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Tainted Cocaine Found in Drew County, Animal Dewormer Used as “Cutting Agent”

August 17th, 2009 by

According to 10th Judicial Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Deen, a laboratory analysis of cocaine seized in Drew County in May has revealed the presence of a potentially dangerous drug used as a cutting agent to dilute the cocaine. The Arkansas State Crime Lab detected levamisole, a medication that is widely used as an animal dewormer, combined with cocaine base.

Cocaine tainted with Levamisole has been reported to have been found in other areas of the country and is now being increasingly seen in Arkansas. Levamisole can compromise the immune system and wipe out white blood cells in humans, leaving a person unable to fight off infections. It has resulted in very serious illness.

Symptoms can include difficulty in breathing, hives, persistent or recurrent fever or chills, swollen glands, painful sores in the mouth or around the anus, persistent or worsening skin infections, pneumonia, swelling of the lips or tongue, and thrush. Cocaine users experiencing symptoms should consult a physician without delay.

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31 Responses to “Tainted Cocaine Found in Drew County, Animal Dewormer Used as “Cutting Agent””

  1. another joe says:

    maybe this is one of gods way of saying it not right to do this to your body.wake up you only have one life.

  2. white_bull says:

    Well another Joe, maybe it is God, and then again maybe it’s not. Over thirty years ago, I watched President Nixon declare his still ongoing “war on drugs”. He promised we would be drug free in five years Now if you agree or not, the facts are pretty clear, everyday we see the failure everywhere. Our prisons are bursting at the seams, but the drugs keep coming. We scream and cry about protecting the “children”, then we leave drugs in the hands and control of criminals. Folks, when something fails as badly as the “war on drugs” has failed. We need to change our course. If we legalized what is happening at this very moment, the “officials” would be in charge. There would be no poison contained, the authorities would control strength and PURITY, decide who would sell and who could buy, and collect taxes. And just like today if you are not interested, you would not be required to do so. But Joe and folks, the present policy only supports an ongoing criminal enterprise, do you want to continue this failure?

  3. possumfabulouse says:

    oh well if the junkies was worried about what they injest, they wouldnt do the cocaine in the first place, at least this way they wont scooch their ass across the carpet, and they’ll overdose and die with a shiny coat, so in the end its all good, they get stoned, we keep a clean floor, the worlds rid of them and they look shaggy and shiny at their funeral. And the world keeps turnin.

  4. phillips says:

    Live by the sword and die by the sword! I hope this doesn’t affect cocane sales here in monticello…. they have been keeping the drug task force here in monticello busy!!! Good job DTF!!! Keep up the good work!!! Maybe they will cut that stuff next time with some motivation so these crack heads will start working instead of stealing my tools!!!

  5. Mark Mason says:

    Typical redneck response.

  6. Local says:

    That is just horrible!

  7. (another) joe says:

    only a drug addict would like to see it made legal so they wont be going to jail when they get high white_bull. i have heard that comment so many times from my brother and brother inlaw, and guess were they’re at. they’re at the family cemetary resting in peace.

  8. wilmar LADY says:

    Well, that’s what they get. Don’t feel sorry 4 them. They don’t care so why should we.

  9. anonymous says:

    White_bull, I believe you are quite mistaken about how the world is screaming for help and what the world is actually doing is “trying” the facts are this… Everyday people all across america are living in a society that is controlled by the government presidents make promises everyday to CHANGE something for the good of the common wealth. Since you have out lived me by quite some time you should know better. If not you have learned nothing. Drugs are not a common ground and it would not be a good idea to legalize anything your words seem to indicate that nothing is being done when everyday someone is going to jail for drug distribution the simple fact is there is not enough support. Instead of giving in and wanting to legalize drugs why not support the people who do want to make a difference?

    “We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.”

  10. DUB says:

    Alcohol is legal, regulated by the goverment to where only adults can buy it, regulated as to where and when it can be sold and taxed.

    Alcohol destroys lives everyday, be it by car crashes, abusive spouses or parents, lost jobs or broken health. But hey white_bull, since its regulated its ok…….yea right.

