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177 Acres Destroyed in Forest Fire, Near Midway Rt., Friday

October 3rd, 2010 by

Around 3 pm, Friday afternoon, a grass fire in a field at the end of Old Troy Road crossed into a nearby forest, and started a major forest fire, southeast of Monticello.  The fire, according to Sheriff Mark Gober, was likely started by a downed power line.

An early estimate from someone at the scene indicates that around 200 acres of timberland were destroyed.

By 4:30, the fire travelled south, missing the Countyview area.  At 6:30, the head of the fire was near the New Hope community, and had not crossed New Light Road in the 2 hours firefighters have been on the scene, there.

5 planes and 14 dozers were on the scene, during the fire.

At 7:30 pm, the fire was contained and controlled, although still burning inside of a plowed circle.

The local fire departments were released, because of the containment, and the planes were then grounded, because of darkness, while the plows continued to battle what was left of the fire, into the night.

Planes are expected to return to the area to get an estimate of damage eliminate any remaining hot-spots

Several local Fire Departments, the Arkansas Forestry Commission, and Plum Creek employees are on scene fighting the fire.

Fire agencies involved included Collins-Cominto, Monticello, Valley, Greenhill, Dermott, Lacey-Ladelle, and Wilmar.  Around 20 AFC firefighters assisted,  from Drew, Ashley, Bradley, Lincoln, Calhoun, Jefferson, and Cleveland Counties. Over 40 workers were present, in all, including Plum Creek contractors, Drew County Sheriff’s officers, and emergency management team members.

15 Responses to “177 Acres Destroyed in Forest Fire, Near Midway Rt., Friday”

  1. wife of the tooth says:

    please guys be very carefull!!! Every body pray for rain or this will only get worse.

  2. drew co. citizen says:

    i hope who ever started or caused the grass fire is held responsable for this.

  3. Frank Ferguson says:

    Thanks for the updates, Joe. This is potentially a bad one. We all need to keep the responders and the homeowners who may be in harm’s way in our prayers.

  4. renee says:

    We live on midway route just north of old troy road, we have been gone all day an had just made it on to midway when my husbands brother called to see if we were ok because there was a fire in our area. As we got closer to home the smoke started to get thick an my heart was about to drop as I had left one of my dogs inside. Ive never been more happy to see my home safe than I was tonight. I came straight away to see if Joe had anything posted an sure enough here it is…Thanks Joe so much an thanks to all those who are, have, an continue to keep the fire contained.

  5. 138 says:

    Fires aren’t good, we need some rain bad!!!!! We can all pray for rain, forecast shows 10 dry days ahead.

  6. Andy Briant says:

    Yeah, that’s right, Frank!!! And please folks, no burning!!!!!

  7. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know… where than any homes damaged? I pray there werent!!

    So thankful for all of those fighting the fire!! my family lives off of Midway Route near where the fire was.
    Thanks for all you did to contain the fire!

  8. Jessica says:

    Just wondering why the Hamburg paper says arson and the MonticelloLive is sayin’ downed powerline.. shouldn’t the information come from the same source?

    Response: They, like MonticelloLive’s Friday morning story, were covering the Ft. Hill fire, Thursday afternoon, on HWY 8.

    This story is about the Friday Drew County Fire.

  9. SM says:

    Thankful no one was hurt! Our fire fighters put their lives in jeopardy everytime they’re called out. We really appreciate all you guys and your families. God Bless!

  10. hl says:

    We need rain some kinda bad! Yes, if somebody is starting fires, then they need to think twice before they do. Innocent men & women have to risk their lives trying to put out fires & then, We, their families have to worry about them.
    Thank God for them! & I pray for rain! Please be safe.

  11. carrie says:

    please people stop tossing your cigs out the windows too….its way too dry here and it could easily start more fires!!!!!

  12. Jimmy f singleton says:

    I was out of state when I got word of the fire. I was contacted by fire officals and my son. The pictures of the fire trucks Joe took are sitting in my driveway. I was told by several that fire chief Faulkner said the woods and my office and shed may burn, but he would not let my house go. Now that’s dedication. For everybody who’s wondering about the cause of the fire, I got back late sat and found the starting point. It was in fact a snapped power line in a pasture about 300 yards from my home.

    To all the firefighters were here on the scene, I thank you very much.

    Being a retired law enforcement officer and fireman, I know from experience that mostly all they hear is “complaining”, and hardly ever hear any praise. But I’m here to tell you all that I’m proud to live in Drew County and have the quality and dedication of the Monticello fire department and law enforcement in our area.

    I want to thank all the firfighters, Law enforcement, and others that kept me informed and put their lives on the line not just that day but everyday for the citizens of Drew County.

    And also on another subject I have kept quiet on. To the politicians of Monticello: Get off your “butts” and stop playing politics and build the Monticello fire dept a station where you already have the land, and have been planning it, since back when I was chief deputy at the sheriffs office in 2002. That’s politics plain an simple.

    Again thanks to everyone on the scene, and to the MPD dispatchers, .

    When we citizens of Drew County see a police officer, dispatcher, fireman, trooper, EMS, or forest ranger; we should thank them for their service. They would appreciate hearing it instead of hearing all the bitchiness they always seem to get.

    thanks very much to all

    Chief Jimmy F. Singleton (retired)

  13. Jimmy f singleton says:

    I was informed today that. Sheriff Gober was personaly at my home spraying it with my water hose I would also like to thank him and his department for their quick response and dedication. Also thanks. Sheriff for finding my water hose

  14. Straighen`Up says:

    To drew co. citizen: The article states….The fire, according to Sheriff Mark Gober, was likely started by a downed power line. No where does it mention arson. So therefore no one can be held accountable or charged for a downed powerline. Come on people let’s STOP pointing and playing the BLAME GAME for everything. Let’s ALL just PRAY and try to come together as a city when things like this arise. GOD BLESS DREW COUNTY!!!

  15. R Richardson says:

    Thanks to everyone involved in putting the fire out..including the Entergy guys who were there right along with the others doing thier job as well. It was horrifying knowing it was that close to our house..but a comfort to see all the equipment going by and knowing that there were alot of ppl responding who were going to do whatever they had to to keep it from spreading.

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