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Former Youth Minister Pleads Guilty to Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

July 6th, 2009 by

Jason William Beck, a former youth minister at Pauline Baptist Church, this (Monday) morning accepted a plea to the reduced charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, stemming from his arrest earlier this year for 2 counts of first degree sexual assault.

The church’s pastor, and the girl’s father were both present before the juge,  and both stated that they agreed with, and supported the reduced charges.

Judge Bynum Gibson then sentenced Beck to 1 year, suspended sentence, and ordered him to not re-apply for ministerial credentials.


Posted April 10, 2009

Local Youth Minister Charged with Sexual Assault

Jason Beck, a youth minister at Pauline Baptist Church, was charged in Drew County District Court Thursday afternoon with sexual assault, after allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old girl.

While the age of 16 is accepted as the legal age of consent, the “position of trust” that he was in made the act a felony, such as would be the case with a teacher, coach, or other position of responsibility.

The bond for the case was set at $10,000, and Beck was able to bond out Thursday afternoon.

64 Responses to “Former Youth Minister Pleads Guilty to Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor”

  1. BKG says:

    This story is very shocking to me. It’s hard to believe that things like this go on, but of course, things like this happen everywhere, every day. Obviously, just because an individual holds a “position of responsibility”, this does not necessarily indicate that this person should be trusted.

    My heart goes out to the victim and to the family of the victim.

  2. Kasey Earl says:

    We are all disappointed with this situation and feel somewhat betrayed, but the fact of the matter is Jason is our brother and we should have been more accountable to him. He is one of my closest friends. He is NOT a predator. If you knew the story of Jason’s past, you’d know that God has done mighty things in his life and has brought him out of darkness. But Satan never forgot the things from Jason’s past and used them to tempt him. I hate that this had to happen for everyone involved, and yes what he did was stupid, but now it’s time for the Church (and I’m not just talking about Pauline, but all of us who are his brothers and sisters in Christ) to reconcile him and lift him high. Join me in prayer for the girl and the parents involved, and the rest of Pauline and the staff there, AND Jason. The fellowship of the mat: a man who was crippled was carried to Jesus by his friends for healing. Don’t let Satan win!!

  3. Trust Jesus says:

    This just breaks my heart. I know Jason, and I saw this coming. I tried to warn people but noone listened. I just hate to think about the lives that this man ruined. To be a youth leader, and to take advantage of a girl he should be mentoring. It honestly breaks my heart. He was held to a high position that he did not deserve to be in. It makes me so mad to think that someone can use Jesus to do such bad things. We all need to pray, that God helps Pauline get through this and become a strong church. I just pray that people do not turn away from God, this is when we need him the most. We also need to pray for Jason, because obviously he some issues going on in his own life. He should have known better than to do this, but he didn’t. So please just keep him and the church in your prayers. I know God will work through this.

  4. ashlee says:

    I do not support what this young man did in any form or fashion but i am a child of God who sins and falls short daily. Instead of all of monticello gossiping and talking about this young man we need to lift him up to God. God forgives us daily as we sin and make mistakes. The devil will make sin look so good and sidetrack us from Gods ways and make the world look good. Please dont turn against this young man he is going through a very tough time. We need to lift him up and pray for him.

    The young girl involved and her family needs prayer also. This is a sad situation that the devil wants to take and make a big deal and ruin the lifes of all involved. Yes it all happend but if we give it to God than it can be handled in a much better fashion then letting the devil run with it.

    to MONTICELLO we are a small town and everyone is everyone else business. If we could just keep our mouths shuts and get on our knees and pray about this and all the other things going on in our town it sure would make things better!!!!

  5. Nan Carter says:

    This is totally wrong. I know that God is quick to forgive us when we fall short.. but this was so uncalled for.

  6. bbark says:

    I am shocked and saddened by this tragic event. However, I must say I am completely “appalled” by Pastor Chad Graves’ comments.

    I feel Jason Beck made a mistake; he sinned as we all do. Everyone should show him compassion, not condemnation. As Christians, we should be forgiving him (as God forgives us all) and praying for him, as well as, praying for the young lady. Both of these individuals and their families need our support. I pray they both look to Christ for His love and guidance during the coming months.

  7. Nan Carter says:

    I will be glad to lift these people up to God in prayer.. we all need it..everyday!! I’m not gonna let Satan win this child of God back.. I’m not gonna spread wild gossip about Jason.. So.. tomorrow in church..let’s all band together and lift these people and their families up in prayer.. Have a Happy Easter, everybody!!

  8. ripgrac says:

    Sad…that’s the only thing that comes to mind…

    I am sad for this young girl…I don’t know the full circumstances…don’t care to. I just know this a tough situation for her…and pray that the LORD shows Himself to her in new ways through this ordeal…that she would rely on His strength…and ultimately understand His grace and forgiveness better through these circumstances.

    I am sad for Jason. Jason did not “use Jesus to do such bad things” and can’t believe ANYONE would suggest such a thing. I am sad for him because his life is going to look drastically different from here on out. But…am I appalled by him?? In no way…shape…or form! Which leads to the next heartbreaking and maybe the saddest part of all this…

    I am sad that some followers of Christ still don’t get the idea of sin and grace. Where sin abounds…grace abounds even more. And sin will abound. No one on this board, at Pauline, in Monticello, or anyone alive today can say they don’t sin. To say…”we need to pray for Jason because obviously he has some issues in his own life” (as stated by someone on this board) or that “our church is appalled by his actions” (as stated by the pastor of Pauline) is laughable! Who doesn’t have issues? Who hasn’t sinned today? Who hasn’t thought things or felt things in their heart that Jesus would look at as sin?? It just so happens that Jason’s sin, and the consequences thereof, were made public. Let the government handle his punishment…and let us…as Kasey Earl said…see how we can restore him in this time.