  11. bob says:

    Hey, nothing wrong with a beer during a game on Saturday. Alcohol only amplifies ones behavior/attitude. If they are abusers, then they were already abusers. I was thinking, maybe we should have an endorsement on the driver’s license that says one can buy alcohol, regardless of age. People with DWI/DUI’s or arrests/felonies/abuses should not get an endorsement. I mean if someone is arrested for DWI then why should they still be able to buy it.. We have endoresements for riding motorcycles, driving trucks/buses etc.. why not buying alcohol. It would provide incentive to be responsible and keep it out of the hands of the unresponsible.

  12. Mark Mason says:

    Alcohol is a deadly, addictive drug; marijuana is not.

  13. ROM says:

    Making drugs legal? That is the most outlandish thing I have heard in a while. Go ahead and do it. It won’t stop kids from getting it. I see kids everyday drinking and getting arrested for DUI, losing thier license until there 21 or longer. Yes, you have to be 21 and show your ID to by alcohol, but that doesn’t stop kids from getting it. There is always someone who can get it for you. They can get from thier own parents, cousins, siblings,and or some regular joe off the street. Don’t you think it would be the same with drugs? I see it everyday,a child high on thier parents prescription meds. So making drugs legal is not the answer.
    How about this why don’t you back law enforcement and help get rid of some of the low lifes selling them drugs, instead of sitting on your butt and complaining. Law enforcement is doing the best they can. They are not perfect, we all need help sometimes. If you get the steet level criminals it leads to bigger ones, and so on. So if you do your part and help, instead of complaining maybe it might make a difference.

  14. white_bull says:

    My whole point was just made “Anomouse”. We do keep locking up people, and what we have is simply locking up people. You see Any we can do that for free, right? And it is working so damn well we have been at it for around 37 years, and the DTF still keeps doing their best, but the drugs have not gone anywhere but in our neighborhoods. I’m sure Ano feels better with a drug dealer in his town, beats a store where only adults would be served. Adults in this “free society”. But then maybe that explaines why one needs to drive 18 miles to buy something legal. My only object is to stop pretending and start looking at a plan that has been proven. Any time we declare something illegal that people want, it does not go away, it goes underground. Now the best part, at that moment, criminals will show up, they have what is wanted, and they are in control. The DTF, most police of any kind, would rather be doing something that really worked. If the law is not working, then perhaps stubbornly hanging on to the same old failure, is wrong. Now Anomouse, I’m sure you are a law abiding citizen, so why do you want to keep criminals making huge profits? Anomouse, this old policy, is supporting an “ongoing criminal enterprise”. Thats not good for our country, because criminals, not the ones we bust here, are getting richer and more powerful, and I believe they are a danger. So if the drugs were legal, the government, not criminals would reap the profits. The government not criminals would decide who buys, make sure only adults could buy, and collect taxes. Now we all know drugs will never disappear, then the question becomes, who do you want in control??? I prefer the “officials”, at least they won’t sell poison to kids.

  15. Mark Mason says:

    Sorry, ROM, but the majority of the nation is headed in the other direction, AWAY from a police state…and we’ll get there despite people like you.

  16. Mark Mason says:

    Remember: It’s not the substance that is being prohibited that causes all the prisons, murders, gangs, and corruption, it’s the act of Prohibition itself.

  17. Mark Mason says:

    Don’t take my word for it; this is what the cops are saying:

  18. (another) joe says:

    mark, you say marijuana is not addictive what stone have you had your head buried under.its very addictive and alot of users that use it later on gets to wanting something a little stronger and end up on cocaine or worse.

  19. anonymous says:

    White_bull, I understand where your coming from. So answer a few of my questions please.. If the government were to control all of the distribution the growing the sells and the people who buy it, why can’t they just take it all away and make it impossible to have access to it? I know how you feel right now.. They can’t the world is too big to many countries to many people.. Someone greedy enought to make a profit on another man’s addiction will do what ever it takes to make his piece of the pie from the government “if they did control drugs”. Its like tobacco companies they sell we buy we die they make money. The problem that I have is legalizing something that could kill people (even though tobacco and alcohol are legal) but those can be controlled by moderation. Take cocaine for example someone snorts a line that has heart problem or a history of heart problems but doesnt know the effect could most likely kill them. Why would we want in our society to make that legal? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a car filled with addicts hitting a school bus because the government made it “legal” Where have our morals gone?

