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Local Child Hit by Pick-up, Tuesday Night – Updated

November 9th, 2011 by

Around 6:30, Tuesday evening, MPD and SEEMS responded to the report of an 18 month old child being hit by an eastbound pick-up truck.

The accident occurred on HWY 278 East, near the Commercial Bank branch.

According to sources at the scene, the child was allegedly unattended at the time of the accident, when it was struck by the vehicle, and traveled approximately 30 feet after impact.

Early reports from the scene indicate the the injuries did not appear to be life threatening.

The child was later transferred from Drew Memorial to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.


23 Responses to “Local Child Hit by Pick-up, Tuesday Night – Updated”

  1. Amanda says:

    How in the world do u leave a 18 month old child unattended at night beside a hey???????? So glad to hear that the baby is doing OK!!! But I think there should be an investigation to find out why the baby was outside to begin with!!!!

  2. }i{ says:

    Thanks for covering this, Joe. Please update us as to his condition. I was at the scene and am very concerned for this little child. Please pray for all involved in this terrible accident.

  3. Proud mother says:

    So Glad the baby is okay!

  4. DC student says:

    People need to watch their kids!

  5. Dc grad says:

    I hope the child is ok and the parents are charged which I’m sure they will be.

  6. Michelle Faulkner says:

    Praying for this child!

  7. just wondering.... says:

    Praying for the child and the driver of the truck. But I am going to ask this…… Where were the parents? Why was an 18 month old be outside, after dark, in the rain UNATTENDED?!?!

  8. K.J. says:

    I just thank God the child is ok.

  9. }i{ says:

    The whole family was outside in the yard. The kid wasn’t outside by himself. It wasn’t raining yet… But I still wonder how on earth they didn’t see the kid go to the Hwy. There were approx 3 adults outside.

  10. Cat says:

    little kids are fast. Take your eyes off them for just a few seconds and they are off and running…prayers for this family.

  11. Mrs. BJ says:

    I have personally been aquainted with this grandmother for many years and I KNOW there is absolutely no neglect involved in this situation. It most definately had to be an accident. Anyone with children knows how easy it is for a child to get out of your site quickly. For instance, it’s just like when you are in Wal Mart and you look up and your child is gone. Despite what anyone says, this is one of the most compassionate women that I know. She loves kids, ALL KIDS, especially her grandkids and she would have jumped in front of that truck in a split second to protect ANY child.

  12. yvonne phelps says:

    very sad for all who are involved my prayers go out to them most of all thank god the baby is ok

  13. dc teacher says:

    Im so glad that the baby is ok!!! Praying for the baby & the driver of the truck!!! Why in the world would his parents or whoever was standing in the yard at that time would NOT be watching the 18 month old baby at all time!!!!! Wake up parents & thank the good man up stairs that he had his powerful hands on your precious little boy!!!!! Yes it was an accident but i still think that the parents should be charged for leaving their baby unattended!!!

  14. suzanne says:

    It makes me soooo mad when people get on here and comment about things that are NONE of their business, and they have NO clue what they are talking about in the first place. This was an accident! This mother, who I work with has enough going on right now, and doesn’t need the crap you people are spewing! Just pray for her and her child! It could have just as easily been mine or your child this happen to.

  15. so sad says:

    I don’t understand this at all! I have 2 kids and one is 5 and one is almost 2 and neither of them get out of my sight for a split second when we are outside just for that reason. If there was 3 adults outside there should have been no reason that the child ever made it to the road. Maybe more focus should have been on the kids and not the adults! Just sayin! Glad the baby is ok and i feel so sorry for the driver of the vehicle that hit the baby! that’s gonna leave a mark forever. I agree with the other people i think the parents need to be investigated just to make sure nothing is going on.

  16. A mother says:

    It is so easy for people to say (charge the mother). Small kids are very fast and it’s very easy for them to get away from you. Prayers are out for the family and the baby. I personally have lost a child due to a terrible accidents. And I was blamed the same way. And the truth is is no one knows the truth they only assume what they think. How about everyone try to help this family instead of makeing it worse. Accidents are unpredictable and people should always keep in mind that it could happen to anyone at any giving second. So ask yourself how would you feel before you publish horrible things about people when u don’t know them or the situation.

  17. Shan says:

    This is an unfortunate accident but not all of the details have been put out there, so we have no right to jump to conclusions and/or make judgements. Especially to the NON-PARENTS who seem to know it all.

  18. Brianne says:

    Thank God that the baby is okay and my prayers goes out to the truck driver and the family of the child.

  19. melissa says:

    Hey ,my prayers are with the family of the 18 month old little boy and i just want to say that god for guardian angels cause he has them around him and everyone needs to back off and just pray for this child and let the auorthiers and the man up stairs take care of the situation at this time may the lord be with the family of the young boy .

  20. Karen says:

    Does anyone know how the little boy is doing? Praying for all involved.

  21. Positive says:

    To the mother, I am a very good mother. But 12 years ago the same thing happen to my little boy. He got out of the house before I knew it. As a matter of fact I didn’t think he could even open the door. So don’t worry about all the negative comments. Just worry about your baby. God is the judge not the people on her with all these negative comments. I’m quite sure something has happen to one of their kids while they were “watching” them. I am praying for your baby and you. God bless your family..

  22. Thankful says:

    Thank God the baby is ok!! Just want to say that I am a teacher and I do understand that kids can get out of your sight real quick. I also have children of my own an it’s been times when they were right there in front of me and when I turned to do something just for a second and turn back around they were gone. So come on people wake up this could have happen to anyone it just ended up happing to this family. So please pray for them and not judge them. Prayers for all that are hurting by this!!!!

  23. (_) ACM (_) says:

    First off, prayers for everyone involved. It has to be hard.

    I am a mother. I also helped raise my siblings. I know for a fact that babies get away from you quickly. VERY quickly. I’ve had one of my siblings just walk out of the house unattended and “Run Away”…before I even knew they were gone. It’s a very helpless feeling when a child is lost. I can’t imagine going through what the family of this little one are going through. It’s terrifying. After my experience with my sibling, I keep a more watchful eye on my kiddos. I keep latches on my doors, up high where they can’t reach them. I am sure that the family will learn from this experience. Perhaps more will learn from it. Even those of us who are nailing them to the wall, I am sure that each one of us has had an experience with a child where the Childs life could have been in danger. This could easily happen to anyone with a child, even those who claim to be the most watchful.

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