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Group Organizes to Get “Wet” Vote on Monticello Area Ballot

September 29th, 2011 by

A group of approximately 15 interested individuals met on the last Tuesday night in September at the Monticello County Club to to begin the process of placing a “wet / dry” vote, to allow beer, wine, and liquor sales in Marion Township, which include Monticello, and it’s immediately surrounding area.

Calling their effort “Vote for Growth in Drew County,” they plan collect signatures to get the wet-dry issue on the November 2012 election ballot.

At the meeting, Ron Echols explained the economic benefits of the change, including increased economic activity, jobs, tourism, as well as more restaurants and retail businesses.  Also tax revenue would increase.

Echols told the group that many people in surrounding counties come to Monticello to shop.  Then have to turn around and go the other way to purchase their alcohol.

Tom Wingard reported that Drew County spends approximately $1.4 million on alcoholic beverages in a year.  $700,000 of that is spent at the nearby stores, already open; and the rest leaves the area.   “That’s Drew County money being spent somewhere else.”

Echols told those present that reports from 3 cities that recently changed to “wet”, that their DUI’s and traffic fatalities decreased.  One of those 3 cities was Arkadelphia.

Monticello surgeon Dr. John Tedesco said that our area is a perfect location, being an hour and a half from other similar ciites.  Adding that this is one reason he started his business here.  It’s a great  place for restaurants, convenience stores, and hotels.

Nathan Chaney, an attorney from Arkadelphia, who led Clark and Boone Counties’ campaigns to allow sale of alcohol, was introduced, and covered some of the specifics from those elections.

Echols said that he expects the cost of the campaign to be around $25,000, with help from volunteers.

Over 2,000 signatures will be needed on the petition to get the proposed change on the ballot, which is expected to be for the November 2012 general election.

If it passes, this will allow the sale of beer and wine in grocery and convenience stores.  It will also add one liquor store.

There are two existing liquor permits in Drew County, both located inside Live Oak Township..

108 Responses to “Group Organizes to Get “Wet” Vote on Monticello Area Ballot”

  1. Zdad says:

    Vote for growth is right. Growth in the # of DWI’s, growth in the # of accidents caused by drunk driving right here in the city limits-that’s growth we can do without!

  2. just my opinion says:

    I agree with this 100% one individual is reeking the money and wealth from Drew County right now and it will save problems

  3. Jody says:

    well like they said a growth in jobs. Be it a growth in medics or doctors its still growth. and considering that they said a drop in dwis and fatalities would b e simply due to everyone not having to drive to get beer. And think of it this way…thats alot of money to be spent in Drew county.

  4. Yes! says:

    It is absolutely silly that people around here don’t realize that by having a dry county, we are pushing business away. We will never have a chain Restaurant due to this county being dry, and don’t think that new industry looking at coming to Monticello doesn’t look at that fact. How many people drive to Pine Bluff on the weekend just to go eat at Chili’s? As far as more DWI’s, I find it far more dangerous that people are driving on the curvy road out to the Hill vs. having something a little closer. Also, people are getting robbed from the monopoly going on. Come on people, lets get real and let this town grow.

  5. Business Owner says:

    I think It will bring lots of revenue to our town!! People are gonna drink but that dont mean that the number of DWI’s will go up! People have the right to choose to or not to drink and drive, just b/c it will be more accesible dosent mean that the number of accidents or dwi cases will increase. It will be a great help to ourcommunity, if you do not agree…..dont sign it, but the town shouldnt be penalized for “opinions”. The article plainly stated that reports have been show that 3 cities that were granted a “wet” city, the dui’s and accidents DECREASED!!! I will GLADLY sign it!!

  6. 2011 says:

    Folks seem to favor the right of the individual to make up his own mind until they don’t agree with him. Please don’t pretend that alcohol is not available locally whether it is from the private clubs, bootleggers, or trips to Dermott etc. Let us have legal drinking rights for all and then enforce laws on underage drinking and dwi. Let us also have some decent restaurants and the revenue they produce.

  7. The Thirsty Traveler says:

    Again, read the statistics. These numbers are not made up to cast this in a favorable light, these are actual statistics furnished by reputable sources and municipalities. The truth is, people drink now. If you wonder why the State Police sets up roadblocks quite often right before you get to Pine Hill, it is because it is a 20 minute drive to the hill in which people frequently can’t keep their containers closed. At least if the places are in town, it will allow even the most extreme cases less temptation to drink before getting to their destination with the alcohol. No matter what side of the fence you stand on morally, people are going to drink in Monticello and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

  8. i have never unstood why part of the county is wet part dry

  9. READY FOR CHANGE!! says:


  10. Chris says:

    NO! NO! NO! This is not what we need in Drew County. I bet one of the 15 Individuals in that meeting is trying to become the owner of the ONE liquor store in Monticello.

  11. COOL_DUDE says:

    I would bet that Mr. Echols and some of the other members of this “group” are more interested in their own personal gain if this were to get on the ballot and pass. Someone would be able to make a lot of money if they got the permit for the one liquor store that this would add. But I’m sure that this “group” just wants what’s best for Monticello. So, Monticello, let’s do what is best for the town and keep the Marion Township dry!

  12. Concerned says:

    As a child of an alcoholic father, I can certainly say that given people more access to alcohol is a very bad idea! Alcoholics act crazy and stupid and are especially mean to their children. I am now 41 years old and I am still affected by the mental scars! Please do not ruin a beautiful city like Monticello. The bible says in Proverbs 23:31 “Do not gaze at wine when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly!” . Also, Ephesians 5:18 “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the (Holy) Spirit.”

  13. Just sayin says:

    Since some of the city “elite” are pushing this, get ready, it’s coming! And yes, I wonder who will get his greedy paws on the one liquor store? Anyone wanna take bets?!

  14. scott says:

    Folks the booze has always been here. Drive down Barkada road and play count the empty beer cans. I live on main street and pick up several beers cans a day, none of which belong to me. The booze is here, and issue is not that one or two individuals with experience in selling booze might make more money. The principal issue is the old money in town will lose its choke hold on the local infrastructe. TGI fridays, applebees etc will replace the town club, and embassey suites will build a convention center. Much more money will live here and make decisions. SImply put that moeny will not have been born and raised here. Foks, we need more money from out of town moving and spent here, not more chances for us to all take turns paying each other for doing odd jobs around the house. Prohibiton ended for a reason in the early part of the previous century.

  15. Sinclair says:

    there are 17 bootleggers in the county, why not a liquor store

  16. Concerned says:

    Well… here we go! Selling liquor in grocery stores and restauraunts… people seem to amaze me. We need jobs in this town and surroundings areas. We need to focus on jobs for our citizens. How I feel about alcohol will be a long story to tell. But I tell you this I do not like it. It causes more problems than it is worth. Yes there will be just as many traveling on the roads, think about it… people like to drink and drive. Yes I agree with some that say it is a rich mans gain. Nothing good will come out of satans work! Prayers are up! May God bless our nation! And God bless this town!!!!!

  17. Reality says:

    Economically, the city of Monticello will gain valuable tax dollars that are currently going out of town. We all know that you can’t legislate morals and if an individual decides to drink, then they will drink.
    The bottom line is that ALL residents of Monticello will benefit if this passes where as if it fails, then the money will simply keep disappearing to other communities. Like it or not, this would make Monticello more desirable for people to come to Monticello and spend money.

    As far as the “City Elite” comment goes, that is laughable. I forgot it is a sin for anybody, rich or poor, to try and make money in America. Educate yourself on the process before making such embarrassing comments.

  18. Jerry Lawson says:

    It is about time Monticello came out of the dark ages. People in Monticello are going to drink alcohol, so they should be able to pick it up at the grocery stores or Walmart instead of paying a monopoly rediculously high prices for it, or driving 25 miles to get it. Restuarants would benefit and chain restuarants would come to Monticello. We need to try and help our community grow and prosper. I will sign and help in getting signatures any way I can.

  19. Get a Grip says:

    Then I say thanks to the elusive “elite.” Guess what, I’m not the “elite.” I’m a working-class individual like the majority of the county and town, and I am behind this one-hundred percent. This propaganda about drunks running amuck and how every person who enjoys a drink is an alcoholic is fueled by pure ignorance and fear of change. While alcoholism is a destructive disease that plagues our nation, it’s the individual, not the thing. And shouldn’t we know who will have their paws on the licenses? That’s right, the very same one who owns them now. As a consumer, I can tell you this – we are being subject to an oligopoly as it stands now. This is fair to no one but those who stand to profit from it. And you talk about the “elite.”

