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Charges against Taylor “Nolle Prossed” in Parole/Probation Vandalism Case

March 12th, 2010 by

Documents filed with the Drew County Circuit Clerks office show the the charges against Robbie Taylor have been “nolle prossed”, by the prosecuting attorney’s office, due to issues involving evidence. 

The court order includes the phrases,”without prejudice,” and “insufficient evidence to convict the defendant at this time.”


Posted July 29, 2009

$50,000 Bond Set for Parole/Probation Vandalism/Urine Theft Suspect & Parole Overturned

Robert “Robbie”  Taylor, age 39 of Monticello, appeared before District Judge Ken Harper in his first appearance hearing Tuesday afternoon.

Taylor’s comments to the court included, “I’m completely innocent of that” referring to the recent break in and vandalism at the parole/probation office, where a $27,000 piece of drung testing equipment was destroyed with a hammer.

Taylor also told Judge Harper that his parole wasn’t placed on hold until after his designated parole officer had to leave town, and that he felt when that specific officer returned, that his parole hold would be overturned.

When asked by the judge how many felonies he had been convicted of, Taylor answered “4 or 5”.  Taylor is best known for the counterfeiting case a few years ago.

Taylor’s bond was set at $50,000, and his release will depend on whether or not “his parole officer” overturns his parole hold, upon his return to town, like Taylor stated in court.


Posted July 28, 2009

Local Parolee, Already in Jail, Charged with Parole/Probation Machine Destruction & Urine Theft-Update

0066A 39 year old Monticello man, who was arrested on unrelated charges last Wednesday (the same day that the vandalism/theft took place), was charged today with commercial burglary, criminal mischief over $2,500, and impairing operation of a vital public facility.

Robert “Robbie” Taylor was already in jail this afternoon, when warrants for his new charges were served on him.  The new “class C & D felony” charges will have a first appearance hearing set, possibly tomorrow.

Taylor is being held on parole revocation documentation, along with the new charges.

Evidence collected in the case has been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab.


Update–Criminals Damage Machine, Steal Urine Sample from Parole/Probation Office

Posted July 27, 2009, 5:30 a.m.

0172When staff at the Monticello parole/probation office arrived for work Wednesday morning, they found that their office had been broken into, and vandalized. 

0182A door to the building had been forced open, and a machine (valued at approximately $27,000) had been severely damaged, it was later determined that the expensive machine had been destroyed, and is inoperable. While the local office’s machine is out of service, the samples will have to be taken to another office for testing.

The machine, known as a Viva Jr, is used to determine the presence of illegal substances in drug testing sample.

Also worth noting, several dozen urine samples had been taken from the facility.

b-0112The investigation, a combined effort of the Arkansas State Police, Monticello Police Dept., and the Dept. of Community Correction is nearing completion, and an arrest is expected soon.

b-0122An officer, not involved in the investigation, speculated that the person(s) responsible likely wanted to remove  their “contribution”, and took the other sample as an effort to disguise their identity in the group.

45 Responses to “Charges against Taylor “Nolle Prossed” in Parole/Probation Vandalism Case”

  1. Dragon's Heart says:

    I can’t help myself but laugh at the guile of this crime, that person evidently didn’t quite think this one through. I feel bad for the vandalism and damage to property, because we all know the tax payer has to pay for that in the long run. I suppose “they” all get to come back in and leave a contribution. I guess there will be some “positive” results in all that.

  2. msb says:

    no alarm

    no alarm????Can you catch aids if someone that has it pee gets on you???GROSS!!!! I got a laugh to, till I thought about it awhile.

    ‘no alaem

  3. ladelle girl says:

    all i can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. white_bull says:

    As the drug war has failed for almost forty years, why do we continue with the stupid pretense that we will ever win. Some in Drew county decide to get completely drunk on a regular basis, they know where to get it. Some smoke drugs, they also know where to get it. The big difference, is booze is legal and controlled. Ever try to buy at Pine hill, without ID? On the other hand drugs are sold by street dealers, who only ask for cash. And one thing more, when your child goes to see the dealer, the dealer may offer your sweet child something that will really make you feel wonderful. Bottom line I am only suggesting that we decide to control what has been going on for over thirty five years.

    I don’t condone destroying any property, but when we ever learn that we need a big change. Legalize and control drugs, and keep them out of kids hands.

