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Masked Burglar Vandalizes Public Defender’s Office, Saturday Night

December 11th, 2013 by

racoon 012 (2)When a member of the Public Defender’s office stopped by their office, Saturday evening, to pick up a file, they found the building ramsacked, window blinds destroyed, tables turned over, and files strew all over the desks and floor.

A trail of mischief led them to a back office where the masked suspect was found sleeping in the corner of another room.

Police officers and Sheriff’s Deputies were called the suspect was taken into custody; then taken to out to the woods to be released.

Yes, the masked villain was a raccoon, who had entered the building through the roof, to get out of the freezing rain and sleet.

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2 Responses to “Masked Burglar Vandalizes Public Defender’s Office, Saturday Night”

  1. Eric Davis says:

    Statue # 794-HR-643-07 Says quote:
    Suspect Shall not be charged if:

    A- Suspect was under age
    B-used no weapon
    C-Not vaccinated (possibly insane with rabies)
    D-looking to sustain life
    E-Does not resist arrest

    In Conclusion:
    Public Defender made a reasonable decision to release even though suspect resisted with barred teeth but was acting under extreme conditions due to extreme circumstances as any reasonable Raccoon would.

    Public reaction:
    Good Call


  2. Edie carter says:

    LOL!!! don’t mess with a raccoon–I almost found that out the hard way back a few years ago—when I chased a masked catfood stealing bandit up into the rafters with a broom!!! thousands wonders the bandit didn’t jump down on me & chew me up & spit me out—-

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