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SUV-Pedestrian Accident at Sav-A-Lot Friday Afternoon

August 29th, 2008 by

Witnesses on the scene at Sav-A-Lot Friday afternoon, shortly after a 3:30 accident in which a GMC Envoy reportedly collided with a pedestrian crossing the parking lot toward the store, told MonticelloLive that “good Samaritans” nearby helped lift the vehicle up enough to remove the injured woman from under the vehicle.

Monticello Police and Fire & Rescuse responded.  MASI transported the pedestrian to Drew Memorial for treatment.

41 Responses to “SUV-Pedestrian Accident at Sav-A-Lot Friday Afternoon”

  1. Susan says:

    The “Good Samaritans” were SouthEast EMS crew members who had gone to Save a lot to do their shopping. Hope this lady is doing better now.

  2. kim welch says:

    actually is was just one of our crew members, david. thank goodness he was there and able to stablize the lady for MASI to transport to the ER. to the family-you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Lyle says:

    Only one was a Southeast EMS paramedic, who was off duty. He had gone to save a lot to buy food for the night. He along with others including at least one was a Monticello Fireman. The SEEMS paramedic helped with the extrication with stabelizing the pt and getting ready for ambulance transport.

  4. Patricia says:

    David I am thankful to have paramedics that will step up and take care of anything that happens even on your off time you did what you needed to do. I know personally any of the employees of Southeast Ambulance Service will be there to help when they are working on the job or just being a regular civilian in town. It is great to know this town has people like you and and an ambulance service that is there because they CARE!!! David, You are very much appreciated!!!

  5. Clara Cater says:

    My prayers are with this family.

  6. Janet says:

    i am one of the family members and want to thank everyone that was there to help

  7. Albert Sloan Jr says:

    The girl that got hit was my sister. I want to thank everyone involved with helping her. She was medivac to Jackson, Mississippi. She is going to be fine. She will have to go through multiple surgery’s. She has a long way to go before she will be able to walk again. I just Thank God for bringing her through this accident.


  8. dana says:

    my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the lady that got hit by a suburbon.. she is a really sweet lady and has a heart of gold .. ive known her and her husband for 11 years shes like a sister to me.. i pray for her everyday and wish her the best and hope like crazy she comes out doing good.. shes my best friend and will always be .. she was there for me when my fiancee had a job related asccident a year ago.. i could count on her to be there when no one else wanted to .. she spent the night with me a time or too at the hospital.. i love her and hopes she gets well very soon.. we love you bunches , dana gary channa and austin… thanx to the off duty fireman that was there that day and helped her

  9. sue says:

    Today she wasn’t doing very good.PLEASE put her on your church prayer list.She is a very good women,she made me laugh so much when she visited her sister, they would come visit me and I learned to love her,she would help anyone she could,her Dad passed not long ago she really loves her family.I pray that she will make it out of this, It’ll be a hard long road but with all our prayers and faith and the LORDS WILL she’ll walk again.

  10. Reading all the comments about our prayers and thought going out to the lady that was hit we should also be praying for the lady that ACCIDENTLY hit her. Because I know she is having a hard time dealing with the situation also and if you were in her shoes you would be to. So put both of them on your prayer list because both of them need it.

  11. sue says:

    I do pray for the women that hit her. I also pray she has good insurance cause my friend will suffer for along time. And I know everyone makes mistakes I know I sure do.

  12. Ed says:

    Albert Jr do You Know How She is Doing Now This Is Your Cous

  13. Linda says:

    Sherry our prayers are with you. We hope you get better real soon.
    Linda Gail

  14. Albert Sloan Jr says:

    Ed…She’s not doing good she had a turn for the worst…They have her on respiratory life support now. I will keep you posted. Love your Cuz

  15. Janet says:

    albet jr. this is your cousin we r prayin for her god can bring her threw this

  16. Ed says:

    we are praying for her and the rest of the family

  17. Toni (oakes) Garrison says:

    Albert ,

    How is Sherry doing ? The whole family is keeping her and the family in their prayers !!! Margie called me and told me what happened and who it was but there was no way for us to find out anything about her . I am so sorry this has happened !!!!

  18. Ed says:

    any updates on her condition

  19. ms lawson says:

    i would just like to say that if you were no there how dare anyone make a comment. this has affect both family’s lives. worrying over who has insurance is not the issue needing pray for. the well being of just not the victims(both partys) but for yourself as well maybe the issue. things happen in life that are out of our control. to favor one over the other does not make the situation any better. when you point one finger there other three more points back at you. accidents happen everday. just be thankful that it was not you involved. pray for the people involved in the accident as well as yourself. six months to mind your own business and six to leave others alone. again if you were not there you don’t know. both women maybe great women or may not be. but one is no greater than the other. my prayers are with both families and to everyone that writes what they think they know.

