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$100 Winners of Photo / News Tip Contest

Posted on

Each month, MonticelloLive rewards the reader who calls in the best news tip, or submits the best photo, with a $100 prize.


In October 2012, the video of a Wilmar car fire being put out was taken by Sheena Tucker, who also helped the family (who lost their car and groceries, that day). A couple of Barkada Fire Dept. members were passing by, saw the fire, and put it out; keeping it from reaching the victim’s home. That video earned Sheena $100, and our thanks for sharing it with MLive readers.

z AMWIn September, 2012, a suspect from AMERICAS MOST WANTED was arrested in Monticello.  The person who told MLive about the “truthful rumor” donated their $100 to Immanuel Baptist Church’s food pantry.

Juanita Webb is shown here with her “pet” alligator, which showed up in their family pond. As the gator continued to grow, in August, the family contacted the AG&F, who re-located it to a safer area.

Juanita’s son, David, is shown with the $100 prize for sharing the photo with MLive readers. The family donated their prize money to PAWS to help support their shelter for homeless pets.

A 75 acre forest wildfire in July, battled by several local fire depts. and the Arkansas Forestry Commission, included an AFC helicopter dipping water from a local farm pond to fight the fire. Karen Kolb-Spencer won $100 for sending that photo to MLive to share with our readers.

A MLive news story about a DWI 3, 4, & 5 was picked up and carried by CNN Headline News in June.

On May 16, there was a fatal car wreck in Wilmar, as the vehicle was fleeing from Bradley Couny Law Enforcement. The prize money for this tip was donated to “Feed the Kids,” thanks to the caller

The person who reported the incident to MLive donated their prize money to purchase school supplies for area children.

Last Easter, BrookLynn White attended 2 local Easter egg hunts. At both of them, she helped a fellow hunter, who had his broken arm in a cast.

BrookLynn’s kind act impressed the boy’s mom, and she told MLive about BrookLynn’s good deed.

BrookLynn used her money to buy dog food for PAWS and other charities.

On March 16, 3 Youths from Saline County Stole a Truck from an Elderly Drew County Man, & Left Him Bleeding in the Road. A Multi-agency Manhunt Followed,, including ADC Dogs, an ASP Helicopter, and all area Law Enforcement. The 3 were captured latere that Evening.

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Insecure Home Security Salesmen Invade Monticello

Posted on August 29, 2012

Recently, a young door-to-door salesman came to my home, representing the “cutting edge” home security firm Vivint. I heard his sales pitch and promises, along with his list of satisfied customers.  I’m glad I didn’t purchase his promises, since the next day I asked the MPD officer he described as a “satisfied customer” with Vivint, and he told me he had never met (or done business) with them.

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City Records 449 Water Leaks Since 2007, Considering “New Main & Meters” Project

Posted on August 28, 2012

Ongoing issues with the city’s water system led to an indepth discussion at the August City Council meeting.

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More Alligators Captured in Area

Posted on August 27, 2012

In June, the Game & Fish Commission were called to help capture a live alligator on Alma Street, in the western portion of Dermott, not far from the Drew County line.

Mark Barbee and Michael Shepherd, both of Monticello, of AG&F are shown here restraining the gator, to transport it to a “safer” area.

This video of an alligator being captured, taken near Lake Wallace in May, 2011, has been views almost 3,000 times.

 Another alligator was found in August near Tillar.

Alligator Caught by AG&F in Drew County in May from MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

Hospital Report – “Millage Extension is Not a New Tax” – Local Coverage Criticized by JP – Other DMH News

Posted on August 21, 2012

DMH CEO Mike Layfield addressed the Quorum Court, Monday night, and emphasized “the misconception that proposed millage extension has been referred to as a new tax.” 

The Quorum Court last month approved the hospital board’s request to hold a special election on October 9 to ask county voter’s to approved the continuation of the existing hospital millage to be used to help fund the new Surgery Center, which is estimated to employ an additional 25 employees.  Layfield compared performing surgery in the current facility to “driving a 35 year old car.”Supporters of the millage extension will be visiting interested groups and organization to discuss the proposed extension. 

JP Jimmy Potter also criticized a local editorial calling the proposal “a new tax.”  It was also commented that the October 9 election will not be paid for by the county.

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Dr. Jack Lassiter’s Toast & Roast for Historical Society

Posted on August 4, 2012

Judge Sam Bird Roasts Lassiter from MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

Richard Reinhart Reminises from MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

Mark McElroy Introduces Mike Layfield from MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

DMH CEO Layfield Diagnoses Dr. Lassiter from MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

Leigh Lassiter Counts, “My Dad” from MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

Mayor Maxwell Toasts Lassiter’s Accomplishments from MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

Dr. Jack Lassiter Responds to Roasters from MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

Trophies —- MLive Stories Hit ESPN, Last Week – CNN, Last Month

Posted on July 23, 2012’s Friday court photo and story about an NFL player’s Drew County DWI charge earned national attention. Phone calls came in from Detroit to Houston.  Google shows the story was picked up and carried on sites from Oakland to Chicago to New York.  The story was also covered by ESPN.   

Recently, MLive coverage of a DWI 3, 4, & 5 case earned a “bottom crawl” from CNN’s Headline News Channel.

In January, CNN networks contacted MLive’s Joe Burgess about use of the “Bear & Deer” video.  He quickly granted them permission.

Aside from the national attention the local website has drawn, Burgess considers the “Business of the Year” award, presented last December by the Monticello – Drew County Chamber of Commerce, the businesss’ highest honor.

“Monticello’s Daily News” is expected to reach 3 million pageviews in 2012.

Airport Improvements for Runways Planned

Posted on

During the airport report to the City Council, Benji Ryburn told the Council that people landing in heavy and fast moving aircraft are complaining of a dip and a hump on the runway. He stated that he “made some calls and asked for additional funds…and got confirmation that FAA will provide additional funds, up to $141,794, to do work to the runway.”

The money comes from a 100% grant so the City will not be required to provide any funding. The Council voted to apply for the grant and bid out the project.

City Council Votes to Buy 3,000 Residential Trash Dumpsters

Posted on July 20, 2012

The Monticello City Council passed a resolution authorizing the acceptance of a bid by Toter, Inc for the purchase of 3,000 rollout trash carts. The bid by Toter was the low bid and came in at $134,700.00.

The City will purchase one can per residence, and a second can may be purchased by an individual for $55-$60.

Trash pickups will be moved to once a week, per ward, once the new cans are in place.

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