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Dozen Suspects Identified by Police in DCHS Vandalism – $5,000 Damages Estimated – RePost

May 14th, 2013 by

More details have come to light, following Friday morning’s discovery of the vandalism at Drew Central High School, including a list of approximately a dozen “senior prank” suspects, and the realization of around $5,000 in damage.

The photos show the Carpet Medics Restoration team working in the classroom where the fire extinguisher was discharged.

Aside from the clean-up expenses, it was discovered that the chemical fire suppressant damaged several computer equipment. 

It was also realized that UAM officers had documented a list of 10-12 youths, most ages 17-18, who were seen leaving the Drew Central campus during the early morning hours, Friday.

MPD has the list of possible suspects, and is continuing the ongoing investigation.

DCHS Vandalized as “Senior Prank”
May 10, 2-13

Sometime Thursday night. vandals broke into the Drew Central High School.
They wreaked havoc in the two main hallways strowing food products, paper towels, and large sheets of bulletin board backing.
At least one fire extinguisher was discharged, coating everything nearby with a chemical powder.
Glitter was poured on top of baby oil in another area.
A window was used to gain entrance into the buildings.
Monticello Police are on the scene, as the investigation continues.
Only the high school was affected, and it appears that no technical equipment was damaged
DCHS students were moved to the auditorium, while the clean up is underway,
Superintendent Mike Johnston gave MLive a tour of the area, which is expected to have students back on their normal schedule by mid-morning.

69 Responses to “Dozen Suspects Identified by Police in DCHS Vandalism – $5,000 Damages Estimated – RePost”

  1. Carol Moore says:

    Vandalism is a crime

  2. Amazed says:

    This is really sad. I hope the school had some sort of surveillance equipment and are able to catch who ever is responsible. Really sad.

  3. Mary King says:

    Just looking at the photos makes me sick. The end of school is always stressful, with much pressure on the faculty, staff and students. This is just too much to have to deal with. I have never understood vandalism. It is so pointless. I am so sorry for DCHS to have to go through this.

  4. K says:

    This is a bunch of juveniles. Hope they catch them. It shouldn’t be too hard since they are dummies

  5. K says:

    This sounds like a juvenile punk crime. Most likely several of them. Hope they catch them. Shouldn’t be too hard since obviously they are a bunch of dummies

  6. Edie says:

    it just seems that kids now a days have to much time on their hands & create problems—I hope they are caught & punished.

  7. Karen says:

    Unfortunately kids don’t always think about the consequences of their actions. Even so I think this should be left up to the school to discipline them. I think they should have to clean up their mess and have to do odd jobs (like clean bathrooms) at the school to pay for it. People remember kids will be kids. These kids don’t need a police record just as they are getting out in the world.

  8. C.S.P. says:

    There have been many high school pranks over time… this isn’t a prank. It’s burglary. And that’s a crime. As a result, it should be dealt with within the criminal justice system.

  9. Ash says:

    I completely disagree with the above. Too often “we” are suposed to give leniency to teenagers because the majority believes they do not have the intelligence to make good decisions. This is simply false. A high school student knows the difference between right and wrong by this time in their lives. If this crime had been comitted in any other buisness (whether associated with the said buisness or not) police would be involved and the criminals prosecuted. Just because it is a school they attend does not mean they should get off lightly with school disipline and cleaning their mess. They should be treated as the criminals they have chosen to be and have judicial punishment as well as school punishment.

  10. Dc Student says:

    I mean it was a senior prank no threat… I do see everyone’s point but there are certain things I don’t agree about.. We’re just kids and not expected much of… You can’t just throw the word juvenile out there because that’s not something we want to be considered there is no telling who had made the mistake I don’t think we should blame the seniors because I’m sure they were aware of the consequences of not being able to graduate or charges pressed for breaking In our students are smart and not dumb I’ve grown up with these kids my age and I think people are taking it the wrong way we should be able to laugh this off and not consider us juveniles just because some one made a mistake doesn’t mean that has anything to do with any other students so after they find out who is responsible then you can go to throwing out the remarks and name calling but un tell then you are pretty much involving students like me who had nothing to do with it so other students like me would appreciate it if you get you story straight before harassing our fallowing classmates who were raised better than to do something like this drew central is home to the pirates once a pirate always a pirate why can’t people remember this no more we are a family!!..