    We look really good when we compare ourselves to Hitler…or in this case Jason…but we aren’t…we have to compare ourselves to Christ.

    So I pray for us all…that through terrible events and circumstances…we come to know the grace, love, power, truth, and compassion of Christ even more.

  9. Just a man says:

    Oh and one more thing…sure pray for him…but REMEMBER…he is NOT the victim!!!

  10. concerned says:

    I think this young man got caught up in something bigger and stronger than him. I’m sure he loves God and is a christian but a young christian. He should not have been in the position he was in at the church because of his young chistianity. He is human and a young man who is not much older than the young girl. Had he been in a different occupation, this would be only a concern with him and the young girl and her family. Remember not to throw stones until you look at your own life. This young girl is not the first 16 year old who has had sex with an older boy and she will not be the last. To the girl’s close friends, this is your chance to prove you are not shallow and will always be there for her. To the young man, this to shall pass and use this experience as a stepping stone to what God’s plan is for you.

  11. jc says:

    As the pastor of the church that employed Jason, it would not be appropriate for Bro. Chad to make light of what Jason did. Yes, he has compassion for Jason and his family and has spent many hours counseling him and supporting him. We are all praying for him. The mistake that Jason made was not one that “just happened”. It was pre-meditated, and he snuck around to do, trying to be very careful no one found out. In other words, he knew it was wrong. That is not really a mistake, it is just sin, which has consequences. Yes, he can and will be forgiven, but he will still have to pay for what he did. I think that’s what was meant by the comment Pastor Chad made.

    Those who do not understand the whole situation should try to understand that there may be more to the story than they know.

  12. LEM says:

    I think this young man should be ashamed. All the young people in his youth group looked up to him. Everyone sins; but to take such an active role such as a youth minister makes you accountable for your actions. Many of his youth are probably asking the same question. What if it would have been me? To be a young woman in this man’s youth group would be scary right now. I am thankful my child was not put under this young man’s care. I think he should be prosecuted to the highest extreme. A man of God should not be sexually active with a 16 year old girl. That is almost the worst thing I have heard of on Monticello Live.

  13. Agree/disagree says:

    I know this young man was 24 and she is 16 which is to much of an age difference to be together, if they were both adults like 40 & 48 or 38 & 46 etc it wouldnt be such a problem with the age difference. What I am so shocked about is yes this man in the position he was is wrong for his actions BUT nowhere is it stated there was any force made it was done with consent of the 16 year old I do understand she is still a child and he was the adult in the situation BUT this takes 2 for it to be able to happen. I feel like this incident was a victimless crime since both were willing and made the decision to do this without any force on either participate. If he wasnt in the position he was in there would be NOTHING anyone could say or do since at 16 it is accepted as the legal age of consent. So instead of putting him down remember it took both of them. I dont know either one of them but I do know they are both young and everyone makes mistakes. Dont lock them up and throw away the key because prayers do change things so the damage it already done to and by both of them so say a prayer for all involved so they learn from this mistake.

  14. BKG says:

    Okay, I’ve read everything that everyone has had to say thus far, and this is where I stand:
    The problem here is not so much the actual act that was committed. Legally, the sexual act that took place between the two individuals was legal…EXCEPT for the fact that the young man happened to be a youth minister. That in itself makes the whole act a crime, because of the young man’s position.
    Daily, most of the time, most sin occurs in private. Most Christians sin, and must answer to God alone. However, in this particular instance, because of his position in a church, this young man must now answer to his peers, as well as his Heavenly Father.
    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    Is it our position as Christians, to condemn this young man and cast him out? Or is our position to pick him up, dust him off, pray for him, and help him through this time in his life? If Christians condemn this young man, isn’t this allowing the devil to triumph in his life? (Can’t you hear the devil now? “Look, Jason– all of your Christian friends are turning against you. You failed them, Jason. They’ll never love you again.” What we should be doing is reaching out to this young man and giving him the strength to tell the devil: “Shut up!! You won’t win in my life, Devil!!”
    The young man put himself in this position, fully aware that his actions were not right in the eyes of man. So yes, he must be held accountable. But we must remember that this young man will also answer to God for his actions.
    Ironically enough, THIS IS EASTER!! Jesus died to SAVE us from our sins! But on the 3rd day….HE ROSE!!!

  15. justlovinlife says:

    I certainly believe that everyone involved needs our prayers. Just remember the old agage, “it takes two to tango”. Certainly he was in the wrong, but a 16 year old is also old enough to know right from wrong as well. Let us not give up on the young man-he has a hard road ahead of him both socially and spiritually.

  16. sue says:

    The devil loves things like this,Jesus will forgive and use this for the good of those who love him.A person has to forgive to be forgiven.The devil will do anything to hurt our church, this time it was lust.We need to forgive both of them ,Jesus has i’m sure.Don’t talk bad about anyone that’s a sin to.We just need to pray for the church and these two people.

  17. Suzanne says:

    I have read everything everyone has written and just want to respond, as a mother of a teenage daughter in the youth group.
    My family’s roots run deep at Pauline, and as I said I have a teen daughter that is in the youth group. I my self do not attend as reguar as I should, an that would be something I am shamefull for.

