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$4.3 Million Library Construction Bid Submitted, Construction Could Begin within a Month

October 17th, 2012 by

The bid opening for the new Southeast Arkansas Regional Library was held, Tuesday, at the county courthouse, with 13 present.

The “apparent low bidder” was Ideal Construction, of Crossett, with a bid of $4,287,000.  The highest of the 5 submitted bid was $4,924,000.  Construction could begin within a month.

SEARL interim director Judy Calhoun, Judge Damon Lampkin, and two members of ETC Engineers represented the Library and Drew County.

Library Construction Update Presented to Quorum Court
August 21, 2012

Posted below is SEARK Library Kim Patterson’s presentation to the Quorum Court, Monday night.

Where we are at:
Ads for Construction Bids will be advertised on Wednesday. The Bid Opening will be at 2:00 on October 2nd in the Club Room downstairs.

Why it has taken a while:
The Building Committee has been committed to providing the best facility possible while meeting the following criteria:
1. To build a library that the community would be proud to have.
2. To build a Library that would meet present needs but would be flexible enough in design to meet the foreseeable needs of the future.
3. To build a Library that would require minimal maintenance and would be efficient to operate.
4. To control building costs so as to get the very most for our money.

These criteria have caused us to move at a deliberate and careful pace. The community did not accept the first proposal by the design architects so they came back with a plan that the public liked. The last three criteria have resulted in many meetings, plan revisions, consultations and exploring different materials and systems. In this process while it has taken time, we have reduced the cost by $500,000.00 to $750,000.00. We determined early on that it was much more cost effective to take time in the planning stage where changes are free, than to generate construction change orders which are definitely not.

TOUR: (See photos)

Hopefully we have incorporated the “WOW” factor both externally and internally which was requested at the first public meeting. The interior of the building is designed for maximum flexibility to allow for changes in use and technology. There will be a great deal more space available for children and youth facilities and programming. As promised there will be double the number of computers. Much time has been spent balancing low maintenance materials with costs. The building is designed as a LEED Silver project and it is estimated that it will cost no more to operate than the present structure which is ½ the size.

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7 Responses to “$4.3 Million Library Construction Bid Submitted, Construction Could Begin within a Month”

  1. just wondering says:

    GUess I am confused. But the new library is being built at the end of an Historic district. Many many old buildings, houses and other things that present a completed look to downtown and the area. I realize that many people dont care about the character of older homes and districts, but this has me confused. AT one point they were going to re design it to fit in more so with the area. This is still an ultra modern style is it not? The only thing I can see is what happened with UAM. Note the Fine Arts Center and Administration building. Built in a modern style, but does not fit in with the other buildings surrounding it. Now even the ones who designed it have questioned their building. Therfore my question. Does the outside of the new proposed Library really look like something we want to see every day. Something that does not fit in in it’s surrounding. I do belive that it will be an asset to the community, but is there nothing more that can be done to improve the look?

  2. Catherine says:

    Oh, yes! They will regret all of those windows. Passive solar energy is great for light, but in the south, that light brings heat that must then be cooled. Also, natural light is very damaging to books!

  3. Bob says:

    Sounds like more people should have attended one of the multiple public meetings over several months last year where the public was invited to share their thoughts and inputs on the design of the library. The design of the library is a direct result of the public comments from those who attended the public meetings. The people who were worried about the Fire Dept blending in to Historic Main St were not at the library meetings. The people who did attend wanted something that would stand out and separate itself from its surroundings. Be involved when asked to be. Otherwise mind your momma and if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all. Way to go to all the volunteers and public that was involved in the process.

  4. concerned says:

    We can build a 4.3 million dollar library, and fixing to start construction on it but for years have been trying to get a new Fire Station and can’t get one, somethings wrong with this town. A Library may be important but for the ones that protect us every day i guess a new facility for them is not, and i guess to the few that live on Main St that stirred up such a fuss about the Fire Station not blending in it just don’t matter when it comes to something they want, and to Bob, my mom always said stand up for what you believe in and what’s right and thats what i’m doing.

  5. Former Board Member says:

    What happened to the idea the library would be designed to fit into Main Street? This was the plan for the years that a new library was discussed and one has to wonder why there is a modernistic design so alien to Main Street?

    I was appalled to see a design on the first renderings from the architect that looked like a brick dental building. The apparently final plan looks as though a futuristic sun porch was added next to the dental building. How incongruous!

    Someone noted how impractical it is to expose books to that much sunlight. I wonder who is going to clean all that glass. The library depends on the county for maintenance including mowing and trimming trees. Is there a new item in he county budget to hire a full- time window cleaner because it certainly appears one will be needed.

    Ending up with a building that looks like an old structure that has been added to is not at all pleasing to the eye architecturally. I am surprised the board accepted a building not in keeping with Main Street in the first place since that was discussed for at least a decade.

    Who knew we could spend this much for a library that is impractical to maintain and so out of place at the end of a street boasting regal old homes.

  6. agree says:

    Concerned expressed my issue with Bob’s holier than thou comments nicely. Fires getting put out in a timely manner should be a higher priority and both of these projects should have been met with the same level of critical analysis concerning the historical aspect of a street that no one but the homeowners ever drives down.

  7. Just saying.. says:

    I agree with concerned, a new fire station is very important but reading the first line of his sentence made me also think,.. we can get a 4.3 million dollar library but the square can’t replace the red light?

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