  20. outsider says:

    yes i.ll take a bet it will be a an banker an automotiver superstore a person in lumber a person in gov. law some one tha has a lot of pull and money but who ever it is they well need to go to the hill to get the suplyps they have the whosale in southeast AR.

  21. Danny Lloyd says:

    Some things are more important than money. Alcohol ruins lives and making it more accesible is wrong. It will also be more accesible to the minors. To vote this in is telling them that drinking is right. Let us not forget the moral values that our older Drew Countians had. Greed is what has got our country in the shape it is in.

  22. Rose says:

    I dont care about the statistics for dwi’s. I care that I have the choice to drive to pine bluff for a bottle of wine, or i can drive all the way out to pine hill for a more expensive bottle of the same brand of wine. At least at pine bluff I can shop at walmart and get other things too. I’m 100% for this and will gladly join the group. I give my money to everywhere else in this town, why not to the ones that want to give me what I want? I’d much rather drive to walmart and get alcohol whenever I want, than to have to stock up when I go out of town and end up spending more money that way.

  23. Debbie Hyatt says:

    Just put in on the east side of 425 and stock plenty of red wine with animals on the labels. Goats a plus.

  24. blondie says:

    I’ll vote yes!! Monticello needs to expand in many different ways. There needs to be bigger chains of resturants, covienent stores, shopping, night life, liquor stores etc… People are going to drink if they want, so why not bring it to town and collect the money/benefits from this. Just like I don’t understand why Arkansas won’t allow Casino’s because people travel dailey across state lines to gamble. If a person wants to do something, they will go do it no matter what the drive. Collect the revenue for Monticello!!! Bring it on!!!

  25. Recia says:

    Actually if it was readily available and sold all over, we could buy beer at walmart & “the one owner” wouldn’t be able to charge outrageous prices and easily get it, right? They already own the land where the tire shop is across from walgreens. That’ll be the next location for a liquor store so keep that in mind, drinkers! What an eyesore!!

  26. lady la says:

    Let’s face it, more jobs for who? The people who get killed by the drunk drivers? Also, it will not lesson anyone getting out and driving because there is a further destination to get to for them to buy liquor. Look at the incident with Rooster. That woman was not headed to Pine Hill. People are gonna drive drunk regardless. Bringing booze to town will not stop that. I really don’t know if it would be good or bad, but I am pretty sure of this……One day soon, it’s gonna come to be. I can’t say that I look forward to it though.

  27. lady la says:

    Oh yes Sinclair, if we have so many bootleggers (and obviously you know all of them), why do we need a liquor store?

  28. Just sayin says:

    We all know how this town operates! So, I DO know the process and so does everyone else. Had this been an “every day Joe” bringing up this issue, it would get “killed” quickly. Now that some prominent citizens want it, you can bet it has a chance. By the way, I have two degrees, so I AM educated, thank you very much!

  29. Bry Taylor says:

    That’s right ya’ll….It’s all about THE MONEY!!!!!!!

    They don’

  30. dipnet says:

    So will there be a drawing to determine who the lucky person will be to own the ONE liquor store in town? No competition?? Sounds like it will still be a monopoly to me! That will be one lucky ducky!!! Seriously, I would only vote for it if there are more than one store allowed….this just looks too much like an inside job.

  31. citizen randy says:

    Come on folks, get your heads out of the sand. Find statistics that support your opinions that ease of access increases the amount a person drinks. It simply doesn’t work that way. I drive to the hill any time I want beer, no more and no less. I am in Pine Bluff, McGehee, and Dermott frequently and do not buy beer just because it is available. That is asanine to think otherwise. Irresponsible drinkers are just that and access has no bearing on their actions. Look at all the local folks who have benefited from the Lottery although the proponants were so sure it would increase the cases of foreclosures and overall financial ruin. People with problematic personalities will not be hampered by your naive assumptions that you can control them.
    All this being said I have to admit I don’t know if I could support the proposal with the clause allowing one liquor store. Not that I think we should have tons of liquor stores, just sounds a little self serving for the proposers.

  32. Jody says:

    I think that someones feeling will get hurt either way it goes. I think you all need to quit being a puss and let things happen the way they should. It wont stop drinking and driving and it wont help to promote it either. I think that people like you are the reason Monticello is going to crap. If it were up to me we wouldnt even vote for it. There would be a huge store right across from walgreens just to be an eyesore! Yall need to get for real and not worry about the bs involved and think of the oppertunities.

  33. What da What?! Is a taxpayer too says:

    Where’s the list. I’ll sign it!!!What does having a alocholic father have to do with this? That’s someone’s pesonal story so let it at that. I vote yes…..about time!!!

  34. Karen Caldwell says:

    From what I am reading here it is ASSUMED that anybody that buys alcohol is a drunk and drives drunk. I buy alcohol on occasions and I can say that I’m not a drunk nor do I drive drunk. I will preface that comment by saying you do have those people who do not care about other people’s lives and do drink & drive.

    The citizens of Monticello and Drew County need to wake up. When the alcohol is purchased in Pine Bluff, Dermott or Lake Village it is those towns who are getting the tax dollars. In general we fuss that our city/county has no money but yet when there is a way to increase the money we are against it. Please realize that it is not just us that will be buying the product….it will be people from other counties.

    I understand the concern about the DWI’s and the accidents. Maybe it’s time those that do buy/drink alcohol “under cover” grow up. Nothing wrong with alcohol in moderation!

  35. ArTravlR says:

    Didn’t we just pass an ordinace where one club was too close to a church? The church doesn’t pay taxes but we extend the distance law from 500 feet to a thousand feet just to prevent one club from operating. A CHURCH! Clubs don’t operate on Sunday. It doesn’t matter what these people do, or how many signatures they get, alcohol sales will never happen in Monticello.

  36. pete says:

    right now its easier for teenagers to get a bag of pot than it is for them to get a 6 pack of beer! i would way rather see kids drinking beer than smoking pot!

    get off your “tho shallt not Drinkith” high horse and get a grip!

    i have never done any illegal drugs or hung out with pot heads and the only time i have seen any illegal drugs is in public schools!!!!! a place that you force your kids to go everyday! your kids are already being subjected to things way worse than a box of beer in walmart trust me!! drug deals happen all around them in class everyday!

    its too late to save them from the evils of this world! the minute you concieved them they were doomed to see and experience evil! the only thing you can do is hope that the raising you gave them and the morals you bestowed upon them stick… trust me you dont want the first time your kids are subjected to alcohol to be college!

  37. Airbus says:

    Big chain restaurants only survive when there is a population to support it. I have been in the restaurant career all my life, and now that I’m back in a small town it’s quiet and we love it. I look around and see many squabbling over someones success and it ridicules a ripple effect that consumes the entire town. If you think that one liquor license is going to save us your dead wrong, this town needs industry to get it back not alcohol. JOBS PEOPLE JOBS unless this happens a so called big chain will die hopelessly plain and simple, we don’t need it.

  38. Randy says:

    The Ordinance was passed because they did not want the social club to reopen. Plain and simple. It’s time to vote out the old money running the city council and vote in people who actually have ideas that will help this community.

  39. Chuck says:

    How about we all just shut up, put it on a ballot and vote.

  40. Mike says:

    This will without doubt come up. So here’s the speech by Noah Sweet Jr.

    My friends, I had not intended to discuss this controversial subject at this particular time. However, I want you to know that I do not shun controversy. On the contrary, I will take a stand on any issue at any time, regardless of how fraught with controversy it might be. You have asked me how I feel about whiskey. All right, here is how I feel about whiskey:
    If when you say whiskey you mean the devil’s brew, the poison scourge, the bloody monster, that defiles innocence, dethrones reason, destroys the home, creates misery and poverty, yea, literally takes the bread from the mouths of little children; if you mean the evil drink that topples the Christian man and woman from the pinnacle of righteous, gracious living into the bottomless pit of degradation, and despair, and shame and helplessness, and hopelessness, then certainly I am against it.

    But, if when you say whiskey you mean the oil of conversation, the philosophic wine, the ale that is consumed when good fellows get together, that puts a song in their hearts and laughter on their lips, and the warm glow of contentment in their eyes; if you mean Christmas cheer; if you mean the stimulating drink that puts the spring in the old gentleman’s step on a frosty, crispy morning; if you mean the drink which enables a man to magnify his joy, and his happiness, and to forget, if only for a little while, life’s great tragedies, and heartaches, and sorrows; if you mean that drink, the sale of which pours into our treasuries untold millions of dollars, which are used to provide tender care for our little crippled children, our blind, our deaf, our dumb, our pitiful aged and infirm; to build highways and hospitals and schools, then certainly I am for it.

