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One Monticello Life: Rick & Fran Haney

July 14th, 2008 by

While waiting in line for Sunday lunch with my pastor and his wife at a local restaurant, I visited for a few minutes with Rick & Fran Haney.  After we had been seated, I noticed how many other people had stopped by their table to visit for a moment with the couple.  Over and over, people would pause just to say “high”.

“Burlington folks” will know Rick, while most people recognize Fran from her desk assisting customers at Union Bank’s main branch.  She has helped me many times by notarizing documents, and another time when a relative’s checks were stolen.  Both Rick and Fran are friendly, helpful people, and good selections for One Monticello Life.

Rick was born and raised in Monticello.  He attended UAM for a short time, before being drafted into the Army to serve in Vietnam.

Rick spent his career in textile manufacturing with West Point Pepperell, Burlington Dixie Corp., and Britton’s US Axminster.  In semi-retirement, he delivers recreational vehicles from factories to dealers across the US and Canada.   These trips have carried them to Mt. Shasta, California; Seattle, WA, and to Shania Twain’s hometown of Ontario, Canada.  Most Drew County folks are used to seeing deer in the highway.  Fran and Rick have seen moose and a bear blocking the road.  

Fran, born in Cumberland, Maryland, is the 16th child of 18.  She lived in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, until she was in her 40’s, and married Rick.

Fran and Rick met in Carlisle, PA, when he was working for Burlington, and making business trips there.  She was working at a bank and……………”everyone needs a banker”.

They were married in Rutledge, Vermont in 1993, at which time Fran moved to Monticello, and fell in love with the town

They enjoy traveling and seeing new places.  One of their best times was a trip to England, sightseeing for almost a month.

Fran has been in banking most all of her life.  She has held many positions, including branch manager, and is now a customer service rep. with Union Bank, which she thoroughly enjoys.

Rick has three children, Tracy Haney, David Haney, and Tammy Stiles, of which two live in Georgia, and one in Decatur, Alabama.  Rick has five grandchildren.  Fran has two children.  Arron Rickert, who resides in Spokane, WA, and Sonya Neale, who lives in Akron, Ohio.  She has one handsome 2 1/2-year-old grandson, Isaac Edmond Rickert.  He is one of the greatest things in her life right now  (grandchild number two is on the way.)

The Haneys  belong to Green Hill United Methodist Church, and live on HWY 138 with their two rescued stray cats.

Rick and Fran have been part of various fundraisers and blood drives in cities where they have lived.

Rick is a Razorback, through and through, and has always had a “hog” on his bumper, no matter what state they lived in.

Fran enjoys watching tennis on TV, but for the most part listens to Christian tapes.  Her son-in-law, Thomas Neale records Christian music, and is one of her favorites. 

Their favorite restaurants include; Layne’s, BBQ, and Ray’s.

Rick is a newspaper and magazine reader.  You will always find him reading.  Fran reads the Bible, and enjoys Bible studies and church activities.

Their favorite activities are walking, building birdhouses, and just being together.

Most people don’t know that when Rick was in high school, he was a four sport athlete, playing football, basketball, baseball, and track, where he competed in the long jump.  He now says that was because no one else wanted to be in that event.

Fran’s mom was an identical twin, who lived to the age of 96, while her twin sister lived to be 98.  Annie Oakley comes to mind by the way that she was known for riding horses and shooting guns.  Fran’s mom was one of the few people who could actually say that they had to walk 10 miles to school.

Rick’s uncle, Oscar Miles was killed in the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.  He was stationed aboard the “Arizona”, and his name is engraved on the Drew County Courthouse’s Wall of Honor.  

In closing, Rick and Fran agreed, “The most important person in our lives is JESUS CHRIST. Our LORD must come first, and everything else will fall into place.”

Thanks, Rick and Fran Haney, for all that you do for Monticello and it’s people, and for sharing your One Monticello Life.

 Click here to read other editions of One Monticello Life.










3 Responses to “One Monticello Life: Rick & Fran Haney”

  1. Kelly says:

    I have worked with Fran for a few years and she is one of the nicest, kindest people that i have ever met. I feel it a privilege to be able to work with her and learn from her.

  2. Martha says:

    I have also worked with Fran for about 6 years. She has been such a great inspirtaion and mentor to me but most of all I’m proud to say that she is my friend!

  3. Jennifer Jones says:

    I worked with Fran for quite a few years and not only she was my co worker, she was one of my best friends who had the most caring, compassionate heart of anyone I ever worked with. She and Rick are TWO of a kind. I love and miss you Fran! God bless you both!

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