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“Not Guilty” Plea Entered by Local Man Charged with 1st Degree Murder of Infant Son

March 13th, 2012 by

Jackey Bostian, the 27 year old Drew County Man has been charged with 1st degree murder and 1st degree battery in the death of his son last year. appeared before Circuit Judge Sam Pope, Monday.

Bostian entered a “not guilty” plea to both charges.  The court set hearing dates in April and July to hear issues dealing with the case.

$50,000 Bond Set for Local Man Charged with 1st Degree Murder in Death of Infant Son
Feb. 9, 2012

A first appearance and bond hearing was held Wednesday morning at the Ashley County Courthouse to set bond for a  27 year old Drew County Man has been charged with 1st degree murder and 1st degree battery in the death of his son last year.

Jackey M. Bostian, of HWY 35 East, was charged by the prosecuting attorney’s office, Monday.  Bostian is accused of causing fatal injuries to his son, Ridley Bostian, who was less that 2 months old, during the early morning hours of February 8, 2011.  The child died 8 days later at Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

He was arrested Tuesday by Arkansas State Police.

Wednesday, Circuit Judge Sam Pope set a $50,000 bond (part commercial bond, part cash/property bond) at the hearing, where the courtroom was filled to standing room only capacity.

Bostian’s attorney Sara Hartness told the court that her client had notified law enforcement of his intent to surrender himself to the court; however deputy prosecuting attorney responded to the court that when officers arrived at the Barkada residence where he was arrested, Bostian was found standing in a dark closet with a cell phone, attempting to send a text message .

Bostian was released from jail Wednesday afternoon around 2:10 on bail.

The next hearing date in the case is set for March 12.


35 Responses to ““Not Guilty” Plea Entered by Local Man Charged with 1st Degree Murder of Infant Son”

  1. If this man is found guilty,the court probably won’t have to impose a death penalty,those inmates at Varner will probably take care of it for the state, and for a lot less money.

  2. Karen Withers says:

    Prayers for you Jackey, and your family. I do not believe for one minute that you did this, or that you are capable of doing it.



  4. Donna Harper says:

    My family is praying for Jackey and his family. As another person said… GOD IS in control. The hate and lies that has surrounded this tragedy by some people is totally uncalled for and untrue. I know that Jackey is not capable of murder and the court will find this out. I hope that Jessica and her family will find peace, but this is not the answer I assure you.

  5. Keep your head up Jackie you know you are not capable of this.

  6. cheyenne says:

    jackey!!! we are praying for you!!! your family is behind you 100%

  7. Kristina says:

    Lots of prayers go out to Jackey and his family. This was a hard loss and now this. I hope everything comes out okay.

  8. Sam B. says:

    Please remember that you are innocent until proven guilty and he is not guilty!

  9. Kay Worbington says:

    I don’t know if this were a case of shaken baby syndrome or anything about this tragedy. However, I do think shaken baby syndrome should be discussed with ALL prospective parents. It should be discussed in prenatal classes and there should be pamphlets sent home from the hospital with every new baby. I have worked with children who survived being shaken when they were babies. The results are devastating — blindness, cerebral palsey, not able to walk or talk and other disabilities. ALL PARENTS SHOULD KNOW THAT IT TAKES ONLY A FEW SECONDS OF SHAKING TO RESULT IN SEVERE BRAIN INJURY. A short moment of frustration or anger can result in terrible consequences. I don’t know what happened with the Harper family, but they are all in my prayers.

  10. sherry Jones says:

    a whole year has passed since this happened. I am not going to judge anyone in this terrible tragedy. I dont know the father of the child. I’m sure if he did do this terrible thing that it was not intentional. In a weak moment this happens all the time. Parents need to go to parenting classes before the arrival of a newborn. They need to be informed of the fragility of a newborn. If they are lacking sleep or a baby gets too much for them they need to call a someone weather its a parent a friend or a grandparent to help if gets beyond their capabilities. Call for Help!!