    This is my stand. I will not retreat from it. I will not compromise.

  41. Truth says:

    Truth be told, this aricle should be corrected. There will be 3 liquor store not 1. Only one more permit. The other two permits are established and can build more stores in town. I’m sorry this was reported to everyone incorrectly. So the monopoly idea is out. What’s the other argument? Oh morality. Well to each their own and I’ll drink to that.

  42. Didn't really wanna say anything says:

    I just cannot leave here, after reading all the responses, without commenting. First, in my opinion, if you are going to post on a public website…get a dictionary!! It is AMAZING the way the English language is butchered on some of these posts, not to mention the spelling of the English language. Okay, now that that is out of the way. Wake up Monticello people. Our money is leaving Drew County. This is ONE way to keep it here. I have heard/read all the pros and cons. Most educated informed people who actually want to know both sides of an issue will tell you that having liquor in this town is not the death knell that some would make it out to be. Folks who want to buy alcohol will buy it regardless of how far they have to drive to purchase it. So why not sell it and reap the benefits ourselves? I know this is the Bible Belt, or Baptist Belt. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t think alcohol in moderation is a bad thing. But so many people in this area are not tolerant of ANY alcohol. That is not a realistic outlook on life. Just my opinion. So, show me the ballot and let me vote for more tax dollars for Monticello.

  43. outsider says:

    why not let all of us have a chanch to get some money not just the ones that all reddy have it

  44. Poor Bob says:

    I’ll bet that a bunch of the people which are supposedly against alcohol sales, will on occasion, enjoy a casual drink themselves. That said, if you don’t want to drink, don’t buy it. Seems simple enough. This town was wet before, and should be again.

  45. Thumbs down says:

    I would rather not have chain resturants than have wine heads sitting out front of crackerbox and citgo asking for a dollar or a smoke everytime I go up there. (esp. with my kids) I am ok with a liquor store or chain resturants, but not in convenience stores. Dry township is alot cleaner in my opinion.

  46. Dragonheart says:

    Hmmm. I don’t think adding another liquor store is the answer to your economic problems. What is a liquor store going to do for you? Employ a half dozen employees. That really works doesn’t it? What your town needs is some kind of industry. No franchised business is interested in a small town that has nothing for “tourist”. What is so historically interesting? The lake does not hold any attraction at all. So what do you have to offer? There are no resorts. No gambling. No attractions. Besides, who do you think will be opening a liquor store in town? The one who knows how to successfully run one and all ready owns two.

  47. Democracy says:

    Regardless of our individual opinions we deserve the right to vote on it. This is supposed to be a democracy.

  48. LAX says:

    This issue will make for strange bedfellows. Look for church groups and the Parkers(owners of Pine Hill) to be against this issue.

  49. Sober and Proud says:

    Wonder if Mr.Parker still owns the property at the main red light by wal-greens where they tire place is? I heard he owned it when that car lot was there and would never sell it because if county ever got wet,he would have the best place in town to build a new liquior store. But,on a side note,if it was just a “average citizen” trying to do this,it would be throwed in the trash. I’m all for it!! Where do I sign? I don’t drink. Kids see beer signs in convenient stores when they are out of town so what’s the big deal with that? Just as long as it is maintained and our town don’t end up looking like Dermutt and McGehee,this would bring in lots of tax dollars. And one more thing,VOTE THE CITY COUNCIL OUT!!!!!! ITS TIME FOR A NEW,YOUNGER GENERATION TO TAKE OVER!!! And the Mayor,hope he enjoys his single term!!

  50. Liberty says:

    First off, let me say that having a dry county is like having the “war on drugs”. Just like everyone else said, if people drink, then THEY ARE GOING TO DRINK! If you don’t drink, then this doesn’t concern you. It’s not going to hurt you to look at a beer case in walmart or a liquor store across from walgreens… welcome to the 21’st century. You don’t have to buy the liquor. HAHA, eyesore… That being said, why are you bringing up pot? That has nothing to do with this. Do you really think bringing a liquor store will affect the drug market? Of course not. Try going to the Spring River, then going to a hippy fest, then tell me which crowd is more prone to get in fights or commit crimes of violence. Is it the pot heads, or the drunks??? Nevertheless, I agree with this 100%. Some of you people need to look up the term “liberty”. We, the people have rights folks, so stand up for that!!!
    -peace and love

  51. Church person says:

    Yep. You can bet us church people will be against it! If we don’t stand up for what is right, who will?

  52. Tim says:

    most of you people are blind. you dont think alchohol exists in monticello? you dont think people are drinking in monticello? your a bunch of idiots if you think making it more accessible is going to change anything. if a man wants a drink he will find one. atleast this way the money stays local and he doesnt get drunk elsewhere and kill himself on the road trying to drive home from 15 miles away leaving his wife and kids without income. either way he is gonna drink and drive. focus on stopping the illegal activity instead of infringing on the same rights that allow you to worship freely.

  53. Pastor Bobby Spencer says:

    I am a local pastor in Monticello and have been in this wonderful city for nine years. I love our city and am always proud to tell people where I live and work. I have been in the ministry for over 33 years and have lead congregations in both wet and dry counties. I can tell you for sure that our city will be far better off dry than wet. There are too many reasons why this is true to list in this post, but I will be one to lead the charge with the many other wonderful pastor’s and their congregations in town against this move. Alcohol will always be around, but we don’t have to open the door for it. Money is not everything. We would do well to remember that!

  54. KFay says:

    When will you stop being blind and ignorant ‘in the name of God.’ Do it in your name, not His. And stop forcing YOUR morality on others.

    Very few places in this country are still so caught up in the early days of Prohibition. Further, those that are, also find themselves slowly dying. Great comfort that; we have a ghost town, but hot dang at least it is a dry ghost town!

    People are going to drink. People are going to – but they don’t have to drive. That’s what a wet Monticello means — saving lives! Increasing revenue! Acting like you have a brain instead of mouthing some 100 year old rhetoric about it being so bad. Why can’t you see????

    Furthermore, it is NOT the government’s place to legislate morality. Town, state and federal governments have no right to tell me who to pray to, how to pray, what to put in my body, whether to spend my money on a game of chance, or any other personal choice.

    Geeeze Louise. I suggest some teetotalers would probably find a place like the middle east more to their liking. There, they buy into alcohol = evil — and they don’t mind giving you the death penalty for drinking it.

    This is one more example of why I am soooo happy to be back in the real world, where police don’t follow you acting like you are guilty due to the time of night, color of your skin or such. Where I can go to WalMart and get a wine cooler. Where as a lower income person I am treated with all the dignity of the town ‘elite.’

    But nothing I say will get through to you, will it? Bless your heart. I will pray for you.

  55. liberty says:

    Ok church people. The Bible says that God gave wine to make men glad (Ps. 104:15). Why have some people turned this blessing of God into a curse? John the Baptist did not drink wine (oinos in the Greek) or any other form of alcohol because it was prophesied that he wouldn’t (Luke 1:15). However, Jesus Christ did drink oinos (wine) (Matthew 11:19; Luke 7:34). Jesus did not preach against the use of wine; instead he did like most other Jews of his day. He drank wine in moderation. He wouldn’t have turned water into wine if it was a bad thing would he? Alcohol doesn’t make people do what they don’t want to do… If a drunk man beats his wife, he probably already had problems, and turned to the alcohol to feel better. Saying someone is wrong, or is a bad person because he drinks is like saying a murderer killed someone solely because he had a gun.

  56. Patrick Spencer says:

    Lets all take a look at the towns that are “wet”… Pine Bluff for example has a liquor store on every corner and it makes the town look like trash. I moved to a town outside of Dallas three years ago and just now returned. The town I lived in was a ‘wet” town and I promise you there are big differences in towns that are dry, and towns that are not. Mark my words, if this passes, we will see more arrests for DWI, more children will lose their lives from alcohol, and more innocent lives will be taken because of this. Why, because people are not smart enough to control themselves and making alcohol even more accessible to our town will be a huge mistake.