    I personally believe that Paster Chad has handled this situation the best he can. Can you imagine all the pressure he is under? He has held meetings with the Youths to answer any and all questions they had, and told them that even though Jason has done some immoral things we have to forgive and pray for him. His actions are not to be overlooked, but to be forgiven. What he did was VERY wrong, but he will have to answer to God and the law for what he has done.

    Pauline as a church needs your prayers, now more that ever. We have a youth group trying to get through this. A lot of hurtfull things have been said, and that just makes it worse for the teens that are there going through all of this. We have a good group of kids and we will overcome this, and be stronger. They all know that Jason knew that what he AND the teen did was wrong. His life will be forever changed by all of this. I know he is sorry, and FOGIVEN. If God has forgiven him then who are we to judge him. No one should judge Jason right now, we all have sinned. I can name a handfull today. Little white lies to the kids, (The Easter Bunny, boy thats a big lie) a not so nice word because you were mad, gossiping about this now?

    Let’s all come together, and pray for all thoes involved. Pray for the Church, the leaders, and the youths. Please pray for Jason as he goes through all of this.
    Most important Please keep the family of the teen in your prayers.
    This morning I saw the pain this family is going through.
    Pray for strength and guidance.
    Ask God to heal the family, Jason, and the youth group.

  18. trottergirl says:

    All of you are right, they both need prayer and forgiven. But lets get real for a moment. Someone wrote that it wasn’t a big difference in their ages, yes it is 8 is a big difference to me. When she was 8 he was 16. The girls is at legal age of consent but she is still just a minor. He being an adult should have thought better than he did and he’s the youth minister!!!!!I find it apalling. So don’t feel as though the parents in the church or the children for that matter shouldn’t be disturbed. I remember some years ago, a young man was a senoir in high school, he was 18yrs. old. He had sex with a 16 yr old. Everyone ripped this young man apart. The sex was consensual but he was charged and had to register as a sex offender and still today he is registered as a sex offender. There was only 2 years difference in their age but he was called all kinds of nasty names. So, this young man in question need to be grateful that he is part of such a forgiving community and church that willing to forgive him because everyone is not that lucky.

  19. G BROWN says:

    Just a word to the leadership (pastors and deacon boards) of Pauline Baptist and all the other Monticello churches – don’t hire single young men to lead your Youth Groups. It is a recipe for disaster!!! You all must take some responsibility for this situation. Anybody with sense knows you don’t put a young unmarried man in charge of teenage girls!!!

    God can and will forgive this young man – but he never needs to be involved with a youth ministry again. And – if he is convicted – the courts will make sure of that. He will be labled a sex offender for life. He was an adult and a pastor – he knew what he was doing was a sin, even if he didn’t know it was a crime. He will now have to take responsibility for his actions. And that might be jail time. More often than not, our sins not only hurt ourselves but can forever alter the lives of many others. Just ask the youth group at Pauline how they will view pastors from this point on. Beck has a lot to answer for to God and those that he was in charge of. And although God does forgive- many times we are haunted by and pay for the sins we have committed for the rest of our lives.

    As for his victim – and make no mistake – this 16 year old young lady is the VICTIM – I pray the Lord will give her the strength to get through this nightmare and maybe later use this experience to help other young women resist the lure of a more mature person in a postion of power. She is a lovely, sweet girl who I am sure is having a terrible time with all of this. AND just as a point of reference- 16 year olds are NOT ADULTS. Just ask any parent of one.

    And as an parent – I can only say – it’s probably a good thing that it wasn’t my 16 year old daughter who was sexually assaulted by her youth pastor…..I am not so sure that I could have been so controlled. Her parents have showed remarkable restraint in this horrendous situation.

    Just remember – it’s really easy to say “I forgive” until it happens to your family. So,please cut the victim’s family some slack and be careful about what you say regarding this young lady on these posts. Please don’t add any more hurt to this family than they are already experiencing.

  20. RTL says:

    To everyone saying to not hire single, young men as youth ministers: you are judging, which is a sin within itself. Sins are not placed on levels of one being worse than another. Sin is sin. It is God’s responsibility to judge, not ours. I have known many young, single men that have been/are currently youth ministers. To say that they cannot lead a group of youth because of the mistakes of someone else is absurd. There are cases all over where male and female teachers have slept with students…if we are going to reject everyone who is the same sex and age as a past offender, who would be left to lead/teach?

    To all of those calling this girl a victim- she is not. Their actions were a mutual decision. Whether you believe being 16 is an adult or not, it is still old enough to know what is right and wrong (and the law agrees). This girl knew what she was doing and what the outcome would be, which is why the two handled the situation as they did. She may be a victim of her own actions but she is not a victim of Jason.

    They both had poor judgement with this situation and messed up. Each and every one of us sins daily and we need to forgive these two individuals. I agree that what they did was wrong, but nobody is perfect and does everything right. It is important for us as christians to love on each of them and their families. We are to forgive them as God forgives us. Satan can and will use these situations to spread more evil. It is so easy for us to turn our backs and gossip and spread pain through times like these. Instead, we need to band together and let Christ be the victor of this time.

