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“The Weevil” on ESPN, in Nationwide Commercial

July 7th, 2009 by


UAM alumni, fans, and supporters may disagree with the “stupider than an aardvark” analysis that “the Weevil” has been honored with, but still it is a good thing for UAMonticello to have their mascot featured on a national TV commercial campaign for KGB 542542, a text message based search engine that provides answers to its customers.

The commercial has been featured on ESPN and other networks, and features “the Weevil” with UAM’s permission.  It has also been approved by NCAA athletic licensing procedures.

UAM media relations director, Jim Brewer describes the commercial as, “a great way to give our university national exposure.”

If the “stupider than an aardvark” is offensive, at least we have the pleasure of seeing our local hero beat the stuffing out of the aardvark at the end of the spot.

Updated Info–Walmart’s Bolt Cutter Bandit-He Called the Cops Himself

June 15th, 2009 by

0013Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober has released the attached press release detailing information leading to the arrest of the “Bolt Cutter Bandit”, the man who got out of jail Tuesday, and then was arrested Thursday for cutting the chain link fence to the Walmart garden center (Wednesday night).

Apparently the man called the Sheriff’s Dept., to return a “stolen laptop”, but actually gave them a “different stolen laptop.”

Other stolen items were also recovered. Read the rest of this entry »

Teddy Bear Burglar (& Other Items) Arrested in Monticello

June 12th, 2009 by

Allegedly, a Wednesday night residential burglary near the intersection of Union and Bailey Streets, wasn’t the first time this man had been arrested for breaking into a home, but this time the “loot” was different.

Aside from items un-named, because of an ongoing investigation. several of the items taken included SEVERAL stuffed teddy bears and other animals. Read the rest of this entry »

Courthouse Parking Lot RePaved, Tuesday

June 3rd, 2009 by

0074 courthouse employees are shown leaving work Tuesday afternoon, across the newly paved parking lot at the Drew County Courthouse.

Tuesday’s business was conducted as usual, with a little extra walking to get inside the building.

The paving was done in one day, and the parking lot is expected to re-open Wednesday morning

Drew Central’s Mrs. Eason Gets Head Shaved after Students Read 3400 Books–VIDEO

May 15th, 2009 by

Current research indicates that for students to grow as readers they need to read 1,000,000 (yes, that’s one million) words per year. In terms of books, that’s approximately 25 books of 200 pages in length.

To encourage students to make 1,000,000 words their goal for the year, Melissa Eason, literacy coach for grades 4-8 issued to middle school students at Drew Central the chal-lenge to read 25 books this school year. The campaign was known as the Twenty-five Book Campaign. The theme of Read Like a Rock Star was chosen. Drew Central students, Aaron and Alan Jones, wrote a rock song, “You Gotta Read to Succeed,” and their rock band, which includes their father, performed it at the campaign kick-off.


Each student and staff member at Drew Central signed a pledge to try to read 25 books and kept a list of books read. To get credit for the books, students had to make 70% on the AR test or turn in a satisfactory literary letter about the books read. As an added incentive to get kids to read,

Mrs. Eason promised to shave her head if students read 3,100 books which would be the same as of if one-half of all fifth, sixth, and seventh graders read 25 books. This week when teachers turned in their class totals, students were congratulated for having met and surpassed the 3,100 book goal.

Drew Central Middle School Students read 3,400 books this year! It was time for Mrs. Eason to live up to her end of the bargain. At an early morning assembly today, Read the rest of this entry »

Fire Chief Faulkner Wakes Man in Fire, Brings Him Out of Burning Home

May 11th, 2009 by

0171Monticello Fire Chief Steven “Blue” Faulkner went on what so many times may be considered a “normal fire call” to a trailer fire in the back of the mobile home park in the 500 block of Winchester Road, Sunday around 4:15 p.m., and arrived just in front of the fire trucks.

0141Upon arrival, someone nearby was heard saying, “I think there’s a man still in there.”

Faulkner went to the front door, opened it, and didn’t get any response; then did the same at the back door: he then knocked on the front window.  The house was filled with smoke too much to just enter and begin looking, without breathing equipment.

0151When he knocked on the front window, he had woken up the sleeping man, who began calling out.  Faulkner then returned to the back door, near where the man was, and entered the burning home. 

Faulkner told MonticelloLive, “He was close to the door, but fell backwards, when the door opened.  I just went in and brought him out.”

016Monticello Police Sargent Carlos Garcia, who also responded to the call to assist with traffic, said, “Faulkner definitely saved that man’s life.”