  57. pete says:

    pine bluff… dallas… really? you’re comparing monticello to those two towns???? those two towns have way more problems than being “wet”

    arkadelphia has a baptist college in it! it turned wet and the stats show dwi’s and crime lowered… beer in wal-mart wont turn your sheep into drunken idiots and make them miss church on sunday. those people who have strong mrals against it will remain against it. your flock wont run amuck… you’ll still get to pass your plate and praise the lord…

  58. Pastor Bobby Spencer says:

    Well I can see this issue is going to be a hot debate. Without question there are many different opinions on this subject. I also understand that there are many on both sides of this issue that believe strongly in what they believe and will not change their mind. You stand for what you believe and I will stand for what I believe. You want to drink, drink. No one is stopping you. Do whatever you like but remember one day when we all stand before the Lord, the truth will prevail. But until then I will continue to stand for what I consider is right according to the Word of God. I am not trying to legislate morality, but I’m not going to set back and do nothing when others are trying to legislate immorality. An We live in America and we all can voice our view. That is what is great about this country. So voice your view and I will voice mine. Stand for what you believe in, and I will also stand for what I believe in. But know this! I will be one of many that will lead the charge in this town against this change. We will gather a army of Christians together and we will stand against this change. It is not good for Drew County and it is not good for Monticello.

  59. Jimmy Albrecht says:

    As with any other issue that concerns morality of some sort, there will be people on both sides of the issue. Those who say it is OK in the name of progress to start selling alcohol in a city that prides itself on being dry will blame Christians and the church for standing n the way of progress. The church is not standing in the way of progress – we want to see Monticello grow and attract new businesses, we just do not want to see Monticello compromise what kind of city it is. The church will not just sit back say it is OK to let alcohol flow freely in the city. The church is full of Monticello residents who are against the passage of such a bill. The church is concerned for all the citizens of Monticello and must stand for what it believes is the right thing to. So please do not expect the church to just be quiet on the issue. We have a civil right to be heard as well as those who are for passage of such a bill. It may not be decided until it goes to the ballot box in November of 2012, but rest assured, it will be a big turn out to vote it down.

  60. Unknown says:

    I don’t drink, but it would be nice to have a decent eating venus come into town, like Outback, Chili’s, or Applebees, or Red Lobster, They won’t come into a dry town. plain and simple.

  61. Jim A. Hall says:

    Recently Wal-Mart remodeled and removed lots of items many of us purchased. They just did not have the room for everything. What items will Wal-Mart discontinue to make room for the beer and alcohol? Do we really want a liquor store in town Monticello?

    Not long ago there was a petition passed to have Monticello become wet. The upstanding businessman taht circulated the petition was later charged with falsifying the petition. He just wanted to sell beer in his business. He is no longer in business.

    I say we boycott all businesses that have stood up to sponsor this wet petition. We already have an upstanding attorney getting DWIs. Do we need other businessmen getting stopped with DWIs? Our youth need better examples than this. I for one will not do business with anyone who publicly supports this wet petition.

    My family stands with Dr. Bobby Spencer and the ministers of Monticello that wish our city/county to remain a light in the darkness. We challenge every conservative in Monticello/Drew County to stand with us. Lets make Monticello the best clean and dry place to raise our families!

  62. KFay says:

    To have laws prohibiting alcohol is legislating morality. You are correct – you have the right to your opinion. You do not, however, have the right to stop someone from doing something that is NOT inherently illegal or immoral.
    One man eats meat, one man does not eat meat. As long as they do not force another to stumble with their way, neither is wrong. For I am convinced that nothing, in and of itself, is wrong.
    Loosely paraphrased but you and I both know of what I talk.
    The government really has no right to curb a man’s appetite. Abe Lincoln said it long ago and I hold it is true still today. Government’s purpose was NOT to tell me when to worship, what to wear, what to eat, where to live — all that we fought against.
    Today our country is not what it was meant to be nor what it could be. Today government wants to control so many personal aspects of our lives. And you are correct — that is between MY Maker and ME. And I am secure in comfort of my destiny.
    Someone said people “Arent smart enough to control themselves.” That is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard. Thankfully I for one am smart enough not to blindly utter words based on what someone told me is true. I think for myself. I study the facts scientifically. I use my common sense and my brain. I fear if you believe what you said, you speak only of yourself.
    I will continue to stand for what I know is right. And in this case, what is good for Drew County and for Monticello is to stop being an oppressive 3rd world country on morality.

  63. KFay says:

    BTW let’s talk facts. In areas where religion is high, sexual oppression and other similar sentiments run high (anti drinking. dancing. movies. etc.) Studies and evidence shows in those same areas, crime and deviance tends to be HIGHER because the more you are oppressed, the more you rebel.
    “He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it.”
    The people who espouse religious rhetoric and rely on THEIR religious views alone to guide everyone (force everyone) to live by THIER rules are not only hypocrites but doomed to repeat the past.
    Even Jesus did not force his morals on others.
    So why do you?

  64. support money needs tobe spent locally says:

    It truly amazes me how many people think selling beer in gas stations and Wal-Mart will turn a city into drunken lunatics…

    Did the lottery in Arkansas cause havoc in the streets and increase rape and murder? No!!! Do a few people blow all their money buying up tickets? Yes they do, but those people would spend it driving to Greenville every payday anyway! But now the taxes collected on those tickets are being used in ARKANSAS!!!!!! not Mississippi or Oklahoma like they would if the lottery wouldn’t have passed… now kids get huge scholarships to go to college that weren’t around when I went to school just 5 years ago…

    A lot of children, probably several of you who were against the lottery’s children, are using the Arkansas lottery scholarship to go to college! But wait I thought the lottery was going to ruin Arkansas??? No it didn’t!!!!

    Now picture that same tax income on a slightly smaller scale. Money spent on beer inside the city limits of Monticello gets taxed, taxes help pay to improve this town! Will it send your kid to school like the lottery? No! but what it will do is help pay to get that pot hole fixed in front of your house, that traffic light that everyone wants back, general maintenances that may have band aid fixes right now can be permanently fixed and not by raising your taxes but by getting tax money from the sell of another product! It’s a win win! Your road gets improvement and you don’t pay for it!!!

    Not to mention if the city is doing more improvements the city may need more workers, meaning more jobs for local people!!! So not only do you hire 6 people to run the new liquor store but you hire 3 or 4 people on the road crew for the city spending the new tax money. Then those people have money to spend at other local businesses, which may need to employ another person to help serve the new customers. It’s a chain reaction! Money spent once in this town rolls over several times before it leaves this town.

    People are wanting to spend money in your town and you don’t want them too…. instead you would rather people go to Chicot county, Jefferson county, Louisiana, Mississippi, where ever! So that the money spent on beer and the tax dollars collected from that repave a road in Dermont? So that Jefferson County can get a new stop light? So that Louisiana can get updated cop cars.

    That is as antigrowth and antidevelopment as it gets! Support local businesses and support your money and your neighbors’ money staying local! Support money wanting to be spent in your town being spent in your town…

  65. Larry Doggett says:

    Well many have voiced their opinions here of why all of Drew County should be wet or dry and all of us have an opinion. Thank God we live in a country where we can. I have been in the ministry now for well over 30 years. I am the pastor of Fountain of Life Christian Center here in Monticello and I am also the Drew County Detention Facility’s chaplain and most of those I minster to at that facility is either because of alcohol or dope. I doubt that a big restaurant chain is making plans to come to Monticello should Drew County go wet, because they look at population and for the most part we don’t qualify, so in my opinion that one can be taken off the table. Following is a list of some of the reasons I am against going wet and it’s taken from my ministry experience over the years, and by the way, years ago, I used to drink and way too much. I am against it for: Every person that is in bondage to it and can’t break its hold; for every spouse or family member that is raped, abused or mistreated because of the liquor; for every person that has gone hungry because the alcohol took the money; for every person that has been evicted or had the utilities shut off because the money went to buy alcohol; for every child that has been embarrassed because they had nothing decent to wear in public or their mommy or daddy was seen drunk in public; for every child that cowers in fear wondering if they will be beaten up again because mommy or daddy came home drunk; for every kid that cries through the night wanting their mommy or daddy home; for the paramedics, doctors, and nurses who try to save a life as the result of a drunken crash, but lose; for every police officer, pastor, or other person that had to go tell a family that their loved one had been killed in a drunken crash; for every person that had to fire someone because that employee could not hold their liquor and that boss knew it would effect that whole family because that person needed to work; for every business or home that has been stolen from because someone needed another drink; for every person that had to spend time in jail or the pen and the family it affected because the person couldn’t hold their liquor; for every person that killed someone in a drunken crash but now is tormented because of it; for the general public that has to put up with people driving around with no insurance because the driver or owner of the vehicle would rather spend their money on booze; for every detention facility employee that has to put up with a rebellious liquored up drunk that is jailed to sober up; for every police officer and their family that has been killed in the line of duty, or shot, defecated on, urinated on, spit on, punched, cursed out, or otherwise abused because someone was liquored up; and for every person that has to pay higher taxes to police the problems that alcohol causes. That’s not my complete list but to me, it’s enough. I realize that not everyone that drinks will fall into the above categories, but if it is one, then, it is too many. I know how drinking effected me years ago and I know what it does to many others today. The more it is available, the more it will be consumed and the more it is consumed, then more reasoning and judgment is lost and lost judgment will cause others to be hurt. If it is put on the ballot, then go vote your conviction before God, because it is those votes that will settle this issue. I respect the right of everyone to choose, and my choice is made. I chose to quit years ago and it was hard, but, I found that my world did not come to an end when I did. Did I want it? Oh yes I did and nobody could tell me any different! Do I still want it? Oh no, not anymore! I am free and I am against it and not you, for the damage it does and also out of my love for my Lord, the love of all people, and the love of the people that I have, am, and will minister to. Larry Doggett

