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“Greenville Grabbers” $8,000 Shoplifting Ring, Included Crossett & McGehee Thefts – Now Out on Reduced Bonds

August 13th, 2012 by

The Pittman Faimly, of Greenville, MS, arrested for their recent thefts of computer games and school supplies from the Monticello Walmart, also were being sought by autohrities in Crossett and McGehee, for high dollar thefts there, including  Ipads and laptop computers.

In all three casess, the Pittmans entered the locked storage displays, removed their selected items.

According to McGeheeI PD, items taken there were 4 laptop computers and school supplies, valued at over $1,000. 

Crossett Police report that they took 10 Ipads from that Walmart, valued at over $6,000.

All 4 members of the “Greenville Grabbers” were released on bond, Wednesday, after their bond was reduced to $1.500 each, by the Circuit Court, due to health reaons.  The Pittmans were then turned over to McGehee, where they were then relaese from their custody, as well.

August 8, 2012

4 members of a Greenville, Mississippi family will be staying in Monticello for awhile.

Usually, our friendly community welcomes tourists to select nice items from our local businesses, and encourages them to stay overnight; but that is not the case for 4 members of the Pittman family, who each received $30,000 bonds for their shoplifting allegations.

Following their Saturday arrests at Walmart, Judge Ken Harper set $30,000 bonds on Nedra, age 39; Tonya, age 38; James, age 41; and Antonio Pittman, age 26, on Monday.  All 4 remain in the Drew County Detention Facility.

Out of State Shoplifting Ring Arrested in Monticello
August 6, 2012

Last Monday, at approx 2:00 pm, Monticello Police were dispatched to Walmart concerning a theft. 

The ongoing case has been under investigation since that time, attempting to identify the four suspects.

Saturday, around 8:30 pm, the same suspects came back to the store and were recognized by loss prevention officers.

MPD was notified, and all four suspects were arrested. One adult female was caught in the parking lot as she exited the store.  An adult male and female were taken into custody inside the store.  Another adult male left on foot and was caught at Taco Bell.

According to Police Chief Eddy Deaton, all four suspects reside in Greenville Mississippi.  It is believed this group has committed crimes in several counties. The case is still under investigation and more information will be released as soon as possible.

The items taken from the Monticello Walmart consisted of electronics and school supplies with an estimated value near $2500.

Bonds will be set today for all four suspects.

15 Responses to ““Greenville Grabbers” $8,000 Shoplifting Ring, Included Crossett & McGehee Thefts – Now Out on Reduced Bonds”

  1. tax payer says:

    Well done MPD.

  2. Conservative voter says:

    Thanks MPD for helping keep costs down at our Walmart! I guess crime does not pay in Monticello! These shoplifters should have stayed in Mississippi.

  3. Boo hoo says:

    Way to get these animals off the streets. While some work hard for their own, idiots like this steal for theirs. Low life’s.

  4. Monticello Resident says:

    ALRIGHT!!!! Way to go to the all of the persons that helped to catch these sorry low lifes. I just hope that they don’t get a lawyer that is going to try play the racial card or the profiling card.

  5. Spaulding says:

    People are not animals. People are human beings. Black, white, asian, russian.etc. Dont treat humans like they are dogs and vice versa.

  6. Lady in blue says:

    Thank You, Spaulding

  7. Boo hoo says:

    Yes, people who roam around like a bunch of Hyenas stealing crap and taking what they want are like ANIMALS. Like a scavenger taking what they can get for free and not caring about the working class. IMO an Animal can be black, white, brown or pink. Personally IDGAD about your Liberal ideas spaulding. Take that mess to the ACLU and hooray for the people getting these bums off the street.

  8. Jeff says:

    Do you think they will be in court? Got charges in 3 locations and out on bond. Wonder how long it will take them to pack.

  9. wilmar LADY says:

    I think its sad that this is a FAMILY out stealing together. Hate to see what kind of morals their kids are being taught. & for stupid people like them that’s why blacks have such a hard time & are sterotyped about everything.

  10. tax payer says:

    I’ll bet they stopped by Walmart on the way our of town. Our judicial system is a JOKE!

  11. laughable says:

    How are they going to say racial profiling? Obviously, they were shoplifting. You could have kept that sarcastic remark, don’t make light of racial profiling, because it is real and it happens here and other places.

  12. LittleMuddy says:

    Remember, the family that steals together stays together.

  13. Amy says:

    Way to go. Just because they claim medical problems they get set free! Great job! People like this make prices go up for the honest people of the world. Keep them in jail. They done the crime they need to do the time!

  14. Rick says:

    All four of them had health issues that necessitated immediate release? More details, please, on the reason for their release.

  15. Just Me says:

    @pete ignorance is bliss…

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