  20. DUB says:

    OK white bull, in case you dont know, prescription drugs are as big a problem on the streets as the others and guess what, they are legal, regulated and taxed, hmmmmmm, imagine that.

  21. Dragon's Heart says:

    Possomfabulouse, I am still laughing at your comment. People let’s get over it. If people want to ruin their lives let them, it’s their lives, not yours. As for the war on drugs, well that’s a losing battle, lets face it, there are more makers, distributors, and consumers of illegal drugs then there is law enforcement. Sad really. So we have clogged up the penal system, maybe we should just legalize it all, let the government take control and pay off the national debt, and be done with it. Case closed.

  22. DUB says:

    Case not closed. It’s not just the addicts lives being ruined, its the families of those addicts also. And its yours and mine affected also. Your involved b/c they steal, rob and kill just to get money to feed the addiction and they are not robbing and stealing from themselves so that leaves you and me. Still think it just involves them? And that problem wont go away if it becomes legal, know anybody who is an alcoholic?

  23. white_bull says:

    Ok, I will try this one more time. We have been fighting a losing policy for nearly forty years. We have to support the largest penal system in the world. Of course this is money well spent??? Our overall cost has topped ONE TRILLION dollars. Now if this policy worked, I could see it, but just look around you, see any success? Kids and adults have access to all the poison that street dealers sell. So if you think of all the times we have seen these stories in our local, state and national outlets, does that smack of success? One other thing, why do so many want to keep drugs in the hands and control of criminals? Are they secretly involved in the drug trade? Why would any sane American think we are safer with criminals instead of the officials in charge? That makes no sense. Our law enforcement officers do their job, they enforce, as much as they can, a law that is a failure. But in talking to many of them, over the years, I have found that the majority also think the current system does not work. But don’t take my word for it, go to the website LEAP, that is Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, read what officers themselves have to say about our present policy. Folks, it’s not hard to do a little research, the huge money interests don’t want legalization because they are making money from the present folly. But I think it still boils down to one simple thing, Criminals or officials, who do you want to be in charge? The drugs are here, so now its a matter of do the criminals or the officials control the drug trade? At present it is the criminals.

  24. DUB says:

    You have been “watching” this go on for 40 years and still just talking about it? Thats a lot of white bull.

  25. white_bull says:

    Mr. Dub, some are made for elected office some of us are not, but a citizen has the right if not duty to point out what they see as wrong. I vote every election, never vote a straight party line ticket. But none of that makes me have to go with the flow, so to speak. If it were possible to rid our society of drugs, I would be in favor, but after nearly forty years, I must believe that is a fantasy. I have seen the results of the drug war and none of them has been successful, the fact is prohibition has never worked. To legalize what is happening at this very moment, would at least cut out the criminals. But it is apparent to me that for some reason many of you think it is better to leave the criminals in charge, making huge profits. Why would anyone prefer that to a regulated system? All of the concern seems to maintain the present failing policy. So enjoy your neighborhood dealer, call the cops, when you are aware. Hope that something changes in the next forty years, but don’t count on it.

  26. Jason says:

    as far as the legalization of drugs, it wont work.. the cost of rehabilitation for the massive amount of new addicts would be funded by the government and create even more of a health care issue than we already have. taxed, not taxed, the number of robberies alone that are committed to pay for the legalized drugs would be astronimical.

    ive been deeply involved in the ‘war on drugs’ for 16 years, its not winable on a nationwide level with the current political correctness of our federal goverment and wont be. the way this ‘war’ is won is with educating our youth, close the trafficking routes at the border and punish the violators with severity. right now, it is a ‘police action’ as opposed to a war. we may not can win the ‘war’ nationwide, but we can damn sure make a difference in our community.

    and i beg to differ, whereas the some parts of the country may be leaning left with the legalization of some drugs, it’s not legal yet and until it is, you are going to jail if you are caught.

