picture. It was a hard day for our country, but like all horrible tragedies, it brings us closer together. The things that do not kill us only makes us stronger.

  23. Michael says:

    I was assigned to hold security at a school within the department of corrections. I got word through inmates who had heard it on the radio. That was a very quiet and sad day.

    We had access to a television in the school so I made the call to turn it on. A select few of us watched what had transpired. I remember making a call or two to check on family members.

    There were many there who wanted to help. Many offered to go and fight whoever had attacked us. (Correctional staff and Inmates).

    I will NEVER FORGET that day!

  24. walt sawyer says:

    me and a crew of 9 was pouring 260 yards of concrete when it was broadcasted

    on the radio, everyone was like ‘no $%^&ING WAY” , then seen it on news that night

  25. Both Women Need Prayer says:

    I was in school. The teachers actually stopped the lessons they were teaching and we were able to watch it on the television.

  26. Ms mel says:

    My brother andI had flew to Indianapolis for our Mom’s retirement party and our flight was schedled to depart on 9-11 as we were riding to the airport the cab driver said a plane has just hit the twin towers but it did not register with us what was really going on until after we had got to the airport and all flights were cancelled.we eventually came back home on the grey hound

  27. Marie says:

    I was getting ready to go to school when my Mom called and told me not to go and told me what happened and that she was picking up my little sisters from school. I turned on the TV and started praying that my Dad had not gotten on the plane he was supposed to get on that morning to come home from a business trip. He called a few hours later to let us know that he was renting a car to come home and hadn’t gotten on the plane… I was only 13… I was scared.

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