  20. Patricia says:

    Very well said Ms. Lawson…both parties involved needs prayers I would hate to be on either side and can not imagine what any of the people involved or the family members are going through. I wan’t there but I can tell both sides you are all in my prayers.

  21. Albert Sloan Jr says:

    You all know, I have thought about what was said about both parties needing prayer, and also ourselves. I do agree with that statement. But there is no such thing as an unpreventable accident. I don’t believe someone just appears in front of a vehicle , and then you not know you have hit someone. That is just don’t make a whole lot of sense, now wouldn’t you agree. I am 41 years old, and commonsense in a grocery store parking lot where there are alot of people go everyday, SLOW DOW, AND PAY ATTENTION, KNOW YOU SURROUNDINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems to me a 57 year old woman would know this don’t you think! Now my sister is going to have to live with a rod on the outside of her body to hold her pelvis together, that not to say, all the rods and pins she has on the inside on both legs.
    Am I angry you bet, was this accident stupid you bet!!!

    Thanks to everyone for all the prayers,
    Sherry’s brother Albert Sloan

  22. Both of the Women Need Prayer says:

    I think what was said was hateful. So what if she has insurance or not. Coming on a public site and saying something that kind of makes not only you look bad but could also make the family look bad. Accidents do happen and I agree with the person that said if you were not there then you don’t know anything more than hearsay.

    And just like your sister has to live with the rods and pins…I am sure the lady that hit her will have to live with the memory of hitting her and the fact that your sister will have to live that way. Something the lady will have to think about everyday for the rest of her life. She needs prayer too and she may need more than that.

  23. saying what is right says:

    to be nice of the situation, stupid is not a nice word. again i say if you where not there, how do you know what happen. every accident that happens is not the drivers fault. sometimes we dont pay attention where we are going. how many times have we pulled out in front of someone and then you are mad at the other party when they blow at you, but it is your fault? thank god for favor. how many times have you been hit by someone and they are mad at you and they are the ones that hit you. you can say what you may but if you were not there, as the comment was made earlier, hear-say will destroy alot of lives. and most people commenting is just on hear say not facts. how many people, that are in a accident, are going to say it was there fault?even on back of you insurance card it says state no fault, call the police, at least on mine it states that. wait until the facts are in,then form and opinion. if it was you would you want your name slandered. we all talk about what we will do, but you don’t know until you are in a similar sitaution. let God be judge. he knows all our hearts. and every deed that is done wrong He will correct. all things happen for a reason. the good the bad. writing on things of this nature should make you appreciate what you have and your health and strength. not complain!
    twelve men walked with Jesus all witnessed the same thing but told different versions. some more in detail than others.
    it is a sad thing that happened, we all agree, but the name calling! we are all to grown and blessed for that. i noticed that the reporter that reported this story did not state that a ticket was given to anyone. he just stated both party’s said statements. i believe if it was a run down, it would not have been stated as an accident. i like facts when i state things,like: if she was going out the store where were the groceries, how can you speed coming out of sav-a-lot when there is a speed bump, where was the damage to the vehicle if hit so hard. facts are so important when pointing fingers.
    again we should apprecaite all that God has given and not dare take one day forgranted. God bless both family.

  24. sue says:

    I think any person walking in parking lots are watching for cars but when one hits you so fast you have no chance.The car was backing out, the mirror on the car threw her under the car, when it hit her. Look at the mirror on the right side is it turned around ??STOP if you see someone walking close to your car SLOW DOWN life is to short.The remark about insurance was BECAUSE…I want the BEST treatments in the hopital they have for my friend.And not be held from her because of insurance.

  25. Albert Sloan Jr says:

    Boy I am really surprised how the people making a reply to what I wrote misunderstands what they read. Let me print this a little more clearly. I did say that I think my sister, and the lady, also families as well as myself need prayer. Because I pray everyday for all. No I was not there, but I do know what the lady wrote in her statement, therefor I was not speculating, I stated facts that she wrote. Now if you think I am wrong that is just you’re opinion. No I am not going to give myself or my family a bad name. Not that we really care what anyone thinks of us. Also I know this lady did not mean to hit my sister, or wanted to have any accident of this nature to happen. I do pray that her emotional scars will heal. I have not slandered her name in any way. Yes I am angry, for Pete’s sake she is my sister that got hit. If it was you’re sister or any family member I am sure you would be angry too. Also I never mentioned anything about insurance, because that is not my concern. My sister is my concern.