  5. Kay Craig says:

    This fella has been in trouble in some form or another off and on for years! I remember him from when I was in the courthouse! Some people never learn.

  6. Native American says:

    Was going to say, dragon heart that this person has been in and out of trouble for a long time.
    It would be nice if the three strike law applied here. This man should be in the slammer and stay there. He enjoys the free food and electric the tax payer have to pay for people like him.

  7. P-mike says:

    Robbie what was you thinkin about man. You should been focusing on school. You wouldnt have to worried about that and you sould have knew better than that. cause aint noway you was gon get away with some stuff like this man. Know you got a mugshot

  8. Jeri says:

    I just want to say to all of you, this is my brother. Don’t judge people until you know all of the facts!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention, he is NOT the only one that constantly stays in trouble.

  9. WJ says:

    This guy was put away for a long time for making counterfeit money. Some Judge over turn his prison sentence and this is the results.

  10. J says:

    Last I heard Mr. Taylor was doing a fifty year yes that’s right “year” sentence for counterfeiting and other charges. I find it interesting that his good behavior which I am sure secured his early release, was not so easily maintained once he reached the outside world.

  11. cj says:

    I have to agree with that Jeri, but some people are always ready to comment ,when in turn should read their bible before doing so….
    Judge ye not less ye be judged likewise..
    Maybe he has been in and out of trouble…
    Maybe there is an underlying problem out of control,
    who is to say ………

  12. Lucas says:

    A person is innocent until proven guilty in this country. Just because the cops say he did it, does not make it so.

  13. Jeri says:

    Thanks for your support! Some people were not raised to be like they are. There could be an underlying problem only I would know so well. It is heart breaking to read some of these comments & I only hope & pray that none of these people have kids or any family member that will be growing up, that this could happen to as well. Nobody knows what is down the road for themself. Don’t always believe what you read. Everyone always wants to state their opinion & again….without knowing all of the facts. Blood is a lot thicker than water!!!! If the truth be known, there are a lot of people out there doing things & just not getting caught. Just for the record, he was not caught making counterfeit money, it was someone from Magnolia that the newspaper forgot to mention.

  14. sue says:

    The Cops would not lock him u for stealing pee if he didn’t do it GET REAL !!

  15. Jeri says:

    WHATEVER!!!!!!!! I AM REAL!!!

  16. DUB says:

    So what your trying to say is it would be alright to do those kind of things if you dont get caught?

  17. Jeri says:


  18. dude says:

    It obvious that someone’s urine was not clean and an attempt was made to steal the samples and the machine was ruined I guess to delay testing of a new sample. Why? New samples will be taken now, probably ‘immediately’ and tested elsewhere. Wonder who’s will come back dirty. ‘Whoever’ did this needs to work on their education a lil bit.

  19. lll says:


    I understand your frustration, but I am going to say this. The people commenting on here has taken it easy on your brother. Some of the comments that put on other people is down right heartless. Look at all the stuff they said about the boys who robbed the Wash-o-Matic. Look up someone getting busted for crack/cocaine. I am glad you put that on here because I have been saying that for a long time that regardless of what these people have a mother, father, sister and/or brother so be careful what you say.

  20. cj says:

    Hey Jeri,,
    Honey you are fighting a losing battle ,my dear..Just remember for every one finger that is being pointed by people ,there are 4 more pointing back at them..If your brother is guilty ,I don ‘t agree with what he did .
    I have had a brother “in trouble” to some degree before ,and hardening my heart was how i got thru times like these…
    There were times when Jesus himself walked alone , Remember that .

  21. bridgette martin freeman says:

    robbie is my class mate jeri dont worry about what people say just keep loving and praying for your brother

  22. Jeri says:

    Well, I don’t know. As I said before, no body knows all of the facts!!! Why don’t you say who you really are instead of signing a make-up name? Sounds like someone else needs a “lil” bit better education as well.

  23. Do you people think god put you on this earth to judge people? NO If you will think back I am sure there is something in your past you are not so proud of. I believe you need to learn how to spell and look at your on life before you start judging others.

    Innocent untill proven Guility

  24. cj says:

    Now that is support………

  25. DUB says:

    Here we go again with the spelling thing! All I can say is if you dont like what is being written, stop reading it and complaining and people will move on to something else.

  26. Jeri says:

    I think I will! Now you can move on to something else! Far be it from me to keep you from doing something else.