  11. Teaching in Monticello says:

    I cannot believe all of the people who are worried about “justice” for Jackey. What about JUSTICE for the poor baby who was killed? He was going to turn himself in, yet he was hiding in a closet? That certainly sounds like a highly upstanding individual!! I do not know him but I highly doubt that an arrest would have been made had not evidence been conclusive as to the child’s death. I agree that mistakes can and have been made in investigations, however, there must be something that made law enforcement believe that a murder charge was warranted. I am sorry- I can’t help but think of the terrible pain that this child went through at “someone’s hands”!! I just thank God that he is in a much better place where he is WANTED!!!

  12. misty says:

    I do not believe for one second jackey done this. I will keep him and his family in my prayers to get through this tragic time and I hope they find and charge the person who really done this.

  13. annie harvey says:

    You are innocent until proven guilty…Jackey my heart goes out to you and your family…I dont believe in my heart that you did this…just put god first and he knows the truth and the truth will set you FREE!!!!

  14. Haleigh Farmer says:

    People really should stop being so cruel. Do not judge. You don’t know the facts, you think you know because of something you’ve heard. If this were someone in your family I can assure you that you wouldn’t want people constantly talking trash. Think about how the family feels. Have a little decency. Let the court make the decision. And I hope for his sake that there are still some unbiased people out there who will listen to the facts that are shown and revealed in court and not the rumors that have been going around. However, no matter what happens, God is the only judge who matters. He is giving strength to everyone involved in this.

    Prayers for Jackey and his family.

  15. daylight says:

    It’s always hard for people to believe someone they love is guilty of such as this. I was a victim of abuse myself and decades later,so many people still defend the man’s innocence and I know from experience he was not the man I grew up thinking he was. I don’t know Jackey or his family. I just hope that true justice is done in the matter whatever that may be.

  16. Nana says:

    This situation is a tragedy on all levels. There is a precious baby dead and a young man from a good family accused of the unthinkable. Naturally the friends and family of this young man can’t believe he’d kill his own child….but everybody accused of something like this has friends and family who can’t believe it, and will never believe it in spite of all evidence. I love this guy’s relatives, but I’m not going to jump in and pronouce that he’s not capable of this. We never really know what someone else is capable of doing. Nor will I jump in and condemn him as guilty. I don’t know what happened. The evidence has not been laid out yet for all to see. I sincerely hope the truth comes out, whatever the truth is. I also hope that this poor baby and ALL his relatives get justice. The paternal relatives have lost their little baby too. Each side is telling the truth as THEY see it. There are no winners in this situation. Everyone involved has already lost. Now is the time for the public to stand by and let the gears of justice grind slowly on…and pray that true justice is done.

  17. this is a joke says:

    I think that people should shut up about any of this. Nobody knows the details and honestly, they will not get anything from this website. I think that comments should be banned from stories like this.

  18. miranda says:

    Jackey, ur goin to get through this and u know we r behind u 100%!! God will let the truthcome out in the end and the rightful person will be punished! I truly believe u r in no way capable of this! My heart goes out to u and u r in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  19. Paul says:

    I hope justice is done. Whether he is guilty or innocent.

    If he is guilty, he deserves conviction.

    If he isn’t, harboring ill will towards this young man provides no justice for his son.

    Pray that the facts come out and that the outcome of this case is correct – whether that is a guilty or innocent verdict, only time will tell us.

  20. David B says:

    tTo get it straight. Jackies’ family learned about the warrant, issued on Monday, early Tuesday morning. Working with his lawyer they tried to arrange a surrender. When no calls were returned, txt messages and a letter to the Judge stating that Jackey would surrender in Court on Wednesday. It wasn’t until 4:00 pm that state police arived at Jackey’s bosses house. He was not in a closet, he was texting his mother to notify her that he was being picked up. Police have known who Jackey’s lawyer was for more than six months. He wasn’t tryiing to hide anything. I think they were trying to wait till the judge got out of town, so Jackey couldn’t have gotten bail. How does this kind of crap find the truth? Futhermore my Brother had nothing to do with the Death of his child!

  21. Barbara says:

    True, no one should judge without knowing both sides of the story! That goes both ways…to those quick to say he is guilty & to those quick to claim his innocence! However, this 2 month old child could not & did not inflict the injuries to himself that caused him his death. That simple! Someone was with him when he received those injuries & that someone is responsible & should be held accountable! The truth is you just never really know a person, and you really don’t know what they are really capable of!

