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Collector Candidates Introduce Themselves at Barkada

Posted on April 16, 2012

Due to recent legislation, the sheriff’s office and collector’s office have been separated.

There are 3 candidates for the newly created position;  Josh Frost, Tonya Lovelesss, and Cheri Norris.  All 3 have courthouse experience, with Loveless currently serving as the executive collector, until the new position takes effect in January.

Advertising & Promotion Commission Argues over Promoting Monticello Events, Activities, Attractions vs All Funds to Convention Center

Posted on April 10, 2012

A heated argument broke out Monday night between members of the city’s Advertising and Promotion Commission, on the topic of the 3% hotel tax being used exclusively for the Convention Center project, or whether some Adverting and Promotion funds should be used to “advertise and promote” our local events and activities.

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The Great Monticello Egg-Drop, Pics & Videos

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Parks Commission Disbanded, Re-instated as Parks Committee

Posted on March 16, 2012

City Attorney Whit Barton told the Council that he had received correspondence from a Little Rock attorney representing the Babe Ruth League on March 2, 2012, in regards to issues surrounding a contract with the City.

The issue then came up that the title of Commission for Parks and Recreation was not within the statute for how a Commission should be established, and Attorney Barton instructed the Council on ways to amend the issue, such as forming a Parks and Recreation Committee instead.

Barton stated that being a committee means the positions held are elected and told the Council, “Nobody’s making you do anything.”” But, the ordinance is not in compliance with the statute.”

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Fertilize Truck Overturns on Florence Road, Rescue, EMTs, Police Respond – Update

Posted on March 7, 2012

The driver of a Bayou Grain 18-wheeler fertilize delivery truck apparently took a curve on Florence Road too fast, around 10 o’clock, Tuesday morning, resulting in a hopper trailer of farm fertilize being dumped into a road ditch.

The driver was extricated from the crushed cab of the vehicle by the Fire & Rescue Team, and them transported to the JRMC trauma center.  Someone at the scene said his injuries didn’t appear to be life threatening.

Triple A Towing is shown in the video, setting the truck upright.

A “bobcat” was cleaning up the spilled product, as evening was approaching, along with several individuals with buckets, collecting fertilize for their personal use.  Contact Ronnie Adcock at 723-2260 for info.


Bear Removing Deer from Road Side – Video – Over 7,100 Views

Posted on February 23, 2012

Susan Jasay recently was traveling in eastern Ashley County on HWY 82 and took this video of a bear removing a “roadkill” deer from the ditchbank.

That “patch” of woods borders Drew County.

Thanks, Susan, for sharing your video.

Lampkin Will Not Seek Re-Election as Drew County Judge – Video

Posted on January 25, 2012

Gasps of surprise went around the table as Quorum Court members began reading a sheet of paper Judge Damon Lampkin passed to each of them. It was his letter to the Court expressing his decision to retire after serving this final year as Drew County Judge.

In an emotional statement to the Court, and the public, Judge Lampkin said that he would be 71 years old if he ran again next year, and it was time for him to put his health first. He then read his letter to the audience which said…..

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“2011’s Top Stories” – Special Edition- “And One to GROW On”

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The Local Economy

2011 brought with it many changes in Monticello’s business climate.  In August, SeaArk Marine announced their closing as of this month (SeaArk Boats remains unaffected by this change).  Last month, Drew County Speedway told of their operations ceasing, as well.  Larry’a Pizza, Topps Pizza, and other businesses closed during the year.

Even while experiencing the loss of several employers, and several dozen jobs, Monticello still remains one of the “brighter” spots in southeast Arkansas, based on the number of businesses that either started, expanded, hired more workers, were purchased by new owners, or added important equipment.  Each of these entities showed a commitment to their employees, and their intentions to remain a part of Monticello’s future.

Those  75   businesses, industries, and organizations include…..
(Hold mouse over image to view business identity)

Arkansas Teacher of the Year – MHS’ Kimberly Wilson – One Monticello Life

Posted on December 28, 2011

On December 2, Governor Beebe came to Monticello to present Kimberly Wilson, visual art teacher at MHS the award for being Arkansas’Teacher of the Year.

“You aren’t much of a person if you can’t understand the finer things in life… you’ve done that with our kids… you deserve Teacher of the Year,” Governor Beebe told Mrs. Wilson.

After hugging her children and her husband, accepting her roses and her large check to represent her financial award of $15,000 (from the Walton Family Foundation) Mrs. Wilson said, “I want to thank you… thank you. It humbles me.” “First, I’m privileged to be part of a fantastic school district.” “The other half… here’s what makes the difference… it’s your [students’] effort that makes it all work.”