  11. KarolAnne says:

    It was just a senior prank. Get over it people. They are not juveniles for pulling a senior prank. They while school knows it was a senior prank. EVERY school does it! And I’m sure you people above me have pulled one just as well!!!

  12. Tim says:

    Yes kids will be kids but this is serious stuff. They are young adults who should have to answer for there crimes in which they have committed. They no the difference between right and wrong. They teach the kids at an early age what the difference is between a good choice and a bad one. They say it was a prank probably but this was no prank. I remember when I went to school there at DC we took Mrs. Kings desk and set it out in the hallway when she stepped out of class. Now that was a harmless prank. This here is a prank that will cost money to repair due to water damage, clean up, and material items. Money is which should not have to be spent when it is already hard for the school to pay for other things. There is no sense in this type of thing. Now with that being said I hope they learn there lesson and don’t do anything like this again.

  13. Concerned says:

    First of all our world is so opinionated everyone always has something to say or be the first one to brag about this and that. No kids do not THINK grown ups for that matter do things before they think. Things like this happen all the time. I’m sure it was a group of kids that didn’t mean to harm or even damage anything but when there is a gang of kids know one knows what’s actually going to happen. Things can intend to go one way & turn out differently. Nobody is perfect everyone makes mistakes. God Approves of us All. I’m praying for the students, families & friends. Remember kids did this & not their parents before we go throwing out our hurtful words. May God comfort & strengthen everyone. This happened to me & my family a few years back & the town talked about me & boys like we were trash. Be careful what you say it could very well be you!

  14. cindy barajas says:

    Kids will be kids??? If parents spent more time teaching kids morals and respect doing things like this would not even cross their minds! Give them a little “hand slap” and they are going to laugh it off and move on to worse things. If they are ready to get out in the world they should have better sence than to break into places and cause destruction like this. A police record might make them wake up before they move on to worse crimes.

  15. leslie says:

    Most people think this a crime, why are you in defense of them why should they not be punished by the LAWS of the land, they should have thought about the consequences before they broke in and destroyed PUBLIC property, We all have stress in our lives and we must learn to deal with it. Kids today do not understand stress they need to get off the computer games and do something useful, kids will be kids but they should also remember what being a kid is, did you do this kind of stuff when you were a kid???????? Yes this is a shame and the worse thing stressful to them in school is passing English

    This is a civil crime that is punishable by civil laws NOT DCHS

  16. leslie says:

    Another thing how do you know it was DCHS or Monticello High students what if it were someone out of school would it be OK for the school to handle this situation or is it that you know something that we do not know, after all this is a public situation

  17. I myself have pulled a couple of pranks during my senior year, but I would have to agree that this is just “SICK”. A prank is like toilet papering the school, putting plastic wrap around the principals car, or using shaving cream somewhere. But to throw trash around and breaking and entering is just NOT RIGHT!! I hope when they find out who did this, make them clean the whole school to the principals liking! ALL IN ALL IT WAS JUST WRONG!!!

  18. just curious says:

    Has the definition for “juvenile” changed? I thought it meant not fully grown, not an adult, a youngester…

  19. Weevils win says:

    Moving a desk ,throwing paper , changing the room around those are pranks ! Soap , ketchup ,mustard and glitter is entirely another . Drew Central is doing its best to stay above water financially and these offenders cost them more money. What happened to pride in your School? Your self or your family ? I don’t want them to be punished too harshly but I think punishment both from the school and legally is in order !

  20. DC student says:

    Everyone I know that is in high school wants to be treated like they are an adult. If the ones who did this want to be treated like they are adults, they should be punished as such, in the criminal law system.

  21. Unseenbeauty says:

    To Ms.Cindy: No disrespect ma’am, I understand that you may be upset yet your words are hurtles and very unnecessary. You can’t bring our parents in this situation on account of our actions. As I said before this was a senior prank I never intended it to go this far. I just wanted to top the last two previous senior pranks. Just because I made one mistake does not be any means give any of you the right to call me out of my name. People make mistakes and with me begin human that applies to myself as well. I am far from a dummy. But I am closer to human. Again, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Yet don’t let my one mistake create your lifetime outlook of me. I’m not the person I’m looking out to be at the moment.

