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Paragould Splash Park—8 Photos

June 10th, 2008 by


Saturday, eight Monticello residents went on a road trip to Paragould to tour their civic center and pool facility.


The photos shown in this series show a “splash park” that is located away from the primary civic center and pool area.


Spash equipment, water toys, and sprayers of all types were built into the play area.



Nearby benches, as well as a pavilion, were closely located, so that parent could keep a convenient watch over their children.paragould-pool-145.JPG

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12 Responses to “Paragould Splash Park—8 Photos”

  1. Ms Mel says:

    Pictures were beautiful! Wouldn’t it be great if Monticello had something similar?

  2. Michael Burns says:

    Something like this would be very beneficial in Monticello. Any idea on how much it costs to get in? The potential revenue from outside visitors shopping locally would be well worth it, even if it were cheap or free.

  3. RD says:

    It would be great for Monticello and Southeast Arkansas. We just need to remember, what we build, we also have to be responsible for the upkeep.

  4. Alan says:

    I agree that the pictures are awesome and the place looks spectacular. BUt my question is, is this the idea that the mayor has for a HIstoric area in Monticello. Please say no. I understand and agree with the need but look at the land around them and look at where they have theirs! on the highway, would be awesome or some place other than down town! Please think about this before placing it downtown.

  5. Alan says:

    As I typed that last comment, and went back and looked at the pictures again. What a perfect location out by the new Sports complex and intermodal facility. How much that would play off each other and be useful for each other!

  6. sue says:

    With the price of gas, and the number of working parents, it seems better to put it in town, in my opinion. Think how many kids would be riding their bikes on HWY 278, I wouldn’t want my child on that busy highway, remember how many people drive back and forth to work from Monticello to Warren, and vice-versa, remember the poultry plant?.

    This will mean a lot to our kids and grandkids. There wasn’t a beer can or pack of cigarettes around in any of those photos.

    Think of the seniors that live around town, with new housing being added at the Ridgeway and the new handicap-access apartments, they could walk to the complex if they wanted to.

  7. Michael Burns says:

    I also believe the complex would be better in town, wherever that may be. The complex would be most beneficial to Monticello in a central location rather than pushed to the outer limits as the sports complex was.

    Granted, the aesthetics of such a facility could be called into question in certain areas. In my opinion, the long term advantages out-weigh those arguments.

    Monticello has always wanted to grow, it’s citizens don’t always want to make the changes which will allow it to.

    Maybe it’s time we make some changes.

  8. Susiemo says:

    Well if possible the old Wal-Mart would be a great location, you do have 425 to cross but they will cross it going west or east depending on where the kids live. That would get rid of a eyesore on 425 S. But last I heard the owners wanted way to much for it. Wouldn’t it be nice if he would sell or donate it for such a good cause???

  9. Jeff says:

    From what I heard, it took a dedicated 1 cent sales tax to pay for it over 15 years. That apparently included half of the revenues from the tax each year just for upkeep, salaries and maintenance. My question is… are they thinking of ANOTHER 1 cent sales tax on top of what we’ve already got? Or allocating 100% of the current 1 cent sales tax (since it’s not specified for anything)?

    Love the idea though. Just think there needs to be a lot of questions asked.

  10. Michael Burns says:

    Paragould’s Population

    1970 – 10,639
    1980 – 15,248
    1990 – 18,540
    2000 – 22,017

    Monticello’s Population

    1970 – 5,085
    1980 – 8,259
    1990 – 8,116
    2000 – 9,146

    The growth percentages are amazing, however, the steady incline in Paragould’s population compared to Monticello’s population definitely make an impression.

    There is no doubt in my mind that a tax was put in place somewhere during this timeline which not deter anyone from moving there or cause people to move away. I also have no doubt a tax would be needed for funding a comparible center in Monticello. There are lots of questions that need to be asked. My biggest one is this; What is Paragould doing that we are not?

    Of course, there are other variables, aside from a community center, which attract residents to the area of Paragould. I am definitely aware of that as well.

  11. DrewCounty says:

    1. Keep historic Main Street historic. There is no shortage of vacant lots in this town — it’s just that we’ve gotten used to them and don’t realize it. A water park isn’t appropriate for Main Street… just like the Allen House wouldn’t be appropriate for Highway 425.

    2. Let the citizens decide if this is the best use of their money. Put it to a vote. If enough people want to pay a penny more in sales tax forever to keep it, then build it!

    3. If we do it, do it right. I can see the tax passing and then the city hiring Bubba to come and do some of the work to save a few bucks. With a project this big, you only get one chance to do it right.

  12. Michael Burns says:

    I would agree that a water park/swimming pool/skate park probably does not belong in the historical district or more specifically the old W.C. Whaley building area.

    I could see a community center/library being added to that area, if the architecture was done “right”. I do not see how it would affect property values etc. in a negative way. In my opinion, a complex would add value. Of course, I am not a professional developer or politician, and we all know what is commonly said about opinions.

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