Mrs. Wilson then said to the 4th and 5th grade students present, “You made me a great teacher; you made this possible.”

In closing Mrs. Wilson said, “Thank you to my family, my 2 children are here. They spend a lot of hours in the classroom.” “I could not do it if I did not have a fantastic, loving, supporting husband.” “I would like to thank my Principals..” She went on to describe how they never tell her no when she comes to them with her “crazy” ideas.


Kimberly Kaye Wilson – One Monticello Life

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20. MonticelloLive Earns “Business of the Year” Award (not because it was MLive, but because it was possible)

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The fact that MonticelloLive was recognized as the Chamber of Commerces’s “Business of the Year” was an honor, but the reason that this headline made the Top 20 list, is because this achievement was possible.

With the economy being a national topic, and the public impression being that most new businesses fail, this award proves that a new business (in operation only 4 years), with a dedicated owner, a small support staff, and big dreams, can still “keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars”, as Casey Kasey used to say.

MLive has had 2.7 million page views in the past 12 months, and over 30,000 video plays of local news and events. 

Several of it’s stories and videos have been picked up and aired by all 4 Little Rock television stations. 

MLive has also been included in articles in Arkansas Business and Arkansas Times, but owner Joe Burgess considers it’s most prized achievement to be the “Business of the Year” award.

28. Everybody Loves a Parade

Posted on

Although a parade may not be considered a “news story” the 2011 Drew County Fair Parade was the 7th most watched video of the year, with the Chamber of Commerce’s “Carols of Christmas” Parade coming in at #11.

Tillar’s 2nd annual Christmas parade also earned an impressive view level.

Note: An “engaging” event that occurred at the Christmas parade, which earned statewide news coverage, will rank higher in the “Top 40 Stories”.

30. Chicot & Desha County River Flood Warnings

Posted on

The top story for the month of May was the Mississippi and Arkansas River Flood Warning, that covered Chicot and Desha Counties.

There was no regular online daily coverage of the event, so MonticelloLive stepped in, with total co-operation of the county judges and emergency personnel in both counties, to provide daily updates on the river levees and the battle to keep residents and property safe.

These two videos were viewed a combined total of 1600 times.

33. Arkansas Weather

Posted on

Arkansas Weather held true to it’s reputation. If you don’t like it, wait for tomorrow and it will change.

2011 brought with it a drought and long burn ban, and weeks of rain.  Many trees fell, some because of thunderstorms and strong winds, some not.

This video of February’s snow reveived over 500 viewings.

“Surprise Proposal at Christmas Parade” Video Gets 2,100+ Plays – Featured on Fox 16 News

Posted on

Jay Dyson, of Monticello, invited his girlfried to watch the Christmas Parade, Tuesday night, at the Monticello Town Square.

Meagan Wilson, of Longview, TX, a senior at UAMonticello, was surprised when Jay “won” the chance to introduce the 4 guest judges.

Meagan was even more surprised when Jay proposed to her in front of the hundreds of onlookers, there for the parade.

She said “yes.”

We think events like this only happen at big league baseball games and in jewelry commercial, but having it take place at the Monticello Square, and on MLive video, was truly a unique event.  

The video of them shairng that special event has been viewed over 1,600 times, and was featurede on FOX16 news, Wednesday night. 


Chamber of Commerce / MEDC – BUSINESS OF THE YEAR

Posted on December 14, 2011

Mandy Moss, reporter, and Joe Burgess, the "MonticelloLive Guy"

The Business of the Year Award is given to a business that strives everyday to provide outstanding community service while developing a quality product that attracts a wide range of customers. MonticelloLive is pleased and honored to accept the title of MEDC/Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Year for 2011.

After purchasing MonticelloLive only 4 years ago, owner Joe Burgess has transformed a small, local website into a news site that, in the past 12 months, has had more than 2.7 million page views. In the past two months alone, MLive has also been linked on state-level news websites 3 times for its coverage of important local stories.  The business has been mentioned in Arkansas Business twice, and in Arkansas Times once

Burgess’ entertaining acceptance speech ranged from stand-up comedian to lay-preacher, as he took the opportunity to thank his sponsors, employees, and readers, but most of all, he took time to say, “I want to thank the Lord.”

MHS Teacher Named “Arkansas Teacher of the Year” by Gov. Beebe

Posted on December 5, 2011

Kathy Smith of the Walton Family Foundation spoke to MIS and MHS students, and guests, at a “surprise” meeting this morning. She said, “We have some very exciting news today that we’ve been keeping secret.”

Smith spoke about how most adults with careers will always point back to a teacher that helped guide them in that direction.

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