  22. Sharon (old school DC grad) says:

    Well, IF this is a Senior prank, then Lord help us because these kids should have learned by now the difference between a prank and vandalism. Also big difference between juvenile (a minor, young person) and juvenile delinquent ( Minor who cannot be controlled by parental authority and commits antisocial or criminal acts, as vandalism or violence.) People do stupid stuff all the time (that’s why our prisons are full.) Just hope they find out who did it and they are punished – If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime.

  23. Ditto says:

    Hope the authorities find who did this. A prank is putting furniture on a roof not trashing the school.

  24. Mary King says:

    Yes, Tim, I remember when my desk, files, globe and flower arrangement were all set in the hall like they had been transported through the walls. The whole class was diligently working–no one saw a thing….the “innocents” also volunteered to return the furniture to my room. Best prank I think anyone ever pulled on me. Supergluing my coffee mug to my desk was a good one, too. Now Tim, if you’d send me your last name…I never did get anyone to admit to it, and I’d STILL like to know who did the deed…..I must admit, I thought it clever and funny but no physical damage was done and all was set aright shortly, by the perpetrators, though they all declared their innocence. This did physical damage and somebody else had to clean up the mess and it closed down the school. If this was a senior prank, it just went too far. I don’t think their lives should be ruined because of it, but this cost the school money as well as great incovenience. It passed that line from prank to vandalism. Pranks are funny to the victim, eventually. Vandalism is funny only to the perpetrators. This wasn’t the wisest choice to make as they step out into the world, and I’m sure they regret it, but, hey, welcome to big, bad grown-up land.

  25. proud pirate says:

    WELL SAID MRS. MARY KING. WELL SAID. from reading some of these posts, seems no one thought it was a good enough “prank” to own up to it. I don’t think they should get off scott free, but they do need to realize what they did was WAY beyond a prank.

  26. Leaveemlone! says:

    I understand breaking and entering and all of that yada yada stuff but at the same time it was a SENIOR PRANK…when i graduated the class under us SPRAY PAINTED the outside of the school all over and it had to be REPAINTED windows replaced and all and they did it like they were us and nothing happened…some people need to lighten up…these kids are finally getting out of the same school they have been in most since kindergarden…they dont have to sit in those hard chairs anymore or listen to the same droning teachers they have forever…they were HAPPY and wanted to go out with a BANG….i dont know what extent the damage was in but from what i read just a lot of cleaning up to do! and i think that the police effort at the school may be what caused the students to lash out because i have heard tales of lately the police and administration at DC becoming OVERWHELMING and picking on students for no reason…may not be true but hey…anyways…let the kids be kids they will graduate and head into the real world now and if they do it out there they will be behind bars for sure!

  27. backintheday says:

    Your statements have to be the stupidest I believe I have ever heard, do you not realize that some one is paying for this.
    Maybe you would be willing to assume the cost of this?
    Your attitude is one that is reflective of the times I guess, but trust me these kids should be held accountable by the law and their parents but I am afraid the parents may have the same attitude as you, maybe we should let them come to your home and destroy your property and then we could see if you are so compassionate.
    your comments are so stupid I cant even respond any more.

  28. K says:

    Yes, you can be called a juvenile when you commit stupid juvenile crimes. They knew going in that they were breaking the law and yes it WAS stupid. You should take pride in your school not trash it. Also, some of these dc students need to retake grammar classes.
    If you are an adult, you wouldn’t be doing stupid stuff like this. Instead of destroying your school, go volunteer to do something to help your community. THEN you’ll be considered an adult. If you can’t take the punishment then don’t commit the crime. And don’t blame the parents. When a group of kids get together, they do things they would never do if they were alone.

  29. pitiful says:

    This is so stupid. The kids that done tpay for it for it to be cleaned 5000 is a lot of money. These children need to be held responsible your right to say they are getting ready to go out in the world they need to learn now you can’t just do what ever you want ans not have any punishment that’s why our jails and prisons are full. So if they want to act grown treat them like they are grown!!!

  30. cindy says:

    Obviously you don’t understand the meaning
    of juvenile. It means young person, not delinquent. These kids were wrong for what they did. They are please.ty old enough to know right from wrong. There damage done. Would you like it if I came to your house, did the same things and then said you aren’t allowed to be mad because “I was just kidding around” I doubt you would see it that way.