  66. just my opinion says:

    I personally don’t think selling alcohol is going to increase our alcolism in Drew County. Nore do I think it will increase crime. Jump on the people in this town that makes and sells meth in which causes theft and rape and the people who don’t care for family are mostly these. Mr. Doggett you said you overcome your drinking problem which tells me it depends on an individual making a decision in life and once again it is sold all over the State. The rate of crime or whatever you might want to call it depends on other reasons. Just compare the crime rate in Little Rock and Fayetville both sell alcahol but there is a huge difference in the crime rates.

  67. Kelly H says:

    Increases DWIs? Hello! People are going to drink. Unfortunately, we have proven throughout the years that they are going to drive afterwards too. The question is, where are they driving to? Are they driving to get more alcohol (I’d say that is very likely)? Are they driving home from a location outside of town after drinking (also very likely)? These two reasons behind their driving could be greatly decreased. This would allow people more opportunity to drink within the privacy of their own homes because alchohol isn’t as difficult to acquire. It would also cut down on the bootlegging that takes place here-and let’s face it, it happens daily. I can see where some may see this as a bad thing, but the reality is, people will drink no matter what they have to do to be able to. Why not reduce the chances of someone being on the road or driving extra distances by selling alcohol within the city limits at some place other than AllStars and The River? I mean, people go there to drink all the time…they do generally find a way home. And maybe this is just the adult in me talking, but once something because too convenient, it also loses it interest. If people can get alcohol when they want it, they won’t feel deprived and eventually may even lose the desire to drink altogether-or at least more sparingly. Also, most convenient stores would only sell beer and other lower proof alcohols. This would cut back on the hard liquor that is consumed majorly. How many times do people drive all the way to Pine Hill for a case of beer and walk past the Vadka or Tequila and think “well, I’ve already made the drive out here. I might as well…” I for one can honestly say that I have done that. I went in to buy beer and came out with the beer and a bottle of Tequila. I also want to point out that some people do not drink to get drunk. Some people enjoy having a glass of wine with their dinner. This could greatly increase the selection available in this area.

  68. Kelly H says:

    For those of you that are pushing biblical reasoning, I just want to ask, does the Bible not mention wine several times? I mean, Jesus, Himself, turned water into wine–and you want to vote so that others cannot buy it? David drank an danced in the streets praising the Lord–and was respected for it! There are many passages where the Desciples drank and were merry. Jesus did not condemn them, in fact, He too drank of the wine. I have hears it said throughout the years that the wine did not contain alcohol, but science as well as scripture has proven that it did contain a substance that lightened moods and that when abused drunkeness was achieved. The Bible doesn’t state that they drank grapejuice or other fruit juices. They drank wine. I do not believe that intaking alcohol is a sin in the eyes of the Lord. I do, however, believe that drunkenness is. That being said, those of us that can have self control shouldn’t have to suffer because of those that can’t employ self control. As for the rapes, robberies, child abuse and neglect that alcohol is said to be responsible for–would these people not have done these actions regardless of whether or not they had drank? You can’t answer that. Neither can the law. That is why a crime committed under the influence of alcohol is still a crime and still punishable. If not, a lot f crimes would be blamed on alcohol alone and many criminals would be free today because it was not at their fault but on the alcohol alone. We already can’t buy cold medications that work because they can be used to make illegal substances. We can’t get pain meications that work, even by prescriptions a large majority of the time, because people have abused it or sold it. People that suffer from diabetes find difficulty in getting needles for insulin injections because they have to be kept under close control thanks to people that use them for injection of other substances. How long are we going to allow those that abuse substances to control what others are able to obtain? They no longer give children medications when they are sick with a cold and many insurances no longer cover cough syrups because of people that abuse the substances or are irresponsible with the dosages–so now MY children and YOUR children and even US, as adults, have to suffer through colds with difficulties breathing and horrible nights of coughing to the point of vomiting (which has also led to death by aspiration). People that abuse substances shouldn’t be allowed to cause the government (town, city, county, state, or national) to infringe on our rights to acquire legal substances. That is exactly what is happening.

  69. Kelly H says:

    I’m sorry, but I just read a comment that cause me to have to post this one. The comment was that making alcohol more accessible in this town would make it more accessible to teens.

    As a person that has sold alcohol, I want to say that there are regulations and requirements that must be met. The responsibility will fall upon the stores to request IDs. If the stores can sell alcohol and follow regulations, this will in turn decrease the sells of the “bootleggers.” The bootleggers do not follow regulations–why would they ID a person to sell a substance that they cannot legally sell??? By selling alcohol in town, the vast majority of the bootleggers will lose business and eventually “go out of business” which will in turn make it more difficult for teens to gain access to alcohol. Why not allow it to be sold legally where people have to follow guidelines to sell or meet requirements to buy it? Doesn’t it just make more sense?

  70. Kelly H says:

    And furthermore, this is not about whether drinking is right or wrong. It isn’t even about what may happen if the area is no longer a dry area. The truth of the matter is, it is purely a legal topic. DOES THE GOVERNMENT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONTROL WHAT LEGAL SUBSTANCES WE, AS CITIZENS, ARE ABLE TO PURCHASE AND CONSUME? The United States of America does not see pohobiting alcohol sales as constitutional—therefore how can any state or city government??

    I’d also like to remind people that the Consitition separates the Church from the State… This is not a Biblical issue. It is, in fact, an issue of the local government, therefore the churches may express their opinions (given the 1st Ammendment) but their opinions should remain separate from the Government. It is the local government with a decision at hand, not local churches.

  71. rooks1 says:

    The matter at hand is neither right or wrong, there are pro’s an cons. Voicing one’s opinion is just that their opinion and everyone is entitled to have an opinion. It still comes down to the fact that it has to Pass a Vote to get on the ballot an then it has to Pass a Vote to even happen.

  72. Citizen Randy says:

    Doesnt take a rocket scientist to see the passion in this issue and I for one appreciate each person’s opinion and right to express it. We must rely on facts not opinions when making decisions. Just saying that access to booze makes drunks sit at the door of walmart or crackerbox doesnt make it a fact. Just saying that access to booze translates to additional drunken drivers in town doesnt mean it is the case. Surely you all have been in towns that sell booze. I have never seen a wino hanging out in front of walmart or crackerbox in hot springs where they sell beer. Do not see the streets lined with fatalities due to drunk drivers that bought more booze just because they could get it easier. The facts just do not support the assumptions. The jail in town has drunk drivers in it now which means drinkers are driving now just like they will when booze can be bought in town. That is a fact not an assumption.

  73. liberty says:

    Amen Kelly! We have rights! It’s just that a lot of people here in SE Arkansas are brainwashed, and can’t think outside of the box. They just believe what they’ve been taught since they were a child, and won’t settle for anything else, because they know they are right, and nobody is going to tell them different. You church people get your so called army of christians to fight against this, because you’re terrified of change, but it won’t be an easy fight. Don’t get me wrong, I AM A CHRISTIAN. I just don’t agree with a lot of your beliefs…. it doesn’t make sense. Try to not to be so closeminded, instead of saying “this is how it is, because it’s true.”

