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Monticello Schools’ Letter to Parents

August 24th, 2011 by

Dear Parents of the Monticello School District,

The Monticello School District prides itself in providing a safe, secure and healthy environment for its students and patrons. At the recent Blue and White Game, there were several incidents where students were not dressed appropriately for a school activity and many were running excessively up and down bleachers, under the bleachers and the main walkway. This provides an unsafe environment for all but especially our elderly patrons.

The Monticello School District administrative staff and faculty respectfully request that parents of students in our district help us remind them to dress appropriately and conduct themselves in a way that conforms to the laws of the State of Arkansas and our district handbooks. It is especially important that our students reflect the values and standards of this community, not only at school, but at all school activities.

We appreciate your continued support of the Monticello School District and thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

Bob R. Harper

12 Responses to “Monticello Schools’ Letter to Parents”

  1. Bry Taylor says:

    I am thankful we live in a community where our Superintendent can post a letter like this and hopefully get positive responses from parents. Let’s support our schools, the superintendent and this community

  2. wdodson says:

    that dress code should go for the parents as well. i seen some that looked like they thought they were at a night club or something.

  3. MMS Parent says:

    THANK YOU! I was setting mouth dropped at the way some of those kids where dressed! And yes there where some adults that where needing to put on more material in there dress also. I am thankful that the Superintendent addressed this issue! He will never have to fear my children will always be dressed properly and behaving…..or they won’t be there! Again thanks so much!

  4. Jim Searcy says:

    Thank you Mr. Harper.

  5. MMS + MHS Parent says:

    I was also floored at one of the girls that come strolling in. So glad Mr. Harper addressed this. Who wants to go watch their kids at a school football game and get that much of an eye full!! From my inderstanding, he should address their clothes during gymnastics also!

  6. Anonymous says:

    My personal opinion is that you can’t not totally enforce dress code. You can’t have a roll of
    Duct tape and tape every whole above knee or see if the shorts are four inches above the knee. It’s impossible to do that for everyone who
    Shows up at the Billie game. I feel as if your wearing something totally inappropriate yes you
    Should be asked to leave because it is a family activity and kids are there. But totally sweltering us isn’t okay ether.

  7. MHS Parent says:

    The problem is solved at the admission gate!!– daisydukes, sagging, inappropriate attire “NO TICKET-NO ADMITTANCE”,You might need a police officer at the gate!!!!!!

  8. Mark Mason says:

    Police? To arrest people who don’t dress like the “flock?” What country do you think we live in? You apparently have no idea how backwards you sound…or maybe you do; some people are proud of being hillbillies and don’t plan on changing anytime soon…beyond sad; grim.

  9. MMS Parent says:

    When the girls pockets are out the bottom of her shorts and folded up thats too much nobody want to come to a game and see 15 y/o children walking around showing there butts!

  10. Nan Carter says:

    Thank you, Mr. Harper! It’s about time that something was done about the kids that run wild during a game!! I’m 65 and gonna be 66 next month.. I’ve seen kids that are dressed so scantily and showing everything that’s imaginable, to any and all that are there!! The parents who let their kids wear things like that to a school function, should be held accountable for the kids’s actions. If the child is written up by the school, then the parents should have to attend the meeting as should the child. The poilice should be able to arrest any and all who are dressed improperly for this as well as write them up for foul language.. After a third citation for whatever..whether it’s language or dress, both the parent and the child, should appear in court to answer to these and the shcool should be given the right to suspend them for at least and no more than 2 weeks. If it persists, then the child should be banned from any further games until further notice is given. Thank you, Mr. Harper for the action on this issue..

  11. MHS Parent says:

    I’m not saying to arrest someone because of the way they dress; I’m know there will be hostiltity because they can’t get in the game because of the way they chose to dress. You know how”hillbillies” might act when they are upset or PO’ed!!

  12. Glenn Beer says:

    If you don’t like how people dress…LOOK AWAY!!! If someone pays to watch a game then how they dress is their business. Watch the game and enjoy yourself and stop the gossip and “Bible Belt” Hypocracy!!!

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