  31. Former Resident says:

    I agree to “let kids be kids” but at some point they have to take responsibility to their actions. This was totally uncalled for, to mess up the school as they did. With education finance as it is, Drew Central can not afford to lose money on a school prank. I don’t know, maybe I’m old school, but this went beyond a prank. Do you have any idea what this money could be used for, teacher resources. I think the students should have to pay for this prank. They say they are ready for the real world, pranks like this will them in jail. The person said before, they are tired of the hard chairs and the same old teachers. This is nothing worst than the millions people have done before you. I hope the punishment is not too harsh, but something needs to be done.

  32. Seriously says:

    Prank or not their smart enough to know the laws it’s a felony*** they need to do their time like anyone els would have had to.

  33. Ray says:

    I wonder if the people taking up for these students or whoever did it had $5000 dollars of their property DESTROYED would they feel the same way? I would be highly upset if someone did this to me and I would want them punished and prosecuted. I don’t care if it was a prank or not they shouldn’t get away with a slap on the wrist. They are going to go out in the world and in the real world there are consequences for your actions and they should learn a lesson from this.

  34. Enough is Enough says:

    I am so tired of people saying “kid’s will be kids”. It was supposed to just be Sr. Prank but it went terribly wrong! Breaking INTO the school, $5000.00 worth in damages, and having to cancel classes for the day is not a prank. GET THAT STRAIGHT PEOPLE!! These kids may have never meant to go this far but they did! Some of them are 18 years old and therefore an adult, and wish to be treated as adults I’m sure. So, they will now have to do the adult thing and deal with the consequences. The school is also in fiscal distress and does not need to waste time and money on the clean-up. I know some of these kids personally and am ashamed of their behavior!!

  35. Justice101 says:

    I went to DC and I did some silly stuff as a teenager, but my parents raised me to know that you don’t EVER destroy property. The kids probably thought they wouldn’t get caught, but teach them a lesson by punishment… Not a slap on the hand. That’s the problem with society as it is!

  36. new kid says:

    Really don’t see y this is being taken that far just because they didn’t catch anyone which doesn’t make any sense, like really seniors do this every year and a few schools hve done it..

  37. Nana says:

    So it’s the police’s fault and the administration’s fault that $5,000 worth of damage was done to the school? They want to go out with a BANG. Take the $5,000 cost of damage, divide by the # of students involved and present each one with a bill. Then they can see just how much BANG they got for their BUCKS.

  38. Susan R. Davis says:

    I am not going to hide behind a fake name, because what I say I would say to each of the kids. It is sad that a prank was taken way too far. A prank should have a funny ending and not cause injury or problems to others. This was taken way to far. I have known many if not all of the kids for many years, they all have Potential to soar high in their future. I do not agree one bit in what they did, plainly it was stupid. I would hope that they will put more thought into their actions from now on. I would suggest the following and urge if given they all take it. Split the cost of all damage, 40 hours of community service, a letter of apology to their parents and school all to be completed by June 30, 2013 and the Court withholding disposition until then. If they complete all ordered on time than Nol Pros (drop) the charges. Some of these kids are set to enter the service what a better choice for them to make than staying home, some have College set for the future, yes they made very bad choices, but if even just a few out of the dozen can go on and complete positive goals that is better than none of them. This is just my 2 cents worth. And for the people that say is was “just a prank and everyone does it” no not everyone does. Like the saying if your friend jumps off the bridge are you going to?

  39. leroy says:

    make them pay for all damages or hold there diploma till they do

  40. momfrommonticello says:

    They are not “kids.” 17 and 18? They are adults and this is vandalism and breaking and entering. Once you reach that age, you are not your parents responsibility. They are responsible for the crime they committed. No one else. Hopefully justice will be served.

  41. Barbara says:

    How funny would this be if it happened to your property?
    Would you get a $5,000 laugh and say, “Kids will be kids,” if that much damage was done to your home? There is a big difference between being a juvenile and being a juvenile delinquent.