  74. KFay says:

    You must remember – these “christians” posting here are relying on fear and emotion to drive their rhetoric. Which, by the way, their actions go against pure Christian ideals. Those who are rational will ignore them. Those who aren’t – won’t listen anyway. So let them spout their nonsense…………

  75. Abb says:

    Sign me up, and I don’t even drink. Making our town “wet” would bring so much to this town. More restaurants and industry just for a few examples. Having more things to do in this college town would be a dream come true! If there was more than a Wal*Mart and movies maybe we would do a way better job with recruiting. Actually win a few rings. No one wants to come to a town with two nice food places (the river and cowboys) and a whole lot of fast food. As bad as I hate to say it we don’t live in Mayberry. Maybe if people could stop in at EZMart they wouldn’t have to crack open their beer until they got home, it’s too much pressure to not drink one on that 15 mile trip home; oh and while your out that way it’s so easy just to hit a backroad. If someone wants a drink they will get it..

  76. AnoYnomous says:

    I don’t drink but As long as people don’t get stupid I’m ok with drew county being wet it would be nice but that would mean no drinking and driving I’m against that. So I vote yes if people act responsible!!!!!!!!

  77. Long Time Resident says:

    Jim If you would like to get your facts straight before you start running your words onto this page, thenyou would know that local business man you stated got the DWI, that was not even for alcohol, it was for prescription medication….So actually alcohol doesn’t even have anything to do with it. I am tired of innocent people getting killed because someone had to drive out of town to get alcohol and then was drunk driving back into town… RIP “Rooster” there are too many innocent victims. I don’t drink but i do have a teenager, who drives on these city streets, and county roads, and i would feel better knowing that those who do choose to drink can purchase it and go home with it to consume it at their own house. Whether this county is dry/wet there will still be those who choose to drink and drive, the chances will just go down.

  78. Larry Doggett says:

    I wanted to respond to some things mentioned in these posts. First, it was mentioned that I made the choice to get off of alcohol and yes I did, but I could not have done it without the power of God, the blood of the Lamb, Jesus, the power of His Word, and the power of the Holy Ghost.

    It was mentioned that some are pushing Biblical reasoning. Yes, I guess you could say that is true. When a person gives themselves to God and becomes a Christian, the underlying truth is that we are now vowing to live a life for God and to use His power and His instruction manual, the Bible, to do it. So how could a Christian live any other way other than through Biblical reasoning. We don’t exclude the Bible to make decisions. It is our life-style as a believer.

    It was asked, does the Bible mention wine several times and yes it does. From the caution side concerning wine, the Bible specifically says in Proverbs 20:1 “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise. Proverbs 23:29-35 Who hath woe? Who hath sorrow? Who hath contentions? Who hath babbling? Who hath wounds without a cause? Who hath redness of eyes? They that tarry long at the wine: they that go to seek mixed wine. Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his color in the cup, when it moveth itself aright (fermented). At last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder. (Because of the wine) Thine eyes shall behold strange women, and thine heart shall utter perverse things. Yea, thou shalt be as he that lieth down in the middle of the sea or as he that lieth upon the top of a mast (of a ship). They have stricken me, shalt thou say, and I was not sick; they have beaten me, and I felt it not: when shall I awake? I will seek it (the wine) yet again.

    It was stated that Jesus turned water into wine. And yes Jesus did, but He also created all things as stated in Colossians 1:16 and that include rattlesnakes too, but that don’t mean I want to pet one or carry one around in my pocket. He also created, through man, arsenic, but I sure don’t want to take any of it either.

    It was stated that David drank and danced in the streets and was respected for it. I searched the different versions of the Bible that I have through Bible software on my computer and also the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible and I did not find a passage anywhere that says that. It does say in 2-Samuel chapter 6 that he danced with all his might causing the uncovering of himself and his wife ridiculed him for it and she was left barren for the rest of her life. If you have the passage, I would like to have it so I can study it.

    It was stated that many passages in the Bible referred to the Desciples (I believe it was meant disciples) drank and were merry, but in my search I could not find them either. If they are there, please share them so I can study them also.

    It was stated that Jesus too drank wine. I could not find a scripture for it, however, I did find that people called him a winebibber and a gluttonous man in Matthew 11:19 and Luke 7:24. If there is a scripture on it, please share it so I can study it too, because I do not want to be wrong concerning what is in the Bible.

    It was stated that Jesus did not condemn the disciples and that is right for the scripture says in John 3:17-18 that God sent not His son, Jesus, into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. He that believeth in Him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten son of God.

    It was stated that the Bible does not say that fruit juice was used in the Bible. When Jesus served what is typically called “The Last Supper”, He stated that He would not drink of the fruit of the vine which would be juice from the fruit until the day He drank it with us in His Father’s kingdom, in the kingdom of God, and until the kingdom comes in Matthew 26:29, Mark 14:25, and Luke 22:18.

    It was stated that people with diabetes have difficulty in getting needles for insulin because people use them for other substances. I was diagnosed with having diabetes over ten years ago and I have never, ever, had trouble getting needles and if someone can’t get them, then please show me your prescription and I will gladly give you one as long as I have a supply.

    It was asked, does the government have the right to control what legal substances we, as citizens, are able to purchase or consume. Yes, when the government is by the people and for the people. All we have to do is look at marijuana. It is illegal in the states, except for some which allow the use of medical marijuana.

    It was stated that the Constitution separates the Church from the State. There is not one place in the Constitution that states that. It is a term used by some to justify their point of reasoning. It does provide the fact that government can not establish a religion. If there was truly separation of church and state, no church would be held accountable to the laws of the nation or state, but they are and no person loses their right to voice their opinions or right to vote because they are a member of a church or living their life by Biblical standards.

    It was stated that the Christians are just relying on fear and emotion to drive the issue. I for one am not. I stated what I have experienced from my ministry and from my life. Based on that, to me, there is way more wrong on the wet side of alcohol than what is right on the dry side and I stated it in my post. We are faced with two kingdoms, the kingdom of the world ruled by Satan & his agents, through hate, lust, greed, mediocrity, & fear and the kingdom of God ruled by God & the believer, through love, sacrifice, giving, excellence, & faith. There will always be different opinions in the two kingdoms and even to some degree differences within each kingdom itself. Some years ago I gave my life to God to serve Him as best I can with His help, to help as many as I can, and to live by the principles of His kingdom. Everyone makes a choice and I have made mine. Therefore, let us say what we mean, and mean what we say, and don’t say it mean, and if the wet-dry issue comes up on the ballot, go vote our conscience before God.
    Larry Doggett

  79. People Be Ready says:

    Oh you ignorant and wicked generation, how long will you care more about earthly things than heavenly things? If you people do not notice we are in the last days Jesus is coming soon. Why are we worried about alcohol than we are people lost souls? Jesus says a man can not serve two masters because he will love one more than the other. Being a christian is not just sitting down and filling a pew every sunday and then leaving and doing whatever you want during the week. Oh why are we such a religious people? we are just like the Pharisees that killed our Lord. we are more worried about being able to buy alcohol and going out and partying than we are winning souls for the kingdom of God. Yes Jesus died for our sins but that doesnt give us the right to go out and do whatever we wont. Repent of your sin because the day of our Lord is near.Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise. Proverbs 20:1. The truth is if you are more worried about being able to buy alcohol then you need to check your self. If you are a Christian and like most of you say you are then you shouldnt be worried about Alcohol. You should be worried about winning souls and keeping people and your self from hell. I know most people here think that good ol boys go to heaven but thats a lie. what gets you into heaven is a true relationship with Jesus Christ and asking him into your heart. If you are a christian you shouldnt be worried about such earthly things. you should be about the fathers business. Being a Christian is not sitting in church its time we stand up and be what God has called us to be. Repent you people before it is to late.

  80. Shannon Allen says:

    It amazes me the people that want to stand for this but wont post there name. If you are going to stand for something, do it proudly and not ashamed. Me and my family on the other hand will stand against this movement. I agree that money isn’t everything. I also agree we all have a choice and a opinion and I will stand behind mine. I have been truly blessed with 4 boys ages 11 to 21 and none of them have ever touched a drop of alcohol. Yes I agree most of that has to do with the way we raised them and did not give them the option on staying home from church but it has helped with it not being advertised all over the town we live in. I am proud to say that we stand against this movement and pray that all Christians will stand for what is right and not just for more money. I love this town to and do get aggravated at the selection of restaurants but one of the main reasons I do live here is because of it being dry. God bless and pray that his will be done.

