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Released Monday, Arrested Wednesday, 4 am for Attempted Auto Theft, $250,000 Bond Set

August 23rd, 2012 by

Brent Bowden was released on his own recognizance, Monday morning, after the Arkansas Parole Dept. didn’t place him on a parole hold, after his Saturday arrest for 4 Bowser Road area charges of Breaking or Entering vehicles, where he stole money, a car stereo, and other items. 

Wednesday morning, around 2:30, officer Ricky Fleming was on patrol, when he saw a white male subject sitting in a vehicle at Dickersons Auto Sales. As the officer pulled around the suspect fled on foot. Officer went to the vehicle where suspect was sitting in, and found several keys belonging to vehicles at Dickerson Auto.

Officers then found the business had been broken into and contacted the owner and Criminal Investigator Greg Johnson. After officers and the owners left the scene, the suspect came back at approximately 4:00 a.m.

Officers again found the suspect back in the carlot trying to steal a pickup truck. Fleming pulled in the lot along with officer Troy Harper. The suspect jumped into a pickup truck and officers attempted to get him out of the vehicle. The suspect cranked the truck and tried to leave the scene. Officers shot a tire out on the driver’s side to keep it from leaving and to avoid a pursuit. Lt. Johnson reached into the truck and attempted to put the vehicle in park. The suspect raised the window on the officer’s arm trapping him. Fleming and Harper were able to deploy their Taser through the window striking the suspect in the chest. The suspect continued to attempt to drive off from the lot and was tased two more times before he was taken into custody.

Bowden, age 21 with a listed address of Sheridan, currently living in a Monticello motel, was arrested and is cuttently being held at the County Detention Facility, on the $250,000 bond set by Judge Ken Harper..

8 Responses to “Released Monday, Arrested Wednesday, 4 am for Attempted Auto Theft, $250,000 Bond Set”

  1. tax payer says:

    What do you have to do to get a parole revoked?

    Released with out any bond?

    Why don’t you just invite him to take what ever he wants?

  2. born here says:

    I grew up in that community. we had a way with dealing with this kinda problem. It’s called a full gun cabinet.

  3. Wondering says:

    He must be hunting for his 3 hots and a cot…don’t look like he wants to change his evil ways. Sad to see such a young man flush his future down the toilet!

  4. KC says:

    It upsets me to know this man was released the first time. Thankful he didn’t have a gun and the officer are safe.

  5. just sayin says:

    just cant fix stupid…….

  6. Allen Dickerson says:

    Thanks to all the officers that were involved in catching this person. Items and automobiles can be replaced, But risking your life in order to do your job can’t. Things could have EASILY gotten a lot worse. Again,thank you. I’ll leave my thoughts about this thief to myself!!

  7. School Teacher says:

    Sad to see this…I taught Brent once upon a time…elementary. He was a troubled boy then. Looks like his life never got better. Very sad & disappointing.

  8. Awakened says:

    We in this community are tired of paying for idiots to camp out in our jails for 3 “Hots” and a cot, while his family has paid for any other stupid decisions he has made. The next generation needs morals! Our town has fallen to the drug dealers, gangs, thieves, murders, and rapest. This enviroment has touched everyone in our community!!! Oh, by the way, Mayor,please explain why jailee’ are riding on the trash trucks, are y’all giving them a break from being locked up, are you letting them know who’s home(who’s not), or just advertizing who bought a “Big Screen” TV? Some one needs to put on their thinking cap!!!!

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