  42. RE: LEAVEEMLONE from Local taxpayer says:

    I am so confused at your “yada yada but at the same time it was a SENIOR PRANK”. A senior prank is something that is no part of against the law, no damage that cost money such as putting forks all over the grounds, toilet papering the school, filling the hall with balloons, rearranging a room, taking the tires off principals car and put it on blocks along with other fun things that could be done without damage cost having to be included in ways to go out with a bang. Taxpayers paid for all the items such as ketchup, mustard, pickles, computer etc. Going through an unlocked window is called commercial burglary. If some people need to lighten up maybe you need to go step up and help pay the mere $5000 worth of cleanup and replacement of items used and destroyed. I as a taxpayer don’t feel it is my place or any other taxpayer’s responsibility to support a group of students who wanted to go out with a bang. Had they done something funny and w/o cost so be it but that was not the case. Then to your comment “and i think that the police effort at the school may be what caused the students to lash out because i have heard tales of lately the police and administration at DC becoming OVERWHELMING and picking on students for no reason” How unreal can you be it’s a shame police get blamed for kids doing something stupid. Stop and think about how stupid that sounded. I AGREE they shouldn’t be thrown in jail and lose the key but they should have to clean everyday this summer where everyone can see they are being given a chance to learn from their childish actions. BLAME the so-called young adults for doing it not the ones that had absolutely nothing to do with it. If that doesn’t seem fair maybe they can have the next vandalism party at your house since its was just a prank I am sure you wouldn’t have a problem with your stuff being destroyed.. at least taxpayers wouldn’t have to replace it.

  43. GO BILLIES!!! says:

    I think the students that did this should be held back a year. Simple as that!

  44. Crystal says:

    I feel the same way I graduated in the class of 2002 and we did things like throw water bollans at the principal and the seniors and dumped the ice chest on the seniors I think when it comes to messing with drew central I think they should get what’s coming to them I think they need some hard punshment that’s what wrong with kids these days they get in trouble and their parents slap them on the wrist and say don’t do it again then they think its funny then they could end up doing more damage to something else and they will think it will be ok next time I think that the law should get them for it

  45. Dragonheart says:

    Well isn’t this quite the conundrum. Some say let them hang and ruin their new lives as adults and others say kids will be kids. What truly is the best solution? I believe they should pay restitution of 5000, split equally. No probation, but 500 community service hours at a local shelter or soup kitchen or an animal shelter. Write an essay for graduation on why it was wrong to do what they done. There is no sense of jail time and wasting tax payers money. Just a thought.

  46. 138 says:

    I am not sure about the whole “Kids being kids” thing, that’s a stupid excuse, kinda like everyone that commits a crime saying they were temporarily insane. Putting the blame off on someone else.
    These “Kids being kids” should have to clean this up, pay for the damages and do some type of community service. When you break in somewhere, that is way past being a kid. Throwing toilet paper in a tree is being a kid, not breaking out windows, setting off fire extinguishers that can cost a lot to replace and trashing a public building.
    These “KIDS” should be put at Cummins for a week and see how real criminals live, and see if they want to keep going down this path.
    When I was a kid, not too long ago, I never thought about that or anything like that.
    Kids have too much time on their hands? Yep cuz the parents aren’t being parents and the kids have no responsibility, but then again the parents don’t have much. Times have changed for the worse, and the kids are left holding the bag. Grandma can’t be everywhere, and the kids need a job.

  47. fellow tax payer says:

    Enough is enough is right. Because they turned over one of my kids locker and they could of broke stuff if anything breakable was in there who would of had to pay for it me. So who payed for the clean up we did tax payers and I pay taxes for ever thanks it ok and you got and extra $5000 the school will love to take donations. Thank you one of your fellow tax payers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. dscogin says:

    Life is hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.

  49. 1 PIRATE FAN says:

    Leaveemalone!! Really?? Both my children attend DC and I have not heard of a police officer nor any DC administrator “picking” on any of the students.. I have a child that will be graduating next Tuesday with the same kids some of you are bashing. NO, my child was NOT apart of this. Does that make her better, does that make me a better parent? NO!!! The actions they took went to far and yes they should be held resposibile by paying the cost back to the school but a felony NO.. Some of those kids have been raised with morals and values.. I can asure you those parents were probably just as hurt and upset as the school and some of you.. So before we down play their raising lets pray for all of those involved.. Oh yea, I can 100% say my child played NO part in this.. DC 2013 I love each of you..