  27. sue says:

    lol ……that’s right DUB!!!!!! I still say the COPS would NOT lock him up if he did not do this. OH yeah he was in JAIL!! jmo

  28. Elise says:

    I went to school with this fella and he was just like that when he was younger. Back in the teenage years he was funny, but now since he is nearly forty I’d have to say that he needs to be “evaluated”…not funny anymore! GROW UP!!!

  29. ashley barnett locke says:

    total craziness!!

  30. AR says:

    All these people that THINK they know everything in all reality they know NOTHING. Robbie was with me that night..ALL NIGHT!! The truth will stand when everything else falls. Its a bunch of speculations!!

  31. dude says:

    non-judgmental HA! ‘lil’ = little. Is that better? Try actually reading the comment. I did not judge or accuse this guy of anything, if I did PLEASE point it out! I was simply commenting on the ‘article’ and the fact that someone did this, the machine did not break itself, and it was a stupid thing to do. Are you trying to defend this as a smart move. I’m sure we all agree that ‘someone’ did this! As for my name, why is that important. Am I going to be attacked for simply posting on this article. Who do you think is going to have to pay for a new machine? ALL of us, $26,000!! It may well turn out that this guy had nothing to do with it. But what I DO KNOW, is that SOMEONE did it! That’s not speculation, it’s a fact. ‘Little’ bit hostel aren’t we! Besides, look at how you spelled judgmental. lil is not spelled wrong, it’s slang. I guess just making a comment is accusing and judging. Jeez Louise!

  32. come on says:

    anyone who knows robbie agrees that if the police department tried to print his record they would have to order ink and paper. He has been making very poor decisions for 20 years. so he didnt make the fake money, he just had a pocket full of it and tried to use it at several stores. Jeri, sometimes the thickness of the blood wont let you see the truth.

  33. Jeri says:


  34. lock him up for good says:

    haha innocent till proven guilty? he was innocent until i saw him drag my friend down the road! people like that need to rot in jail for the rest of their lives, or we could just adopt the 3 strikes and you’re out rule(looks like he’s working on 3 outs). Jeri i’m sorry he’s your brother, but all you can do is hope your life ends up better than his did.

  35. HAHA says:

    Put him away for LIFE!!!!!!!

  36. Dragon's Heart says:

    Life??? Who did he kill? That is a bit harsh don’t you think? Life indeed. Come on people, if he did the crime he should do the time. But life is just a bit much. Really people, think before you push “enter” on your keyboard.

  37. Kohle says:

    Life is a bit harsh, but on the other hand every time he gets out of prison, he flubs up…what DO we do with someone like that? Rehabilitation obviously did not work and neither did doing time…now what? Is there an answer to help this poor soul? Nothing we say on here is going to help nor hender this young man, so on to the next story I guess!

  38. someguy says:

    I guess all of you that have talked bad about Robbie should now know that he was released from jail yesterday because the state had no evidence that he broke into the building or anything else.

  39. This is so sad that we the people have nutting better to do but find something wrong with other people to make your self look better.Fact is that this man has not went down the right road like his mother or father tried to get him to go down but HE needs to look for GODS help and not the help of other people.God can help anyone and will forgive anyone for there sends.God bless you all for things you have said or not said.And my name is Kenneth Newman and i approve this message.

  40. someguy says:

    Check and see who made deans list at uam,and only lacks 6 hrs having a degree.Yes, Robbie was in college and was doing good wen all this stuff happen. Now, that ” certain” person that came after Robbie needs to find out who really broke into this place. Robbie has messed up n the past but who hasn’t. Robbie, your a good person . Ppl here bad things about you and assume you are a bad person but you have a friend here that knows you have gotten your life straight. That’s just wat I wanted to say to everyone.

  41. cj says:

    and now can we hear from those again , who cast the first stone?…..

  42. someguy says:

    Cj: just think it’s odd that Robbie has a tattoo of something u said n an earlier post…”Judge ye not less ye be judged likewise”….. Kenneth: I am blessed no matter what I say and help from other ppl and God is good in my view. God has forgiven me for my sin’s,not sends.. May god bless you and I greatly approve this messege!!!

  43. cj says:

    someguy—-That is kinda odd, but i don’t know him.

  44. Jeri says:

    Thank you someguy & cj for supporting my brother. He IS a good person. His plans are to finish school but probably not around here. Thanks again!

  45. someguy says:

    I no he is a good person…hope all goes well for him

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