  21. lc says:

    On the subject of the two people and their families involved, I think we just need to ask WHAT WOULD JESUS DO . AND IF PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN TO JUDGE THEN STOP GOSSIPING ABOUT IT AND PRAY

  22. Nan Carter says:

    Hurtful words.. degrading others.. Who are we to judge others and make remarks that will damage either of these people for life!! WE ARE NOT PUT HERE TO PASS JUDGEMENT ON OTHERS!!! THAT IS GOD’S PLACE..NOT OURS!! An angry word..said out of pure hate or spitefulness for another, is so wrong! I URGE EVERYBODY TO READ ROMANS CHAPTER 6.. THIS IS THE STORY OF HOW SIN’S POWER IS BROKEN.. We’re not perfect enough to pass judgment on Let’s put all of these hurtful words behind us and pray for these two people instead of cutting them down.. Be there to help instead of hurt.. there are times when we all need somebody to talk to.. be there for these two people. Nothing is stronger than the power of prayer!!! Let’s all lifte them up to God..He does hear our prayers!!!

  23. JustMe says:

    THIS “innocent” girl was NOT sexually assaulted!!! She knew exactly what she was doing. I’m not taking up for the youth director. But to put all of it on him is STUPID!! She was JUST as much a part of it. This town can’t keep a blind eye out for her sake!!!

  24. trottergirl says:

    G Brown:
    I agree

  25. SuziQ says:

    I am sorry, but as the mother of another young girl in the community that was preyed upon IN CHURCH by an older man I cannot muster much sympathy for Jason. Many times, men place THEMSELVES in postitions to be around young children for this very purpose. My husband and I were told by experts in this field that by the time someone like this is caught in the act it is usually not the first time something like this has happened as was the situation in our case. The problem is that the pervert in our case got off with a slap on the wrist and after a year has still not been placed on the sexual predators list which is very frustating!

    Anyone who has teenagers also know that this child is NOT AN ADULT. I heard a statistic the other day that stated a child does not fully develop in the area of logic and reasoning until around 24 or 25. Teenages deal in emotions only. Anyone who would blame this poor girl needs to have their head examined as well!!!

  26. SuziQ says:

    A correction to my above comment. I meant that men who have tendencies toward pedophilia place themselves in postions to be around children – not all men in general.

  27. jsmith says:

    Oh the Blood of Jesus; it cleanse us ALL white as snow. The prayers of righteous men availeth much…We as citizens of Monticello need to take the time that we would use gossiping about this situation and utilize it praying for all parties involved. You never know how prayer can change the lives and future of all invilved, but idle gossip can only hurt and destroy even the “victim”..

  28. G.D.A. says:

    This is Crazy… Everyone makes mistakes and at the ages 16 and 24, they knew the right thing to do. Its just basically two young adults being young adults. Let this be their lesson and be done with it all.

  29. ripgrac says:


    I am truly sorry for what happened to your daughter…it is heartbreaking!

    BUT…to insinuate that Jason is a pedophile or accepted his position at the church for those reasons is ludicrous. I know Jason. I know his heart. He is a good guy who made some terrible terrible decisions. And he is paying for those decisions…and he will pay for those decisions for the rest of his life. BUT…he is NOT a pedophile.

    While this girl does not deserve the full blame because that would be ridiculous…I do believe she knew/knows right from wrong…and could have said “No.” It’s as simple as that.

    And last…to make the blanket statement “don’t hire single young men to lead your Youth Groups. It is a recipe for disaster!!!” is so uninformed. Married men are just as likely to struggle with these types of situations as anyone else. I know several young men who have done amazing jobs as student pastors…as single men…who did not fall into this kind of sin.

    Reality is…NONE of us can say we would NEVER do anything like this…because we are all broken, sinful, warped people who only know life through the blood shed on the Cross…but none of us are exempt from making these kinds of decisions…

  30. Former Resident says:

    OK SERIOUSLY…..Monticello is just like it always has been. Everyone has opinions about everything, but no one has solutions to anything.

    What difference does it make if Jason was single or not? He is an adult and what he did was wrong. Forget the fact that he was single – he made a very stupid decision and his life is forever changed as a result.

    The girl involved was just as at fault. She is old enough and she is smart enough to make decisions for herself. She knew what she was doing.

    Let us all remember that God will never give us more than we can handle. The Bible never makes a promise to remove us from a situation, it simply states that we will be brought THOUGH the situation.

    Come together, Monticello! Besides, this would not have been an issue if he would not have been ARRESTED for his offense. Let’s all remember that he was not fired from the church last week as a result of this arrest. He had already resigned his position. So, stop talking about what should have been or what could have been. Talk about how to restore these 2 kids so their lives can glorify HIM in the days and years ahead.

    For we have all fallen short of the glory of God!

  31. Nan Carter says:

    This is pathetic!!! They say that we’re to be like God.. in EVERY WAY!! That includes forgiving others..helping them instead of hurting them.. being there when they need somebody to talk to.. I wish that you all knew the difference between a pedophile and a sex offender.. A sex offender must register in the town and county where he resides..within 24 hours of being released from prison. Then.. fliers are passed out in the neighborhood where he lives.. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT MY FAMILY AND I CAN DEFINITELY RELATE TO!!! All of the threats and angry words.. this is held in place until the offender reaches the age of 25.. then the records are sealed. A pedofile preys on young kids for the fun of it.. When I say “young kids”..I do mean that literally!!! Now… if you still think that you’re so good as to judge another person.. then you need to get your life in order!!!

  32. ripgrac says:


    IF this statement is true, “I heard a statistic the other day that stated a child does not fully develop in the area of logic and reasoning until around 24 or 25.” Wouldn’t that mean there’s a chance Jason could have been acting on emotion and not logic and reasoning??