  50. Jeni says:

    I’m not surprised by all the hateful comments, it really is expected from this community, however these are “kids ” that made a very bad choice , should their lives be ruined because of this? No , were none of you ever young and impulsive? I’m not saying what they did was right but they are still children, and we as adults need to help them to see their wrongs, not judge them and their parents as having no morals and being uncaring, they will learn valuable lessons from this stunt and one of those lessons will be how hateful people are , I’m more embarrassed by these comments of adults then by the actions of these children. And btw all these kids will be punished I’m sure and deservedly so , so you don’t have to have a witch hunt and burn them at the stake!

  51. CardsFan says:

    English teachers should be hiding their heads in shame after reading DCStudents reply. Do you all teach punctuation?

  52. Vibrante says:

    These children was WRONG; YES their actions went too far; YES they should be help responsible for their actions; YES the Sr prank went to far; YES make them PAY the FULL cost of ALL REPAIRS & a lil extra; YES they should be required to work for FREE this summer at the school, cleaning, painting & etc; BUT…… NO, dont charge them w/ a felony. If they dont pay for the damages & dont do the community service YES, charge them. They know & acknowldge their actions was WRONG, just give them 1 chance to make a wrong RIGHT!!

  53. Interesting says:

    So because they are “kids”, the law should just turn their cheek at bulgary and vandalism?

    I have a feeling alot of you justifiers are either suspects or mommies of a suspect. So if this is choices these knuckleheads are making now then what kind of choices will they be making as “adults”? Some of these defense comments are disturbing and it shows why this generation of kids in America are horrible. Crap I’m still in my 20s too and can see it.

  54. Interesting says:

    Also one thing, we got some “kids” saying that schools have this happen as a senior prank all the time. BS. I haven’t heard of a senior prank like this ever. And like I said I’m not that old.

    So some of these kids posting I assume have vehicles. How would it feel if someone wanted to play a “prank” on you and vandalize and break into your car or truck? Cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Would it be such a prank then? Would it be cool for you to be told to “lighten up its a prank”? NAH.

  55. Randy says:

    Wow, this is really taking on a “lynch mob” mentality. I don’t have a personal interest in this issue and I’m not a fan of the whole Senior Prank idea but in my heart of hearts I find it hard to believe any one of these kids were motivated with the intent of causing damage or harm. My hope would be if they knew the fire extinguisher dust could cause such damage to the electrical equipment, they most likely would have not considered that as part of the prank. A slippery floor sounds funny and taking it to the next level with mustard and pickles… I can see where maybe their thinking started and obviously where it stopped. Most likely some ignorance came into play. Sure wish I could say I’ve never made any bad decisions in my life.
    Should they face consequences? Sure they should and likely they will.
    Don’t read into my comments that my opinion is to forgive and forget or even that it’s ok to cause damage via naivety, my only point is let the authorities handle it, they were hired or elected to do so, and let’s not crucify these kids or mar their futures.

    I will admit I am wrong and reserve the option to change my opinion if we find they were acting completely maliciously.

  56. K says:

    Definition of juvenile at
    Immature, childish, infantile,
    behaviour not in keeping with his age.
    This describes their behavior even if they are 18 and they should be punished as an adult would if they are 18. The law doesn’t say if a person is 18 but commits a crime should be treated as a juvenile delinquent, because the crime was juvenile behavior.

  57. DC says:

    The situation at hand was a senior prank. NO harm was MEANT to be caused. Yes, it was an EXTREME mess and a catastrophe, but the true intentions were not malevolent, for the most part as far as my knowledge.
    I despise the harm the prank resulted in; however, I am not against the students. These students have always been at the heart of Drew Central, and we all love them deep down.
    Don’t get me wrong, what they did was preposterous, and they should receive punishment. In my perspective, punishment, however should not be something that can impede their future- they’re just getting to know the real world. The bill for clean-up and damage should be split equally among the students involved in the incident, they should work community service hours, write essays of why what they did was wrong and how it could’ve/will effect their future, and write an apology letter to the school.
    Also, why do these teenagers get treated like kids and are expected to act like adults? When they act like adults, they aren’t taken seriously. When they act like kids, they get treated like adults. Please explain the logic behind this.
    As for some of the comments above, please check and make sure your sources are reliable.
    I must admit though, these kids have guts for what they did. It was crazy. They did do something that no one will ever forget. I hope they understand that… and their mistake.