MPD Patrolman Mark Grant, who also serves as fireman, added, “one thing about “Blue” is that he won’t ask you to do anything that he won’t do, and he proved that this afternoon.”

Faulkner, trying not to draw attention to himself, said, “I didn’t go that far inside.”

Once again, one of Monticello’s First Responder’s has done something that has saved or changed someone’s life. 

Once again, we all need to thank, not only Faulkner, but all of our law enforcement, firefighters, ambulance workers, and others who run towards the emergency situations, that everyone else runs away from.


April 17th, 2009 by

This year’s MADD sponsored DWI mock accident was held on the parking lot area of the Monticello High School, Monday.

This year’s event was held in honor of Dustin “Rooster” Ferguson.

The first video show the accident re-enactment.
The second covers Steve Brantley’s comments about the event.
The last video is of Dustin Ferguson’s mother’s statements from Monday, which was the first time she has spoken publicly about the wreck that took Dustin’s life.

MADD MOCK DWI 2009-04-13 from MonticelloLive on Vimeo.

Dustin’s parents came out to speak for the first time since the accident. His mom told the students attending, “Sept. 22, 2008, two days after his 19th birthday, our son lost his life from a drunk driver. One choice of an indivdual changed our lives and our community. I stand before you as Dustin’s voice. His plans and his dreams could not be achieved because of the choice of another. Remember your choice affects everyone.”

DVD video’s of last year’s presentation are available at James Quick Print.

Read the rest of this entry »

Jury Gives 40 Year Sentence for Theft of Documents & Items

April 17th, 2009 by

A Drew County jury said enough is enough to a former Monticello resident, Lyndall Golden, Tuesday, by sentencing him to serve 40 in the state prison system.

The charge is described as “theft of property over $2,500”, but the items Golden stole were valued to be around $654,825, and included in stocks, bonds, CDs, jewelry, and a substantial amount of cash from an elderly couple, in the Coleman area, while she was in a Little Rock hospital. Read the rest of this entry »

Double Duty

April 7th, 2009 by

04-05-09_1908Captain Eddy Deaton of the Monticello Police Dept. wishes to recognize patrolman Kenny Cox for his actions Sunday afternoon, in attempting to extinguish a fire caused by an overturned b-b-q grill at an apartment on HWY 278 West, while armed only with a standard garden hose.

The Fire Dept. soon arrived and the fire was put out.

MMS Scores 80%, Principal Gets Head Shaved

March 13th, 2009 by

6th grader Sam Pelkki is shown here shaving Monticello Middle School Assitant Principal Jerry Martens’ head.

Martens’ promised the student body to shave his blond locks if 80% of the MMS student body met their Accelerated Reader (AR) goal this 9-weeks grading period. In the end, 81% of the 6th-8th grade students met their goal by the March 6th deadline.

The top 4 student “point-earners”, including Pelkki, also had the opportunity to take turns shaving some of Martens’ hair. The AR program is a reading program in which students earn points by reading both fiction and non-fiction literature and taking and passing tests based on books read.

Backhoe Cuts Gas-Phone-Cable TV Lines Saturday

March 10th, 2009 by
Repair crews are seem working the Saturday's damaged undergound wiring and natural gas supply lines.

Repair crews are seen working Saturday on the damaged underground phone, cable TV, and natural gas supply lines

Saturday morning, around 11 o’clock, normal activities of cooking lunch, while watching TV, and talking on the telephone to friends came to a quick stop for many Monticello residents.

That is approximately the time that a Robin Hood Drive resident had a backhoe operator reportedly working on replacing a sewer line, in the residence’s back yard. Read the rest of this entry »

“MonticelloLive Guy” Turns 45

February 27th, 2009 by

Joe Burgess, of, complied with unofficial police dept. requests today and posted his own birthday on

After several readers pointed out, “if you posted my birthday, you ought to put your own out there for everyone to know about”, he agreed.

Shown here are Lt. Steven Stain, Burgess, and Sgt. Jerald Clarke.

Local Man Arrested For DWI, After Driving to Police Dept.

February 25th, 2009 by

James Daniels, age 23 of Monticello, drove to the Monticello Police Dept, with the intention of filing a police report.  Upon arrival, Daniels was arrested and charged with DWI, after failing a field sobriety test.

He also admitted to the officer, during the test, that he had recently “smoked a blunt”.

Daniels’ vehicle was towed, and he was transported to the Drew County Detention Facility.

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