    OR…what if a 16 year old commits murder…would we then say, “well it must have been an act of emotion and not logic and reasoning…so they are not accountable for their actions.” No way! They would be locked up in prison.

    Not only that…but the law says that a 16 year old can legally consent to sex…the only issue here is that Jason is an authority figure. If they had met anywhere other than the church, and he wasn’t on staff…there would be no crime.

    For what it’s worth, in no way am I saying Jason isn’t in the wrong…as stated above in a previous post…he will get his punishment from the government…

  33. G BROWN says:

    To RTL – Are you really that naive to think it is a good idea to put single young men in charge of impressionable, immature girls and boys???? In the day and age we live in now??? I know that you really don’t believe that!!!

    And by the way, just re-read what you wrote – “There are cases all over where male and female teachers have slept with students… ”

    You just made my case for me about not having single young men and women in charge of youth groups….. Because this kind of stuff happens all the time. If it takes place at a school – how much more can it happen at a church where young preachers might be counseling in a more intimate setting?

    Also, everyone who keeps saying “don’t judge – don’t judge” And yet, you are judging – you are judging me for me judging!!! Get real we all judge – everyday !!! We are human and as such we are measuring (judging) ourselves and each other.
    You are judging me by what I have written and I have judged you by what you have written. So – face it – everybody judges – right or wrong. A sad fact but very true.

    And, guess what- it doesn’t matter what you and I think about all this – it only matters what God and the law says. And the law says that as a leader, Jason Beck is and should be held to a higher standard because he has influence over our young people. He failed in his job – (yes, I just judged him – by his fruits as the Bible says). But the great news is that
    God will judge him and if he asks forgiveness – God will grant that to him. Not you and certainly not me, only God has that power.

    As to the references to the VICTIM – all I can say is that I hope and pray that you nor anyone in your family ever have to be put through this ordeal. You might have a different viewpoint when you are standing looking at your 16 year old child crying because she has been duped by a much older person and persuaded to engage in sex by someone whom we put our trust in and believed in. Kids (and 16 year olds are STILL kids) are easily enticed. Was it wrong – yes for both – but Jason was the adult and as such should never have let himself be put in a position of compromise (this is the first and most important lesson of being a minister of the gospel or a school teacher – never allow yourself to be in a position that might be misinterpeted by the person you are counseling – an open door policy(literally) is always a good idea. Just as a side note to my earlier statement – if he had been married – in all likelihood he would not have been seeking the company of a 16 year old girl… just food for thought…..And if he was interested in a 16 year old girl instead of his wife – he really did not need to be in the ministry – Oops – there I go again judging!!!

    It is a sad day for all involved. Two lives have been changed forever…..yes, I do agree – prayer is much needed for both.

  34. BKG says:

    Regarding the fact that the young man was young, and single: God can work through anyone, regardless of age and marital status.

    So can the Devil.

  35. Voice of Logic says:

    Miss SuziQ,

    I must analyze your logic for a moment. Your statement that a child does not fully develop in the area of logic and reasoning until around 24 or 25 also applies to Jason then. Since he is 24, that would mean that he may not have developed fully in the areas of logic and reasoning yet…so does this mean that he isn’t accountable for his actions? Where do we draw the line?

    Society makes it well-known that it is not acceptable to have sexual relations with someone that is a significant amount older. Both people knew it was morally and legally wrong so I must say that the only victims in this situation are the teens in Pauline Youth Group, Pauline Baptist Church, and both families involved.

  36. hmmmm.... says:

    ok so i just have to say this…
    the girl consented so assualt was not what happened i know as his postion in the church it was illegal. she is 16 and knows what she was doing. i understand he should be punished but then again as someone else noted. i think youth minsiters, should also be married.
    just for the record i am not judging unmarried people who have dedicated there life to God, i just think a youth group is a big responsibilty and would be better off.

  37. trottergirl says:

    We all sin, point, blank, and simple. No one is perfect that means you, you, and you. Who are we to judge? Nobody, but guess what? We all do it. So stop throwing up judging. People have differences in opinions, that doesn’t make the person that opposes you judemental. Yes, a sixteen year old knows right from wrong, But it our positions as adults to steer them toward right directions because they will get off track easily. Anytime an adult sleeps with a child, it’s a problem. I don’t care how nice or sweet the person is (or seems to be) , that is twisted. Some lines you dare not cross and that’s is one of them. Okay, someone stated she’s 16, she should have known better, he’s 24 he definetly should have known better.

    And I am sure every has watched How to Catch a predator on TV. So why wouold you put yourself in that postition?

  38. Help Us Lord says:

    Jesus wept.

  39. proud mother says:

    I certainly believe that Jason, as a youth minister, should have shown better judgement. However, I do agree with the statement, “It takes two to tango.” I understand that a 16 year old is still young and naive, however, she still should know right from wrong. There is certainly no excuse for this behavior by EITHER INDIVIDUAL!!!! The ones who are the true victims are the youth of Pauline Church, the church family, and the families of both victims.

  40. Very much agree says:

    (I agree very much with RIPGRAC & Former Resident)

    I really think there are many people that agree with what each of you said, I dont know Jason but he was a youth minister which does not make him perfect he did what a lot of other young people do everyday but that does NOT make him a pedophile he is only human. Then as far as the young girl that some are saying is a victim that not right or fair she knew what she was doing and made the choice to do it therefore Jason didnt make the choice on his own. (IT TAKES TWO) Yes he was the adult but she made her own decision just as he did. Nothing anyone can say will change what has happened so WHY keep pointing fingers it is not going to change anything. Now each of them probably wishes they could go back and change it but that is not possible so they have to move forward and make a change for the future. I personally am praying for both involved and thier families along with church group and youth group so they can get through this.