  58. Kay says:

    I too feel the students should have to do some community service and reimburse the school for the damages. Also their diploma should be held until thier punishment has been complete. If it was my child I would make sure they paid the time for doing the crime.

  59. Debbie says:

    That’s why schools need security camera’s and alarm systems. People need to wake up and understand that times have changed. It’s no longer a Senior prank. But, sadly this could and should have been avoided. Make parents take responsibility for their children, put systems in place and, this kind of thing will stop. It’s called accountability.

  60. Debbie says:

    Also, where were the parents when this happened? Did they not realize their children were not at home?

  61. Former student says:

    I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover and I am gonna go on and say yes I know these students some of which I don’t understand why they would do something like this and others crossed my mind when I heard about it. Me myself I have had dealings with some of these kids myself and I still am not going to sit here and just let them get stomped on but also I don’t think by no means that they should get off free either. What I’m trying to say is that yes punishment is needed but what people need to realize that this kids have different records, lives, families, and overall they are all different in a lot of ways so don’t blame the parents or cops or anybody else the students did this and I’m glad that some such as unseenbeauty has stepped up and actually took responsibility for their actions. I know this person and never would have guessed they would be part of this but it is what it is thanks for stepping up!

  62. Stress_Free says:

    As I read the posts I found a couple of concerns. Most of the pranks that have occurred under the premise of senior pranks have been acts of vandalism. To deface is to vandalize. To all of the head hunters who choose to want to throw the children under the bus ( no pun intended ) I offer you this challenge. Think back to a time when your judgement may have been skewed by the excitement ofa huge lifetime eevent. Perhaps it was prom night or graduation night and you git caught up in the moment. Did you desire leniency from those who had rule over you? Did you bring shame to yourself or to your parents? More often than not we all have had those moments. DC is known for the traditional senior pranks and this one will be hard to top. This was the legacy that the class of 2013 DCHS Pirates will long be remembered for. Not the good deeds of the many but rather the poor judgment of s few. I do agree that the acts committed are worthy of punishment, but is it worth a twelve year sentence? If these children are not allowed to graduate with their class that is exactly the punishment that will have been handed out. A second observation that I noticed was the fact that many people are talking about the money that it cost the school to get back to normal. .I am sure that restitution will be in order so what then will be the cost to the school? I believe in due process but I also believe in letting the punishment fit the crime. A 12 year sentence (time served) is in my opinion a bit harsh.

  63. Dustin Burns says:

    I honestly think this was the worst senior prank I’ve ever heard of…. When you do a prank its suppose to have meaning…substance….preparation… EVERYONE should be involved in it …and while I think a prank isn’t a prank unless the principal gets mad…this was wayyyyy too far…what kind of intelligence or creativity are you representing your class with by simply tearin up the school as a prank…while they were doin it I bet all they could think and say was how “everybody’s gonna think this is sooooo FUNNY… ” ha…

  64. dc student says:

    yeah i agree if they want to be treated like adults they should act like them and they should get punished like adults

  65. sallybob says:

    Dont do the crime if you cant do the time

  66. sallybob says:

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  67. Surprised says:

    In the real world actions have consequences and seniors in high school are not children. Even a 12-year-old should know that he/she is responsible for damaging the property of others. Are we to forgive and not expect repayment from these students? I think not. It is important
    those involved repay the money to cover the damage for which they alone are responsible. It is not their parent’s debt. it is not a community debt to be assumed by taxpayers. It is their debt and until they personally work and pay for the damage, they should not receive their certificates of graduation. Welcome to your parent’s world where you must wake up each morning and ear your way. No excuses, no hesitation and no downplaying the damage done and the real cost of clean-up.

    College should teach each and every one of these vandals there are consequences to their bad behavior.

  68. CDM says:

    Okay, I have one question. What would have happened to same said Seniors if this prank had been at the beginning of the year? Would they even still be in school for this to have happened? Punishment should be the same at the end of school as at the beginning, period, no exceptions. And to the poor seniors who posted comments, please tell me your poor spelling was just because you were upset or you shouldn’t be graduating anyways! JS!

  69. bbos42 says:

    Which punishment do you think would be more appropriate, life in prison or the death penalty? Come on people. Its called the doctrine of a “Mountain out of a mole hill”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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