  26. Albert Sloan Jr says:

    I do have some good news on Sherry she has had two surgeries, the first was on the right hip, and the back of her pelvis, which went very well. The second one was on her left hip and front of her pelvis which was yesterday, went well also. The hole they had to put in her throat may be able to be closed up pretty soon. She will have to be with a rod on the outside of her body for the rest of her life, but I thank God everyday that she is still alive. And she may be able to walk in 6 months to a year, depending on everything in general. She still can’t talk yet due to the hole, but that will come soon. She is still in ICU, Maby by tomorrow they will put her in a private room. She will like that alot better I would imagine. I will let you all know what room she is in that way she can hear some friendly voices, thats if it is ok with her. Phone number will be included.

    I am sorry for sounding so hateful, but my heart is hurting for
    my sister. I lover her very much, only if you all knew her. She is
    a very special person to me. I wish I had half her strength.
    Also wish I could bear all her pain.

  27. God forgives! says:

    I really hate this for both family. One person say the lady was backing out, the brother say she hit her in front. the paper say’s the driver was leaving the parking lot. the mirror on the driver side was bent. the lady that was hit was leaving out the grocery store no groceries. We can not point the blame to one person. especially if you was not there. I am sure the lady that was driving the vechile is hurt. I am sure the lady family that was hit is hurting to. So did the lady just walk into the vechile? If you want to go as far as to say that, regardless someone was hurt and both parties are hurting. Let’s be God loving people and pray for both parties involved, because it could had been worse. We are fast to place the blame, but remember there is forgiveness and our hearts know what we are in need of. Stop pointing the figure! If the lady don’t have insurance she has to worry about that and not you. If the does have insurance still, it don’t have to be the best! God will fix the rest…….

  28. Both Women Need Prayer says:

    Albert honey…please go back and read because no one said you said anything about insurance. If you go back up to one of sue’s post it says it in that post. I know you are angry but before you accuse someone of accusing you of something you must read. Sorry again that this happened to your sister.

  29. Both Women Need Prayer says:

    And also the part about giving family a bad name wasn’t you either. It was for another poster. Please don’t assume everyone is just responding to you because we aren’t. We are responding to several different posts. The best thing you can do for your sister now is just let her know you are there for her, to help her in any way shape or form and love her. Definitely praying for her.

  30. saying what is right says:

    ms sue, i think that not everyone pays attention when walking in a parking lot. you can be easily distracted from your surrounding. all the different movements you state that the vehicle did alot of is just not possible and the lady not be ran over. if the vehicle was backing out the mirror would not have been bent-in in a closing position. the facing of the vehicle lets you know she did not back out. the grocery store is on the driver side and the bent-in mirror is on the passenger side. there is a speed bump is just ahead. how is she speeding.there is a such thing as a blind spot.
    do you always see a deer coming BEFORE it hits you? you can never be totally aware of your surroundings. time stands still for no one. situations changes every second. within a blink of an eye.
    if sherry walked into the vehicle, do she need to have good insurance for her treatment? sounds stupid don’t it!
    sometimes we say things to hurt others will later in return hurt ourself.
    if sherry is the wonderful person you say she is, i don’t think she would want you to be worried about insurance but that all is well.

    having an opinion is a God given right. does it make one’s opinion better than the other. i only say state the facts. husband says hit form the front, sue said the hit from the right, somebody said hit by a suburbon, paper says leaving the parking lot, sue says vehicle was backing out. my example of he said she said what you want to believe instead of the facts.
    being angry solves nothing. show love and compassion for both parties
    you say put her on the prayer list, but how much do we pray ourself.instead of telling what we think happen.LESS TALK MORE PRAYER!!!!IF WE MAKE ONE STEP IN FAITH, GOD WILL DO THE REST!!!!if you don’t know, pray cause GOD KNOWS!!!!!

  31. Sherry's Aunt says:

    First of all I would like to say that I was not there and really don’t know what happened other than what I have been told. I am Sherry’s Aunt and I can say that everyone in the family loves her very much. We are all concerned about her and how this is going to effect her furture.

    I think it is great to have a place that anyone that is concerned about her or the lady that was driving the SUV, can go and let them know how much they are concerned about them and praying for them. BUT It really gets me upset when it turns into a battle while the family is going through the pain they are going through.

    As for as the statement Ms Lawson made about if you weren’t there how dare you make a comment. What I would like to know is were you there Ms Lawson?

    I think the best thing is for all of us to pull together and pray for all involved. Everyone knows the lady that was driving the SUV did not hit Sherry on purpose. Lets stop all this and stick together on praying for all involved.