    Even though he was a youth minister: GOD WILL FORGIVE HIM
    Even though she was 16 yrs old: GOD WILL FORGIVE HER

  41. unbelievable says:

    Okay, I don’t know the young girl involved but I do know Jason. From what I know about Jason, he tries to do the right thing and he wants to follow the example of Christ. All of that said, he was VERY WRONG for what he did. I am not judging him, I am simply stating fact. It seems that some people posting on here would rather turn a blind eye to the fact that a terrible thing happened here. The facts are that Satan has won this battle (no, he has not won the war). We can pray for restoration in the lives of all involved yes, but please don’t make lightly of this offense.

  42. Nan Carter says:

    In response to what G.D.A. said: Dater April 13th.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I wish that people would just drop it and leave things alone!! This has been pulled thru the mud enough..not it’s time to leave well enough alone!! so ..LET’S JUST DROP IT…PLEASE!!! ” LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!”

  43. Another Former Resident says:

    I’m obviously deeply saddened and disturbed by this.

    I’ve known Jason for several years and as anyone who has known him for a long period of time can tell you, this came as a total shock to me.

    I do not view him as a typical predator, however, his lapse in judgment (if the charges are in fact proven true) is terrible.

    While we have truly all fallen short of the glory of God, at the same time, we must all recognize that those placed in positions of trust are to be held to a higher standard. And while she is at the age of consent, the consequences of Jason’s actions are something he will have to live with for the rest of his life if convicted of this horrible offense.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the young lady, her family, and the youth group; and also to Jason, who will need God more than ever during this time.

  44. bonovox says:


    as a former SINGLE male youth pastor, i take offense to the blanket statement and rebuttal that you made about not letting single men or women be in leadership over youth. You are painting with a VERY large and very unfair paintbrush.

    Your statement: “if he had been married – in all likelihood he would not have been seeking the company of a 16 year old girl… just food for thought….” is just sad and very uninformed.

    No one in the ministry is above sin. especially sexual sin. Growing up I had 4 (yes 4!) pastors who had to resign due to sexual misconduct in some fashion…and all 4 were married. So your argument doesn’t hold up.

    Did he make a bad decision? Yes. is he owning up to it? I believe he turned himself in…

    if you or your family has gone through something like thia before, i am truly sorry. These things should never happen, but since we live in a fallen world, we are all vulnerable to sin.

    The best thing we can do now is to pray for all involved, and before you throw stones, find out all the facts and CHARACTERS of both parties. The blame may not totally fall on one person.

  45. another point says:

    Everyone needs to step back and ask themselves one simple question: IS IT RIGHT FOR US TO JUDGE?

    Remember Matt 7:1 says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged” or in laymen’s terms, “Do not judge or you too will be judged”. Not only will you be judged, but you will be judged in the same manner that you have judged others (7:2). Moreover, James 1:5 says, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”

    This is not to say that we, as Christians, should not point out sin or errors in judgment (no pun intended), but that we must FIRST judge ourselves. In John 7:24 Jesus tells us to exhibit RIGHTEOUS judgment.

    No one TRULY knows ALL of the underlying facts BUT the TWO people most affected and most directly involved in this situation: the young man and the young woman.

    Many of us can be self-righteous and be quick to pass judgment on both of them when we should be PRAYING for both of them and their families. It can not be easy for any of them to live life right now–especially in a town as small as Monticello–knowing that all of the surrounding towns and cities are aware of what happened. And just from some of the earlier comments posted on here…it can be rightly assumed that the gossip mills and grapevine(s) are in full force.

    Do not forget that the Bible instructs us that our sin will find us out (Numbers 32:23). In this case, the SIN has been found out. The Bible also tell us that every person will reap what he/she sows (Gal 6:7-8). So those are quick to pass judgment will also be held accountable.

    This situation is called for the verse 1 Thess 5:17, Pray without ceasing.

  46. RTL says:

    Who am I to say whether it is a good or bad idea to put single, young men in a position of leadership? My point is that it is unfair to group and categorize all young, single men as the same. We cannot point fingers and say that someone does not have the right to lead because someone the same age and sex as them has messed up in the past.

    Let’s not take things out of context. My entire statement was:

    “There are cases all over where male and female teachers have slept with students…if we are going to reject everyone who is the same sex and age as a past offender, who would be left to lead/teach?”

    Nowhere in that did I state that all of these offenders were single. It can (and does) happen with anybody regardless of marital status and age.

  47. Just Stating My Opinion! says:

    All i have to say is that is takes 2 people for something to happen!!!! From what i have heard this whole thing had been going on for months! Jason and the 16 yr. girl had been sneeking around to see each other and to have sex. I Don’t understand why everyone is making Jason Guilty if the 16 yr. old wanted to have sex too.

  48. william says:

    The Parents must stop being so permissive and allowing their kids to Run the Show and we should stop getting away from the bible. Where in the bible does it say we should have a youth minister(A Novice at that) in charge of our kids. God commands DADs and parents to teach the kids. We want to go to church get entertained. We respect people because of their position in society. We are “respector’s of persons” The bible clearly warns us against this. Think about this people.