  22. Leah says:

    I am in awe at the things I see some of these people post and then see them again at church on Sunday, yet they call themselves “Christian”. If you truely ARE a christian…STOP. The night/morning…whenever this happened…there were 2 people there besides this angel….it was mom and dad. Its all his word against hers and vice versa…so…STOP! You weren’t there!! Don’t pass judgement. Whoever did this KNOWS they did it and will live with it the rest of their lives. Dont point fingers!! Please guys!! Just wait and see what the evidence shows…we may all be surprised….you never know. Until then let God handle this…it far too big for us. No matter how this turns out…it is already a loss to sooooo sooooo many! Couldn’t agree with “nana” above’s comment. Praise be to Jesus!

  23. Barbara seems to make a lot more sense to me than any of the rest of this! I don’t know any of these people,but I know the baby didn’t “self-inflict” his injuries!

  24. Sandi Linn says:

    Just google Jackie bostian yahoo!! Read his blogs!! Then defend him!!

  25. DJ says:

    Will be praying for the whole family. None of us were there when this happened so, we should really not be judging or guessing about what happened. Last time I looked in the BIBLE that is reserved for God not us.

  26. me says:

    i think barbara is right to, something happen to that baby!!!

  27. Exactly... says:

    Thank you Sandi Linn…make sure you read both of the blogs…an admission in his own words!!!!

  28. Sandi Linn says:

    And .. Every serial killer has a neighbor that says ” he was a normal guy.. Always friendly.. I can’t believe he’d do something like that” I mean just saying..

  29. crystal says:

    U better believe we may not know who did it but GOD did. N I no GOD will take care of the person/s who did this 2 the precious innocent baby. N Donna u r right GOD is in control!!!

  30. Ms. J says:

    I send my deepest condolences to the family for the loss of their child. When something like this happens we are very angry and want justice served ASAP. But we also have to remember that NO bad deed goes unpunished. People may think they’ve gotten away with things, but they have A Higher Power to answer to.

  31. me says:

    i do agree with david wm. smith, if more killer is put to death,( a eye to a eye) they would be alot less killer in this world, i wish i was pres. that law would be in there. now they have nothing to worry about, go to the pen and watch tv and get feed 3 meals a day, on ours tax money.

  32. Jen says:

    My heart goes out to the poor innocent child, who is now in the arms of the lord. Just wandering if all the people who believe this man innocent are trying to find out who murdered this child, or are they all in denial and believe what happened to the baby was an accident. I’m sorry, if he did loose his temper and killed the baby in a fit of rage, he still should be held accountable for his actions. That baby is dead because of someone’s carelessness. My prayers will go to that innocent child who did not deserve to be killed.

  33. DeadRanger45 says:

    I think everybody should stop trying to be an expert! Think before you speak. Most of you speak of nothing you know about. As in any case you have the condemners and the supporters in cases like these. You know nothing except what you have read about or heard from someone. If any of you think those are credible sources then you are sadly mistaken. SO DO YOURSELF A FAVOR…..SHUT UP!

  34. chris says:

    Reference Mr Bostian’s Yahoo posts from last year. You be the judge… “My babys doctor missed diagnosed him last week and now he’s fighting for his life? My son ridley is seven weeks old and last week he got sick we didn’t know what was wrong so our doctor sent us to Arkansas childrens hospital where they said he had meningitis then they said he didn’t have meningitis and sent us home he was fine for one day and about 4:30am he had a seizure and I picked him up and shook him because he was lathargic and he took a deep breath then he stopes breathing so I shook him again and started CPR the ambulance got there about 11 minutes later and they got his heart beating again then flew him to Arkansas childrens hospital and his brain is sweelling and bleeding and he’s in a coma which is common with untreated meningitis but the doctor said it was because I shook him and he also said that last week our baby had meningitis but when we tried to talk about that he said not to focus on that because that had nothing to do with his condition. What should we do because our son is most likely going to have brain damage and it could have been prevented!”
    yes…it could have been prevented.

  35. just saying... says:

    I think everyone needs to read his yahoo answers post, yes it proves that he shook him but it also proves that it was an accident and not First Degree murder,.. on instinct he shook him because he was scared and didn’t know what to do. I just hope God is int he Courtroom on the day of the verdict is read and the right verdict will be read. I’m not sure what it is, God is the only one who knows what really happend

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