  81. liberty says:

    This has nothing to do with religion anyway. This has everything to do with our civil rights. Rights that protect individuals’ freedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations (THE CHURCH), and ensure one’s ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression. Christians aren’t the only people that live in Drew county. Drew county is home to people of all kinds of religions and creeds. The bottom line is that it would help Drew county. The statistics don’t lie. Look at the other Counties that have changed from dry to wet. Are you scared that you might not be able to worship because there are a couple of liquor stores in town? If you have faith in God, his presence will be with you wherever you are. Welcome to 2011 folks, it’s time to get off the Mayflower!!!

  82. Jim A. Hall says:

    To Long Time Resident – We will never know for certain if it was for alcohol, since he refused a breathalizer. As for “Rooster”, that was sad. Obviously the drunk driver did not buy her alcohol in Monticello. But do we need other drunk drivers buying their alcohol in Monticello? I have lived in a community that had drunks sleeping in the streets. The less access to alcohol the better.

    Some have said the lottery has helped the community. An elected official recently stated not one dime of the money spent on the lottery stays in Drew County. The small amount of alcohol sales in Monticello will not be enough to save our local economy. Just because a dozen high ranking Country Club members want to make some quick cash off the backs of poor alcoholics, is no reason to allow alcohol sales in Monticello. Seark is not going to reopen its operations just because we have alcohol sales in town. Nor will GP save the 700 jobs in Crossett just because we start selling alcohol. Funny how Atwoods Farm and Ranch is opening in spite of no alcohol sales in town. Dollar Tree opened an expanded store and hired how many more employees, with out alcohol sales.

  83. KFay says:

    Just more rhetoric. God help you if the city turns Muslim or Jehovah Witness or such. After all, by your logic, then the town would have the right to make you abide by their religious doctrine – right?

    And there IS a separation of church and state. Implicit in every line of every ruling and doctrine is the fact that society cannot and shall not be ruled by religion. Instead, it is personal choice what religion you belong to — and the religious laws you observe.

    And while indeed there is a long-standing precedent of legislating morality, founding fathers found that to be wrong. Study this:

    “Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.”

    -Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) U.S. President.

    Speech, 18 Dec. 1840, to Illinois House of Representatives

    It appears to me that you want others to live by your religion. Yet, Jesus did not force others to live as He did. His greatest testament was not the words he spoke, but the way He lived His life — as it should to all true Christians.

    You seem to think the longer the passage you write, the more you influence. The opposite is true. And I question why you do not address my comments specifically. Could you not refute the verses of which I spoke? Can you find no proof other than dogma and emotion?

    BTW note I use my name. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

    I get that you are welcome to your OPINION. What I find sad is you think that all should live by your FEELINGS. Too bad you rely on emotion rather than fact. And I suggest you live in either the wrong age or the wrong country.

  84. becky says:

    i dont drink, but i dont like vegetables either, i dont keep people from buying a can of corn, and i dont think i should keep them from buying a can of beer either….hope to see this town wet real soon.

  85. Jody says:

    I am one of those people that really dont care what anyones opinion is. you have your own as I have mine. I dont care to hear yours> I dont wanna be a part of yours. But for some reason I find myself reading all these remarks…comments…and replies. How old are all of you. You are just simply stupid and greedy. And as for the “church people or christian folk” leave your bs aside. Ill be waiting for your “army of christians or cult” whatever you choose to call it. My vote is yes make Drew county wet. and if you need to know who I am or where I live just ask….ill meet you in my drive if you feel the need. But my concern is this…those of you greedy pastors or preachers or reverands that choose to cause problems and be mouthy cause you feel you are “better” than everyone…just shut your mouth and keep to yourself. this voting has nothing to do with going to church or anyones faith! and for those arrogant drunks that feel the need to drive…..lord help you! if you hit one of my family….I will personally deal with you! All this arguing just makes me think… this the reason Monticello is going down? Are these people the ones causing Monticello to have nothing? Before too long all we will have is a liquor store and wal mart.

  86. BUBBALOU says:

    That’s right Liberty, you tell. Look at some of the other Towns! Wouldnt it be nice if Monticello looked like Dermott?

  87. shikat says:

    It’s not going to make that much of a difference seeing that pine hill is less that 10 minutes away on probably one of the most dangerous roads around. Just because opening up a liquor store in town doesn’t mean its going to increase the crime or drunks. People are going to drink regardless of whether they buy it in monticello or drive to dermott and get it from chinamans.

  88. shikat says:

    Jody, at least there would be something other that a Walmart. I could care less if there is one there or not.

  89. bill moore says:

    i don,t want to see a wet township if it is how are we going to get so many jobs =–explain –how?

  90. NaNa says:

    Why do people think that just because a person buys alcohol, that they’re alcoholics or drunk drivers?? And probably 75% of the wrecks caused by drunk drivers happen because they have to drive to the middle of nowhere to get alcohol. No I’m not saying let’s all go out and buy alcohol but we should have the right to buy it wherever. Didn’t soldiers fight and even die for our right to have “freedom”? So why are people trying to take our freedoms away? As far as the christian aspect, people are gonna have to answer to God for what they do, and no matter how much you push the issue and try to reason w/ them, you end up pushing people away from God because they feel as if you’re putting them down or trying to belittle them. Leave well enough alone! Say what you’ve got to say, then drop it!

  91. support money needs tobe spent locally says:

    its not really difficult, try and follow along.

    this is a hypothetical but i think its realistic

    1 liquor store = 2 or 3 full time jobs 6 or 7 part time jobs
    distributors to deliver to stores = guess of 10 semi local drivers
    various jobs needed to sell new product = 10 to 15 part time jobs
    new city employees due to increase tax base = 1 or 2
    plus tax benifits from sales

    these are a guess i have no evidence or research to back them, but i think its a conservative guess. maybe 15 full time jobs and 16 to 22 part time jobs. in a town this size i think thats huge!

    15 full time jobs could be 15 families of 4! thats 60 people making this town wet could help!!!

    22 part time jobs for college students is huge! there are very limited part time jobs in this town for college students!

    now these 15 full time employees and 22 part time employees turn around and spend the money they earned working at local buisness and a couple more jobs at various businesses may need to increase staff to serve them! adding even more jobs!

    meanwhile in the background taxes are being collected every time money changes hands! there are benifits to having money spent several places in your town instead of being spent in one place 10 minutes outside of town.

    im not saying monticello will turn into a huge meca of businees and prosperity by turning wet, im saying every little bit helps!

  92. D. Lambert_Falconer says:

    I must say that I am having mixed feelings about this proposal. I agree with the facts that support allowance of liquor sales within the county and how it would decrease DUI convictions and a list of other issues. However, I feel that limiting the permits to certain establishments that do not and have not traditionally catered. To the Black or Latino populations is unfair. Allowing only one liquor store is a monopoly. Why not cap the limit of the number of stores (3) to give minority business owners a fair shake at the potential economic gain. Be mindful of sharing the wealth with all Drew County residents.

  93. Jimmy Albrecht says:

    Some say the Christians ought to just stay out of the issue, are not the Christians citizens of Drew County? Do we not pay our taxes? Do we not have the right to have a an opinion? Do we not have the right to vote? As I Christian, I do not think we need to approve the sale of alcohol in our city or county. As a pastor, I encourage believers to vote against it. But aside from the Christian stance, I like living in a city that is dry! Is it wrong to like that? Is it wrong to want to live in a place that is different from other cities? Is it wrong to have beliefs that are different than others? This issue will not die. Christians will not just be quiet about their wishes anymore than those promoting the issue will be. Each person will have the opportunity to vote and make their choices. When the children of Israel were going into the Promised Land, they were warned against following other gods. Joshua said, “Choose for yourselves this day which god you will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Josh. 24:15) In the same spirit, choose for yourselves which way you will vote on this issue, but as for me and my house, and my voice at the church, we will be against the issue!

  94. D Waschalk says:

    Wow! This issue is obviously going to be very controversial. I, for one, am for making the township wet. I believe that several jobs will surface and that drunk driving accidents will decrease. However, we will not know exactly what will happen unless the vote passes. Statistics show that, by allowing the sale of alcohol, the economy will be better off. Again, we WILL NOT know if this is true for Monticello unless the vote passes. I see the points for both sides and am not trying to anger anyone. Arguing the issue on a message board, though, is pointless. If you are so passionate about the issue, then go out and rally voters. I will do the same. Whatever happens, though, I will still love this town and I will still love my God.

  95. Karie says:

    I moved to a northern town this year. We are listed as one of the top 100 small towns in America (small — comparable to Monticello). The schools are top rate, ranked one of the highest in the state. There is artwork on every corner in downtown, which is thriving with restaurants, hardwares, beauty salons, furniture stores, specialty shops — one of the few handmade chocolate makers in the US resides in downtown — and more.