  49. william says:

    G. Brown This girl was not innocent, nor was the guy.

  50. I L0ve Jesus says:

    First of all, I dont think this should be on Monticello Live.
    This Isnt Everyone Buisness.
    I Believe What They Did Was Wrong. But It Takes Two To Do This.
    I Believe They Was Both Apart Of this.
    Jason Is A Good Man, He Really Is. Everyone Makes Mistakes. But This One Was Bad, But Im Glad Bro. Chad Forgave Him & The Girl. In The Bible It Says, If You Dont Forgive, God Wont Forgive You! . Jason Has Had A Bad Past, & He Has Changed For A Little While, But The Devil Made Him Make Bad Choices. We May Not Understand Why, But EVERYTHING Happens For A Reason
    I Forgive Him & Her.
    Im Prayin For Both Of Them & There Families! ..

  51. blessed says:

    Oh My GOSH!!! Y come down so hard on the youth minister!! I’m sure he is suffering and have ask God for his Forgiveness for his wrong doing!! But what everyone fail to realize is dat “The Young Lady” might have told him dat she was 21,22, 23, or 24 for that matter. We just never know the conversation that was amongst the two individuals. So y criticize!!! And also. she might have looked very mature for her age & maybe he thought that she was older than she actually were!!! Who knows?? They were both vulnerable at the time!!! And no, i haven”t read all comments…jus browse through some!! Maybe she felt like….he was the only one dat could help her at the time!! Not saying dat he wasn’t wrong!!! But Hey, U never know there situation unless u were a “FLY” on the wall at the time all of this took place!! So stop criticizing these two young people!!!! My Gosh!! As Sad As it is to say….. & many of you might think i’m crazy when i say this”, But “Different Strokes For Different Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So in reality…All We Can Do Is “PRAY ABOUT THE SITUATION!!!

  52. blessed says:

    And “NO”ITS not Right BY Law” But whether you all want to face the Fact or Not…..Older MEN SEE young women attractive as well was “YOUNG WOMEN SEE OLDER MEN ATTRACTIVE!! While everyone on here judging & criticizing….if you all are dating & maybe even if you are married,,,I’m sure u r older than the person u are with…or maybe whoever you are dating or married too could be older than you…(VICE VERSUS) But you all….ain’t going to tell that… NOW ARE YOU!! (SINNERS) SOME OF YOU ALL ACT LIKE YOU AIN’T NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG!! My Gosh!!!

  53. Lisa says:

    So many responses to this story! Sounds like our community is really concerned, and I can see how they/we should be.

    Everyone posting here is doing so for the thrill of gossip, for had it been a layman instead of a youth minister, it more than likely would not even have been reported, and in the case that it was reported, it happens so often that it is no longer news. Look at the way we are raising our children, after all. Go ahead and get defensive, you know you want to, but you also know that many of us are doing something wrong or not doing anything at all as parents, otherwise our children would not be out on Friday night doing exactly what we did… having premarital sex! I thought that part of parenting was the aspiration to become better more knowledgeable parents through the generations, and to use our knowledge from our childhood to better communicate with our own children and instill moral values, but I guess I was wrong.

    Anyway, the point I came here to make, the couple that you are all wasting your effort on are 24 yrs old and 16 yrs old. What about the many 30 men in Monticello and surrounding areas who are at home right now plotting and fantasizing and pre-meditating opportunity to be alone with our young children? Why not focus on them? Why doesn’t everyone gather together as one and do something about the TRUE pedophiles in our community and abroad?

    The term pedophile means, “an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.” It does not mean a young attractive man who succumbs to the desires of a “young” attractive “woman”.

  54. Lisa says:

    What about the many 30 men in Monticello, was supposed to be 30plus as in OLDER AGED men, not 30 pedophiles.

  55. Hogman says:

    Blessed: Are you kidding? What in the world are you talking about? The Youth Minister KNEW this kid was NOT 21, 22, 23, OR 24. The girl was in YOUTH! He knew she was in high school and in YOUTH! He knows the students in his YOUTH ministry! I am not aware of many YOUTH groups with 21-24 year olds in the group!
    And to Bonovox! What a mess you have lived through! You may need to look at changing churches or have your church improve on their background checking process of finding pastors if there is such a lack of integrity in your pulpit! Your church might want to do a better job of JUDGING individuals you consider for your pastoral positions before you call them! IT MAY REQUIRE PRAYER AND FASTING IF YOU HAVE BEEN SADDLED WITH SO MANY “FALLEN PREACHER” CANDIDATES! MANY churches do NOT allow unmarried individuals to serve in any capacity of pastor (especially youth) or senior pastors! This is a sad situation with many negatively impacted. Both families and the CHRISTIAN CHURCH family HAVE been given another black eye over integrity issues! We must pray for the involved girl and the former youth pastor! What a nightmare for the families of all involved! I am saddened this occurred and believe the Lord will provide the necessary grace for all concerned and help them through it!

  56. trottergirl says:

    Just remember what you said on this post when something is on here about other situations because he or she is not the only ones who have been caught up in a situation like this and yes others have been publicized. But you know the difference, people weren’t as sympathic to the man like you all are with Jason. I read alot of “stop gossiping”, “stop judging,” “raise your chidren right”, “everyone falls short of the glory of God”. I want you all the remember this when someone get busted for drugs, and some of you all degrade them, their character, and say “get them out of our town, lock them up……” Remember the same fogiveness and love and everyone sins,stop gossiping, and stop judging. I want you all to remember what you said and how you are quick to forgive him. REMEMBER!!!!! All of saying is treat everyone the same because you never know what the future holds

    Another thing, I am sorry but there is a need for concern when something like this happens. I don’t care how many excuses you come up with at the end of the day Jason is wrong. I am so sick of hearing it takes two. Yes it does but he should have been the adult in the situation, and by being so involved in the church he knew better. If they were sneaking around, he knew the repercussion of his actions. As for the girl, stop saying it take two, she is still a child, she might not think it, but she is. If I were her parents I would be pretty teed off about people trying to be slick and talk about my child. A child is going to make mistakes. People are willing to forgive him and do not want to talk badly about him, but what about this child? The focus should be on her and how to help her and deal with certain issues. It couldn’t not be my child because it would be trouble.