  32. MS. KINDNESS says:

    Good Afternoon,
    By me reading these post. It is a shame too see our fellow sisters and brothers argue over facts that are not true. If you are going to comment on the accident please state the true facts. Because half of these people are telling a darn lie. First of all, I would like to keep both families in my prayers. Mr. Sloan I hope your sister condition prevails. I would have to say Mrs. Sue you have a serious problem. Cause anytime someone is concerned about some insurance instead of these women invovled. You are worried about some money that is what it all boils down too!!!! Don’t sit there and say you talking about medical bills. My thing is why in the world out of the hospitals in Arkansas why Mississippi. I believe Arkansas have pretty good surgeons. Evidentally she has pretty good insurance to be there!!!!!!! Since you talking about you hope the women have good insurance. Besides I’m pretty sure there were some witnesses around when this all occured. From my point of view Mrs. Sherry just wasn’t paying attention. How could you be struck on the passenger side if you were coming out of the store. Seems to me Mrs. Sherry was going in the store. The passenger side mirror was bent in. Therefore that states she walked right into the truck. EVERYONE KNOWS ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. FOR ALL THOSE CONCERNED CITIZENS I’M MRS.LAMB COUSIN. PLEASE BE AWARE SHE IS A SWEET HONEST WOMAN. WHO WOULD DO ANYTHING IN THE WORLD FOR ANYBODY. THIS WOMAN HAVE HAD A ROUGH YEAR SO JUST KEEP MRS. LAMB IN YOUR PRAYERS,ALSO MRS.SHERRY.

  33. kishina says:

    My heart goes out to both parties. And I sincerely pray that all her surgies be sucessful, Now, I think it’s real tacky to be discussing insurance and who say what, (gossip). That is added stress to her brother and other family members, they have to worry about Sherry and these things being said. If you are going to talk ask about her heath and do her or her family need anything, read a scripture with them. STOP RUNNING YOUR MOUTH

  34. kim welch RN says:

    just a comment about why the injured lady is in Mississippi…this is because there are NO surgeons any closer than where she is at for the type of injuries she sustained and the surgeries that she needed. The type of injuries she sustained are very complex and only a limited number of orthopedic physicians in the entire United States take on cases such as hers so it has NOTHING to do with insurance or money. I do agree, we have some wonderful surgeons, physicians, and hospitals in Arkansas but they are not able to provide the care she needed

  35. sue says:


  36. Toni (oakes) Garrison says:

    I have to throw in my two cents worth …… I think all in all everyone just needs to leave the families alone and let them deal with what they have at hand . The thing is ……. what is done is done and what can all of this do ? Albert please tell Sherry that we are all thinking of her and praying . I do pray for Mrs Lamb also for her emotional well being !! I am truly dissapointed in the way the messages on this post has went . Stop bickering about it and be supportive !!!!! The more bickering going on the less the familes can concentrate on what they need to . Dont add to the drama !!! Would you want this happening if it was one of your family members ? Would you want the bickering and the fussing over things that cannot be changed or that may or may not be gossip ? Seems to me that the important parts have been looked over …… Sherry’s health and Mrs. Lambs emotional well being .

  37. Albert Sloan Jr says:

    Sherry was not distracted, she did have groceries in her hand, if anyone needs to know what she bought in the store ask me I have the receipt for what she bought before she was hit. I am really sick of all the bull that I am hearing, my sister did not deserve what has happened to her and the lady that hit her needs to pray for herself because I sure will be praying for her. As well as my sister. And for all that have a comment don’t because you absolutely don’t know what you are talking about. Not to be rude, just butt out!!!!!!

  38. kishina says:

    You know what, ALbert I sincerely apologize on behalf of all the people who posted comments. You are right everyone need to butt out. I am still praying for your sister and I hope her recovery is successful. Mrs. Lamb, I will continue to pray for you because I know you are very sorry. Again, think about both of the families that are both dealing with stuff I couldn’t imagine. ANd it really doesn’t matter whetther she was distracted, what was on her grocery list and receipt, she was hit by a car. The rest is irrevelant.

  39. justlovinlife says:

    I only know what I have read on Monticello Live and I think that the key word in this story is “ACCIDENT”. Anyone can have an accident and since we do call it an accident, we should not point fingers. I feel for the lady who is injured but I also feel for the other lady involved. There is entirely too much finger pointing going one here. Maybe we should channel all of the negative energy into praying for the two ladies involved. Mr. Sloan, I understand that you are angry, but please don’t take your anger out on everyone on here-there are alot of people praying for you family member.

  40. Ed says:

    The Last Time I Check.The Law was that a Pedestrians always have the right of way.

  41. WH says:

    Vehicle traffic has the right of way unless there is a crosswalk. Thats why you see the no crossing light at red lights when the vehicle traffic has a green light. Its called Jaywalking.

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