    We also can order drinks in the bar/restaurant, go to the liquor store three blocks from the hospital, or go to the grocery store and buy beer or wine. Gasp. *

    You Do have the right to your ‘christian opnion’ as I have the right to my ‘christian opinion.’ But you do not have the right to dictate to others they have to live as you do. And that is what you are saying when you say you want to ‘live in a town without alcohol.’

    A) It aint happening now. Do you have any idea how many bootleggers are near you now?
    B) You are fear mongering and using emotional persuasion. The demise of the town is guaranteed with alcohol? What about my new town? What about the millions of others that are like it, but DONT happen to be in the bible belt of the South?
    C) What about those who live there who do want alcohol? Don’t they have just as much right?

    Ya know, there ARE countries who do agree their religion allows them to dictate other’s moralities. Those same countries use the biblical stoning for sexual immoralities, prison for alchol, and similar methods.

    As for MY Jesus, he never once tried to force others to live His way. He simply explained there was a better way, then let others choose for their selves.

    And that illustrates my problem with some people’s ‘christianity.’ What more can I say. Too many do something in “God’s name” that is nothing but hypocrisy cloaked as ‘devotion to God.’

  96. GG too says:

    Well said Karie

  97. Wow! says:

    To whoever wrote the article just know that Alcohol is legal & does not need to be legalized! People are going to drink if the town is dry or wet. & underage kids are going to get alcohol also. Whether their parents buy it for them, older siblings, or friends. The older generation needs to wake up & realize times are changing whether you like it or not. Things just aren’t the same growing up anymore. We live in 2012 not the early 1900’s. Why bring Marijuana up, the petition isn’t even about that but, promise you this give it about 10 to 15 years States will start making it legal!!

  98. Eddie says:

    I used to work at the selma liqour store and it would amaze you how many business men and “christians” get there liqour there to avoid being seen at the new store!! So if crack was legal tomorrow the whole town would become crackheads?? I think not!!

  99. sue says:

    i dont drink and never have the contry club sell booze the river sells booze there are places where the elite go so they dont want any one to up set their party i eat at the river but that dont make me drink how can these places sell booze now people its already here

  100. Jean says:

    To everyone here, since when is drinking alcohol a sin? Some people need to read their Bible.

  101. captaintrips says:

    I am so glad I left Monticello! I believe Cannabis to be far less threatening to any individual than either alcohol or tobacco. But because of big corporations want it illegal so they can continue to rake in the profits from it being illegal. No deaths are attributed to it. You can’t overdose from it.
    The elite of Monticello have their place to purchase alcohol. The lower class in Monticello must drive to Pine Hill and spend their money on gas to go and get it. If the county becomes wet it will control the number of places to purchase it. You do not need a liquor store on every corner. Limit where it can be purchased. Before I moved I meet many people from out of town that could not believe that they had to drive 15 miles just to purchase a six pack to enjoy after the hard days work that brought them into Monticello. Many of them said that they would not be back no matter what.
    There is a word for what Monticello needs. That word is COMPROMISE. Something is seriously wrong with a community that can not and will not compromise. Its either my way or the highway. When will ya’ll learn how to work with each other and work on making Monticello good for everyone and stop trying to force people to do it your way. I only come back to your city to visit family. Please citizens of Monticello learn how to work with each other. When that day happens, the city will begin to prosper again, instead of deteriorating further. Just remember that there is a limit on when and where it can be sold.

  102. maccid says:

    I believe it is time for Monticello to get away from being dry. I lived there for 24 years and when I joined the military, I have yet to see a dry place. I have lived in Europe and also in Delaware. Yes there are DUI’s but there will be DUI’s anywhere due to lack of responsibility on that person. However the rest of the responsible community should not be held back.

    Education is key. It should be taught on every level beginning in the home that alcohol can impair judgement as well as motor skills. In the military we preach 0-0-1-3 which means:
    0 Tolerance for Underage Drinking Incidents
    0 DUI
    1 Drink per hour (1 beer=1shot=1 glass of wine)
    Not to exceed 3 drinks per event.
    If these guidelines are followed, you can have a few drinks, enjoy yourself, and still be a responsible driver. Alcohol takes approximately 1 hour to process 1 drink (beer, wine, spirit). If you teach the youth and practice what you preach, it will work. I see it every day. We tell our people to call when they have exceeded. We take care of our own without question. It saves lives and keeps us out of trouble or being trouble on the road. The key however is education……..

    Alcohol is legal all over the United States. It should be sold in the city of Monticello. The three myths above are opinionated. We all have opinions.

    This is a decision that the voters need to make. I have since left Monticello on my own journey in life. I do hope to see Monticello more liberal on some things such as this. It is time.

  103. Mac says:

    This is a topic that shouldn’t be happening. Monticello is long overdue for change. The good citizens of Monticello have been living without the sales of alcohol for so long they don’t see the convenience of being able to buy at home. Prices are more expensive because the Liquor/beer stores can raise prices because they know you aren’t going to drive any further to get it. However if you refuse to become a wet county, they will still make the drive to Pine Hill. It just means that they are going to stock up. It is time for this senseless law to go away. Do you really need your local government telling you where you can buy your beer?

  104. BKJ says:

    I am not necessarily for or against this petition. I guess I am on the fence about it, but what I don’t understand is why it is being limited to one liquor store. Who is going to own the store? Will they have to pay tax to the city and county on it? I don’t know what the actual proposal was but from some of the comments it seems that this will only benefit one person, and that it will not be something that could benefit more than one business owner. If this is just a ploy by one of the elite in this town to monopolize what could potentially be beneficial to other current/new business owners then I say no. Why should only one person benefit from it? Why should one person monopolize the financial gains from this? That is exactly what is wrong with small towns like this one right now. Stagnant growth brought on by a few elitists that don’t want anyone else to make any money and do not care whether people have jobs or not. I am all for it IF it is going to benefit more than one person in this town and could potentially bring in other business.

  105. Rick says:

    Two words: CONWAY – DRY

  106. Billy Jean says:

    “A group of approximately 15 interested individuals met on the last Tuesday night in September at the Monticello County Club to to begin the process of placing a “wet / dry” vote, to allow beer, wine, and liquor sales in Marion Township, which include Monticello, and it’s immediately surrounding area.”

    Wow the country club who has a wet drinking establishment needs to keep their alcoholic families at the club and leave us tax paying Monticello residents out of their own personnel issues. They shafted all the residents of our great community just by having the meeting there, so as for the common man we will have no place in vote or voice to be herd. I have to agree who will be the one who gets the permit, the ones who daughters go out and get into alcoholic trouble or the one who has the most money to grease the Arkansas Alcohol Control Board? As a Monticello resident I will personally speak on behalf and say that what we have now as for alcohol control is great why mess up a good thing.

  107. SES says:

    We have 3 stores and 2 bars, the 3 stores and 1 of the bars are owned by the same family that is a major monopoly!!! Linda Parker owns the Allstar sports club, Debbie Parker has the permit to the new store, Johnny Parker has the permit to the old grocery store and John Parker Jr. has the old pine hill!! Its perfectly ok to go to every gas station in town and get tobacco, plenty of fast food options nobody cares about that, even though it kills plenty every year! We have 47 churches why not make it just one church? Why not just one gas station? Why not just one grocery store? I say put a mandatory breathalyzer at the entrance/exit of the country club and watch the DUI/DWI count soar!!!! Then put that on monticellolive with a picture!!!!!!! Surely out of almost 10,000 people 2,000 of us agree.

  108. JMO says:

    * Monticello is most definitely in need of becoming a wet town (among many other things) to improve our economic development!

    * 3 myths = 3 opinions, we all have them!

    * “Monopoly” = Family Business, one of the many in our community, the Parkers are a wonderful people and know how to run and profit from their business. Just because it wasn’t your idea first doesn’t make in a bad one!

    * Why does it matter who gets the one liquor store? Country Club or Common Man, we all have the option to apply for the liquor permit and be in the running, either way it will be someone and the odds are against you!

    * Souring DUI/DWI = Souring fine$ that go back into the city/county! (just saying)

    Open your minds and know however strong you feel about your side, the other side feels just as strong about theirs! Monticello has the potential to become an amazing place not only to live but to visit, stay, shop etc… More community involvement, more ideas, more compromise, better decisions and this town will be the “Talk of the Town”

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