  57. unbelievable says:

    There should be policies in place to protect ministers (young or old) from temptation. Each church body has a responsibility to their members and ministers to set guidelines. We are all sinners so we can all fall. A minister should not be alone with a member of the opposite sex, period. Even in the act of counseling, there should be someone else involved. Our society is full of sexual sin, this is not just a “church minister” epademic. True, it is very troubling when a Godly leader falls into Satan’s trap; however, God has placed sinner’s saved my grace in charge of our churches. Jesus is our example, He is our strength and our portion.

  58. Forgiveness says:

    The lord looks at every sin equal. For example, murdering and lying are equal because they are BOTH sin. We cannot see this like Jesus Christ, because we are NOT Jesus Christ. We are humans, and see with human eyes, not our heavenly Father’s eyes. Being judgmental is just as bad as any other sin. All we as a community should do, and I mean ALL we should do, is to pray for Jason and the families involved. That is the best we can offer. We aren’t the Lord, so why should we judge someone when our own lifes are filled with things we would be ashamed of if anyone ever knew. No one is perfect, but Jesus Christ is, and He is holds the court not us.

    1 O lord, you have searched me, and known me.
    2 You know my sitting down and my rising up, you understand my thought afar off.

    3 You compass my path and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways.

    4 For there is not a word in my tongue, but, see, O LORD, you know it altogether.

    5 You have beset me behind and before, and laid your hand on me.

    6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain to it.

    7 Where shall I go from your spirit? or where shall I flee from your presence?

    8 If I ascend up into heaven, you are there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, you are there.

    9 If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;

    10 Even there shall your hand lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.

    11 If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me.

    12 Yes, the darkness hides not from you; but the night shines as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to you.

    13 For you have possessed my reins: you have covered me in my mother’s womb.

    14 I will praise you; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are your works; and that my soul knows right well.

    15 My substance was not hid from you, when I was made in secret, and curiously worked in the lowest parts of the earth.

    16 Your eyes did see my substance, yet being imperfect; and in your book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.

    17 How precious also are your thoughts to me, O God! how great is the sum of them!

    18 If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with you.

    19 Surely you will slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, you bloody men.

    20 For they speak against you wickedly, and your enemies take your name in vain.

    21 Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate you? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against you?

    22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them my enemies.

    23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

    24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.
    PSALM 139
    God Bless All

  59. Former Resident says:

    Can we just drop this??? It is QUITE obvious that most posting comments here are not aware of ANY specifics of this case. Leave them alone. Let Jason be restored. Let the Pauline 16-year old and her family be restored. Leave them alone and let’s get our own lives!

  60. Curtis L says:

    Jason is one of the nicest guys I have ever met and from what I saw, followed close to God. The girl was brought up with one of the greatest families that I have ever seen. This is devastating news to everyone, myself being a member of the youth group. Yes it was a terrible decision, but we should be behind them 100%. To all of you tossing mud on this situation, think about this “all fall short to the glory of God”. All of this has been traumatizing to the church and most definitely to those involved, but they need help now more than ever. Don’t judge so quickly when you may not know the people involved. Just pray and lift them up.

  61. Bda says:

    Let this be a strong reminder to ALL adults working with youth and children in any field. Never be alone with a child in a situation that could be interpreted as inappropriate. Don’t send personal emails to young people. Do it on a public forum or through group mailings. Have another adult in the building if you are counseling privately. Keep the door ajar. Don’t let yourself of the youth think privacy is OK. Keep that relationship professional. And yes, you can be caring and giving and approachable and still have boundries. This applies to adult women with young men, too.

    Many posters have been defending the youth pastor and saying that if he wasn’t a youth pastor it would not be an issue. But THAT IS THE POINT. He WAS entrusted with the care of young people, and more specfically, THIS young lady.

    Try not to get caught up blaming the victim or dismissing the responsiblity of the adult.

    With all that being said, it is still a great idea to pray for both the girl and the youth leader, the youth group and church.

  62. WH says:

    Some one made the comment earlier that none of this should have been on Monticello live. Monticello live is a News website, just like channel 7 or a local newspaper, only difference is you are able to leave your comments on a story for everyone to read.

    Im not going to make a comment on the story. But to everyone who is complaining about the comments and the gossip and the judging, if you didnt enjoy it, you would not be reading and commenting on it. If you dont like whats being said, plain and simple, stop reading it.

    Joe works very hard on this web site and is doing a great job.

  63. william says:


  64. Joe Burgess says:

    With over 60 comments having been posted, this issue seems to have covered every perspective that it can be seen from.

    Although some comments did not get posted, it was not because the moderator disagreed with your point of view, but instead that some topics are not appropriate to be publicly discussed, due to legal and moral guidelines.

    MonticelloLive thanks everyone for their input on this issue, and will be closing this article to future comments.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Joe Burgess

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