  27. white_bull says:

    Mr Jason, sir I believe from your letter you must be an experienced man. So sir I would ask you to check the history of “prohibition”. And you say you have been involved for several years in the drug war, have you done anything except clog the courts and prisons? If we were able to successfully stop the flow of drugs, that might be one thing, but the present policy, only enriches the street gangs, cartels, and yes Mr. Jason even the Taliban. That is not a vision anyone wants to see. But I keep going back to the same question. If our “officials” cannot control illegal drugs, maybe we need some new officials. or a change of policy. As with the “prohibition” of alcohol, which was over after only 13 years of failure, many of us feel that our law officers are doing a great job, but the policy is a loser. And one more thing, with the drugs currently in the hands and control of criminals, we are spending huge amounts and we just maintain. I want our government to truly control drugs, not some criminal from another country. I see what the repeal of prohibition of alcohol did. The crime rate plunged, the taxes came pouring in, and the poison was put in stores and only adults could legally buy. How is that worse than having a hundred dealers that you are trying to keep up with? And with the huge black market profits, when you take one off the street, three more fight for his spot. No, if it were possible to clear our streets of drugs, I say get-er-done. But after nearly forty years of failure, drugs more available, cheaper, more potent, and not collecting a dime of taxes. How can anyone prefer that over a regulated system?

  28. white_bull says:

    Oh yeah one more thing, every one who drinks a beer is not carted off to a rehab clinic. And if we were able to round up everyone who has tried an illegal substance, I doubt that very many would end up in rehab, except to perhaps avoid jail. But Jason I know your heart is in the right place, but I think most of your fact come from a propaganda mill. As anyone can easily do, go on the internet and check the site, LEAP, get the facts from both sides. No longer are we forced to drink the koolaid of one side or the other, we are human beings with a whole world of knowledge at our fingertips. That way you can also check the number of casual users who have problems, I was surprised, I thought it would be more.

  29. Michael Burns says:

    I don’t think any government on this planet would condone or accept the liability of making crystal meth, lsd, pcp, and/or crack cocaine a legal substance to administer to it’s citizens.

    Oh wait, that has been done by other foreign countries in times of war so they did not feel the pain of their suicidal employments.

    So, you’d like for our great nation to fall, numbly, to some battery acids and cattle dewormer? Legally? Give me a break!

    Hey, here’s another old idea that would fail as well, since we are discussing possibilities, let’s put all the “make everything legal” people on their own island and watch the chaos ensue.

  30. DUB says:

    I do belive that white_bull is living in his own 40 year, kinda stuck on that number world. Trust me on this one Mr. bull, Mr. Jason is not getting his info from a propaganda mill and is alot more educated on the problem than most will ever be. Your starting to repeat yourself so Im gonna let this one go, but I will say I hope I am not alive anymore if they ever legalize the drugs you are talking about. Maybe you should move to a country where it is legal, then we would all be happy.

  31. one time only says:

    I believe that people will do drugs whether it be prescription or illegal. Also there are just as many people out there abusing prescrition drugs as well as illegal ones, if not more.. Alcohol is also one of the biggest abused substances that I’ve seen, and puts people into crazed fits if too much is consumed. I think personally after seeing people that I know die of alcohol poisoning within one night of drinking, and also knowing addicts that consume illegal drugs that are still alive, I’ll say this. Where as this has no political stance or legalities in this statement.. If already harmful drugs are legal and easily obtained, and killing our youth and also adults, what’s the harm in adding more but without the poinon found on the streets.. Why not make alcohol illegal? It’s not a medicine or prescription and on top of it, it’s poison in pure form. If that’s legal than, yes I believe that illgal drugs should be controlled by the government, made legal, and not sold in the streets. Maybe if that happens drugs dealers can find another trade, and we wont have to pay so much for them taking up jail space, and maybe our economy will flourish a little more. I mean look at California, they just legalized marijuana. Even though that’s not a hard drug like some of these even prescrition drugs we have, they make millions off of the tax. So yeah people will still be doing drugs, and people will still die..but hey the more dead people, the less people we have in jail, and the more taxes we have coming in the less well have to worry about health care and what have you.. I mean shit, who isn’t sick no a days anyway? That’s all.

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